Standing on top of the stairs with the other Girls, Lucy takes a deep breath before letting her gaze wander through the room. Her eyes searching for Laxus. Finding him she immediately regrets searching for him. There he stands, Girls crowding around him and two latched to his arms, with his back to her.

Her heart breaks.

Questions like, would that be her on his arm if she could have asked her question and would she be the only one or would she still have entered the room to the same scene even if she had asked him, runs through her mind. And she wishes for nothing more than to leave and curl up in her bed. Seeing as she really has no chance to do just this, she straightens her back and raises her chin a little, forcing a bright smile to appear she takes the first step down, pulling her friends along with her.

"Come on lets have fun! We need to show off our new dresses and take the breath away from everyone who sees us!", Lucy smirks at her friends, doing her best to distract herself from the view of Laxus with other women. The others only smirk back at her, even Juvia who plans to swipe Gray of his feet with her new dress and hairstyle.

It's as if Laxus heard her because the moment she spoke he began to turn to look at her.

Seeing her Laxus is floored. Never before had he seen someone this beautiful and alluring. She looks like a goddess coming directly from the stars in her dress. It is tight fitting but still made of a flowing, soft fabric. The dress is a night sky blue with little golden flecks. From her waist on upwards the gold becomes more until its only gold around her breasts. It has small golden shoulder straps in gold and lace, almost see-through.

She only wears light makeup and her hair is up in a bun with soft curls framing her face.

If that wasn't enough she turns around when someone calls her from behind and Laxus' world stops.

Her back, well there isn't really a back to the dress. It's backless almost down to her ass, giving Laxus and everyone else a beautiful and mouthwatering view.

He doesn't manage to tear his eyes off her. Even forgets the annoying women who clung to him as soon as he arrived, even though he's been trying to get rid of them the whole time. Now looking at Lucy he has only her in his mind, nothing and nobody else. He doesn't know if it is too late but he still has a question to ask her.

Looking at her closely he realizes that her smile seems a bit fake and he asks himself why that is.

The moment her feet touch the floor he moves to go to her, that is the moment he remembers the other women. His face, prior full of awe and a little blush, turns to a face of annoyance. Lips pulled down and eyebrows scrunched.

Lucy, who noticed his gaze, looks back at him, but it was only seconds too late. He again had turned to the women to tell them that he wants them to leave, so Lucy didn't see his annoyance for the women and instead him with his back turned to her again talking with other women.

Finally free Laxus turns back around to go to Lucy, to the only woman he wants to spend this Ball with, but she wasn't there any more.

Looking around he spots her walking away from him. His heart hurts. His inner Dragon growls at him to do something. But he is frozen in his place, with no idea what to do or why Lucy is going away from him.

A single tear falls down from his left eye without him realizing it. His inner Dragon whines.

Another thing he doesn't know, Lucy has the same tear dropping from her eye.

Even though both are heartbroken at the moment, deeply hurt because the other turned away, they both have only one thing in mind; The other person.

In this moment Lucy finally realizes how much she loves Laxus. And that too, is the moment when she decides to do everything possible to be together with him, be it today or another day in the future.

Laxus comes to the same conclusion, knowing that for him there will ever only be her. He just has to convince her that he is perfect for her and how much he loves her.

With that goal in mind both blondes gain a little of their hope back. From that moment on both constantly seek out the other, without the other noticing it, not able to stop looking at the other.

Each time Lucy sees some women around him, and every time her hope lessens a little again. But after some time she realizes that Laxus isn't the one to seek out other women. It's just that they come to him on their own. And the first time she sees his face when once again a woman clings to him, her heart leaps in hope. She detects the annoyance in his eyes, catches how he looks at the woman on his arm, who is trying to lead him to the dance floor. Seeing that he looks at every women this way gives her more hope, hoping that it's not because of the dancing part but because of the women that he looks like he wants to vanish from the spot.

Laxus on his part is annoyed to no end. Women constantly come to him, sometimes several at a time, who want to persuade him to dance. But there's only one he wants to dance with, and that's Lucy. He too, is annoyed to see that there are several males who apparently wants to ask her to dance. So far, none of them have done so. Lucy is still surrounded by her three Girls, and without them knowing they act as a sort of protection against males.

The first to leave the group is Juvia, in search for her Gray-sama. Lucy and the others keep their fingers crossed for her to find him and assure her once again how beautiful and hot she looks in her dress and how perfect the new hairstyle is for her.

The next to leave is Cana. Bacchus invites her to dance and she happily agrees. They don't stay long on the dance floor, they both long for a drink after only one dance and so they make their way to the bar. There the drinking starts, only interrupted with some dancing in between. It seems Cana has finally found the one person who can keep up with her or even drink more than her.

With only the two of them remaining, Lucy and Mira make their way to the banquet, making a plate with delicious looking food, and then they make their way to an empty table. Lucy sits down while Mira goes to fetch them something to drink from the bar. The moment Lucy is left alone, the first male starts to make his way to her, intending on asking her to dance with him. Seeing this Laxus can't stop the growl rumbling from his chest, luckily no one heard it, and he starts to make his way to her, fully intending to just grab Lucy and take her away. Hearing Lucy's rejection, he calms down a little and stops walking to her.

He knows, as much as he wants to, just grabbing Lucy and taking her away wouldn't end good for him. Lucy hates behavior like that. So he withdraws again to consider how he can approach her.

Laxus goes out to the balcony, needing some fresh air and to get away from all the women who wants or more like demands to dance with him. Leaning against the railing, he closes his eyes and breathes deeply, enjoying the silence for the moment. He leans his head in his neck and opens his eyes again. Immediately he notices how beautiful the night sky is, and it seems to him as if the stars sparkle more than usual. He is completely fascinated by the sight above him. Stars wherever you look and the sky a beautiful dark blue. It looks almost exactly like Lucy's dress, this thought brings him out of his dreams, because compared to Lucy the night sky seems plain to him. But still Lucy could have come straight down from up there, which would only fit with her magic coming from the stars.

Thinking about Lucy he suddenly detest the silence out there, he much more wants to hear Lucy's voice and laughter. He doesn't want to be alone under the stars, he wants her at his side in his arms, looking up there with him. He wants to show her this beautiful view, hoping she will smile upon seeing it. And so he turns abruptly around and goes back into the ballroom, fully intending on bringing Lucy out here.

Inside, Lucy is alone. Mira left only seconds ago to dance with someone from another Guild. Lucy, too, wants to dance but not with the males she feels looking at her or the ones who already tried asking her. No, there is only one person she wants to dance with, only one person she wants to spend this night with. With that thought in mind she stands up, full of determination, to find Laxus and finally ask her question or at least ask him for a dance, hoping that when she asks he won't give her the look she saw him giving all the other women who tried before her.

Thinking about it she realizes that hasn't seen him in some time, and so she makes her way trough the ballroom in her search for him. On her way she meets a few from her or other Guilds. Speaking here and there with them, but still with her goal in mind to find Laxus.

The most surprising she meets there would probably be Yukino. The Girl stands alone at the side, it seems she is a little frightened to really come in and party with the others, after all she is no longer part of a Guild. Seeing the Girl there all alone, she can't help herself, as her heart leaps out for the lone Girl, to go over and speak with her, hoping to help her in someway.

"Yukino, glad to see you again. How are you?", Lucy asks the now shy smiling Girl.

"I'm fine, Lucy-sama, just a bit overwhelmed with this many people. And I don't really know what I am doing here, I found the invitation in my new hotel room this afternoon. But there wasn't any hint as to who was it, and I'm not really sure what I am doing here...", comes the unsure answer.

Hearing this Lucy remembers her talk not to long ago with the Slayer Twins from Sabertooth. Sting came to her to thank her once again for saving Lector and Lector himself wanted to thank her. During their talk they told her a little about what happened in their Guild and that Sting is now the new Master. They talked a little more, with Lucy promising to talk to them again another time, and just as she turned around to continue her search for Laxus she heard Sting mutter something softly, "Where is she?". She remembers that she asked herself briefly who he meant but then forgot again, but now she suspects that it might have something to do with the Girl in front of her. Not wanting to get it wrong and maybe hurt the Girl even more, she after all was kicked out of the Guild, she leads her subtle in the direction of the two Slayers, all the while speaking with her about their Spirits.

"You came! You really came, Yukino!", Sting happily exclaims the moment he spots her walking with Lucy near them.

"Sting-sama...", the memory still fresh in her mind she backs away a little.

Just as she was about to turn and run away Sting was in front of her, bowing, Rouge on his other side. Even the two exceeds are bowing, but they didn't hold their bow very long, with a cried "Yukino!", both launch themselves in her arms, cuddling her and sobbing.

The other two were still bowing, "We are very sorry, Yukino. We know what we did is unforgivable, we should have helped you and not just watch as he did this to you! We apologize in the name of our Guild. Furthermore we would like to ask you for another chance to prove you that we can be better than that, that we can and will change. Jiemma and Minerva are no longer in our Guild and I am the new Master."

"Yes, we want to better ourselves. We want to be like Fairy Tail, a Guild that appreciates its members whether they're strong or not. We have come to realize that magical strength is not everything, that there are many different meanings to strength. I know that it was always your dream to be in Sabertooth, I hope it still is in someway, so as Sting already said, we would like for you to come back and help us to become the Guild you and everyone else can be proud of.", by now both are standing, smiling hopeful at the teary-eyed Celestial Mage.

Lucy is very touched by the words of the two and can't help but support them, hoping that Yukino will find her happiness, "Hey, Yukino, what do you thing about it? I know they hurt you deeply and maybe it is hard for you to once again enter the Guild, but I really think they want to better themselves. And I for one always think that everyone deserves a second chance, as long as they honestly want to change. I don't want to pressure you, it's your decision after all, but think good about it. I think I will leave you alone with them, you all can speak and see where this leads to. I hope you all will be happy in the end." Lucy smiles brightly at them, seeing the hope flare up in Yukino's eyes. Before she turns to leave she looks darkly at the two males and threatens, "I know you mean this honest, and really wish to change, but if you so much as hurt her in even the smallest way I will come to destroy you and take her with me!"

"We won't! We certainly won't!", both stammer.

"Thank you Lucy-sama, I will speak with them. Sabertooth really was my Dream Guild, so I really hope that we can make this work. And I think I really do want to join Sabertooth again.", now Yukino practically glows in happiness, along with the four members of Sabertooth.

Practically seeing the happiness rolling off of them in waves Lucy turns around to search for her own happiness and love.

Laxus on his search for Lucy is again constantly swarmed by other women. He speaks here and there with a few members of his Guild. Even with Orga, who asks for a friendly revenge in the future, something Laxus agrees to.

In his search he doesn't realize that he walks closer and closer to the dance floor, something all the women who wants to dance with him observe closely.

"Laxus, dance with me!", a brunette purrs in his right, while slipping her arm around his to pull him on the dance floor.

"No, dance with me. I'm a much better fit for you than this plain brunette!", comes from his left. He has to admit that this one is somewhat beautiful but once again plain in comparison to Lucy. And once again he can't help as the annoyance appears clearly visible on his face, something these women doesn't notice or just ignore.

"Sorry Ladies, but I am the one he going to dance with. He already promised me a dance, so you can just go away.", she says, hoping that he will play along and that she didn't do to far.

The moment he hears her voice all annoyance is gone, the only thing remaining is calmness and happiness. Even more so as he registers what she just said, she wants to dance with him, hoping that she really wants and not only says this to save him from those pushy women.

"Yes, sorry to say this. I promised to dance with her, only with her.", he emphasizes the last in hopes that they would get it and won't try again.

Lucy certainly hears this and hope blossoms in her chest, red dusting her cheeks. Before she can think more about this and the meaning behind his words h already took a hold of her hand and leads her on the dance floor. Now red dusting his cheeks too.

He turns Lucy to him, but looking away from her so she can't see his blush, what Lucy doesn't see because she is looking down at his chest with her bangs hiding her red face. Laxus lays his arms on her lower back, his hand touching the naked skin, sending a shiver down both their spines, and pulls her closer to him. His other hand gently grabs her right one, while she lays her left arm on his other.

Being in the right position to dance, perfectly at this moment a new song starts. A beautiful melody starts to waver around them and Laxus leads Lucy trough the different steps. They dance in perfect synchronization, as if they were one. They give themselves completely to this wonderful music and just dance, both still too ashamed to look at each other, but nevertheless they feel comfortable in each other's arms.

When their first song is over they just continue to dance, not noticing at all as it changes, but nevertheless they automatically adjust their dance steps to the new song. Both are too absorbed in the presence of the other to realize anything else around them.

After some time, having calmed their flaming cheeks and racing hearts a little, they begin to look at each other. At first still to shy to look in the eyes, but once the eyes interlock they can't look away again.

And so they remain, both looking deeply into each others eyes, a soft smile on their lips and still a little red dusting their cheeks. Laxus can't really stop himself, and to be honest he really doesn't want to, her pulls her even closer to his chest, in his arms. And Lucy does nothing to stop him from doing so.

They continue to dance, not saying anything, only basking in the presence of the other and savor this moment.

What feels like hours later, but was only a few dances, they leave the dance floor. Both are a little breathless from the dancing. Without the need to speak they agree to get something to drink and then Laxus leads her out to the balcony.

There they stand beside each other, sipping their drinks, and content in the peaceful atmosphere.

Sensing Lucy shiver because of the cold, he takes her glass and sets hers and his down on a table nearby, coming back he doesn't take his old position at her side but stands behind her, puts his arms around her and pulls Lucy against his warm chest. There she cuddles up to him, soaking up his warmth and leans her head back against his shoulder to look up into the night sky, breathing out a "Beautiful!", full of awe. Laxus whispers his approval, but he doesn't look up into the starry sky, but down to the woman, who holds his heart, in his arms.

"Hey, Laxus...", Lucy begins as she turns in his arms to look him in the eyes. But seeing the look in his eyes she forgets everything she wanted to say or ask, trapped in his eyes with all these emotions shining in them.

Like in trance she raises her arms and puts them in his neck, pulling herself closer to him. He, too, increases his pressure on her back to have her closer to him, mesmerized by the emotions he detects in her chocolate eyes.

Without them realizing it they lean in closer to each other.

There is so much to say between them. But during all this time they spend with each other, all the obstacles they've overcome, they learned to understand each other without the need to speak the words out loud.

No, each spoken word would have just ruined this precious moment between them.

They lean in closer and closer, Laxus bending his head down and Lucy standing on her tiptoes with her head angled up to him, lips almost touching and eyes still interlocked.

Both thinking about what future they could have, what could awaits them. Be it something good or something bad, they both know that from now on nothing will come between them.

Their eyes close and one last thought runs through both their minds; Their love will always win.

And finally their lips touch, in a sweet but still passionate kiss.

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