AN: Hello everyone, so first things first this is another story yes. This one however is my own version of the author 'Zaterra02's' story, 'Paid in Blood'. Which was a story I've only recently read, but found that I really enjoyed, it quickly becoming one of my favourites, so much so that I asked for PERMISSION to do my own version.

Now this version of the story will have some similarities with the first in the beginnings, but will depart from the original as it continues on and I add in my new ideas. Until I veer off in a completely different direction.

Also before we start the story I would like to just say that this story will have influences from the 'Underworld' film series, and will involve an expanded Potterverse taking into account magical beings and creatures who were referenced in the books but never really explored.

With that said let's crack on, I hope you all enjoy my adaptation of the story, and leave a comment or a review.

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Chapter 1

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Closing his eyes, Harry took a deep breath. It was done, after days of carving and years of research and preparation he had finally finished it. Opening his eyes and letting out a slight sigh of satisfaction, the smallest of smiles began to spread across his face as he looked over his work.

It was a runic circle, etched into the stone floor of a vast chamber. One which seemed to have a slight greenish tinge to it, and rows of carved, stone snakes running along the walls, with a huge statue of an austere looking robed man at the very end of the chamber.

Who's carved stone face appeared to be looking down on Harry and his desecration of the chamber in constant disapproval. Not that Harry cared, he had been using this chamber, the Chamber of Secrets, for so long he had gotten used to the brooding statue and the less that aesthetic appearance of his surroundings.

No, what Harry was more concerned about was the vast runic circle that he had just finished carving into the chamber floor. One which had taken him many days of hard work to do, using his wand and magic to gouge it into the dark marble floor of the chamber. Not because carving it was difficult, but more because it was so complicated that he wanted to be sure it was perfect, and it was.

Smiling in satisfaction as his sharp eyes moved over his work, Harry nodded his head, happy that it was finally done. He had been planning for this moment for years, using every resource he could to create and then prepare for the ritual the runic circle was for.

"Dobby." Harry called out, the smile on his face not fading as his faithful servant appeared with a crack.

"Master?" Dobby asked, a curious look on his face as he looked over to Harry. Before his eyes widened as he looked down and saw that his Master had finished his work. "You've finished it."

"Yes," Harry replied simply, before he turned to look at Dobby. "Which means that all the preparations are complete."

Dobby paused as he heard that, before giving Harry a nod of acknowledgement. "So you still want to go through with your plan Master?"

"Of course, otherwise I've just wasted the last twenty years." Harry said abruptly, his expression tightening somewhat at that. "Or do you have a problem with the plan?"

"Not at all, my duty is and always will be to serve you and your family, Master." Dobby responded, not a hint of doubt in his voice. "I just question your reasoning, and what the repercussions might be."

"If this runic circle works there will be no repercussions, no paradoxes. Instead it will be a perfect transition." Harry replied confidently, as he looked away from Dobby and instead started to walk to where his cluttered work bench was set up at the side of the chamber. "As for my reasoning, you should know well enough that that is beyond doubt."

"Of course Master, I miss them to. I just question whether things will work out as you intend." Dobby replied, his tone still placid as he spoke with his Master. Not questioning his work on the runic circle, because if Master Harry said it would work, then it would work.

Harry paused as he heard that. After all he himself had pondered the same thing. His whole reason for this venture was to create a second chance, a second chance for him and his wives. The only problem was that he had fallen in love and married the two of them at different times in his life. One of them he had married not long out of school, and he had remained with her for nearly eight years before she had been taken from him. The other he had married nearly a decade later, and had remained married to for another twenty years, before, like his first wife she had been taken from him.

His love for them was not in question, as even now he loved them both. What was in question was whether they would be able to love the man he had become, and whether he would be able to swing it so he was able to be with both of them. After all he didn't want to give up either one of them, he just wasn't sure whether they would approve. Still in his mind you wouldn't get anywhere if you didn't try.

"I believe it will. My first wife, my sun, was always more open to such things. As for my second wife, my moon, well she had quite a few kinks. I'd like to think that I can make it work." Harry replied, a faint smile on his face as he slowly got caught up in the nostalgia of his memories. Thinking of better times.

"Both of the Mistresses also had quite the temper and were formidable with a wand." Dobby added in dryly, an amused expression now on his face.

"I remember." Harry replied just as dryly, before he grinned, the excitement of soon being able to see them again in the flesh getting the better of him.

Dobby's lips twitched slightly as he saw that, happy that he saw his Master looking so cheerful. It had been many years since the last time Dobby had seen him smiling like he was now.

"Now let's finish the preparations." Harry continued as he stopped in front of his work bench.

"Of course Master." Dobby replied before he followed Harry, climbing up onto the top of the work bench as he did so. "I will see to the packing."

"I appreciate it." Harry said with a nod as he picked his wand up from the table.

Seeing this Dobby began to gather up their luggage. Grabbing his Master's enchanted, red, dragon hide cuirass from where it was lying on the worktable. Along with his Master's pensieve and a small trunk full of magical tomes and grimoires. Gathering these items, Dobby then proceeded to pack them in an expandable trunk, ensuring he was very careful as he packed his Master's meagre, but very valuable possessions away.

Whilst Dobby was doing this, Harry had been finishing off the ritual. Using a jug full of silver liquid to fill the engraved runic circle with mercury. After which he had picked up a large glass bottle filled with golden sand from the table. Which he had then very carefully poured out into a basin, which had been place in the very centre of the runic circle.

"Master Harry, the rest." Dobby said, an expectant look on his face.

"Of course, of course." Harry replied with a nod, before he pulled two rings off of his fingers. One, of which was a simple sliver band which had the emblem of a golden sun on it. Whilst the other ring was a gold band, which had unique symbol scratched onto a cracked, black stone set into it. The symbol being that of a triangle, with a single vertical line running through the middle and with a circle surrounding the line while keeping within the triangle.

Taking the rings, Dobby very carefully put them both in a moleskin pouch. Knowing as he did that both of these rings were priceless artifacts. Ones which could not be easily replicated if they were lost, due to the nature of the enchantment they had laid upon them. Enchantments that had long since been lost to time, and could be replaced by no wizard/ magical being alive today.

Pausing as he put the pouch into the trunk. Dobby then turned to Harry, his mind on the silver ring with the golden sun on it. "Master have you thought of the reaction the Coven might have to your decision?"

Harry smiled at that. "Well if the ritual works, there won't be anything for them to react to. And if it fails, and I survive, well they still won't have anything to complain about, I'm still loyal to the cause after all."

Dobby nodded at that.

"Ok then, it looks like we're about ready to go." Harry said as he looked over his work and smiled. "I just need to do one more thing."

As if reading his mind Dobby walked to the table before he grabbed a rune engraved bottle, after which he returned to Harry, gingerly holding the glass bottle in front of him.

Seeing this Harry smiled, before he looked to his wand, a fifteen inch length of elder, with a Thestral tail hair for a core. Tracing his eyes along its length, Harry then brought it to his bare forearm, after which he used a silent cutting curse to open the veins of his forearm. Spilling dark crimson blood from it, which he then used his wand to control and guide into the bottle Dobby was holding. Quickly filling the bottle up with his precious blood.

A few seconds later, Dobby stoppered the bottle. After which Harry used his wand to activate the stasis runes on it. The small cut on his forearm, automatically healing up a moment later. A sight crackle of red energy running through the wound as it did so.

With that done Harry then passed his wand over to Dobby too, after all he didn't need it to activate the magic circle. Nor did he know whether it would survive the ritual if he was carrying it. It was one of the variables that were still unknown, which is why precautions were being made.

Putting both the wand and the vial in the trunk, Dobby then sealed it before shrinking it down till it was the size of a matchbox. After which he swallowed it, trusting in the nature of his highly magical body and the vast array of protections on the trunk to protect the Master's belongings during the trip. House Elves after all had a distinctly different magic and nature to other magical creatures.

"We're are ready then." Dobby spoke, before he looked over to his Master an expectant expression on his face.

"Yes we are," Harry replied, after which he stepped onto the runic circle, making sure to avoid standing on any of the engraved lines as he moved towards the centre. Where there were two empty spaces on either side of the basin, one for him and the other for Dobby.

Appearing on his spot just as Harry stepped onto his. Harry gave his diminutive servant one more look. "Are you ready Dobby?"

"Of course Master." Dobby replied with a nod.

"And you remember what you'll have to do when we arrive?" Harry pressed on, wanting to ensure Dobby knew what he had to do. Not that he didn't trust him, but more because it was crucial that he follow through with his instructions, even if they were unpleasant.

"Yes Master," Dobby replied abruptly.

"Good." Harry said, before he placed his hand on the basin, pushing his magic into it as he did so and activating the ritual. The runes inscribed on the basin taking on a red glow, even as the mercury filled engravings on the floor did the same.

Grunting as he felt the ritual begin to draw on the ley lines which ran beneath Hogwarts. Harry closed his eyes, gritting his teeth as he felt his body begin to twist and warp. The magical energy running through him threatening to tear him apart as he directed it into powering the ritual.

( - )

(The Chamber of Secrets, 1994)

With a gasp of pain Harry landed on the dark marble floor of the chamber, his knees giving out on him as he collapsed to the floor.

"Gah!" Harry exclaimed loudly, as he slammed his hand on the ground, ignoring the flare of pain he felt from the action. Instead he opening his eyes, immediately noting as he did so, that his runic circle had been scorched into the floor of the Chamber.

Twisting his head and ignoring the leaden feeling of his body, Harry looked to the side, only to smile as he saw the half decomposed body of a massive, fifty foot long Basilisk lying a dozen or so feet away.

They had made it, the remains of Slytherins monster was still here, and still rotting. Which meant it couldn't have been more than a couple of years since he had killed it. The magic of the serpent preserving it longer than natural, but not indefinitely.

"Dobby!" Harry gasped out.

"I'm here Master." Dobby replied, grabbing Harry's attention as he looked up.

Looking up Harry noted that Dobby looked the same as ever. Small, with large, green eyes and big flappy ears. He was even wearing the same clothing as before, a small black butler's suit, scaled down to his size. A small knife visibly sheathed at his waist.

"You know what to do." Harry grunted, as he felt pain wracking his body again. His brow furrowing as he looked down at his hand only to see that his skin had taken on a greyish pallor. He had begun to desiccate, as he had suspected would happen. After all the amount of power he had needed to work the ritual had been huge, more than a human body was supposed to be able to handle.

Channeling the ley lines of the school had been too much for him, just as he had suspected it would be. Which meant his body was beginning to give way on him, as not even his regenerative abilities could save him.

Of course he had factored all of this in his plans, and had experimented with different ways of powering his ritual. Including the Veil of Death in the Ministry, sacrificial magic using a small town or setting off a small atomic explosion and harnessing the power from that. In the end though he decided none of them would be suitable.

Which is why he had used the ley lines beneath Hogwarts. Knowing that he had a way to counter the consequences of using it.

"Indeed." Dobby replied softly, before he approached Harry and drew his knife. Knowing what he had to do, even if it was unpleasant. "Dobby will see to it."

( - )

AN: So that is the prologue for the story so to speak, as I am sure some have noticed there similarities with the original. Though a few differences which were mentioned and which will be explored as the story progresses.

I will also try to avoid character bashing and exaggerated character traits, as I have noticed with a couple of stories that the worst qualities in characters are brought to the fore, with their positive traits having been forgotten or underdeveloped. I tended to dislike some of the stories where this was so overly prevalent that it tended to ruin the story.

That being said their might be some character bias based off of my own opinion, though I will try to curtail that.

There will be pairings for the story, one of which is slightly different than is usually in stories. Though they will become apparent as the story progresses.

For those interested my next chapter of The Last King is nearly finished.

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