Before shower time, Akeno Misaki enters the bathroom and looks in the mirror and doing a little exercise. "One. Two. Three. Four." After she is done, time for honey dripping. But it was empty. She realized that there was no honey so she went back to her clothes on and being herself as school uniform.

So she goes to school and the girls are wandering about what they do for their money. So Akeno Misaki has an idea to get inside the Harekaze II and have their good time.

Rin Shiretoko was unsure her idea was to be. "Umm... What are you looking for?"

"I was looking for my honey but it's empty so i need to borrow one please?"


"Because i need bath time."

"Dang it! What would i do?"

Rin Shiretoko was nervous about going to a bath with honey but she agrees. the girls goes to Harekaze II and Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko went to tell minami kaburagi about their honey to buy so minami kaburagi says "Yes."

And so Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko goes to the changing room and undressed for their bath and they entered the bath and waited for honey to come.

Minami Kaburagi arrives with their honey from Mcdonalds and delivering it to the bath and she said "Okay, i'm putting honey outside the door for you."

"Okay." Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko said. She gets up from the floor and picked up from the door and then she started to open up the honey.

And so Akeno Misaki prepares for the taste so Rin Shiretoko was quite nervous about sticking her tongue out so she did it and pouring it to her tongue and Rin Shiretoko pours some honey on Akeno Misaki Tongue and Rin Shiretoko pours some honey on Akeno Misaki breasts and into her nipples and Akeno Misaki does the same. And Rin Shiretoko hugs Akeno Misaki while covered in honey and touched Akeno Misaki butt and Akeno Misaki did the same. And so after when they are done, Minami Kaburagi bought some 4-piece Chicken McNuggets from Mcdonalds with honey and they said, "Okay." so Rin Shiretoko covered in honey and picked some more and so they ate it and Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko was full and covered in all honey and made it into bath to wash all over the body and she and her made into the clean towel to dry it off and getting changed into school uniform and the blue sky gets darker.

Akeno Misaki went home and goes to sleep but was quite unsure what that sounded like the rain dropping.

In the morning, Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko made it into school and the girl with black hair said, "Why are you too doing in Harekaze II?"

"We were just honey covered." Akeno Misaki said.

"Dah!" The girl with black hair screams.

She ran off to school and she goes to school as well so they don't get wet.

The girls are waiting for honey to get there and Mikan Irako prepares some honey and the girls ate the honey but not covered so the girls ate it and goes on to next adventure.

The End. Hope you enjoyed the story, so it's June 2018 Tomorrow so i will be making stories of new life of Akeno Misaki and Rin Shiretoko goes to an adventure in her summer vacation to USA and there will be number of days of June 2018 for Akeno Misaki. See you tomorrow for number of Days.