I've made a big big mistake

(Hey guys! This came from the season 4 finale, the comics cannons and some youtube theories videos. Hope you enjoy!)

Barry's pov

So our mystery girl just revealed herself to be mine and Iris's daughter from the future, Nora West-Allen. I was shocked. But I had to put that feeling aside for now, for she followed that very trippy introduction with a troubling statement "And I think I've made a big, big mistake."

Somehow, even though I've only known I had a daughter for a few seconds, I already developed a strong paternal instinct "Nora West- Allen, what have you done?" she wrung her hands together nervously, a hand then nervously rubbing her neck; the second mannerism inherited from me.

"I've always wanted to see your wedding in person; so I came; and my triplet siblings -" at this, I had to interrupt her, my breath hitched at my throat. The idea of one kid was scary enough. "TRIPLETS?" my future daughter nodded "Yeah, Don and Dawn. They wanted to come too,- interrupting her again, growing more nervous by the second; I spoke

"You can't just mess up with the timeline like that!" the rest of team Flash just gave me a look, since I've done that many times in the past and I replied " But I've learned my lesson! From experience, but now I know the complications and implications of that!" Iris spoke next, hand on my arm to calm me down

"Honey, let Nora finish. Go on, Sweetheart." biting her lower lip, my daughter went on "Anyway, I've made it to the right Earth and time, but Dawn and Don lost track of me along the way. I can't find them! There are so many different eras and Earths, how are we gonna find them?!"

My heart ached for my distraught daughter and lost kids, and I knew the only answer was risky and not ideal. Do what an Allen or West-Allen speedster does best and mess up the timeline some more by time travel. But we were up a creek without a paddle, for we had to search literally everywhere.