The Beginning of a Fairy Tale

August 2002

"Well," said Sam as she and Austin first walked into the dorms at Princeton, "here we are."

"Here we are," added Austin, giving her a quick kiss. "So, how does it look?"

"Pretty nice," said Sam. She smiled. "Should we set up your room or mine first?"

"I don't think it really matters," said Austin. "Whichever one's closer, I guess."

"Okay," agreed Sam. She just couldn't believe she was actually at Princeton with Austin. It was like her fairy tale was finally beginning. Suddenly, Austin's words interrupted her thoughts.

"Once we get everything set up, we should probably call my dad and let him know that we're here," said Austin. "He'll probably be glad to know that we arrived safely. It was a long flight, after all."

"Yeah," said Sam, as they opened the door to her room. "Flying across the country is not an easy thing to do."

"No," agreed Austin. "But it was worth it, though."

"Sure was," said Sam. As they got her room set up, she said, "Once classes start, we may not have as much time to see each other, so we better make the most of it now."

Austin said, "Yes, but first we have to get my room set up and call my dad."

Soon, Austin's room was also set up, and he made the call to his dad.

"Hi, Dad," said Austin.

"Hello, son," said Andy Ames, back in California. "What's up?"

"Nothing much. Just letting you know that Sam and I arrived safely and got everything set up."

"Thanks for letting me know. Separate rooms, I hope?"

"Yes, Dad," said Austin, slightly annoyed. His dad still always tried to keep tabs on him, even though he was just a few weeks shy of nineteen now.

"Okay. Thanks for calling. Bye."


Once Austin hung up, he told Sam, "So, I guess we're officially moved in now."

"Sure are," said Sam. She grinned. A new phase of their lives was now beginning, and she couldn't wait. Her fairy tale was finally beginning.

Author's Note: Well, I've decided to try something different. If you think it's starting out a little slowly, it'll get good later on.