So I wanted to do a little oneshot, to have something as a sort of break from my other stories. But look, it seems that I can't write something short. So this will be a shortstory instead, with probably just a few more Chapters.

Somehow the little love story turned into something much more with betrayal and heartbreak everywhere.

After coming back from Tenrou, Master gave Laxus the task to help with the paperwork and after realizing that he isn't really good at it he searched for someone in the Guild to help him. One day he remember how Lucy was coming from a rich family and had probably some knowledge about filling out papers. So he asked her and after receiving a positive answer he gave her the assignment to help Laxus, of course he promised her some payment for her work. Lucy always needing some money to cover her rent, with Team Natsu you never know if they would have to give up the reward to pay for damages, agreed instantly.

Since the reason for her to do this is to help Laxus, Lucy got her own desk inside of his office. She helps him whenever he has questions and fills her own documents in the time between the questions.

Over the time they spend together in his office they slowly come closer. They talk while doing the paperwork and during little breaks. At lunch they split up to eat with their own Teams. And after lunch they go back together in Laxus office to work on the paperwork.

A few weeks after they started working together they became great friends. Of course they still spent much time with their own Teams, going on jobs with them or just spending time with them when the paperwork is finished.

As they slowly came closer and closer they started to eat lunch together to talk some more and sometimes they even sat together at the evening after finishing with their work for the day. This is something both, Team Natsu and the Thunder Got Tribe, noticed. And both groups don't like this development.

Team Natsu didn't like the fact that Lucy was spending so much time with Laxus since they are afraid of him hurting her someway if she would fall in love with him. They do know that he had changed after coming back but they know too that he never had a relationship before and is more the type for One-nightstands. They know of his reputation to never go out with a girl more than one time. And that is something they don't want to happen to Lucy. So they really don't trust him in this matter and they are thinking that he isn't good enough for their little sister.
Furthermore they all just want to spent more time with her. Especially Natsu fears that Laxus will take his partner away, his Dragon instincts kicking in and telling him to protect what is his, even if he doesn't feel anything for her romantically.

The Thunder God Tribe has similar thoughts. They all are thinking that Lucy is not worthy. They know that she is a really nice girl and strong in her own way, but in their opinion she is still no match for their Leader, even though they all like her as a friend. The one who is the most against this is Freed, being very protective of his Leader. He fears that maybe Lucy is like the other girls who want to be with the powerful Lightning Dragon Slayer and are just after his money and fame. He thinks that since she is from a former rich family, Lucy maybe wants that back and the fastest way to accomplish this is to be with no other than his Laxus-sama.
His other Team members doesn't beliebe that the sweet Lucy would do something like that but after seeing that Laxus spends more and more time with her and the way he looks at her, they start to believe Freed.

Both Teams wait for any change between to two of them, both hoping that they will stop spending so much time together.

Another week later they start to think about plans to get their Team member back. Both Teams sitting on their own table to discuss the different possibilities. That is until Natsu looks up at the second floor to the Thunder God Tribe. From his spot he was able to hear about what they were speaking and realized that they had a similar conversation as him, Happy, Gray and Erza. So he jumps up and runs up to them dragging his curious friends behind him.

A short explanation from Natsu they began discussing plans together, agreeing to work together this one time since they, in the end, have the same goal. Few days later they finally have found, in their opinion, the perfect plan. A plan where they think that nothing could go wrong and at the end they would have their friend back to themselves.

Lucy had just finished a mission with Team Natsu. They were on their way back to a hotel to stay the night in the city, surprisingly they didn't destroy as much as they usually did, so Lucy was in a really good mood. The rest of her Team decided that this was the best time to set their plan in to motion.

After dinner they sat together in their rooms and were just talking about random things until Erza makes the first step.

"Say Lucy, what is there going on between you and Laxus? I noticed that you two started to spent more time together these last weeks." Lucy looks surprised at her friend, asking herself where this question ist coming from so suddenly. "Well yes, while working with him I realized that he is in fact a really nice guy. We have become great friends!", she smiles brightly at Erza, thinking about her talks with Laxus. All three frown at this. "Are you sure that he is a nice guy and not just taking advantage of you?", Gray speaks up. "Taking advantage? Why should he do something like that? And what for?", Lucy asked slightly shocked. "Hmm, well. It's just... You are such a nice girl... You're helping him with the paperwork so he could just being nice to you so he won't have to do all the work alone. And maybe he is just making the best of this situation with you in his office and hoping for a little One-nightstand with you. We all know of his reputation after all.", Gray continues.

"Yes, I fear that Gray might be right Lucy. Are you really sure that he is being honest with you and not just making the best out of the situation?", Erza adds before Lucy has the chance to reply to Gray. Lucy slowly getting irritated with her Team speaks up, "What do you think you are doing here? What brought this up? Where do you get the right from to judge him? He has nothing but being kind to me. And after he has started to slowly open up to me I got to see a whole different side to him!" "But are you really sure about this Lucy? We just don't want him to hurt you!", Erza voices out while looking Lucy directly in the eyes, somehow urging her to realize that they were right.

Lucy now angry with this conversation stands up, "Of course I am sure? What is wro..." "Luce...", Natsu interrupts her. The way he says her name and looks at her makes her stop. "Luce.. I am really sorry to say this but Erza and Gray are right. I really didn't want to say this but I heard him talk about you to his Team before we left for our job. And what I heard..." "What, what did you hear him say?", Lucy looks at him narrowing her eyes, but despite her anger at her Team, worry started to slowly arise. "Well... He laughed at something they asked him before saying that he never would be interested in a little and weak girl like you. Furthermore he told them that he just wanted to get in your pants for the fun and that's the reason he has been so nice to you. He thought that if he was nice enough to you, maybe you would agree to a friends with benefits relationship, so that you both can let out some pent up frustration inside his office. During the whole time he had this arrogant smirk on his face. After telling this his friends they to just laughed.", Natsu sets the final part of their plan in action.

Lucy just stands there completely shocked, not believing what her Natsu just told her. That can't be right, he must misheard Laxus, there is no way the Laxus she got to know would say something like that. "No... Natsu... there... there is no way... no way that you heard him right! You must be wrong! That... that can't be right...", Lucy's voice quivers as tears slowly drop down her face.

The three look at her with sad eyes, hating themselves for doing this to her but still believing that they are doing the best for their dear friend, after all they just want to protect her. As much has Natsu hates do to this he continues, "I'm sorry Luce, but I am completely sure that this is what he said. There is now way that I misheard them with my Dragon Slayer hearing. I am really sorry!"

At this Lucy begins to sob, falling to the floor were she holds her knees and hugs herself. She feels completely heartbroken, after all she was on her way to completely fall in love with the man who apparently thought so little of her. Her friends looked just as heartbroken at her. They sat down next to her on the floor an end up in a big group hug. Even though they all know that they truly hurt her with their lies they believe this is for the best. They are sure that she will get over this fast and then be finally back completely on their Team, with no Laxus stealing her away or possible really doing what they just told her.

Lucy loves her Team but all these feeling are just to much for her right now, she needs to get out of there and be alone.

"Hey guys, I will go out a bit a.." "Alright, we will accompany you, Lucy!", Erza interrupts her. "No! I'm sorry but I really need to be alone right now. If something happens, I still have my Keys and whip.", after her little outburst Lucy untangles herself from the group hug and leaves the room.

Natsu being the dense idiot he sometimes is still wants to follow her to protect her but luckily Gray stops him, he has realized that Lucy needs her time right now.

As Lucy wanders around the time she wonders how she could misinterpret his behavior so much. Finding a nice spot at the park she lays down and looks at the stars, hoping that they somehow would help her, even if she knows that there is nothing they can do in a situation like this.

Feeling the mood of his Key holder already quite some time, Loke is finally able to open his own Gate. Lucy had forcible hold is Gate close, but is no longer able or willing to do so.

"Oh Princess, what happend?!", Loke asked immediately as he sees her state. Puffy red eyes, tears, she can't seem to stop, still escaping her eyes and looking at the stars with emotionless eyes. He settles down next to her and waits for her to start speaking.

When Lucy feels that she is ready she tells him what just happend, after telling him everything she looks at him with hopeful eyes, wanting Loke to tell her that this is not true and just a bad dream.

At the Guild the Thunder God Tribe had a similar talk with Laxus. They told him about there fears that Lucy is just after his money, Laxus just waved this of, telling them that this is not like Lucy. They discussed a while with Freed saying nothing until, like Natsu, he drops the final straw to bring his trust to waver.

"Laxus-sama, I didn't want to tell you this but seeing that you are so protective of her I have no other choice but to tell you. I have lost count of the times, I heard Lucy speak about her money problems, whining constantly about her rent and other things. Just before she left with her Team on their mission they told him that soon she will not need to fear about this any longer, that she will soon have you wrapped around her finger so that you will do nearly anything for her. Even buy her anything she wants. Furthermore she boast about how she tamed "The Laxus Dreyar" and will use his fame to boost her own fame. So I have all the reasons to believe that she is, like all the other women, just after your money and reputation.", Freed speaks up.

"Wha.. What? No Freed! Lucy would never say something like that! You must have misheard or something like that! I have come to know Lucy and she would never say say something like that, after all she doesn't care about money, otherwise she wouldn't have run away from home!", Laxus comments, defending Lucy, even though he can't stop the small spark of doubt.

"I am truly sorry, Laxus-sama, but I am completely sure that this is what she said. I am sorry but I believe you are wrong about her and she misguided you to trust her so that she will get what she wants from you."

Laxus looked completely crestfallen, how could she do this to him? She was always such a nice girl, he thought that with her he had found a woman he could fall in love with. He realized in his time away from the Guild that he doesn't want to do the constant One-nightstand anymore, he want to find someone he can saddle down with. And Lucy was the girl he thought could be the one, they have spent so much time together and while getting to now her better she slowly crept her way into his heart. He knows that it's not love right now, but he too knows that he probably would have fallen for her very soon.

The Thunder God Tribe sees the emotions flicker on his face, they all feel a bit heartbroken to do this to their Leader but it needs to be done. They all hate to use his trust in them against them but after all this is for the best and he will soon get over this.

After the shock and hurt came the anger, how could she?! How could he fall for a little act?!

Laxus stands up and leaves the Guild, leaving the Thunder God Tribe behind as he turns into lightning and flashes away. He lands at his regular training place and there he lets his frustration, anger and mostly his hurt out with a roar. He lets his magic loose and attacks everything around him. As he has no magic left he falls panting to the ground, now that all his anger is gone just the hurt remains. He clenches his fist and touches his chest, wanting this feeling to get away. He feels so heartbroken and can't stop the tears escaping his eyes.

Noticing the tears, Laxus wipes them angrily away. He glares as his wet hand before standing up once again, letting loose one last powerful attack while roaring out his anger.

Farther away from Laxus current location the Thunder God Tribe stares at the flashing and hears his roars. Their hearts break a little further and they all hope that they didn't just make a huge mistake.

Before Lucy and Laxus fall asleep they both came to a conclusion about what to do next. But sadly, as they will realize soon, they both came to a different conclusion. In fact, they have quite the opposite ideas what to do next.