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Hey everyone, Cowboy Alchemist here. Welcome to my My Hero Academia story: "Heroes of Tomorrow"

I have to admit, while I'm a big Marvel fan, I've not read many of the comics, only seen the cartoons and movies. To have to go and read every issue of The Amazing Spider-Man comics just seems like a real hassle to do. I'm a Spider-Man fan and while I'm not the biggest comic book reader, I do know enough to feel like I can do this. Plus, I'll be looking at some of the comics for details and what to do with the OC.

IMPORTANT! These are the things that'll be going on in the story, so this is a warning for you all.

#1: The OC is replacing Izuku. I know, I horrible, but I've got reasons. I don't hate Izuku. I love his character. In fact, he's one of my all-time favorite Shonen characters. I really enjoy him as a growing character in the series.

I was originally going to have but Izuku and the OC in the story, but then a reader asked me if was going to be an OC replacing main character story. The more I thought about it, the more I decided that it was best to have the OC replace him, so that it'll be easier to not have to juggle the spotlight between them. So, the OC is going to be taking Izuku's place. Also, when there's a My Hero Academia/Spider-Man crossover, it's usually with Izuku being Spider-Man and I kind of like to have creative freedom with my OCs.nPlus, whenever I see a fanfic where the main character is OOC (which are a lot of My Hero Academia stories) all I can think is why not just replace him with an OC? Wouldn't that be easier. Like High School DxD.

Plus, there's only so many times I can take Izuku bursting into tears or sobbing. It quickly turns from being a part of his personality to just being annoying.

I guess all I'm asking is to please have an open mind. It wasn't an easy decision to make and I worked hard to bring this story to all of you to enjoy.

#2: My Hero Academia and the Marvel universe are in two separate dimensions. NONE of the Marvel villains are going to originate from the MHA universe. And that's why I changed from being a crossover.

OC's Harem: Momo Yaoyorozu, Mina Ashido, and Ochaco Uraraka

And with that out of the way, let's get started….


ISSUE # 1: Wade Walker

Do you like superheroes? Men in colorful underwear, and women with skimpy, tight outfits battling against villains who try to take over the world or just want to destroy it because they're mentally insane?

Too bad you're not born in dimension Earth-675. It all began in Keikei city in China, with the news that a bio-luminescent baby was born! The cause remains unclear to this day. After that, "exceptional" individuals with extraordinary powers and abilities started popping up all over the world! As time passed, these individuals were a time dozen, but it didn't matter to them. The amazing theory of superpowers became a reality. And at the present time, 80% of the world's population consists of these superhumans with special abilities.

With these powers came those who would use them for evil purposes. The world was in chaos! Crime was at an exploding rate. While the nations struggled to overhaul their new laws, a group of brave individuals took up the profession they had once only dreamed about: Superheroes!

But with a world filled with these superhuman, the Heroes became a dime dozen. But this is the story of a hero who you'll find just a bit… different.

His name is Wade Walker.

"Hey!" A young boy yelled at a group of bullies who were beating on a kid. All of them had the same age of four. They stopped and looked at the boy who called out, including the victim.

Wade Walker wasn't the biggest kid on the block and was scrawny. No real muscle on him. He had disheveled, jet black hair, swept to one side, and bright sea-green eyes. Most didn't know him, as he was mostly a kid who was like a wallflower, but at this moment, he was getting involved to stop the bullying of a defenseless boy, who was at the ground crying.

The bullies' ringleader was Katsuki Bakugo, a boy with ash blond, spiky hair, and sharp red eyes. He didn't take kindly to Wade butting in and interrupting his sick form of fun.

"Why don't you beat it, loser?" He growled. A small explosion ignited in his hand as an attempt to intimate the scrawny boy.

Wade took note of that. He didn't have powers-or Quirks as the society called it these days. However, he didn't back down. "Why don't you just leave him alone?"

Bakugo's goons, a boy with stretching fingers and another with dragon-like wings, stepped back to let their boss handle Wade. "You're actually standing up for this Quirkless nobody," Bakugo asked with a twisted smile. "What? Do you really feel sorry for him?"

"I said back off!" Wade growled, getting madder.

"And what are you gonna do..." Bakugo said with a smug look on his face, looking at Wade like a predator ready to make a kill on its prey.


Before anyone could have ever guessed or reacted, Wade lunged at Bakugo at the speed that, for someone without a Quirk, amazed the goons and the victim, before delivering a hard punch that knocked the blond off his feet and sent him flying back. He landed on his back with a thud.

The two goons were shocked by what Wade did, even the victim. No one had ever done that to Bakugo, especially someone who's nothing but a Quirkless. Wade turned at the goons with a glare that made them feel like they were staring at the devil himself. Afraid of what he would do to them, they both ran away, not even hesitating to leave Bakugo alone.

With the kids gone, Wade walked back to the crying boy and extended a hand to him. His glare was gone entirely and replaced it with a friendly and concerned smile.

"Hi! I'm Wade!" He said. "Are you okay?"

The boy shared a surprised look at him. No one ever went to help him whenever Bakugo was bullying him. He smiled timidly and grabbed his hand. "Yeah… I'm fine."

"Alright, then I think you should go back home to your parents," Wade said with a grin, pulling the boy to his feet. "They might be worried about you..."


Suddenly, Bakugo hits the left side of Wade's head with his hand, causing an explosion that blew the boy away. Wade was sent flying across the playground, before hitting his back against a tree.

"That'll teach you a lesson, loser!" Bakugo roared with a grin of rage and satisfaction.

The sudden attack caused the bullied kid to cry and ran away in fear.

"I'm going to show you that I'm the best! I'm the greatest, and I will not stand for some Quirkless loser to hit me!" Bakugo yelled, showing his arrogance and disregard for the fact that he was going to kill Wade.

Wade stood up with the left side of his head covered in ashes and bruises. He didn't pay any attention to the pain he felt as he raised his fists in a fighting stance, just like what dad was teaching him.

Bakugo's face was contorted with anger, with one of his eyes twitching, thinking Wade was trying to mock him. He flexed his hands as more explosions ignited his hands before approaching the Quirkless boy menacingly, ready to make sure he will regret making the biggest mistake for the rest of his life. But suddenly, he felt a hand grabbing on the back of his shirt and let out a cry of surprise when he was hoisted up into the air.

"Hey, what the- Let me go! I'll kill you! You better put me down before I-" His outburst came to a halt when he was now facing a strong-looking man. And for the first time, he found himself terrified when a pair of piercing eyes glared at the boy.

The man had a fighter's body, with short dark hair and a bruised and bloodied face, with a severe cut over his left eye that was bleeding. He was wearing a grey sweater and blue jeans, and he was carrying a duffle bag on his shoulder.

"Do you mind explaining to me why you are hitting my son?" He asked in a dangerous tone.

Bakugo was so afraid that he couldn't find any words to answer him. In fact, he already knew who this man was. He's Wade's father, Daniel Walker. Also known as "Daring Dan" as a professional fighter.

Daniel used to be one of the best pro fighters in the world of mixed martial arts. That was until they started letting in fighters that had Quirks freely. Many veterans left the game because of the feeling that they were just being used as punching bags for those who had powers, but Daniel was one of the few who stayed. However, he lost more fights than he could win. Despite his career, he's the kind of man who'd rather stay away from any confrontations unless necessary. But if he would ever saw someone hitting his son with his powers, the fighter wanted nothing more than throwing the punk into the ring and break every bone of his body, even if that would be the last thing he'll do.

"I'm going to let you go home because I'm feeling so generous." Daniel continued with a growl. "But if I ever see you picking on my boy again, I won't be so generous." He then let the boy go to the ground.

Bakugo fell on his butt as he looked up with tears in his eyes. One reason was that the fell was a little painful, and the other was that no matter how much he tried to gather his courage, he knew he had no chance to stand against a big man like Daniel. Also, he was aware that if he didn't follow Daniel's advice, he would do something worse to him.

He got up and ran away as he tried to hold back the tears in anger.

With that ordeal finally over, Wade ran towards the fighter. "Dad!" He cried out with joy.

"He-Hey Wade! Easy boy!" Daniel laughed when his son jumped to his arms and hugged him with all his strength. "Hey, hey, easy, easy… Don't get blood on your shirt. Let me see your face, buddy." He settled Wade down as he crouched down to check his face. He sighed. "Hmm, that kid really did a number on you."

"He wasn't that tough!" Wade said, trying to act like his bruises are nothing. "I was able to give him a good punch before he knew it!"

Daniel gave him a suspicious look. "So, you were the one who started the fight?"

"He was beating up another kid!" Wade refuted. "I tried to tell him to stop, but he didn't listen!"

"Even so, there are other ways to fight your battles. Remember that."

Wade opened his mouth, but he knew there's no point in arguing with him. He nodded with his head with a sigh of resignation. "Okay, dad."

"Good." Daniel patted his shoulder and stood up. "Come on, let's get you home."

The Walkers left the park and started walking back home. It was already starting to get dark when they got to their apartment complex. When they got back to their small apartment room, Wade went to the kitchen to get a metal case and placed it at the kitchen table. This prompted Daniel to sit at the dining table. With his win-to-loss ratio, the young boy picked up on "How to Do Basic Medical Treatment" to his dad. Wade opened the case, revealing all the medical supplies he needed and some playing cards.

Wade began taking some of the supplies and began attending his dad's wounds while he asked. "I take it that you didn't win?"

Daniel bit his lip and shook his head. "Nah."

"I'm sorry, does it hurt?"

"It doesn't tickle. Yeah… Just wasn't my night." His dad sighed. "Did you do your homework?"

"I did."

"All of it?" Wade remained silent, but that was enough for Daniel to know the answer. "I want you to finish it up before you go to bed, understand?"

"Yes, dad."

After about a few minutes of carefully stitching up his cuts and washing the blood off his face, Wade runs to the refrigerator and opens it. He took out a slab of raw steak and brought it to his father. Daniel looked at him for a moment. He was really a good kid. He wasn't worthy of being his father. Daniel grabbed the raw steak and held it firmly to his eye, which turned black from a punch he took in his recent fight.

Wade then sits at the table next to his dad. "I should've had him." He said, thinking about how his fight with Bakugo went and scoffed. "I heard about that kid, Bakugo. He wants to be a hero, but he's such a jerk!"

"Hey, remember, you're the one who threw the first punch, not him." Daniel scolded his son. "You were going against a boy with dangerous powers, and that was very reckless."

"What was I supposed to do? I couldn't just let him get away with it just because some kid doesn't have a Quirk like everybody else!" Wade retorted as he rested his arms on the table.

Daniel sighed at the remark. Wade was a bright kid, but he gets his physical strength and fighting spirit from his side of the family. It even worried Daniel that maybe he had become a negative role model for his son and that it would end lead Wade to end up just like him. Fighting fights in the ring that he may not be able to win.

He placed a hand on his son's shoulder. "Wade, I'm proud that you stood up for that kid. I really am. But I want you to remember that you have to be smart in the battles you pick. I want you to go far, Wade. Farther in life than I ever got."

"But, I wanna be like you, dad!" Wade protested, turning back to his father. "I want to prove to everyone that even though I have no powers, I can still become a hero, just like you're trying to show in your fights."

"Wade…" Daniel sighed, but his son continued before he could interrupt.

"Dad, please. Just tell me… Do you think I can become a hero?" The boy asked with his face filled with hope. "I mean, the one kind who cares more about protecting people than anything else? What… What would you say?"

Daniel was taken aback, and at this moment, he found himself conflicted as he thought long and hard about that question. He knew Wade always looked it up to him and idolized him like a hero. Wade didn't favor any other Pro-Heroes, other than the one called All Might. He was an absolute hero for Wade, and somehow he thinks Daniel was the same as All Might. If he did have powers, then what would he say that could help set his son on the right path? Away from any path of wrong?

The fighter placed the raw steak on the table, rose up from the chair, and dragged it just in front of the boy. He placed the chair in front of Wade before sitting back down so he could look at his son face to face. He tried to speak up, but no words came out of his mouth. He then tried again, and the words came.

"Wade, there are more important things about being a hero than using powers. A true hero is someone who must be willing to live with a burden and have to make sacrifices. They live with a philosophy, a principle, that if they could do good things for other people, they have a moral obligation to do those things. Not because they made a choice, but because it's their responsibility to do those things. You understand?"

Daniel dragged his chair closer to his son, before placing his hands on his shoulders gently. "Now Wade, the day will come when you're going to change into the man you're gonna be for the rest of your life. Great things are going to happen in your future. Don't you ever throw them away. Don't try to be something else or something less, be yourself. I want you to remember this, son: When you decide to become a hero, you have to learn that you have to live with that burden on your hands, no matter what. Remember, with great power… there must also come great responsibility."

Wade looked at him in shock and confusion at the speech. "W-What does that mean?"

Daniel smiled and ruffled his hair. "One day, you'll understand." Then he stood up and went to the kitchen. "Well, time to get something for dinner, I'm starved."

Wade remained sitting at the table as he looked up at the ceiling, thinking long and hard about what his dad said to him. What could he have meant? In a world of heroes with extraordinary powers, it's hard to really see them take any form of responsibility, other than fighting the bad guys and saving the day.

That's why Wade wanted to be a hero. To save lives and protect people from evil. However, on that day, when he was four years old, Wade learned the hard truth that people are no longer born equal. But that was his first and last setback. If anything, it'll motivate him to be more than he was.

For little did Wade Walker know that he was destined for greatness and great powers. And with that great power comes great responsibility.

But like any other hero, he'll learn this the hard way. And the hard way will come to him on the worst day of his life.

Ten years later…

Now fourteen years old and currently in Junior High School, Wade was wearing a black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons. The jacket was unbuttoned, revealing a simple plain blue shirt underneath, accompanied by white and red oversized boots.

It all started when he was walking to school like usual, but those were also the days when he wished he wouldn't have to go to that school. Not only because almost everyone in that school has their own Quirks, but also because he's been outcast by his classmates, and even the teachers, for being a Quirkless. But that wasn't the bad news. It was the fact that Bakugo was assisting the same school as Wade. Sometimes he couldn't tell if that was just a coincidence, or it was just bad luck.

Of course, Bakugo wasn't happy to see him going to the same school. And since then, the explosive boy has become more aggravated towards Wade, under the impression that he's looking forward to being a hero, even though Wade was trying to deny it.

Suddenly, his little trip to school came to an interrupt when he heard a scream that came from the next block. Wade decided to run in the direction where the screaming was heard.

Once he turned around the corner, he saw many civilians crawling around the area with the police trying to keep them away from the scene. Wondering why they were all here, Wade heard a loud roar. He looked up and went shocked to see a massive, monster-like villain with a rough, beastly appearance that had a horse-like head with brown hair styled into dreadlocks and a beard. He wore a torn and tattered shirt as well as an average pair of jeans and shoes.

The monster swung its arm and broke a cable tower. The bystanders gasped as they saw the building about to collapse where they're standing and started to run away in panic. But then a hero named Death Arms came running underneath where the structure would land and came to a stop. He punched his fist together and held up his arms, catching the tower with his super strength.

The people were relieved they didn't get crushed and thanked Death Arms with cheers, before a line of water formed in front of everyone, before X's were created on it. This was the work of a Hydrokinesis-Quirk Hero Backdraft, who was dressed like a firefighter with water tanks that shoot out water.

"Everyone, please stay back! This area is far too dangerous!" He tried to warn the civilians, but they were just amazed by the appearances of the Hero's presence.

Wade wanted to get a better view and started squeezing his way through the crowd. As he did, he started learning about what's going on by listening to the people talking around him.

"Turning into a monster? What a crazy Quirk! What just happened?"

"He tried to steal a purse and started rampaging when he got cornered."

Wade got past a guy on his phone, talking to someone about not getting to work on time when he saw another hero showing up. Flying through the air towards the villain, it was Kamui Woods, the Arbor-Quirk Hero.

"EEEEK! GET HIM, KAMUI!" A group of fangirls squealed, much to Wade's annoyance as he scratched his ear.

Kamui landed on the edge of the train track bridge where the monster was standing on, before jumping high into the air when the villain tried to grab him, destroying the stone edge in the process.

"GET AWAY!" The monster villain roared.

When Wade reached the front of the crowd, he saw Kamui Woods turning his arm into a whip made from his wooden body. He used it to grab a structure and swung himself onto it.

"Illegal use of abilities during rush hour, as well as robbery and assault?" Kamui Woods said to the villain. "You're pure evil."

Wade had to admit he was impressed with this guy's abilities. He may be new, but Kamui Woods' starting off with a bang.


Kamui Woods then transformed his right arm into multiple branches that started stretching out, "PRE-EMPTIVE BINDING LACQUERED CHAIN PRISON!"

He shot the extending branches towards the monster with the intent to trap him in their hold. The villain braced himself for the attack when-



"?!" Everyone, including Wade, was all shocked when a giant woman in a costume came flying out of nowhere and kicked the monster villain straight in the face. The villain was sent flying back before crashing to the ground.

Getting a good look at her, Wade couldn't help but feel his face blush pink. The giant was a voluptuous young woman with long, voluminous blond hair curled into two strands and purple eyes with white pupils. While she was beautiful, it was her costume that caused most of the blushing. Her Hero costume was composed of a purple and cream-colored skin-tight bodysuit, that was accented with orange stripes. The bodysuit also had three peculiar orange diamond-shaped dots on the purple top that were located under her chest. She also wore a purple domino mask with horn-like protrusions on the sides.

If she wanted attention with her sex appeal, she sure got it. Wade was brought out of his stare when a group of male photographers suddenly came by and started snapping pictures of the superhero, muttering something like they knew her while at it.

"Today's the debut for the world's next hottest hero!" The giant woman said, bending over to pick up the villain, deliberately giving the photographers a view of her ass. She then looked over the people who were staring at her in wonder. "Please to meet you all! You can call me Mt. Lady!"

Wade, however, wasn't all that impressed, not even thrilled to see a new hero showing up. In fact, he was very disappointed after watching how this fight ended before he walked away and continued his way to school.

It was something he was starting to see more in the world of superheroes. They seem to be only doing this for fame, money and glory, like just now Mt. Lady took the chance to take out the villain while he was distracted so she could take all the credit. That was the reason why he didn't like any of those heroes like those he just watched. However, the only one person Wade actually thought was a true hero was All Might, also known as "The Symbol of Peace." He was the number one hero. Not much is known about this man, but ever since he appeared on the hero scene, the incredible strength he had was enough for him to win the love of the world. Every year since he came out, the rate of the villain appearances has decreased. His existence alone was the deterrent to the villainy.

All he seemed to want was to help and protect people from evil. That's really why Wade respects him. He's the reason Wade wanted to become a hero. But he knew he could never be like him and had no choice but to accept the reality.

"Class, you're all third-years, it's time for you to think seriously about your futures." The teacher announced in his classroom. "Normally, I would pass out handouts for your future plans. However… I assume all of you want to be heroes!"

The whole class was shouting and cheering in confirmation, fully displaying their powers without a care in the world. Even though using their Quirks while in school was against the rules, the teacher praised them all for having "Quirks."

Well, all of them except Wade. The black-haired teenager was sitting near the back of the classroom while drawing fictional superheroes in his notebook. He even wasn't paying attention to the teacher's blabbering since many of the school's faculty pampered and favored students with Quirks over those who don't have.

That and because he had somewhat of a bad reputation with the school staff.

Ever since he started to fight back against bullies who tried to pick on him, including Bakugo, he earned the unofficial title of "The Boy With No Fear." As much as Wade wanted to keep a low profile, he would never back down from any of those fights, especially if someone thinks a Quirkless is just an expendable. Unfortunately, he always gets in trouble in school because of those fights, even if most of the cases were just self-defense. The students and teachers only saw him as just another delinquent.

Discrimination or not, it was amazing to see how people treat you because of the Quirks. But that didn't matter to Wade. The last thing he wanted was getting expelled and making his dad disappointed. Nevertheless, he knew that this was his last year in school, and he knew if he could take all of the school nonsense for a while, everything would be over.

Then his concentration on his drawing was cut short, and his mood turned sour when Bakugo started talking.

"Come on, sensei. Don't lump me in with these bunch of losers!" He said condescendingly. "I'm the only one who is a big deal. But these guys with their crappy quirks will be lucky to end up as sidekicks to some busted D-lister."

"Get over yourself, Katsuki!" One student exclaimed as the rest of the class were outraged by Bakugo's remark.

"Oh, shut up all of you! You're just upset because you're nothing but extras!"

Wade only grumbled as he got back to his drawings, hoping that he could zone out Bakugo's arrogant proclaims. He tried not to think about how anyone would wanna be like this jackass. As far as he could remember, the school's faculty always praise him because of his Quirk, completely disregarding the fact that he's the meanest and scariest bully in school.

He just heard that Bakugo wants to go to U.A. High School. From what he read about it, U.A. was well known as the best school in the world where they train students to become the next generation of heroes. Although he found himself hard to believe Bakugo could get into the academy since their acceptance rate was always really low. Then again, he wouldn't be surprised if Bakugo would be really accepted into the academy.

"Oh yeah, by the way, Walker. Are you thinking of going to the U.A.?" The teacher suddenly asked.

Suddenly Bakugo froze up with disbelief, and even the whole class went silent after hearing the teacher mentioning to the foreign student. Wade, of course, was caught by surprise that he just stopped drawing, before looking up dumbfoundedly and noticed that everyone was staring at him.

Wade only blinked and said. "What?"

Wade was thrown against the lockers in the hallway by Bakugo, while the aggressive blond boy grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "What the hell are you up to, Walker!" Bakugo exclaimed angrily while some of the students were watching the commotion. "I should blow you into bits right now if you think you can stand in my way!"

"Let go of me! I never said I wanted to go to the U.A, jackass!" Wade argued with a scowl before pushing Bakugo away from him. "I don't know why the teacher got that idea, but I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose just to piss you off."

"Are you trying to make fun of me?" Bakugo growled as he stepped closer menacingly to Wade. But then his lips curled up into a wicked grin. "I shouldn't expect anything else from a Quirkless loser like you. It would be hilarious if you actually try to sign up to the U.A, only to be rejected. It's not like you'd ever be a hero anyways."

Wade clenched his fists as he tried to control his anger. As much as he wanted to shut his mouth, the black-haired teen just wanted to go home without any trouble.

"Whatever, man. Like I said to the teacher, I don't care about going to U.A., and I don't care about the future. The only thing I care about right now is to go home and be with my dad." Wade moved away from the lockers and walked away from the bully.

Bakugo furrowed his brows as he watched him go away, but then he let out a scoff. "You know, even if you did become a hero, you'd be the biggest disappointment of all-new heroes. Just like that dad of yours."

That struck a nerve, and it caused Wade to stop his tracks, yet he didn't turn around to face him. Wade would be the first to admit he had no shortage of faults. But if he had to pick one, the one that's gotten him into the most trouble over the years… it would be that sometimes he gets angry when someone insults his dad. And when he gets angry, he'd do some stupid things.

"Oh yeah, I know all about his upcoming fight against Slicer! I even placed a bet against him! Many say that he's going to die, that Slicer is gonna tear him limb from limb. And you know what? I'm with them! Your dad is just another Quirkless loser from a world of more superior people! You really think he's a Hero? HA! You're wrong! He's a NOBODY!"

The moment he finished his sentence, Wade turned around and charged at Bakugo so instantly. The blond wasn't able to respond quickly when Wade, just like many other times they fought, punched him right in the face. Knocking him to the ground.

All the students who watched the scene gasped out in shock as they watched Wade holding the bully by his jacket and shook him in anger.

"DON'T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT MY DAD LIKE THAT!" Wade howled out that his scream echoed all across the hallway. However, he was so upset that he didn't even notice that Bakugo was unconscious.


Wade suddenly snapped out when he realized a teacher just so happened to be standing behind him, and of course, he watched the whole thing.

"Aw, crap..."

Wade's made a lot of mistakes because of his temper problem, and this time his poor decision landed him right in suspension, but he wasn't ashamed of what he did. Bakugo needed to be kicked off his high horse, and the remarks about his father made it personal. However, even though he had a reason, he was discouraged at the realization that sooner or later, his dad was gonna find out he got suspended in school, all because he couldn't keep control of his emotions. Wade never meant to cause too much trouble, not just because a teacher would take on Bakugo's side, but because he felt as though he was letting his dad down with all his fighting.

Walking home from school, Wade became worried about his father. Not because he was afraid to face him and tell him about what happened at his school, but because he was gonna fight against Slicer. Wade heard some rumors that he was one of the meanest Quirk-fighters to ever enter in the MMA. He didn't end his fights cleanly. Last night Wade begged his dad not to fight, but like his son, Daniel was stubborn, and they needed to pay off the rent.

"If only there was something I could do…" Wade muttered as he was now walking under a bridge.

He was about to reach the end of the tunnel and step into the light. That was before his eyes caught something falling from above and landed right before him.

He stopped his foot in mid-air before he stepped on it. Looking at the strange small glass with curiosity, he reached down and picked it up. It was some sort of vial with a label on it.

Experiment #616

Property of Oscorp Industries

"Oscorp Industries?" Wade asked out loud. "Huh, I wonder where did that come from?"

However, little did he know was that the end of the vial was opened. And out of it came a spider that was unlike any other spider in the world. It was black with a purple mark on its lower abdomen. It crawled out of the vial and went onto the back of Wade's hand.

Wade only noticed it in a split second before the arthropod sunk its fangs into his hand.

The bite caused a massive piercing and burning pain on his hand, causing Wade to jolt up and shook his hand. He saw the spider landing down the ground and scurried away. "Damn spider!" He cursed and looked at the back of his hand, where the bite left. Then he was starting to feel strange. "Oh, man… I hope that wasn't poisonous."

Then he looked at the vial he was still holding, reading the label one more time. Whatever Oscorp was, he was totally gonna sue them if something happened to him.

"I think I better keep this as evidence if something happens to me…" Wade said before keeping the vial into his pocket.

He was about to continue his way back home and fast, but then he heard a Gloop sound from behind. He turned around and looked up, only to be left in total shock and terror. Coming from a manhole was a large body made out of sludge with sharp teeth and big round eyes staring down at the boy.

"A medium-sized body… to hide in…" The sludge-looking villain hissed while panting.

The first thing that came into Wade's mind was to go out there and find a hero nearby to seek help. He quickly turned around and attempted to run away, only for the Sludge Villain to pounce on him. Wade was rendered helpless by the villain wrapping its arms around his limbs, trapping him on its hold, as the monster started to stuff the boy's mouth with its own body.

"Oh, don't be afraid, little boy… I'm just going to hijack your body… It'll only hurt for about 45 seconds, and then it'll all be over..." The sludge villain said with maliciousness filled in its voice.

"MMF!" Wade tried to scream and cry out for help, but he couldn't breathe, and he was starting to suffocate. He even tried to break himself, but the monster was so strong that his efforts were useless. He began clawing the mud limb with his free hand, but he couldn't even pull it off.

"No point in trying that. I'm fluid, you see!" The sludge villain said. "You really saved my life... You're a real hero… I never thought he'd show up in this town."

Wade kicked his dangling legs as tears started coming out of his eyes. He couldn't breathe, and what's worse, he felt his body getting weaker by every passing second. This was not how he wanted to end up like this; it's like a cruel reminder that if he had a Quirk from the beginning, he might have stood a chance.

As his body was almost entirely engulfed by the Sludge Villain's body, he felt his consciousness slipping away.

As his vision started fading to black, the manhole cover suddenly shot into the air.

The first thing Wade felt as he started to regain his consciousness was someone slapping his cheek."Come on, boy, wake up! Wake up!"

Wade's eyes shot wide open, and he jolted up, gasping loudly for air. The sunlight left him dazzled for a few seconds as he breathed deeply and heavily.

"What the?! W-What just…" He looked around at his surroundings when his vision was now recovered. He noticed he was now outside of the tunnel, where a villain attacked him.

"Thank goodness you're okay, kid!"

A sudden booming voice startled Wade before he looked up at the person who saved his life. With one blink of his eyes, he let out a long and audible gasp with his jaw opened that a bug would fly into his mouth. Shock and awe were understatements when he realized it was none other than All Might. While only wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of green cargo pants, he was precisely what Wade saw him in the videos on social media. An exceptionally tall man with an enormous and overly-muscular figure and short blond hair with two distinct bangs that stand up over his head.

Wade was stunned by the sight of the Hero and stood up quickly. "Hooooollllyyyy crap… YOU'RE ALL MIGHT!" He started walking side by side while waving his hands to his face like a typical fanboy. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod! I can't believe this is happening! I was just saved by All Might! This is like a dream come true! Wait, is this a dream?" He pinched his side with a grimace. "Nope! This is real! I think I'm gonna freak out!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't freak out, little man. Relax and take some deep breaths." All Might placed his big hands on his shoulders to calm him down, yet he couldn't help but chuckle at his fan's reaction, since it's not the first time he's seen something like it.

As much as Wade wanted to squeal, he knew All Might was right as he followed his advice. A few seconds later, he finally settled himself down. He was still very excited to see his idol in front of him, but he made sure to stay polite and not make a scene.

"I-I'm sorry, it's just… I never thought I could ever meet you in person." He cleared his throat and held out his hand. He really didn't know why. Heroes don't usually shake hands with other people. However, to his surprise, All Might accepted the handshake. Wade held back another scream of excitement as he introduced himself. "I-I'm Wade Walker, by the way. First, I'm a big fan. Second, I'm shaking your hand too long, aren't I?" He had been shaking his hand too long indeed. He let go of All Might's hand and blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry."

"No need to apologize, Mr. Walker!" All Might said with his grin shining brightly in the sunlight. "I, however, should be the one who says sorry for getting you caught up in my Villain hunt. Mistakes like that aren't my style, but it turns out I'm new in this city that I could get easily lost, and besides, I'm off camera!" He then started to laugh heartily.

"Heheh, you don't say. I guess that explains why the paparazzi aren't surrounding us as we speak." Wade and his Hero shared another laugh, but then the kid just remembered an important detail. "Wait, about that villain, where is he?" He asked as he looked over All Might's shoulder, the place where the villain was found.

"Funny you should mention that." All Might then brought up a soda jug from his cargo pocket, holding it out like he was being filmed for a soda commercial. Wade was surprised to see it was the Sludge Villain stuffed inside of the jug upon taking a closer look. And apparently, it was unconscious judging by the X's on its eyes. "Thanks to you, I was successful in catching this evil-doer! Now he's not gonna get away from my grasp!"

"Wow, last time I saw this thing, it looked kinda bigger than it looks right now," Wade replied in amaze. "Are you sure that's going to hold him for a while?"

"I won't take any chances, but the sooner I get this fellow to the authorities, the better." All Might kept the bottle back in his pocket. "By the way, I think this belongs to you." He then handed a notebook to the boy.

"Hey, that's my drawing sketchbook! I didn't know that it fell out of my backpack!" Wade exclaimed as he flipped through the pages, until to his surprise, he found that the next blank page had All Might's signature, meaning he gave him an autograph. "T-Thank you, All Might! I'll never forget this!"

"It was a pleasure meeting you, young Walker. You can catch me again on TV. Until then, stay safe!" All Might turned around and walked away.

Wade turned around and was about to continue his way back home like nothing happened, but then he was slowing down by growing hesitation until he stopped his tracks when a question popped into his mind. He had a lot of questions he needed to ask. There are so many things he needs to know. But right now, at this moment, he had an important question that he believed the only person who can answer that... was none other than the Symbol of Peace himself.

Taking a deep breath, he turned to the other side and approached All Might, as the mighty Hero was squatting down like he's taking a moment to do some stretching.

Wade was about to tap him on his shoulder, when All Might suddenly jumped off the ground, and with his super strength, the Hero was sent rocketing up into the air.


However, All Might felt something was holding onto his left leg. He looked down and, to his shock, saw Wade clinging onto him for dear life while screaming on top of his lungs.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey! What do you think you're doing?!" He demanded as he tried to push Wade off him with his hand. "I love my fans, but this is too much! Let go of me!"

"Are you insane! We're flying! If I let go, I'll die!" Wade screamed, his eyelids were pulled back from the wind against his face, and his cheeks were inflated with air.

All Might stopped. "Oh… That's a good point."

"I know I shouldn't do that! But I need to ask you something important! It'd mean a lot to me!"

All Might sighed and looked around for a building where they could land, as he placed a hand on the kid's back to make sure he didn't fall off. However, unknown to Wade, he was starting to cough. Wiping his mouth with a free hand, he looked at his palm.

There was some blood.


Soon they were now on top of a building that All Might landed on. Wade was on his hands and knees on the concrete floor while panting heavily. "Okay… That wasn't my smartest move…" He groaned.

"Agreed, you almost got killed by accident." All Might retorted. "Anyway, if you give the people downstairs an explanation, I'm sure they will let you down. I've got no time, though! I have to go!"

Wade perked up at the last part, before he stood up quickly. "Wait! I still need you to ask something important!"

"No!" All Might snapped. "I cannot wait around for anyone!"

"Can a normal person like me become a hero?!" Wade suddenly shouted his question. "To protect and save people like you always do?"

There was silence in the air, as All Might stopped walking when he was now standing at the roof's end.

"Look, I know it's practically unheard of for a person with no Quirks to be a Hero, but that doesn't mean it's impossible, right? I'm asking because when I was a kid, I always wanted to be a hero. Not like the heroes today that are only in it for fame and glory, but to be a real hero. But as time went on, I began to accept that I wasn't getting any powers. I started to give up that dream. But there were always two things that kept my dream alive. You're one of them! You're strong, brave, and fearless. Smiling no matter what. No matter who you were fighting. And the way I see it, the only thing you care about is helping everyone. The second was my dad. He's an MMA fighter. You probably heard of him: "Daring Dan" Walker. He always wanted me to be better than what he's only been able to be. Telling me to stay in school and become something I've always wanted to be. That's why I kept my dream of being a hero alive! I tell people I don't want to be a hero, but that's not true! I want to be the first Hero without a Quirk!"

All Might was silent for a moment, with his back facing Wade. He then looked over his shoulder at the kid, as the Walker boy stared straight at him in the eyes with his green ones, waiting anxiously to hear the answer that could affect him for the rest of his life.

"Without a quirk, huh?" Suddenly, there was a snap, piercing feeling that went through the Hero's nerves, causing him to grunt. All Might started to groan and grunt. "Oh, no. Not now, dammit! Not here!"

Wade was taken aback when he noticed the steam and smoke started to come off All Might's body and started to engulf around him.

"Whoa, hey man," Wade said with a look of concern on his face, cautiously approaching him. "Are you okay- WHAAAAAT THE HELL?!"

The reason he screamed at the top of his lungs was because right, where All Might was standing, was now a skinny man with angular features and long limbs. He had spiky, disheveled hair with two bangs framing the sides of his face. He has a very long neck, and his eyebrows were absent. The clothes that used to fit tightly on All Might's body were now baggy.

Wade stared at the man in complete and total disbelief. "Wait… All Might?" He asked in shock and realization. "Is that… Is that really you?"

All Might stared at him and sighed. "Yes. I assure you that I'm-" He was interrupted when blood spilled out of his mouth, as Wade freaked out when he did that.

After calming down, Wade then asked. "Wait, what the hell happened to you?!"

"You know how people hold in their gut at the pool? All Might ask. "Well, it's pretty much like that."

"Okay… But that still doesn't explain everything." Wade replied with confusion written all over his face. "I thought you were always... you know, big, strong. Saving everyone with a big, fearless smile."

Letting out a sight, All Might answered. "There's plenty of fear behind that smile." He then sat down on top of the rails. "I'm counting on you to keep your mouth shut. Don't go talking about this online or telling your friends. Are we clear?"

Wade bit his lip, but he nodded with his head. Then, the Hero pulled up his shirt, and Wade was greeted to the sight of a horrible, large scar that covers the left side of his chest. The mere sight of it made the boy sick on his stomach.

"Pretty gross, right? Take a good long look at it, kid. Five years ago,… an enemy did this to me." Wade looked back at the wound in disbelief. Out of all the villains All Might has faced, who could be able to do that to him? "My respiratory system was nearly destroyed. And my whole stomach was removed." The deflated Hero continued. "All these surgeries have pretty much worn me out. And it can't be fixed. Right now, I can only do Hero work for about three hours a day. The rest of the time, this is what I look like."

Wade remained stunned, having a hard time accepting what was being told to him. "Five years…? Was that when you were fighting against Toxic Chainsaw?"

"Wow, you know your stuff." All Might said, almost impressed by the fact Wade remembered that event. "But no. That punk may have landed some hits, but he couldn't bring me down. This fight was never made in public. I did everything I could to keep it under wraps." He paused for a moment. "I'm supposed to be the guy that's always smiling, right? I'm the Symbol of Peace, after all. People everywhere have to think that I'm never afraid."

"So all this time you've been smiling… is because you're really hiding the fear and pressure?" Wade responded when he came to realize a shocking conclusion.

"That's right. It's just a brave face I put on when the pressure is high. That's why you should let go of that dream, Wade." The boy was left in disbelief after what All Might told him with brutal honesty. "You may be right about Heroes only doing it for the money and fame, but let's put it in the perspective of your father. Every time he steps into that ring, he's putting his life on the line to provide for you. Even with all his skills as a fighter, without powers, he's barely able to win. Now, let me ask you this, without a Quirk, how can you be able to beat a Villain?"

Wade opened his mouth, but then he was unable to say a word as All Might continued. "You're thinking that being a hero sounds easy for you, but the truth is, it doesn't. The Pro Heroes always have to risk their lives daily. There's also the risk that you'll gain new enemies who won't rest until they would finally manage to kill you. I know this is too much for you to accept it, but without a Quirk... You can't ever be a hero..."

As the words hit him harder than he could ever expect, Wade felt as if the world was starting to fall apart. All Might was right. When he found out he wasn't able to use a Quirk, it crushed his heart to the point he was crying himself to sleep. But his dad told him he could still be a Hero if he put his mind to it and worked hard to get there. That's why he fought against bullies like Bakugo. Because like a Hero, he was looking out for the little guys. The ones that the Pro Heroes always overlooked.

However, looking to the other reality from All Might's perspective, Wade came to understand that even if he could become the first Quirkless Hero, there's no chance he could last long. What are the odds he can stand against a villain with powers? What if he ends up in a situation he won't know what to do unless he actually had a Quirk? And after learning All Might's condition, it was enough for him to realize the consequences, maybe worse for someone who's a Quirkless.

His fists trembled as he could feel all his dreams being shattered forever. As much as it was very painful to accept the reality, he knew he had no choice but to come to terms with it. "Thank you…" Wade said with his head hung low, with his bangs covering his eyes' sadness. He then made his way to the door on the roof. "I should be going. I've got a spider bite to wash and… tell my dad I've just got suspended in school."

All Might felt terrible for telling him he can't be a Hero. The boy's father sounds like all he wanted for his son was to achieve his dream, and he just crushed it. "It's not wrong to dream, Walker." He said as Wade opened the door and stopped. "But at times like this, you need to be realistic about it." Wade didn't respond before closing the door and exited, leaving All Might to reflect if he said the right thing to the kid.

As he exited the building, Wade started making his way home, having his hands into the pockets and his head down low. Nothing has ever devastated him more than being rejected by the only person who believed he could give a meaningful answer about his goal. Wade couldn't blame him for destroying his beliefs. Sooner or later, he had to learn the harsh reality that the world doesn't work this way.

However, after going down a few blocks, he stopped when he noticed something on the right. Shockingly, what was lying on the ground in the alleyway was the jug that held the Sludge Villain.

'How did it get there?' Wade asked in his head. 'Did that fall out of All Might's pants when we were flying?'

Fortunately, the villain appeared to be still unconscious, which meant it's safe for anyone to take him and bring him to the police to be locked away. Wade thought about it for a moment and knew he would be doing the right thing. He'd be like a hero.


That's something he could never be, just as All Might said. As much as he wanted to take the villain to the police, he wasn't in a good mood and figured that if All Might noticed it was gone, he would come looking for it for sure. And even if Wade took him over to the police, they would probably scold him for getting involved in a Hero's business, and probably they will give all the credit to All Might.

Wade shook his head disdainfully and walked away, leaving the jug where it was. There was nothing he could gain from this, so why should he bother. In fact, at the end of the day, this matter was not his problem anymore.

Little did he know that this decision, based on the words of others and his own doubts, would come to haunt Wade for the rest of his days.

As he continued his way home, Wade felt a lot worst than before. Not spiritually, but physically. Moments ago, he was feeling a little under the weather. Like he was starting to get a fever that he almost fainted. But that only lasted for a few minutes before, by some miracle, went away. But that didn't feel like he was getting sick, more like his body felt… different.

"What's happening to me…" Wade muttered to himself as he was trying to take some deep breaths to calm down. He looked at his hands as he closed and opened them. "I feel - as though my entire body is charged with some sort of… fantastic energy!"

Wrapped in his thoughts, he failed to notice that the traffic light just changed from red to green as he was crossing the street. He didn't even hear the car coming at him until the last second.

When it came right at him, Wade felt something snap in the back of his brain, like it was warning him. Before he was about to be run over, he did the unthinkable and jumped up.

As time seemed to have slowed down, Wade looked down from where he was in the air, staring down at the top of the moving car with shock written over his face. He then landed back on the street again with a dumbfounded look, trying to process what just happened.

However, the snap feeling came back again, before he looked behind and saw a bus coming right at him. He then climbed up the hood before jumping up and started running all across the bus's roof until he jumped down back on the ground with a front flip.

Wade's eyes widened in disbelief before he looked around and noticed some people staring at him in wonder after witnessing the boy's performance. It's not unusual to see someone learning his powers, but to see the boy's agility to jump over vehicles was something new. Not wanting to bring much attention, Wade crossed the street and ran as fast as possible until he found an alley nearby before deciding to hide in there.

"What… What the hell just happened?!" Wade panted as he ran his hands through his hair, shaking under confusion and panic.

He stopped when he felt something odd in his hands, like they seemed to have stuck in his hair. He tried to remove them, only to feel a stinging pain in his scalp before realizing his hands were now pulling his hair.

"Oh great, now what!" He started pulling his hands harder, cursing, and grumbling like an animal on a rampage without thinking. And with one last effort, using all his strength...


"YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCHHHHH!" Wade hollered out in pain as he felt some of his hair ripping out of roots. It hurt like hell. He looked at his hands and saw some strands of hair were stuck on them, mostly on his fingertips. Hopefully, he didn't leave some patchy bald spots in his head.

"What on earth is happening to me!" He shouted frantically. He then shook his head and took some deep breaths. "Okay, Wade, just calm down. Get it together! Everything has an explanation. Think about what happened today… Let's see… I got suspended in school... I was walking back home... then I found a strange bottle… And then I got bit by-" He trailed off as he was now tying the loose ends in his mind. "The spider…"

He looked at the back of his hand to check the spider bite, which had become swollen, yet he didn't feel any pain while he poked it with his finger.

He then stared at the wall in front of him before raising his head to look at the roof's top. He then looked back at his hands, as the sense of doubt conflicted him. There's no way that thing could give him powers with just a bite. Then again, he couldn't be so sure unless he would test out what was going on with his body.

Walking closer to the brick wall, and as he took one last glance to his hands again, he reached out with his right hand and placed his fingers onto the wall. He let out a gasp when he felt the fingertips stinging on the surface. Then he placed his left hand on the wall, and he got the same sensation.

Wade decided to go further as he began scaling up the wall just as easily as he could walk. At that moment, Wade was shocked beyond belief what he was doing right now. He was literally crawling up the wall like a spider. He stopped for a moment to look down at the ground in amazement. He looked back up and noticed he was closer to get to the top, but before he continued, he saw his arms disappeared.

"AAAHH!" Wade freaked out, but then stopped when he noticed he was still hanging on the wall. To his further amazement, he could still feel moving one of his arms around, and after a moment, it reappeared again. "Wow! I can turn invisible too?!"

He continued to crawl up the building until he reached the top. As he was getting on his feet, Wade looked forward at the other roof from another building, not too far away from where he's standing.

Without hesitating, Wade made a run and jumped off the roof. He let out a gasp as he noticed he jumped way higher than he could reach, as he looked down to see the gap between the buildings., And before he knew it, he reached to the next roof.

As he landed on the floor with a stumble, Wade breathed heavily as he came to realize the conclusion that he still couldn't believe it's happening for real.

"I have powers… Heh-hehe… I FINALLY HAVE MY POWERS!" Wade threw his hands up in the air and shouted, jumping up and down like a kid who just got himself a new All Might action figure. He was so overjoyed that he wanted to cry. He might be the only Quirkless person who actually gained powers. Could it be that the doctor was wrong from the beginning? Or was it a matter of time before he could gain the potential? That didn't matter for Wade, because the only thing he cared about is that his life was changed, all thanks for that spider bite.

Wade thought he could find All Might and tell him that he just gained powers, it would be a little hard for him to explain how he got it, but Wade was sure he could convince him that he now has what it takes to be a hero.

Unfortunately, when Wade realized the sun was setting, he just remembered something he should have done first.

"Oh, crap! I'm supposed to be home right now!" He panicked as he found the door that leads downstairs. But then he stopped before he could open. "Wait… I don't need to use the door… I can jump roof-by-roof with no problem!"

And so he started to jump each building as the fastest way to get home, hoping that he's not in trouble by being late.

Wade was now facing the door of the apartment as he took a moment to recover his breath. A part of him was nervous when he thought his father was going to be upset, but the other part was excited to tell him what happened, especially the part when he got bit by a spider and gave him new powers.

With one deep breath to gather his courage, Wade opened the door and entered his apartment. "I'm home!" He announced as he closed it and made his way to the living room.

Suddenly, he froze when he saw his father sitting in the dining room with his arms crossed, but what really frightened the boy was his glare with furrowed brows. Wade knew his dad only makes that kind of face whenever he's in trouble. And boy, Wade knew he was indeed in big trouble.

"H-Hey, dad… You're getting ready for your fight tonight?" Wade said awkwardly as he noticed the duffel bag next to him.

"Do you know what time it is, Wade?" Daniel asked in a cold tone, demanding his son to go straight to the point.

Wade gulped down nervously, nothing scared him more than to see dad's angry face. "I-I'm sorry! I know I should've been home early! But I can explain!" He said as he removed his backpack.

"You're right, you have a lot of things to explain. How about we start when you get suspended in school?" Wade went stunned as Daniel continued. "Yeah, the principal called me this afternoon and told me you picked another fight with Katsuki. Was that true?"

"I… Well… That… I-I mean… I was just… H-He…" Wade couldn't think of a good explanation, which didn't help his father let out a frustrated sigh.

"For goodness' sake Wade… Do you have any idea how much I was trying to convince the principal not to expel you, every time you make trouble? Have you thought about that?" The fighter scowled as he stood up off the chair.

"Dad, please! I didn't mean for this to happen! But that guy was the one who started it! I tried to ignore him but he couldn't just leave me alone and I've had it!" Wade exclaimed, trying to not raise his voice.

"That doesn't give you the right to knock him out and scare everyone else! I know the other fights you had were in self-defense, but this one is different!" Daniel rebuked, making Wade flinch at his booming voice. He took a breath to calm down. "Now here's what we're going to do, starting tomorrow, we're going to see the Bakugos and you're going to apologize to Katsuki, is that clear?"

Wade, however, was shocked to hear what his father just said. "Are you kidding me!? Do I really have to say sorry to that asshole!?" He responded in disbelief as he dropped the backpack to the floor.

"First of all, language! Second, your fights with him have gone far enough and it's time for you both to have a real talk and put an end to your little feud once and for all!" His dad demanded.

"And what makes you think Bakugo would be willing to talk to me? Because as far as I'm concerned, he's just going to say some bullcrap about me or about you, maybe both of us!" Wade replied angrily.

"Wade, just look at yourself! You're letting your anger get the better of you! I understand Bakugo hasn't been so nice with you for so long, but you should know this can't go on forever. You are better than that!" Daniel argued with a hint of concern on his face.

"Oh and here we go again!" Wade waved his arms frustratingly as he turned around and walked to the living room. "You know, maybe you're right. I should just let Bakugo bully the hell out of me because if I don't, I might become a villain!" He spat sarcastically.

"Son, that's not what-"

"No! Shut up!" Wade whirled around to face his dad, throwing his backpack to the floor that the school supplies scattered around. "You don't even know how much I went through for all these years! I've been treated like garbage in school just because I'm nothing like them! Even the teachers don't give a crap about me! What was I supposed to do!? I'm so sick of being treated like that all the time! And when I'm standing up for myself, what do I get from you? A friggin' lecture! Why can't you just be proud of me!?"

"Wade, I just-" Daniel tried to approach his son, but he stepped back away from him.

"You know what? Maybe Bakugo was right… MAYBE MY LIFE WOULD'VE BEEN BETTER IF I WASN'T RAISED BY A QUIRKLESS LOSER!" Wade snapped before he made a run to the main door and before his father could stop him, he left the apartment as he closed the door with a slam. If the door would have a window, they would be shattered for sure.

Daniel was shocked and stunned by his son's outburst that he couldn't react in time before Wade ran out of the apartment. But what really left him speechless was what Wade just revealed all the distress he had to endure. At this moment, he was starting to believe that he actually failed to be a good father.

He looked at the duffel bag, remembering he's gonna have a fight against Slicer tonight. But now, it didn't matter to him anymore, because his only son was outside, wandering aimlessly through the city and God knows where he's going right now.

With his father instincts kicking in, Daniel hurriedly got out of the apartment and looked at both sides of the hallway, hoping he could still catch up to Wade. Unfortunately, he didn't see any signs of him.

"Wade! Where are you? Wade!" He cried out as he started looking for his son, no matter how long he could take to find him.

Wade found himself on top of a building, sitting against a wall while watching the view of the city in the middle of the night. Right now, he felt terrible after a heated argument with his father that he needed some time alone.

Once again, he made another poor decision because of his emotions, but this time he really messed up when he lashed out to his dad. He wanted to go back and apologize to him, but at this point, he thought it would be best to wait for a while until his dad would be calm, and maybe he would finally listen to him.

He wanted to tell him what happened after school, the moment when he was bitten by a spider and got new powers. He wanted to believe his father would be happy now that he finally has something Wade thought he would never have, but now the boy wasn't sure if dad would care or not.

Be that as it may, he found himself peaceful just by looking at the stars and the city's lights from up here, and that's the only thing he needed.


Wade was startled after a loud explosion roared throughout the district. He stood up in a hurry and looked around to find out where that sound came from, until his eyes caught on a thick cloud of black smoke rising nearby, even the strong smell of the fire reached his nose. Suddenly, more explosions were heard, followed by the sound of the sirens ringing out the streets.

It didn't take too long for Wade to know what was going on. At first, he thought it might be an accident involving a gas leak, but he knew it was something more from the look of the smoke. It goes without saying that it must be a villain attack, but the strange thing was the villain attacks don't happen in the middle of the night, so why now?

Usually, he thinks that the smart thing he needs to do is stay away from that scene and let the so-called heroes do the job. But as he could hear the sounds of the people screaming, he felt the need to go there and help them? It might be the stupidest idea he will ever make, but he couldn't stand the thought of the people getting hurt while the Heroes are taking too long to answer.

He couldn't stand it any longer. "Dammit, I must be crazy!" He ran as fast as he could and began to jump building by building, heading towards the explosions' direction. As he was getting closer, he could feel the air getting hotter, and he saw the fire glowing through a small cluster of buildings. He got a horrible feeling about it, but now it's too late to turn back.

He landed on top of a building where he got a clear view of the destruction, yet Wade was dangerously close that whatever is causing the explosions, they could reach the spot he's standing on. Rushing to the edge of the roof with rails, he looked down to see the street engulfed in flames, yet he couldn't see clearly what was going on because of the smoke. He decided to jump off the roof and landed on all four to the ground.

Now that he got an exact look at what was going on ahead, he gasped in shock when he spotted something through the raging fires burning the street.

It was the Sludge Villain who attacked him this afternoon, destroying everything around him with explosions while some bystanders fled for their lives. He saw some other heroes were in the area, but they were just standing by, as if they were waiting for something to happen. But as he was approaching the scene, he caught a glimpse of a familiar ash-blond hair.

To his horror, he saw it was Katsuki Bakugo, and right now, he was trapped in the Sludge Villain's grasp with his mouth engulfed entirely with slime. Wade came to realize that because the villain had Bakugo as a hostage, the heroes found themselves hesitant to attack. And not only that, the villain was forcing the boy to use his quirk to destroy anything he wants and forcing the heroes to stay away.

'How… How could this happen!?' Wade shouted inwardly, disturbed that some scum would force someone to use the quirk against their will while using him as a hostage.


He snapped out when he heard a voice that was all too familiar for him, and it made him gasp with horror. He turned to his right and saw a person lying on the back with a horrifying burn injury on their chest - no doubt from Bakugo's quirk. He was bleeding from that injury as he started to cough blood.

"Oh, God…" Wade muttered in distress when he saw it was his dad. "Oh, no, no, no! Dad!"

"Wade... Thank God you're okay…" Daniel spoke weakly as his son reached him and stood on his knees next to him.

"Please, don't say anything! You're gonna be okay! SOMEONE GET SOME HELP!" Wade yelled at two people who were just standing and watching the fight going on, until they heard the boy crying. They saw how badly Daniel was and raced off to get help.

However, Wade wasn't aware that one of the people in the crowd was All Might in his deflated form, who not only was shocked to see that boy again, but that the person who was dying was his father, Daniel.

"Wade… I'm sorry… I haven't… been a good..." Daniel spoke weakly again, but he started to cough more blood.

"No! Save your strength! C'mon! Stay with me, dad! You're going to be okay!" Wade's voice started to break with tears welling up in his eyes. "Please, stay with me…"

The father then raised his hand slowly, grabbing his son by one of his shoulders and brought him down lower to him. The dying man's hand went to the back of Wade's head, as he lifted up his own, so that their foreheads would touch each other.

Daniel closed his eyes. "Always… remember… what I… said…"

That was the last of Daniel Walker's breath, before his head fell back to the ground and rolled to the side, with his hand slipping from his son's head.

Wade felt his heart sinking into the deepest pits of despair. "No… No… No! No! NO! NO!" He grabbed his father by the shoulders and started to shake him. The tears started falling out like a waterfall. "DAD! NO! PLEASE NO! DAD!" Another explosion from the battlefield brought his attention back to the Sludge Villain and Bakugo. Why were the heroes not doing something to save the boy instead of just standing there? Why are they just letting this happen? If they could do something to slow the monster down, then why aren't they!? Don't let Bakugo suffer much pain!

That's when reality stabbed into his heart. If he hadn't grabbed All Might's pants, the jug containing the Villain wouldn't have fallen out. If he hadn't had All Might answer his question about being a Hero, he would have found out about the missing jug and would have time to search for it. If he had taken the time to return the monster to the police, Bakugo wouldn't be suffering and his dad…

His heart sank even further.

"What have I done…"

He killed his own father. He's dead because of him. And probably some other people were killed because of his actions. None of this was anyone's fault but his.

None of this would've happened if it wasn't for him.

Wade was so wrapped up in his self-blame state that he didn't notice the two people came back with the paramedics. All Might watched from afar with sadness and tremendous guilt, as the medics went to work, trying to see if the father would be saved. By the grimace looks on their faces and the shakings of their heads, it was clear that Daniel Walker was dead. All Might felt like the most pathetic creature on the planet. He was the Symbol of Peace, and yet he wasn't able to do anything. If he could have done something too, he could have stopped this madness. He was no Hero. He was nothing.

Even though his watery eyes, Wade could see Bakugo, the bully who made his life a living hell for merely standing up to him, struggled to break free of the Sludge Villain. But he was almost completely taken into the monster's body.

And then, Wade saw something that he had never seen before. Not even when Daniel scared him off. No. This was different. Bakugo's eyes said it all.

He was terrified of dying.

Wade gasped when he remembered what his father said to him when he was a child.

"I want you to remember this, son: When you decide to become a hero, you have to learn that you have to live with that burden on your hands, no matter what. Remember, with great power… there must also come great responsibility."

He finally understood what those words meant.

Without a single second wasted, Wade rushed at the group of heroes as fast as he could and jumped. The momentum of his running before he jumped carried him all the way over the heroes and farther in front of them. Everyone was shocked by his action and were even more when he ran towards the Sludge Villain and Bakugo.

"GET BACK, HERE YOU FOOL!" Death Arms yelled out. "STOP! YOU'RE GOING TO GET YOURSELF KILLED!" But Wade didn't listen and kept running, determined to fix the mess he started.

"You again!?" The Sludge Villain said as it saw Wade running at him. Even Bakugo was surprised. The monster lashed out one of its slimy limbs at him, forming a fist out of it.

Again, Wade felt the stinging feeling in his head, and without thinking, he jumped and dodged the attack. He landed on the ground again before running back at the villain, and before the monster realized he jumped forward.

He was too fast and agile for the slime monster to react, and before it could do anything about it, Wade launched a flying double kick in the face.

With the strength that could only be of superman, the kick caused the monster's head to be thrown back, and a massive amount of pain for the villain. It was so powerful that it loosened the strength of its hold on Bakugo, as it was sent back.

That gave Wade the chance to jump on it and grab Bakugo by his arms. With his extraordinary new-found strength, the Walker boy managed to pull his bully right out of the sludge body. Suddenly his spider senses went off again, as Wade quickly threw Bakugo away from the Sludge Villain and jumped back before the monster could bend its body forward and engulf them again.

The heroes were stunned, not to mention amazed, by the heroic action. Even All Might was amazed by what he just saw, wasn't the boy supposed to be Quirkless?

"Did that boy just pull him out of that monster?" Kamui Woods said as he was standing far away from the fire.

"How much stronger is he!?" Another hero asked.

Bakugo was on the ground as Wade landed in front of him with a stance that was fit for combat. "What the hell did you just do!?" He snapped in confusion and anger that his Quirkless classmate just saved him. "Why are you here, you Quirkless loser!?"

Wade didn't turn around to face his bully before he answered. "Before he died, Bakugo, my dad always told me to remember what he said." He told the blonde. "I've always tried to understand why he said that to me… But now I know… I finally understand what he really meant..."

A grieving smile grew on Wade's face with a few tears leaking out his eyes before he shouted his response. "With great power comes great responsibility!"

All Might was shocked when Wade's words reached his ears. He's right. Dammit, the boy was right! He had the power to stop this, and now it was the time to use it! He didn't care if he's now on his limit. All Might needed to do something! As his heart became filled with a new sense of determination, All Might's muscles started to grow and regained his form again.

"You little insect!" The sludge monster roared and started to launch multiple limbs at Wade. "You'll pay for getting my way!" The Pro-Heroes rushed out to try and save him. Wade, however, felt the sensation tingling again as he prepared to fight back.

However, before he could try to dodge the attacks, All Might suddenly appeared in front of him out of nowhere. Blocking the attacks with his arms.

Wade stared at his back in shock. He thought that he could only do this a day. How could he turn back into his true form?"

"I'm really pathetic…" The boy gasped when he heard the tone of the Hero's voice. He didn't sound like his big and proud self, but rather upset about himself. "The lesson I left you with… is nothing compared to the one that your father told you, Wade Walker!"

All Might pulled back his right fist with the blood shooting out from his mouth, ready to launch an attack. "A PRO SHOULD ALWAYS BE READY TO RISK HIS LIFE, THAT IS OUR GREAT RESPONSIBILITY!"

He then thrust his fist forward.


The powerful move of the downward punch was so tremendous and massive that it created a massively powerful updraft that broke apart and scattered the Sludge Villain. But it didn't just do that. It created a powerful tornado that towered over the city's skyline. The winds created by the twister blew out all the fires in the buildings and nearly knocked everyone if it wasn't for Mt. Lady covering them with her arms. Wade got down on both his feet and hands and used his spider-powers to stick to the ground.

When it was all over, Wade stood up and watched down the street at the destruction. Many buildings left in ruin, and some had even collapsed. But they were all burnt and scorched by the flames. Suddenly, the rain droplets slowly came down, before a heavier rain came.

The sirens' sound brought his attention before he looked towards the end of the street and saw some ambulances and police cars, but what paid more attention was a group of paramedics carrying a body on the stretcher.

The floodgates of his eyes burst open, and he ran as fast as he could towards them. Passing the heroes who were collecting the villain's scattered parts and giving them to the police to lock him away. He almost stumbled as he tried to keep up the pace.

"Hey, where are you going?" Suddenly Death Arms, along with Kamui Woods, stood on his way.

However, Wade didn't seem to acknowledge them, and before they knew it, he pushed them away.

"H-Hey!" They tried to catch up with the boy and stop him.

"Leave him be!"

Death Arms and Kamui Woods turned around to see All Might shouting while he was escorting Bakugo away from the scene. The heroes were puzzled by his outburst, but as they turned back to the boy, they both started to realize what was happening when they saw him passing through the paramedics until he reached the stretcher which they were carrying.

At first, the medics tried to stop Wade, but when they noticed his face's sorrowful look, they decided to leave him alone and have a moment to mourn his father.

[Play Music: The Last of Us OST: All Gone (No Escape) Game Version Extended]

Wade stood over his father, looking at his closed eyes that seemed like he's just sleeping, but Wade already knew it wasn't like that, and even if he thinks that way, he knew he would never wake up. He reached out with his trembling hands and went back to his father's head.

He bit his bottom lip in anguish as more tears streamed down his cheeks. "I'm sorry, dad… I'm so sorry…" He sobbed before he laid down his head against the crook of his dad's neck. "It's all my fault… I'm sorry!"

And then he unleashed his overwhelming grief for the death of his father. The Pro-Heroes and All Might watched in silence at the boy crying and wailing over his father's lifeless body, and even Bakugo was watching the scene in complete shock.

From that day onward, the heroes would learn that tonight, not only they failed to save a life, they also have to witness the consequences of it.

Later that night, Wade was now in the hospital. All he was sitting alone in the waiting room, looking down dejectedly. Wade came with the paramedics while spending his last moments by his father's side. The hospital's staff asked him if he had any relatives they could call to pick him up. Of course, it was difficult for Wade to answer since his father was the one and only relative he had left, but he gave them the name of the person who's a friend.

While waiting, he also was told that Bakugo has returned safe and sound to his house. No wonder his parents would freak out when they find out what happened to him. Wade was glad to hear Bakugo was now fine, although he doubted the next time he's going to see him, the bully would be thankful for the rescue, since he knew his character long enough.

"Wade!" A feminine voice suddenly caught his attention, before he looked at the entrance and saw a rotund woman with short dark hair with green highlights tied in a ponytail on the left. She was his babysitter, Inko Midoriya. A friend of the Walker family.

Wade has met Inko many times in his life. Enough to be surprised by her changed image. She was often the one that Daniel would ask to babysit him as a child after his fight with Bakugo. In her younger years, she used to have a slim figure, but years later, she had now gained weight and showed signs of her more mature age.

As Inko found Daniel's son in the waiting room, she ran towards the boy and kneeled in front of him. "Oh, thank heavens, Wade… The police just told me what happened! Is your father…" She stopped when she got a closer look at his face. He looked terrible, judging by his distraught expression and the bags under his eyes due to hours crying. It was so clear that she could see the incredible pain through him, before she found out the answer.

Inko covered her mouth with her hands as she started shedding some tears, and then she pulled him in for a hug. "Oh God, Wade! I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…" His babysitter sobbed as she held him tighter like there's no tomorrow. Wade slowly hugged her back, and so they both spent all night mourning in the hospital, while the young Walker couldn't stop thinking about one thing that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

None of this would've happened if it wasn't for him.

[End Song]

The following day came, and the funeral for Daniel Walker took place.

It was raining heavily that day, and the umbrellas were opened. Daniel's friends, including some people that knew and loved him, have gathered to pay their proper respect and wishes to the man who always stands up when he falls. Not many words were said. Only the mournful silence echoed through the rain.

Even Bakugo and his parents were there. The bully didn't want to go, but his parents made him. He was standing with them, looking down at the ground with a scowl. It's not like he despised Wade's father to assist his funeral, it's just… he felt like he didn't belong to be here. Bakugo then looked at Daniel's son, who was standing in front of the coffin with Inko Midoriya as she was holding the umbrella for both.

Though his eyes weren't able to be seen behind his hair shadowing them, Wade looked absolutely miserable. It was hard to tell if he was crying or not, but the truth was his eyes were out of tears. After the coffin lowered into the ground and was buried, everyone started giving the young Walker their condolences and started to leave. The only people who were left were Wade, Inko, and the Bakugo family.

Wade remained standing in front of his father's grave, as he read the words engraved on the tombstone.

Daniel Walker

A Fighting Father

"Wade…" He raised his head and saw Bakugo's mother, Mitsuki Bakugo, approaching him while her husband and her son stood behind. Mitsuki was a woman with ash-blonde hair and red eyes who maintained a youthful appearance, despite being in her late thirties.

But now, on this day, she wore a solemn look as she tried to speak, but she knew that wouldn't comfort Wade with his unfortunate loss. After a moment of awkward silence, she said. "Thank you for saving our son."

Wade blinked in a hint of surprise at Mrs. Bakugo's claim before casting a glance at the young Bakugo, who refused to meet him eye to eye. He wondered what's on Bakugo's mind right now. Wade didn't know why but he's under the impression that Bakugo was grateful for helping him, at least subconsciously. He turned back to Mitsuki and nodded with his head, and he turned back to his dad's grave in silence.

Mitsuki watched the boy in concern, feeling she wanted to say something else to the boy, but then she thought it would be best to give Wade some space. She bid farewell and walked back to her family. As they started leaving, the bully was left behind for a moment while he looked sternly at Wade, yet he never said a word to him. When Mitsuki called him out, the explosive boy clicked his tongue before following his parents, leaving Wade and Inko alone.

"You should go too…"

Inko was taken aback when Wade suddenly spoke to her, but then she grew concerned at his suggestion. "A-Are you sure?" She asked, finding herself hesitant to leave him all by himself.

"I need to be alone… I'll be fine…" Wade replied in a cold tone without facing her.

Inko wanted to protest. She wanted to tell him that he's not alone as he thinks, but then she was starting to consider that right now wasn't the right time to try to make him feel better.

"Okay..." Inko muttered as she placed a hand on his shoulder gently. "If you need anything, you can talk to me." And then she walked away.

Wade began to feel the raindrops falling on him. Fortunately, though, the downpour lightened up, and the sound of the rain grew quiet, yet it did nothing to improve his mood. He walked closer to the tombstone before getting on his knees and placed his hand on it.

He bowed his head as he could feel the tears welling up in his eyes again. "I'm sorry, dad." He whispered.

Standing back to his feet, Wade started leaving the cemetery and walked down the street. With his head down, eyes to the ground, and hands in his suit's pockets, he decided to take a walk to clear his mind before he would go back home. He didn't know for how long, but he didn't care.

Now, as an orphan, Wade didn't know what he's going to do. He now had an apartment and no way to pay the rent. It wouldn't take too long before he'd get an eviction notice from the landlord and have to find a new place to live. Not to mention if he would ever go back to school, even after his suspension. But not that his mind was really on those things. He was still blaming himself for his dad's death, and he knew he couldn't do anything about it.

Boy, he felt more miserable than he would ever be.

"I said, get away from me!"

Wade stopped immediately in his tracks when he heard a voice, coming from the alleyway to the right ahead of him. Not only that, but he also noticed an umbrella on the ground. As he walked forward to the alley and took a peek, he found three men cornering a girl who looked around his age. He wasn't able to see her face, but he could notice one of the men had her right arm and had her pinned against the wall.

"Come on, baby. We just wanna have some fun." The first man who wore some piercings on his face sneered as he leaned threateningly closer to her. The girl tried to hit him with her left hand, but he caught it and pinned it to the wall.

"Oh, so you wanna play rough?" A bald man walked up to her. "Fine. We prefer it rough." He then grabbed one of her breasts. The girl started to kick and scream, but the hooligan used his hand to cover her mouth.

Wade went shocked at first, before his face twisted in disgust and anger. These guys were going to rape that girl. "HEY!" Wade got their attention, getting to stop molesting the girl and looked at him. "Let her go!"

The third thug who wore a beanie hat raised his eyebrow and went up to him. "Why don't you get lost, kid?" He said in a dangerous tone. "This doesn't concern you."

"I think it does…" Wade replied, glaring at the towering man. "Now, let her go!"

A smug grew on the man's face. He looked back at his friends who were grinning in amusement, while the teenage girl could only feel worried about the black-haired boy. The man with the beanie hat looked back at Wade. "Look, kid, it's nice for you to play the Hero, but this is real life. He then grabbed the young man by the neck."But if you don't want to get hurt then-"

With his face full of anger, Wade retaliated by grabbing the assailant's arm. But when he did it, a small amount of energy was released from his hand. This shocked the hooligan in the arm, and he screamed in pain, causing him to release his hold on Wade's neck and rub his arm.

"What happened?" The pierced man who was pinning the teenage girl asked.

"Fuck! The little shit just zapped me!" The beanie hat man shouted.

Wade looked at his hand in amazement. Was this also one of his spider abilities too? Did that mean he can control lighting too? He didn't see any spark coming out of his hand, but even if that wasn't true, then how was he able to do it?

He was brought out of his thoughts when the buzzing sensation tinkled again. "You're dead, you little fucker!" The beanie hat man swung his fist at Wade's head, but the boy suddenly dodged by jumping over him. Backflipping in the air, Wade landed behind his opponent and quickly launched a kick at him in the back. The new superhuman strength he gained yesterday caused his kick to send one of the rapists off his feet and slam into a garbage dumpster a few feet away.

Wade looked over his shoulder at the two remaining thugs. They were stunned by the boy's abilities, before they decided to let go of the teenage girl and walked towards him with hostility. The bald man grabbed a broken piece of plank with some rusted nails, and the pierced man grabbed a pipe. Wade then heard the sound of shoes rubbing against the concrete before turning his head back forward to see the first man recovering from the kick and bringing out a pocket knife.

The young man started to become worried. Sure, he fought Bakugo and some other bullies in the past, but these guys were full-grown adults who really had the intention to beat him up to death. Trapped with no way out, he got into a fighting stance.

"So you really wanna play the Hero, huh?" The man with the beanie hat sneered. "Okay, we'll be the villains!"

His spider senses buzzed again, and Wade quickly sidestepped to dodge the knife when the beanie hat man swung it. The knife-wielding thug then started wildly swinging and swiping at Wade, as the boy quickly avoid almost all of them with reflexes he thought he never had.

However, the beanie thug was then able to cut him across the chest. The teenage girl gasped in horror when she saw it happened. Wade groaned and hopped back a few feet, but he wasn't backing down. The man charged again and thrust his arm out to stab him, but Wade quickly grabbed him by the wrist and twisted. The man with the beanie hat groaned in pain as Wade turned his arm some more, making him drop the knife.

His senses buzzed, and Wade reacted in time and kicked the bald man who charged at him from behind, before slamming his hand into the beanie hat's man chest. He screamed as the electricity entered his body, but luckily the alleyway didn't have many puddles so the electricity wouldn't kill him. However, it did leave him dizzy, and Wade took the chance to throw him to the other side, sending him to collide with the bald man, and they both flew into the dead end's wall, where the teenage girl was watching the fight in amazement.

The other guy with the pipe charged and swung his weapon at Wade, as the boy reacted by raising up his arm to block it.

Naturally, any weapon like the pipe would break bones and skulls. But for Wade, when it made contact with his arm at full speed, he was surprised by how little the attack hurt and didn't break his arm. In fact, it caused the pipe to bend.

The pierced man looked at the dented pipe dumbfoundedly, before Wade uppercut him, sending him flying a few feet off the ground and knocking him out.

The bald man groaned as he stood on his knee. He glared at Wade in rage, before reaching into his jacket and pulled out a gun. The sound of him pulling back the slide echoed in Wade's ear before seeing the bald man pointing his gun at him.

He was prepared to make a move, but he didn't expect to see a metal staff hitting the bald man's wrist before he could even pull the trigger. The bald man cried out in pain and dropped the gun. As he clutched his wrist, he looked up, and to his shock, it was the teenage girl who was standing next to him with an angry look on her face.

"You forgot about me, didn't you?" She said bitterly before she swung the metal staff into the bald man's face.

Wade cringed as he watched the teenage girl break the rapist's nose before he went limp and fell unconscious. He couldn't help but be impressed by how the teenage girl could disarm the thug before knocking him out.

Once he realized the fight was now over, he took a moment to catch his breath while his adrenaline lowered. It felt terrific. Like his body was stronger, agile, and resilient. Like he could do it all over again, even if he didn't want to. Remembering the cut he got, Wade looked down at his chest, where the knife cut into his suit. A small amount of blood-stained clothes and on his skin. But to his surprise, the cut itself was gone, like it was healed instantly.

"Oh, my God! Are you okay?" He looked up and saw the teenage girl approaching him. Now able to get a good look at her, Wade was stunned. She was a beautiful teenage girl with a mature physique for her age. She had a tall and curvaceous figure, cat-shaped onyx colored eyes, and a long black hair that was tied into a spiky ponytail and bangs on the right side of her face. He blushed by the fact that she was gorgeous and with a perfect body, but kept his eyes focused on her face, which was still a sight to behold.

"Are you bleeding? We should get you to the hospital quickly!" The spiky-haired girl said frantically when she noticed the blood on his shirt.

"No, no, no! It's okay! I'm fine. See? I'm really fine." Wade responded as he showed his bare chest with no cuts to her. "But I should ask you the same thing, are you okay?"

The spiky-haired girl blinked before she nodded slowly with her head. "Yeah… I'm a little shaky, though, but I'm fine. Thank you very much. You were amazing at what you just did!" She said with a smile.

"Heh, I could tell you the same thing. I mean, what you did to that guy with the staff, it was awesome. Where did you get that anyway?" Wade asked, a little puzzled. Not remembering that the staff was in the alleyway from the beginning.

"Oh, this? Well… I actually, kinda created it." She responded sheepishly.

"Created it? Wait, you mean that was your Quirk?" The young man asked with an astonished look.

"That's right. I can create any inanimate object from my body like this staff. Although, it's not that easy unless you spend months studying about all kinds of the molecular structure to be able to create an object you want." She explained before she thrust her staff backwards, hitting the beanie hat man in the face when he was trying to stand up. Wade's eyes widened while watching the man fall back onto the ground. "And what about your power? I've never seen a Quirk like that before."

"Oh, well…" Wade scratched the back of his head. "I actually… didn't have one until yesterday."

"What do you mean?" She asked with curiosity.

"It's a little hard to explain. I don't even know what's happening to me." He replied honestly. He could have told her that it came from a bite from an unknown spider, but he wasn't sure if she would believe him. And it was true that he was still having a hard time understanding the power he's been given. "Look, I think you should go home. I'll stay here and call the police."

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Oh, by the way, I'm Momo Yaoyorozu." Momo smiled at the boy, who she thought was actually kind of handsome. Of course, she kept that in her head with a small blush across her face.

Wade smiled. "I'm Wade. Wade Walker, but please call me by my first name." He raised his hand out for a handshake.

'So that's your name. Wade.' Momo accepted the handshake and bowed her head slightly. "Thank you for saving me." Then, to Wade's surprise, she came up to him and gave him a small kiss on his cheek. "I hope I get to see you again. I'm sure you'll become a great hero."

Wade watched Momo running off with a face that was red like a chili pepper. He placed a hand on the spot where she kissed him, and a small goofy grin formed on his lips. "Wow…" That was the first time a girl ever kissed him or said that he could really become a hero.

After a moment, Wade was able to drag the unconscious thugs and lean them up against the wall, all while pondering on Momo's words. Would he like to see her again? Absolutely. Could he really be a hero? That was still open for debate. Right now, he had more significant problems. He pulled out his cellphone and began dialing 911.

"She's right, you know."

Wade froze when heard that familiar voice. He whipped his head to the right and was surprised to see All Might standing a few feet away in his deflated form. Like the teenager, he was wearing a black suit and pants that were really big and baggy.

"All Might? What are you doing here?" Wade asked in disbelief to see his idol once again.

"I've already called the police a while ago. They should be here any second now." He pointed to the unconscious thugs. "Come with me. I need to speak with you in private."

Wade was unsure of what All Might wanted to talk to him about, but he decided to follow him nonetheless instead of keeping him waiting. Walking out of the alleyway and into the drizzly rain. A few moments later, after trekking a few blocks through the city, they found themselves in a public park, sitting on a bench under the trees where the rain can't bother them.

After a moment of silence, Wade spoke. "So, what's this about?" At this moment, he was getting impatient and wanted to go home.

All Might took a deep breath and sighed. "Young man, I want to thank you, to say I'm very sorry for your loss… And also to discuss your question from yesterday." He responded, as Wade turned to face him. "If I hadn't heard about your life… If you hadn't jumped into action and said what your father said, I would've been nothing but fake muscles and insincerity! But… if I had done it sooner.. then maybe your father…"

"No… It's my fault… All of it was my fault…" Wade interjected, looking down in shame. "If I hadn't got in your way, you would have gotten the villain put in jail. If I had taken that goddamn bottle when I found it… when he was still in the jug… then dad wouldn't have…" He stopped and gripped his head dismally.

"You couldn't have known what was going to happen. It was him, and him alone who took your dad's life." All Might interrupted with a soft voice, knowing that that wasn't going to stop the young man from blaming himself.

Wade began to wheeze as he fought back the tears that were threatening to spill out of his eyes. Suddenly, he felt All Might placing his hand on his shoulder, as he raised his head to see All Might looking at him solemnly. It didn't help with his self-loathing, but at least allowed him to calm down.

"I'm really gonna miss him…" The young Walker muttered as he wiped the tears away. "Thank you, All Might, for being there… I wish you met my dad before, but thank you."

"I saw what you were able to do to save that girl and heard your conversation with her. Before yesterday, you didn't have a Quirk, did you?" All Might asked after giving Wade a moment to calm down.

"No," Wade answered before showing his spider bite to All Might. "I believe it came from an experimental spider before I was attacked by the villain, and before you saved me. Heh, pretty crazy, right?"

"Spider powers or not, of all the people at the scene that night, it was only you, a kid who just watched a person he loved dying in his arms, who acted. You spurred into action, not for revenge, but to save a life. Wade looked up at All Might with widened eyes. "And it wasn't just yesterday. By the time a pro-hero found out about those thugs, they would have raped that girl, or worse."

"Well, that was because I couldn't let them do it. Not when I could stop it."

"That's right." All Might said with a smile curved upwards. "Because not only your body simply moved before you could think. But also, you let your father's words guide you to make a decision to act. That's what happened to you back there, right?"

Wade nodded with his head.

"Keep living by those words, kid, and you can be a hero. Live by those words, and I believe you are worthy of inheriting my power!"

"...Huh?" Wade blinked dumbfoundedly.

All Might burst out into laughter. "You should have seen the look on your face!" Wade groaned. "Don't worry. I'm not going to force any of this onto you." Then he stood up from the bench before turning to face the boy. All Might then pointed the finger to the sky. "Listen well, Wade Walker! This is your choice." He then pointed at Wade with blood shooting out of his mouth. "I'm asking you if you would accept my power or not!"

Wade looked at him in confusion, but he just let All Might continue.

"There are a couple of things you should know about my abilities. Most journalists like to guess that my Quirk 'Super Strength' or some kind of 'Boost Power' and I always make jokes and laugh it off just to avoid the question in interviews. This is because the world needs to know that their 'Symbol of Peace' is just a natural-born hero. There's nothing natural about my abilities."

All Might raised his head to the sky and held out his arms to the sides. "But my Quirk… It was passed down to me. And now, I believe that you are chosen to be the next one to take it!"

Wade looked at him in bewilderment. It's all true that no one knows what his Quirk is, and many debates have been made about it. And he always heard that passing down a Quirk was known to be impossible unless it was by family blood. But then again, a spider gave him its abilities. "This… This is insane…" Wade muttered while shaking his head in disbelief.

"You'll just have to expand your reality and accept the truth." All Might then held out his left hand, and then a glowing light shined slightly in his palm. "I have the ability to transfer my power. That's the Quirk I inherited. It's called… One For All!"

"One For All…" Wade whispered as he watched the light astonishingly.

"The first person cultivates the power and then passes it to another. The next refines it and passes it on again. In this way, those crying out to be saved and those with the courage and heart link to form a crystalline network of power!"

"But wait, I don't understand. Why me?" Wade demanded as he stood up. "Out of everyone in the world, what made you pick me?"

All Might walked up to him and clasped his hands on his shoulders. "I've been searching for a successor for a long time, and I believe it is you! Yesterday, you reminded me of something I've been neglecting for a long time. A true hero is someone who would do anything to help everyone, even if they put themselves in danger. That night, and even back there, you were more heroic than anyone else! That's why I believe you are worthy of this power. But of course, it all depends on your answer."

It was too much for Wade to take in. He even wasn't sure if he actually deserves to inherit that kind of power. But then he remembered his father's words of wisdom, and in one moment, he began to understand why. All Might revealed too much about his power. He divulged his greatest secret to him. Because he trusts him, and even with his new spider-powers, he knew that if he didn't accept the power, then who would? He had a great power in the form of his new Spider-Quirk and now had an even greater one being offered to him.

And with great power, comes great responsibility!

Wade clutched on his chest as he could feel some source of determination growing inside him. This is what his father really expected for him to become, and even if he's not here anymore, Wade will make sure to make up to him and make him proud.

"I'll do it!" Wade proclaimed with his eyes full of tears of resolve. "I accept it!"

And so a legend is born. This is the story of how Wade Walker would become a great hero. One of many who make this world where fantasy became a reality and the most exciting realm of all.

And that is the end of the first chapter of "Heroes of Tomorrow".

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