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Issue #19: "Stained Vengeance"

"The Nomu make such great playthings." Shigaraki said while standing on the water tower Kurogiri and Ghost found Stain. He was watching the chaos he had unleashed on the city with absolute glee. The carnage and death that had come about by his actions brought joy to the deranged man.

"Are you not going to participate in the fight?" Kurogiri asked.

Shigaraki grabbed his right shoulder where Stain stabbed him. "Don't be stupid. I'm still injured. That's why I brought those pets with us."


After Stain had left the secret lair, Shigaraki stood in front of the TV the master was using to watch the events that had unfolded. "Master, how many Nomu are completed?"

"I finished adjusting the behavior of six of them. Though, they are not as strong as the one from the USJ attack."

"Give them to me."

This got Ghost's attention and he looked at Shigaraki.


"Because I don't like that arrogant Hero Killer you brought in. And it's my right to destroy anything I don't like, right, Master?" He growled with a crazed look in his eyes.

"Very well. However, you may only have three. Try to use this as a learning experience. And Ghost."

Ghost looked at the TV.

"I'm allowing Shigaraki to have control over you. Follow his orders until they're overwritten by me."


Ghost looked out at the destruction being caused in the city before Shigaraki's evil laughing brought his attention back to him. "Once this night is over, the world will have forgotten your ever existed! Hero Killer!"

"The breaks are destroyed!"

Still, on the roof of the train, Wade looked towards the front of the train car. Running toward the front of the train, which was destroyed when the new Nomu crashed into the train, Wade crawled around it and looked inside. The operators were looking at the smashed control, trying to find a way to hit the brakes.

One of them looked up at the Spider-Man and yelled. "We've got to stop the train!"

"If we can't stop, we're going to crash!" Another operator cried out in panic.

Looking around ahead of the train, Wade's eyesight spotted a stopper at the very end of the track. And beyond it was a bridge that had collapsed and was undergoing repairs. If this train won't stop, then they were all going to fall off that bridge.

Wade looked over at the corner of the car and down at the wheels. Getting an idea in his head, he looked at the operators and said. "Listen! I'm going to jam the wheels! Tell everyone to hold on!"

One of them nodded and went to the cart and told everyone to brace themselves, as Wade crawled to the right side of the train car. Looking down at the wheels, Wade started shooting his webs at them, trying to jam them up. Unfortunately, it wasn't working. Since the train was going at a high speed, the webs would just burn the web.

Wade cursed himself before moving to the front of the train again.

"Any more bright ideas?" The operator asked sarcastically.

Wade glared back at him under his mask. "Oh yeah. I've got a few ideas." He retorted.

Looking back forward. Wade stared ahead of them as he tried to come up with another plan. But the more they're reaching towards the dead end, the pressure was getting into him. However, he noticed the wall on both sides of the tracks. That's when another idea popped into his head.

A more crazy idea.

Standing at the very front of the car, using both hands, Wade fired multiple webs at the walls. Firing a total of ten web lines at each wall. Then he gripped the lines tightly and held on for dear life.

Wade grunted and yelled as his arms were pulled out. If he was a normal human, his arms would have been pulled from their sockets. But his power and strength kept that from happening, and he used his spider strength to pull back on the lines. Trying to use his body and the webs to stop the train all on his own.

"One-for-All: Battle Focus!"

Wade's body started glowing as he gained more strength from the Battle Focus. He yelled in agony as the lines started crushing the front of the car, breaking the windows in the process.

But it was working.

"We're slowing down!" One of the operators shouted to the passengers, before looking forward as he noticed they're reaching the stopper.

However, some of the web-lines started breaking. Wade yelled as he tried to pull his arms inwards. He was starting to lose his grip.

The train crashed through the stopper and went onto the destroyed bridge. The front end of it went off the rails and started to dip the edge. The people in the front car started screaming and panicking as the car shook and trembled. Wade continued to struggle but miraculously was able to stop the train completely. Saving everyone on board.

Letting go of the lines and letting the Battle Focus power off. Panting from exhaustion and the physical strain of stopping a speeding train, Wade nearly fell over when the two operators caught him.

"Easy, kid." One said, keeping Wade standing as the young man tried to remain on his feet. "We got you."

"Thanks." Wade said, panting a little.

"Wait, aren't you Wade Walker?" One of the operations suddenly recognized the voice.

"Yeah. It's me." He said as he got inside the train.

"Man, I can't believe it. Thanks for saving us, kid!" Another operator said with a grateful smile.

"Yeah, we thought for sure we couldn't make it."

"Everyone, please! I need for everyone to make their way to the second car." The conductor behind the operators instructed the people while tending to the injured Hero. "The villain is no longer here! More heroes will arrive soon, I'm sure!"

"But he's on the loose…" Wade muttered gravely under his mask. "Alright, you two need to keep everyone calm until the police arrive!" Wade said to the operators, walking past them as he headed for the hole in the wall of the car. "I'm going out there!"

"Hey, are you nuts?! It's way too dangerous out there!" The conductor called out to him.

"Don't worry about me, I'm a Hero-in-training!" Wade jumped out of the hole without waiting for anyone's answer and began running down the railway line.

Just what the hell was that Nomu? He looked different, but really, when was the last time you saw someone with their brains sticking out of their heads and crazy eyes. Could it be a brother of the Nomu from the USJ? If so, then what was he doing in the city? Wade shook his head. There was no time to overthink the situation. The time has come to put his training to the test.

Activating his Battle Focus, Wade jumped up onto the railway wall and then launched himself towards the city. Jumping onto the roof of a building where he rolled upon landing, before getting up and running towards the edge and leaping off again. Shooting a web towards another building, Wade started swinging across the city.

The streets below were in complete chaos, with people running for their lives and traffic was backed up pretty bad after the drivers and occupants abandoned them. Wade swung over the fleeing citizens towards the direction of the chaos. Gran Torino would have to be in the center of all this craziness.

"I still don't get it." Wade said to himself as he swung across the street. "Why did that guy look like Nomu? If he was anything like the one I fought at the USJ, this was going to be really bad. Gran Torino and the entire city will be in danger."

And that includes Iida. He's interning here!

"Alright, Wade, think! What do I do?"


Wade gasped and landed on the wall next to the alleyway he heard the voice coming from.

"Where are you, Tenya?!"

This surprised Wade and he started wall-running down the alleyway before coming to the end of it. Jumping off the wall and landing on the ground. When he landed, Wade's spider-senses went off, and he turned to see a bus had been thrown in the air before landing on a car in the middle of the street. It exploded and Wade shielded his face for the blast.

When he lowered his arms and gasped when seeing a Hero flying towards him. Wade jumped up and caught the Hero and brought him safely to the ground.

A strange cry brought Wade back to the chaos and he gasped in terror. Sweeping its arm and knocking back two other Heroes was another Nomu. This one was similar to the Nomu he fought, but it completely lacked eyes, working a pair of beaten trousers and shin guards. But the situation just got worse. There was another Nomu. This one was pale-yellow, with bat-like wings, talons, and two eyes on each side of the brain, wearing a gas mask.

"What the hell are these things!?" Spider-Man shouted in shock.

Heroes were trying their hardest to fight the Nomu creatures but were barely able to hurt them at all. The fire was spreading throughout the building as Heroes tried to fight the villains and put out the blazing inferno. When Wade looked towards one of the Heroes that were trying to put out the fire, he saw it was Manual.

Iida's at his agency.

Wade ran over towards him as used his water Quirk to put out the fires. "Why'd you run off by yourself? Where the hell are you, Tenya? Damnit." Manual yelled.

"Wait, Iida's not here?" Wade asked when he reached him.

Manual looked at him with a look of confusion. "What? Who are you?"

"I'm Wade Walker. I'm a classmate of Iida."

"What're you doing here? Get out of here and evacuate with the rest of the people!" Said a female Hero with blonde hair who wore a green and white bodysuit and a red scarf around her neck. "We can hold these things back on our own."

"Not unless you target the brain." Wade told her while tapping his head, receiving a look of surprise from the two Heroes. "It's their weak spot. You hit them in the brain and it'll mess them up."

"How do you know that?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Because I fought the first Nomu at the USJ! Now tell me where Iida ran off!" Wade demanded with determination in his voice.

"I don't know." Manual said, still trying to put out the fire. "One moment he was behind me and next thing I know, he vanished!" Another explosion went off a few meters away from them as the other Heroes continued trying to fight the monsters. "Look, you've got to get out of here, kid. We'll take care of this."

"Alright, and remember, aim for the brain!" Wade shot a line up at the building next to him and launched himself up. Landing on the window, Wade started crawling towards the ceiling, where he stopped and looked back at the battle going on. "Why would Iida run off in the middle of a disaster?" Wade said to himself, frustratingly trying to think of a reason why Iida of all people would do that. "Hosu City is under attack and he ran off for a piss break?"

Suddenly, his mind started piecing together a terrifying possibility, and at that moment, he gasped.

Hosu City was under attack by guys that look like Nomu. Iida ran off when the city, the same city where the Hero Killer attacked his brother…

"No…" Wade whispered in horror.

Turning around and powering up his Battle Focus, Wade ran across the roof before jumping off the edge of the building. Using his new ability to make him faster, Wade started swinging across the sky. He didn't exactly have any proof, but he couldn't just stand by. He had to do something about Iida. Especially if his suspicions were confirmed.

Guys that look like Nomu were running wild in the same place the Hero Killer appeared. He didn't want to imagine it, but Wade had a feeling he might be right. The League of Villains and the Hero Killer were connected somehow. And that means the Hero Killer was probably somewhere in the city this very moment. Since Iida wasn't at the fight earlier, that could only mean one thing for Wade.

Iida went after the Hero Killer for revenge!

That's why Iida was there. In a dark alleyway away from the Nomu attacking the city, with the fires and smoke from the attack littering the sky. He was glaring hatefully at Stain. When he had arrived where the Hero Killer was, Iida stopped him before he could kill another Hero named Native. With one hand pinning the bloodied Hero to the wall by his face, Stain had used his sword to block an attack from Iida. Knocking off his helmet and sending him to the ground.

"A child wearing a suit. Who are you?" Stain asked after Iida's failed attack. Iida glared at Stain with hateful eyes. "Run, run away from here. This is not a place for children."

Iida sat up as he stared at Stain. His glass knocked off when he failed to land his first hit. "You're carrying blades all over your body and you're wearing a bloody red scarf. You must be the Hero Killer, Stain!" He said, glaring at the man that hurt his brother. "It's you, right?! I've been looking for you, but I didn't think I'd find you so soon."

Stain's eyes narrowed when he saw the hatred in Iida's eyes.

"I am-"

He was cut off when Stain pointed his sword at his face."Your eyes are searing with vengeance. Be careful what you do next. If need be, even someone your age can be my target." Stain warned the young man.

Iida's fists clenched in rage. "Are you saying that I'm not even a threat to you? You listen to me, criminal." At that moment, the memory of his brother started flashing his mind. Seeing those happy memories fueled his resolve and rage. Iida started standing up. "I am the brother of an incredible Hero who you attacked. He's the best older brother that anyone could hope for. I have come to stop you. Because he can't anymore!"

"I want you to take the name. For me, Tenya."

That memory started to fill Tenya with vigor and determination. "You're going to remember my name for as long as you live." He wasn't going to let the name die. Finally accepting the name his brother passed down to him, Tenya was going to make this villain pay for what he's done.

"I am Ingenium, and I will defeat you! That, I promise!"

"Then so be it." Stain said, staring at Iida. "Die."

Blinded by his rage and aggression, Iida's engines activated and he swung a kick at Stain. "For Tensi!" But Stain swiftly and easily jumped up and dodged the kick. Iida was shocked at the speed that Stain had.

"Ingenium. So you're brothers." Stain said in midair. "I let him live so he could spread the good word. Word of me!"

Stain swung his foot into Iida's shoulder and stabbed him with the sharp spikes on his shoes. Iida grunted in pain, before Stain kicked his other foot down. Stepping on the back of the young man's head and pinning him to the ground.

"You're a weakling. Just like he was." He said venomously, before twirling his sword around and then stabbing Iida's left shoulder. Tenya let out a painful scream. "You aren't Heroes. You have no right to be called that. Both of you are nothing but fakes."

"Shut up, villain. You damaged his spine and paralyzed him from the waist down. He's never gonna be able to work as a Pro Hero again!" Tenya growled, holding back the tears of rage he had boiling in his heart.

Memories started flashing in his mind. He remembered being at an incident involving his brother as Ingenium and his sidekicks helped evacuate a really dangerous battle that was going on. Tenya remembered seeing his brother carry a woman and her son away from raging fires that had engulfed the block. Tenya was there cheering his brother on.

"My brother was incredible. A caring person who saved many lives. Someone that people looked up to. You had no right to take that all away from him!" He yelled, as tears started to leak out of Tenya's eyes as despair overtook him. "My older brother inspired my dream! That one day I could be a Pro, too! I won't forgive you! I'LL KILL YOU!"

"Shouldn't you be worried about saving that guy?" Stain asked the crying boy, pointing at Native. Having calmed down, Tenya looked at the injured Hero with shock. He didn't even notice the injured man until now. "So you were so busy with your grudge you forgot about him. You plan on using your Quirk only for yourself. You're completely blinded by a selfish desire for revenge. You're about as far away from being a Hero as I can imagine."

Stain pulled his sword out of Iida's shoulder and lifted it up. Bringing the bloodied blade up to his lips. "And that's why you'll die tonight."

He then licked the blood of the sword.

At that moment, a sharp and painful jolt coursed through Iida's body. He would have flinched from the sensation, but he couldn't. Iida couldn't move his body at all. Completely paralyzed. All he could do was lie there on the dirty ground, as the Hero Killer stood above him and held his sword in a reverse grip. Lifting it up to stab it down towards Tenya.

"Goodbye, child. May your death bring about a better world." Stain said menacingly.

"No, please! Not like this!" Tears fell from Iida's eyes as fear and anger filled his soul as struggled to move. He was going to die here at the man who hurt his brother and ended his Hero career.

"Say whatever you want to about me! You're still just a criminal who hurt my brother!"

Suddenly, Wade appeared in midair next to Stain after deactivating his cameo ability. His body glowing from his Battle Focus as he came towards Stain at high speed. His right fist cocked back with his bioelectricity coursing through it.

In a blur of red, blue, and bright lights, before the Hero-Killer just noticed his presence, Wade's Venom Blast punch smashed into Stain's face, knocking him away from Iida with his mighty strength. He then landed on the ground in front of Iida.

Iida's eyes widened in shock when he saw the villain be sent flying. He looked up to see the one that just saved his life. Gasping when he saw the familiar white spider crest on Wade's back.

"W-Walker? H-How…"

Wade's body continued to cackle with green electricity as he got into a fighting stance. "It's alright, Iida. I'm here to help you!"

When the electricity subsided, Stain started to stand back up again, looking shocked at Wade. No one has ever been able to punch him that hard, even with electrical powers. And his name was Walker. This key detail made Stain's eyes narrow. He's the one that won the Sports Festival. The one that Shigaraki was targeting.

"You found him, too? But how?" Iida asked, still bleeding from the shoulder.

"I heard about him on the news. They even had some of the Hero Killer's stats. Most of his victims were found where there weren't many people. So I figured the best place to start looking is the back alleys of Hosu." Wade said, glaring at Stain. But when that's when he noticed Native. This just made things more complicated. If it was just Iida, then he would have been able to pick him up and swing away. "On your feet Iida. I'll carry Native so we can get out of here."

"Ugh...I can't... Move my body." Iida said, struggling to move his body. "It must be his Quirk. Since he cut me, I've been paralyzed."

Wade's eyes widened. "Just like what theorists said about the Hero Killer." He said, before turning back to Stain. So cutting his victims causes his power to activate.

"Walker, please! Don't get involved." Iida pleaded, breaking Spider-Man out of his thoughts. Wade turned his head to give a side glance at his friend. Shock and confusion was written on his mask as to what he said. "This doesn't have anything to do with you!"

Fearing that his suspicions for Iida's strange behavior were being conferred, Wade asked. "Iida, did you come here...?"

"You showed up to save your friend's life." Stain spoke, causing Wade to turn his attention back to him. "You even made a big entrance. But I have a duty to kill him and this so-called 'Pro'. When your friend chose to fight me, it guaranteed that the weaker of us would be culled. So, what will you do?"

Wade felt an intense shiver going up his spine from Stain's words and tone. But most of all, he was startled by his eyes. He remembered back at the USJ when he called out Shigaraki for his hypocrisy. But this man was different. He was serious about what he was doing, and wasn't willing to listen to reason. His red, bloodshot eyes were the eyes of a murder.

He gritted his teeth as glared at the Hero Killer. However, going on behind the mask, Wade was texting a message on a Hero app. An app that was designed for civilians to send a message to nearby Heroes when they're in trouble. When he and A-1 started their internship, they downloaded the app. His phone's screen appeared on his HUD, while his right hand hid his phone behind his back and texted his location into the app. Then he sent the message and slipped the phone back into his pocket.

Even if it was a guess, and he had no proof that Stain was here, Wade knew he should have brought a Pro with him. He spread his legs, using his body to shield Iida as he got into a fighting stance.

What was he going to do? He'll stall for time. They can't move on their own. So, even if he was alone, Wade's going to protect his friend and Native. If he was lucky, he could force Stain to run away.

"No! Listen to me! Stand down and run away. I told you, this has nothing to do with you!" Iida ordered.

"Then why are you trying to be a Hero!?" Wade snapped. Tenya's eyes widened in surprise at his sudden outburst. "I wanna say a lot of things and I might as well I'll kick your ass for being an idiot. But I'll have to wait for that ass-kicking. Meddling when you need to is the essence of being a Hero. I made a promise to never turn away from a person in trouble and I'm not going to break that promise."

Wade then charged at Stain and activated Battle Focus. Stain grinned at Wade's combat strategy. Shortening the distance between the two so he couldn't strike. Smart move. But not smart enough. When he swung at Wade, he grabbed a dagger for a counter-attack.

However, Wade's spider-sense picked it up and warned him. Changing his plan, Wade jumped over the two blades swung at him. He then shot a short burst of his webbing at his face, blinding him for a moment.

"Mommy never told you not to play with knives?" Wade joked before landing. Stain, still having his face covered by the webs, turned around swinging his sword. But Wade jumped out of the way. "Maybe you need a timeout."

The Hero Killer ripped off the web covering his face before rushing in and tried to slash Wade with his sword, but Wade proved to be very agile when he dodged every cut as he spun around and then roundhouse kicked him in the face. When Stain was stunned, Wade started shooting shot after shot of webs at the Hero-Killer. After Stain recovered, he was hit in the chest with the webs, but he reacted quickly and was able to cut the webs off him with his dagger. He then rushed at Wade with a slash, but Wade leaped to the side and clung to the wall.

Then he jumped across to the other wall, getting behind Stain and then launching himself at the villain. Over his head with his right arm arched, Wade delivered a 5% Venom Smash to the top of Stain's head, sending him down to the ground with a thud.

All the while Iida was watching his friend fight in amazement. His movements were like Bakugo. Wade landed on the ground in a low position, as Battle Focus powered down.

However, Stain grinned as he licked a small drop of blood that was on his dagger. Causing Wade to feel that jolt of shock throughout his body as he became paralyzed. But how? Wade then felt a slight discomfort on his left arm and turned his eyes towards it. To his shock, it was a small cut in his suit with a tiny amount of blood leaking from it.

"W-What the… That's all it took?" Wade grunted as he tried to move his body. Hearing footsteps, Wade turned his eyes to see Stain standing back up again.

But then something caught Wade's attention. It was the small speck of blood that the dagger had on it.

Wade's eyes widened in horror. It was his blood. Is that how it works?

"You pack quite a punch, kid. But you're not powerful enough. It's not that you predicted my movements. You just left my field of vision, and maneuvered so that you'd be able to get in a clean shot. But I saw through your plan." The villain said, before he started making his way towards Iida. Fully intending on finishing what he started. Wade tried to move again, but it was futile.

"There are countless false Heroes around here who are all talk, but I think you're worthy of staying alive. You're different from these two." Stain said, pointing his blade at Iida's face. He then rose up his blade to strike. Wade was helpless to do anything.


But then, just as Stain was about to end Tenya's life, a torrent of flames was shot towards him. Forcing the villain to jump back to dodge the attack, shocking Wade and Iida as well as Stain.

"Someone else is here to get in my way." Stain growled in annoyance. "Today's been full of distractions."

Looking up, Wade stared down the alley at a figure standing a few feet away from them with the left side of his body on fire. His eyes widened. 'Wait, fire...left side…'

"Walker, you need to give more details in times like this. I was almost too late to stop this guy," Said none other than Shoto Todoroki. Now wearing his new costume, consisting of a dark blue jacket with elbow-length sleeves, its collar high and joined in the center by a gray neckpiece, baggy pants of the same color, a metal-plated combat vest and white boots, their soles and a thin line running down the center of each of them a darker pale gray. He also sported a brown utility belt around his waist, with little metal capsules containing medical supplies hanging off the front.

"You too, Todoroki?" Tenya asked in shock.

Wade's shocked expression turned into a grin to see his friend. "Hey, man! Good to see you're using your left side after our fight. What took ya so long?" He asked jokingly.

Todororki held up his photo with the Hero app displayed. "You can blame yourself for that. Your message took me a while to figure out. Next time, try to send more than just your specific location. Then again, you're not really one to send cryptic messages with a reason, are you?"

"Have you ever tried sending a message with your phone behind your back?" Wade retorted with a grumble.

Todoroki lunged his right foot forward and sent ice up the alley. Stain jumped over the ice floor, while forming a protective wall toward the villain and the Heroes. Then he created an ice ramp so that Wade and Native slid down towards him.

Todoroki then launched a fire attack towards Stain, who dodged it. "So I figured you were in trouble and asking for help. Everything's okay. The Pro Heroes will be here any minute! You're just what they said you were. But you won't be taking any more lives, Hero Killer!" Shoto said, standing his ground against the murderer.

Stain glared at the other double Quirk user. He was running out of time. The effects of one of the three that he paralyzed will wear off soon.

"Todoroki, wait! Whatever you do, you can't let that guy get you blood!" Wade urgently warned his friend.

"What do you mean?" Todoroki asked, not taking his eyes off Stain.

"I think that's how his power works! When he licked a small bit of my blood, it paralyzed me! Even a small cut is enough!" Wade explained, trying to move to no avail.

"He ingests blood to keep people from moving? That explains the blades. All I've gotta do is keep my distance." Todoroki said with a frown as he was about to prepare his ice and fire.

Suddenly, a knife flew past his face. Making a small cut that was only slightly bigger than Wade's on the side of Shoto's face.

"Ya have good friends, Ingenium." Stain said, jumping at Todoroki. Thinking fast, the young man formed an ice shard to block his dagger. The villain then looked up at the sky. Todoroki looked up and saw Stain's sword in the air. He threw it up at the same time as the knife.

"Look out!" Wade yelled.

Stain grabbed the corridor of Todoroki's costume and lunged at his face. With a sadistic grin, he stuck out his long tongue and tried to lick off the blood from the cut he made. Luckily, the ice/fire user ignited a strong burst of his fire powers, making the villain back off. He then attacked with a wave of ice.

He was too fast. Stain jumped over the ice attack and grabbed his sword. Not only was he fast, but he was also strong. Cutting through the ice with his sword, before being forced back by another ice attack.

As he watched Todoroki fight, Iida gritted his teeth. "Just stop it...Why are you doing this? This fight is mine!... I inherited my brother's name. I'm the one who should stop him. The Hero Killer is mine!"

"Iida, you better shut the fuck up or I'll beat your ass the second I'm able to move!" Wade snapped at him. Looking furiously out of the corner of his eyes at his friend. Todoroki continued to hold off Stain as Wade talked to his friend, trying to get him to realize what he was doing. "You inherited your brother's name, but what's the point of you using that name as a way to get revenge?"

But as he yelled at him, Wade felt himself being able to move his fingers.

Back with Todoroki, the young man was trying his best to keep the Hero-Killer away from his friends and Native. However, it was proving to be much harder than he thought. Stain cut through the ice walls.

"You're blocking your own field of vision against an opponent who's faster than you. Rookie mistake." Stain said.

"Come get me then!" Todoroki shouted, igniting his flames. Only for his left arm to be stabbed by two throwing knives.

"You're good, kid. Unlike him!" Stain said, jumping in the aim and aimed his sword towards Native. He was going to finish his main objective. However, he failed to notice there was someone missing from the group of paralyzed Heroes.

The moment that Wade was able to move again, he flipped back onto his feet, and when Stain tried to attack Native, he sprung into action. After activating his Battle Focus, Wade shot two web-lines at both opposite walls and slingshot himself at Stain, kicking him in the side and sending him up into the air.

He then shot a web at him and yanked the villain at him. "Forget a time out! You need a good smack DOWN!" Wade yelled as he bioelectric-punched Stain in the face, rocketing Stain into the ground.

Spider-Man landed on the ground next to Todoroki, who had pulled out the knives from his arm. "Shoto, you're bleeding. Hold still." Wade said as he spread webbing on the wounds to close them.

"Thank you. But how are you able to move? Does his Quirk have a time limit?" Todoroki asked, confused as to how Wade was moving around again.

"No. He should have been the last one to be freed. I still can't move a muscle." Native grunted, still on the ground with Iida. The two boys then heard Stain getting back up and turned back to face him. The villain grunted in pain as he stood back up and glared at them.

With his Battle Focus activated, Wade's eyes narrowed as he tried to theorize why he was freed first. If Stain's powers were controlled by his will, then he wouldn't have freed him. So his Quirk had to have a limit or the efforts of it were different depending on the victim.

"I think I have three theories on how his Quirk works. Either his Quirk could be less effective the more people he uses it on, the amount ingested desires how long it works, or it all depends on our blood type." He said without lowering his guard.

"If it's the last one, my blood type is B." Native said.

"I'm type A." Iida added.

Stain was silent for a moment before smirking. "So you figured it out, Bravo. Very impressive." He said as he spread his arms mockingly.

His Quirk was called Bloodcurdle. The ability allows for him to paralyze an opponent for up to eight hours by tasting a sample of their blood. However, the amount of time a victim remains paralyzed depends on their blood type. Blood type B is the longest, then decreases to AB, A, and then finally O for the shortest amount of time. Meaning that Wade was type O.

"Even if we now know how it works, we're still up against a skilled opponent." Wade said with his fists clenched. He knew that this villain was on another level than the ones he fought back at the USJ incident.

"I thought we could hurry and carry those two out of here, but it's no good." Todoroki said, holding onto his arm where the webs covered his wounds. "He's too fast. He can avoid ice and fire. I'd have to leave myself unguarded. Our best option is to hold on until the Pros arrive and avoid close combat."

"Not with those injuries and the blood you've already lost. I'll take him on while you support me from behind. Sounds like a plan?" Wade asked, powering his Battle Focus.

Todoroki looked at him for a moment before turning back to Stain. "That's a very risky plan, but we have no other choice. Okay then. Let's do this!" He said with his eyes flared in determination, as Tenya looked at them with a growing fear in his heart.

"Two against one, huh? This is gonna be interesting..." Stain said venomously, getting ready to fight.

Leaping into action, Wade started by bouncing off of the walls of the alley at super speed. He knew that Stain was fast, so he had to be faster. Using Gran Torino's technique when he trained him, Wade zipped and rocketed all around Stain. Before launching an attack on the vilain, who would dodge and take a swing at Wade. Only for the Spider-Man dodging before getting out of the way and trying again.

As he watched his classmate and friend fight Stain, Shoto was thinking about what Iida was going through. And how similar they were at that moment.

The truth was, Wade wasn't the only one that was worried about Iida. Back at the train station, before they left to go to their agencies, Todoroki saw Iida when he walked away from Wade. He's been worried about him ever since his brother was attacked. Because he recognized the face of someone who was drowning in resentment. And Shoto knew just how narrow a person's field of vision can get when they long for justice.

The day, when Shoto told his mother about his life with his father and about who he have become. She cried and apologized to her son, but also forgave him. Faster than he could have imagined. Shoto's mother told him to move forward. That nothing was holding him back, and that doing so would be her salvation.

If he hadn't spoken to her, he never would have been able to choose his father's agency for his internship. Shoto couldn't bear being near him. He hadn't forgiven him and doubted he ever truly would. But he chose Endeavor so that he could learn what it took to be the number two Hero with his own eyes and ears. He had to know.

That's why Shoto was in Hosu City.

Endeavor was a scumbag, but one that had the judgement and instincts to be the Number 2 Hero. Shoto can acknowledge that. It's so simple, but he still needed someone to show him. In just a few words. Four short sentences.

"Dammit, Todoroki! Don't you get it!? It's not his Quirk, you dumbass! It's yours! Your great power!"

As he laid on the ground watching Wade and Todoroki fighting against the Hero Killer, Iida's heart filled with despair as he remembered Stain's words early. He was so set on his revenge that he didn't notice Native bleeding when he arrived. But Wade did and vowed to protect him. Then Todoroki showed up and together, the two rivals came together to protect them.

Wade shot a web past Stain, before yanking himself forward, punching the villain in the face. He did again, punching him again, and was about to again. However, Stain twirled and kicked him in the chest. Cutting through fabric of the suit slightly before Wade was sent slamming into the wall.

Knowing that Stain was changing his fighting style, Wade ducked over a slash at his head before jumping up as Stain swung his leg above him. When he landed, Stain tried to attack him again, but Todoroki forced him back with his flames. Noticing a metal barrel, Wade shot two webs at it and gave it a strong pull. The barrel came towards him and he grabbed it, then threw at Stain, knocking him back a bit. Spider-Man then rushed to continue the fight.

"You have to run… I can't watch this." Tenya said with tears in his eyes.

Shoto gritted his teeth in anger. "You wanna make your brother proud?! Then stand up and be Ingenium!"

Wade leaned back when Stain swung his sword at him, then he back-flipped to dodge another swing of Stain's sword, and before he landed, he shot a web to Stain's torso and slingshot towards him before kicking him in the chest. Stain stumbled back before Wade launched a roundhouse kick, but then the villain grabbed his leg before throwing him to the wall. Wade cried out as his back collided against the wall, but then he rolled to the side before Stain would cut him in half. Unfortunately, Stain managed to give him another little cut on his arm and paralyzed him, before turning his attention to Todoroki. He charged at the bi-colored teen to strike. Todoroki created another wave of ice to stop him, but Stain cut and jumped through the ice.

"Become the Hero he wanted you to be!" Shoto yelled, igniting his flames.

That's right. He had finally accepted to take on the name of his brother and had promised to defeat Stain. Could he even call himself a Hero? Wade and Todoroki, his friends were protecting him. Bleeding for him. He looked at Native, who was still paralyze and remembered how Stain asked him if Iida was going to save him.

Todoroki fired a column of fire at Stain, but the Hero Killer jumped up before it could hit him.

Iida took his brother's name so that he could make the villain pay for what he did. But he was so consumed with revenge, that he forgot about what really mattered. He was too focused on himself to help anyone else.

The Hero Killer was right. Iida saw now that Wade and Todoroki were different from him. He was immature and could never hold a candle to them.

But still...

Stain rushed at Todoroki again. Weaving through the shards of ice. Wade tried to move, but he was still paralyzed. Todoroki fired a column of flames at him, but the villain just dodged the attack.

"Ice and Fire!" Stain shouted as Todoroki attacked with his ice. But Stain dodged the multiple shards of ice sent at him. "Hasn't anyone ever told you, you rely on your Quirk too much? Makes you a careless fighter."

As he got closer to Shoto, Wade started to become increasingly scared for his friend. Stain was a monster. He couldn't be stopped, and he was still paralyzed to help Todoroki. Stain then launched at Shoto with such speed that he didn't have time to react. The villain held his sword so that it was between his arm and shoulder.

"SHOTO, NO!" Wade screamed in despair.

However, at the same time, Iida was finally able to move. If he didn't do something now, then he'll never be able to be as good as them. And he'll never live up to his brother's name!

"RECIPRO BURST!" Iida rocketed towards Stain and kicked his sword before it could cut into Todoroki. He then landed on his feet, before using that same Recipro Burst to kick Stain away.

"Iida!" Wade shouted with a smile under his mask.

"You got free?" Todoroki asked in surprise before a smug smile grew on his face. "Guess that Quirk of his isn't so great."

"Todoroki...Walker… This has nothing to do with you. I apologize." Iida said with his head down in shame.

Wade sighed in frustration. "Dude, not this again." He said as his lens rolled.

"But I'm okay. And I won't let the two of you shed any more blood for me!" Iida declared to his friend. His eyes burning with a new resolve.

Stain held up his broken sword. "It's no use trying to pretend that you're a Hero now. A person's true nature doesn't change in just a few minutes. You'll never be anything but a fraud who prioritizes his own desires. You're the sickness that's infected society and ruined the name 'Hero!'" He said with conviction as he's eyes widened and looked even more crazed. His violent resolve burned deep within his soul. "Someone must teach you a lesson."

"And you're a fundamentist lunatic." Shoto said, glaring at the man. "Iida, don't listen to this murderer's nonsense."

"No. He's completely correct. I have no right to call myself a Hero... at all." Iida said as blood leaked from his wound. Trailing down his arm to his clenched fist. "Even so...There's no way I can back down. If I give up now, then the name 'Ingenium' will die!"

Wade grinned under his mask and yelled. "That's more like it! That's the Iida I know!"

However, this caused a great deal of anger for Stain. "Pathetic." He attacked again. Todoroki pushed Iida aside and countered with his fire.

Wade tried to move again, but he was still paralyzed. However, he noticed something about Stain as the villain dodged Todoroki's attacks. He seems rattled. As he laid on the ground, the Spider-Man thought to himself about what to do and what was likely going through Stain's head. His Quirk alone isn't especially powerful. The issue of blood type makes it unpredictable and it doesn't last long. Plus, he has to get in close if he wants to use it. It must be difficult for him to take on multiple opponents at once.

He's desperating trying to kill Iida and Native before the pros will show up.

"You're in the way!" Stain's yell brought Wade's attention back to the fight and gasped when the villain threw a knife at Todoroki, only for Iida to shield him with his arm. Taking the blow for him.

"Iida!" Wade yelled, before realizing he was able to move again. His leg was messed up before, but now it was healed. He activated Battle Focus and slingshot himself towards Stain. "Oh no you don't!"

Wade kicked him in the gut, making Stain gasp out his lungs, before uppercutting him into the air. Zipping over to the wall on the opposite side, Wade started firing webs at Stain, binding him to the wall, but it wasn't going to hold for long. He looked down at Todoroki and Iida and yelled. "What you're gonna do! Do it fast! That's not going to hold him for long!"

Stain started cutting himself out of the webs and he was free. At the same time, Todoroki used his ice powers to cool down the engines in Iida's legs. He stood up with a bleeding arm as Stain freed himself and started rushing towards him. But Iida was determined to win this. With or without his arms.

"Recipro Extend!" He shouted as the engines burst to life. He jumped up and flew straight for Stain. Wade activated Battle Focus and prepared to jump across to the other wall at Stain.

Powering a Venom Smash at 5%, Wade made his move and launched towards Stain. The two simultaneously rushed at Stain at full power. With Iida using his legs and Wade with his fist, that was all they needed to beat this villain!

Delivering two devastating blows to his face and side, electrocuting Stain and hitting him with enough force to knock his weapons out of his hands.

"My turn!" Todoroki said, igniting his flames.

However, Stain still wasn't down for the count. Grabbing his sword in midair, he slashed at Iida's head. Thankfully, Iida ducked his head just in time to dodge the blade. Allowing it to only graze his hair.

"I will defeat you, Stain! Because you are a criminal!" Iida declaimed with gritting teeth.

"Don't let him get away!" Todoroki shouted and launched his fire attack.

"Because I am a Hero!" Iida fire used another Recipro Burst to kick Stain in the back. The force of the kick caused Stain a great deal of pain and agony. Which was made worse when Todoroki's flames burned him. However, he was still conscious.

Seeing this, Wade activated his bioelectricity in his two arms and fists. Raising them above his head, and interlocking his fingers together, Wade swung down when all his might, still using Battle Focus, and slammed his fists into Stain's head. "AND YOU'RE GOING DOWN!"

Wade's attack sent Stain rocketing to the ground. Slamming him against the floor where he bounced off. After stopping himself by standing on the face of the wall, Wade fired a web at him. When the web line hit Stain's back, Wade pulled him up off the ground and started firing more webs. Turning him all over and around. Just like spiders, Spider-Man didn't stop until everything but Stain's head was covered in a thick layer of webbing. When Wade stopped, he had used the last bit of webbing in his shooters.

Everyone stared at the web-cocooned Stain as he hung upside down. Waiting for him to attack, but he didn't move. As Wade held onto the line holding up the villain, he said. "He's gotta be out cold after all that…right?"

"You can keep him restrained until he can get him into the streets right?" Todoroki asked, turning to the Spider-Man.

"Yeah, but we're going to have to pull some of the webs off him to get to his weapons," Wade said, lowering Stain gently down to the ground.

It took awhile for the three Heroes in training to pull the webs off Stain. Then, they started disarming him of every weapon he had. Then, with a new canister in his shooters, Wade held Stain's arms behind his back with one hand and then spread them together with his webs. Sticking them together to his back.

"Native, can you walk?" Wade asked, walking over to Native and helping him up.

"Yeah, I think I'm good as new now." The Hero said as he stood up. Wade let Native use him for support, as he was still injured. Thankfully Wade covered his wounds with his webs to stop anymore bleeding.

"Are you sure?" He inquired.

"I should be worried about you and your friends." He said with a smile.

With Stain restrained, Wade handed Todoroki the other end of the web line so he could drag him. Just then, Iida approached his friends. "Todoroki. I can drag him from here."

"Are you forgetting your arms are messed up?" Todoroki asked, before turning and dragging the villain towards the street. Wade and Native followed, as well as Iida behind them.

"I have to apologize." Native said with a downcast look. "I'm supposed to be a pro, but I was useless back there."

Wade let out a small sigh as he pulled off his mask. "You've got nothing to beat yourself up for." He said with a smile as he patted Native's back. "I'm not sure anyone would have been able to take on the Hero Killer alone. Not with his weird power. He's skilled and strong at the same time."

"The three of us barely won against him, and even then, it was because of his own mistakes." Todoroki said as he dragged the Hero Killer. "He was getting riled up and desperate and forgot all about Wade's quick recovery time. Then he wasn't able to block Iida's last Recipro Burst for Wade's Venom Blast."

After a few seconds, the four made it out of the alleyway and into the open streets.

"Right, I appreciate your assistance though." Native said with a smile. Anyway, let's get him to the police as fast as we can." The others nodded in agreement.

"What are you doing here, boy?!" Yelled an all too familiar voice. Wade gasped when he heard it and started to become a little nervous as he turned his head in the direction of the voice. Standing on the other side of the road was Gran Torino. And he did not look happy.

"H-Hey Gran Torino." He nervously said. The next thing that happened was the old man flying over and kicking him in the face. Sending Wade falling on his butt. Getting back on his feet, Wade glared at his mentor with white eyes and sharp teeth. "OW! What the hell was that for!"

"I told you to stay on the train!" Gran Torino shouted, steaming mad.

"And what I was supposed to do? Sitting on my ass while everyone was in danger?!" Wade snapped.

"Don't test my patience, you twerp!" Gran Torino shouted while shaking his fist.

"Oh, I think I already did, you old fart!"

"Um… Wade, who's this?" Todoroki asked, confused as the others were.

Wade sighed and gestured to the old Hero. "Everyone, this is Gran Torino, the Hero I'm interning with." He said with a tired voice, rubbing his face from the kick he just got. "How'd you even find us, old man?"

"I was told to come here by someone else." Gran Torino said, still steaming. But then he calmed for a moment. "I had no idea what's going on, but I'm glad you're not dead, at least."

Spider-Man let out an exasperated sigh. He knew that Gran Torino meant well. "You've got a funny way of showing it. But yeah, so am I."

"Around the corner!" Yelled a woman's voice. Wade the others turned their heads to see the same Heroine from before and four other Heroes running towards them.

"Endeavor told us there as a request for help here, but…" One of the Heroes trailed off when he saw Wade, Todoroki, and Iida. "Children?"

"Wait, isn't that Wade Walker? The boy who won the Sports Festival?" Another hero recognized the boy's face.

"They look hurt, we need to call an ambulance."

"Wait, what about the Nomu's?" Wade asked anxiously.

"Endeavor's taking care of them. He won't have trouble dealing with them, especially when you gave us the tip about their weakness." The blonde woman said to him with a grateful smile. But then she gasped when she saw Stain retrained in Wade's webbing. "Wait… Is that...the Hero Killer?!"

"Heh, yeah. We managed to knock him out, but I don't know if my webs aren't going to keep him still for long." Wade said, looking over his shoulder at the unconscious villain. "There's no telling when the bastard's gonna wake up, so we're taking him to the police right away."

After the initial shock had passed over, the Pros started checking the wounds of each of them while one of them called an ambulance and police to come and help. After a little while, Iida worked up the courage to walk up to his friends after their wounds were looked over.

"You guys…" Wade and Todoroki looked behind at their friend. Iida then bowed his head. Not in the over dramatic way that they were used to, but in a way that expresses the great shame and gratitude he had for them. "You were both hurt because of me. I'm truly sorry." He said, starting to cry tears of guilt. "I was just so angry. I couldn't see anything else."

Wade turned around to get his friend his full attention. He walked up to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, too, Iida." He said, ashamed. "I knew what you were going through, and I didn't do more to help you. Even though I'm your friend."

"No! That's not true!" Iida shook his head gravely as he looked up to Wade with a regretful look. "You really tried to help me when I needed the most! But I was the one who lied to you and look what happened! If I shouldn't let my anger get the better of me…" He hung his head down as he clenched his fists before shedding more tears. "Stain was right… I don't deserve to call myself a Hero..."

"Iida, please, listen to me." Wade got in front of Iida with a sorrowful look in his eyes. "I know what you went through. I… I felt the same thing when my dad passed away… When I faced the villain who was the culprit, just like you, I wanted to get back at him for taking dad…"

Iida looked up at Wade in shock, while Todoroki gave him a solemn look as they both let him continue. Little did they know that Gran Torino was also hearing this, but he had his back turned to them to pretend he wasn't listening.

"But then I realized that it won't change anything, or worse, I would become something worse than the villain who took him from me. My dad always said, one day I'll change into a man I'm going to be for the rest of my life." Wade blinked his tears away as he looked straight at Iida. "So I chose to be better, to be the kind of Hero who should risk his life to save another life, that's why I came after you."

"Wade..." Iida muttered as his face softened up.

"He's right, Iida." Todoroki spoke up as he stood beside Wade. "I knew the risk I was getting myself into, yet I decided to come here and help you, because that's what a real Hero does." Todoroki said before turning at Wade with a smile.

Wade returned the gesture before turning back at Ingenium. "Even if Stain was right, that doesn't mean you should stop becoming who you want to be. But it's up to you to decide who you choose to be. You can be like this guy…" He pointed to Stain. "Or your brother."

Iida was stunned, and at that moment, his mind was clear. "You're right! God, I'm such a fool." He sniffed and rubbed his tears away with his less damaged arm. "My brother always wanted me to become like him! And he trusted me to carry on his legacy! " He looked at both of his friends with a tearful smile. "Thank you guys, for everything."

Wade and Todoroki gave him a small smile. But suddenly, Wade's spider-sense went off, making him gasp.

"Get down!" Gran Torino shouted, causing the others to panic and turned in the direction he was looking. To their shock, the winged Nomu was coming right for them. Bleeding from one eye.

"What the hell?!" Wade exclaimed, before the Nomu swooped down at him. Without thinking, he pushed Iida and Todoroki away before he felt the talons clutch down on his shoulders and snatched him off the ground. Hauling him away into the sky.

From it's eye, blood dripped onto the blonde Heroine's left cheek.

"WADE!" Todoroki and Iida shouted, shocked as the Heroes saw the Spider-Man being flown away. Gran Torino was about to take off after him, but by the time he got off the ground, it was too late, and Wade would be out of reach. Todoroki could use his fire, but he'd risk burning Wade. There was nothing the Heroes could do.

Nothing a Hero could do.

Unbeknownst to them, Stain had one last knife up his sleeve and cut the web-blinds. Then, as quick as lightning, got up, ran, and licked the Nomu's blood off the woman's face.

In an instant, the Nomu was paralyzed midair, just as Stain ran at high-speed past the Heroes at his new target.

"The word 'Hero' has lost all meaning in this society." Stain growled as he jumped into the air, landing on Nomu's back. "The world is overrun by fake Heroes… and criminals like you who chase petty dreams!"

The Hero Killer stabbed his knife into the exposed brain of the Nomu. Causing it to fall down, while letting go of Wade. Stain grabbed him by the back of his costume as they fell down to the ground. When they landed, Stain was still holding onto Wade while having his knife lodged deep in the brain of the Nomu.

"You must all be purged." Stain stated with venom in his voice.

Wade looked at the man that saved him with a look of shock and fear. The Heroes all froze in fear as they stared at Stain. Native remembered what Stain said before he was about to kill him. Seeing him take down one of those monsters with such ease made him even more scared.

As drool dripped from his teeth, Stain said, "Everything that I do…" He twisted the knife inside the Nomu's brain, right before yanking it out. Killing the creature. " to create a stronger society!"

Wade, Iida, Todoroki, Gran Torino, and the other Heroes stared at the Hero Killer in terror as the man stood above his latest victim. He just saved the web-slinger, but now took him as a hostage.

"Everyone be on your guard! We've got a fight on our hands!" The blonde Hero exclaimed, getting into a fighting stance. The others followed her example.

"Why are you all standing like fools? The villain must have flown this way, right?" Endeavor roared, having now appeared on the scene to see everyone frozen with shock and fear. Things got a little rough at the end, but he defeated the last Nomu.

However, he then turned towards the direction they were staring at and his eyebrow raised up. "Hold on. Don't tell me that man is-"

Wade tried to get the man to let him go, but the Hero Killer was strong. Stain growled in finatical rage as he looked over his shoulder to see the Hero covered in flames.

"Hero Killer!" Endeavor shouted with a smirk, ready to attack with a volley of fire.

"Wait, stop Todoroki!" Gran Torino shouted at Endeavor, stopping him. Wade was still in the line of fire.

"Endeavor…" Stain let go of Wade, but the Spider-Man couldn't move. His legs wouldn't do as he told them. Wade looked up at the Hero Killer and as his mask fell from his face. If Wade couldn't move his legs before, he was paraplyzed when he saw Stain's face. And so were the other Heroes and students when they saw.

It was his eyes that frightened them all the most. It wasn't his disformed face, that had no nose. Looking like it was cut off a long time ago. In his red eyes was the look of bloodlust and savagery. They were the eyes of a mad man that was beyond reasoning and was set in his ideals of killing 'false' Heroes.

"You false Hero! I'll make this right." The villain walked past Wade, no longer interested in the Spider-Man.

"These streets...must run red with the blood of hypocrites!" Stain shouted, as menacing and suffocating aura of killing intent oozed from his body like a raging storm. It scared the group so much that it made them freeze up or begin to tremble, or take steps back. Filled with absolute fear of the Hero Killer. "HEROES! I will reclaim that word! C'mon! Just try and stop me you fakes!"

At that moment, Wade's senses went off and he looked towards the building on the other side of the street. There was a glint of light at the top of the building.

"There is only one man that I will let kill me! He is a true Hero!" Stain growled, as his pupils shook around sporadically. "ALL MIGHT IS WORTHY!"


With lightning fast reflexes, Wade swept the villain's legs out from under him. Stain's body fell over just as a bullet zipped past his disfigured face. The bullet slammed into the concrete sidewalk before the Hero Killer's body hit the floor.

"Gunshot!" The blonde woman yelled, having fallen to the ground from Stain's bloodthirsty aura.

"Where'd it come from!" One of the other Heroes yelled, as they ran into the alleyway. It was the only place they could go to for cover.

"Wade's still out there!" Iida yelled, really concerned that he wanted to get out and save him, but one of the heroes stopped him. "Let go of me! He needs help!"

"Wade, come over here! Quickly!" Todoroki shouted at the Spider-Man, beckoning him with his hand.

Wade knew where the shot came from and looked at the building and saw the glint of light, light that was reflecting off the lense of a scope of a sniper rifle. One that the villain Ghost was holding and aiming at Wade's head. Ghost was given orders to kill him. Shigaraki wasn't happy that his Nomu was killed by the Hero Killer, throwing a tantrum about how unfair it was that Stain killed his new 'toy.' And he was even more furious that Wade was there too. He shouted about how much of a mess his plan turned out to be and how things never went the way he wanted them to.

He wanted Stain and Wade Walker dead. And he wanted them dead now.

As Wade glared up at the villain, Ghost aimed right between his eyebrows. He went to pull the trigger, but something made him hesitant. But why?

"Ghost." His master's voice stopped him before he pulled the trigger. "I'm overriding Tomura's command. Leave the boy and Hero Killer alive."

"By you command." Ghost said before lowering his weapon.

Wade saw the sniper abandoning his rifle and walked away, disappearing behind the roof. "Oh, no you don't!" He fired two lines from his web-shooters and slingshot himself up towards the roof.

"Wade!" His friends and mentor shouted, shocked to see him go after the sniper.

Spider-Man landed on the roof and saw Ghost walking towards the other side of the roof. "Hey you! Stop!" Wade ran at him before stopping to fire a web-line at him. The thine, sticky substance flew across the roof at high speed, traveling meters across the roof towards Ghost.

But suddenly, Ghost turned around and caught the web-line with his one hand.

Wade stared in shock at the red-colored lenses of the goggles. Ghost stared back at him, before pulling out one of his knives. Then his body started to disappear, vanishing from existence, just like how Wade's camouflage ability worked. The web line fell to the ground, having been cut by the invisible blade.

Wade shook his head to clear it of his shock and ran over to where the man in black was last standing and looked around searching for any signs of where he had gone. But there one none.

He vanished like a ghost.

"Oh, shit!" Wade yelled and ran back. "I forgot about Stain!"

Wade ran to the edge of the roof and jumped off it, falling to the ground and landing after a roll. On one knee, he looked up at where Stain was at, ready to kick the villain's ass again.

However, Wade gasped by what he saw. Seeing the young man return made the other Heroes and students come out to take on the Hero Killer. But they too were shocked by what they saw. That could explain why they didn't try to stop him when he went after the sniper.

Stain hadn't moved since Wade took him down. He just laid there, on his back, his facial expression still contorted in anger. His mouth was open, but his eyes were blank white.

Wade stood up and approached the villain cautiously. Getting down on one knee, but still ready to jump back if needed, Wade pushed two fingers against Stain's neck. He felt a pulse. The Hero Killer wasn't dead.

The others held their breaths while watching Wade checking on the Hero-Killer, while some of them wanted to stop him from doing something stupid, they just couldn't help but be afraid that Stain will get on his feet and kill them all in the blink of an eye.

Spider-Man let out a sigh of relief, then turned towards them and informed them, "I-It's okay! He's out cold."

This brought about a sense of relief for the Heroes, many of whom fell to their knees. Wade stood up and backed up from the Hero Killer, and then he too fell down on his butt. He could hear the sirens in the distance, as Wade just lied down on his back, staring up at the sky with half-closed eyes, panting heavily as exhaustion settled in.

"Dammit kid, I can't believe you went after that sniper." Gran Torino grumbled as he stood beside him. "Where did he go?"

"I don't know… He just… Disappeared." Wade responded tirefully.

Gran Torino raised an eyebrow in puzzle, but then shook his head before turning to Manual, Native and the blond-haired woman hero. "You three, spread out and find that shooter! I'll stay here with the others to keep an eye on Stain and the kids."

The heroes nodded their heads and split up, though Wade couldn't help but think that they won't manage to find that strange man, unless he could be wrong.

However, there was one thing that was bothering Wade. Why did Stain killed the Nomu when he was supposed to be on the villain's side? And why didn't he try to kill him when he had the chance? He was under his grasp! It almost looked like… Stain saved his life. But it didn't make any sense.

Two shadows loomed over him, before Wade cracked his eyes open and saw Iida and Torodoki looking at him with concerned, but exhausted looks.

"Wanna join in? There's plenty of space." Wade said as he tapped the concrete floor on his sides.

Surprisingly, Todoroki and Iida lowered themselves to the ground and sat next to him. At this point, everyone really needed a rest.

"What a rough night, huh?" Iida asked with a sigh.

"Yeah… Something tells me that won't be the last though." Todoroki replied while resting his arm on the knee.

"Yeah. Far from it…" Wade muttered.

He, Iida, and Todoroki wouldn't learn what really happened to Stain until later. It wasn't a Quirk that stopped the Hero Killer. It was a broken rib that pierced his lung. He hadn't managed to lick anyone's blood. But still, none of them could bring themselves to stand against him. Wade doubted that he would have been able to save Stain if he hadn't noticed the sniper.

These three Heroes of Tomorrow fought the infamous Hero Killer for an estimated time of around ten minutes. But even after that, it was only Stain that had the will to fight to the end.

AN: With that, I'm happy to bring an end to the Hero Killer Arc. Our heroes fought against one of the most dangerous villains they'll ever face and in the end came out on top. I just want to say I'm so sorry for taking so long to make this. School was demanding much of my attention, especially since this is my last year of college before graduating.

Just so you all know, all of the chapters from Issue #1 to Issue #15 have been edited with additional scenes. Francisthewitcher has gone in and fixed many of the mistakes that were in the chapters and has added some new scenes and details while also extending some of the fights. Hopefully you like the changes.

So first off, let's talk about the first part of the Issue. The part with the villains was more a scene that was thrown in to explain why Ghost followed Shigaraki's command to kill Stain and Wade. And then there's the part with the train. This is of course from the famous train scene from Spider-Man 2. I wasn't going to do the part where the passengers carried him inside because it would feel too cheesy and forced.

Nothing else really changed with the Stain fight, but I did replace all of Izuku's moves with Wade's Spider-Man moves. I mostly based the moments wade fought Stain with how we fight Taskmaster in the ps4 game. When I was writing the story, I was trying to think of a way that Wade could break Bloodcurdle's effect on his own. Even thinking about using his bioelectricity to shock his nerves back into working again. But then I realized that it wouldn't work.

And then there's the moment where Wade saves Stain from Ghost's gunshot. This was a moment I definitely wanted to do and also his first conferenation with Ghost. Something that was inspired by another Marvel movie.

Having finished this chapter for 'Heroes of Tomorrow', I'm now going to move onto my next story. However, I'm going to try and do something that would hopefully make updating stories easier.

I'm already going to end the Living Dead where the anime left off, and I'm going to try and do two updates for each of my stories. With the Living Dead ending, I'll have eight stories. Four cartoon based stories and four anime/anime inspired based stories.

So, what I'm going to do is work on one anime story and one cartoon story at the same time. One day I'll work on one story and then the next day I'll work on the other story.

If this doesn't work, then I'll just go back to what I did originally and focus on one story.

I'll be going back to Living in a Frog World and the Living Dead.

Thank you very much for reading. "Heroes of Tomorrow" will return. Please be sure to Favorite and Follow if you like the story, and also Review it. If you have any questions or discussions that you'd like to have with me, please, leave it in a Review or a PM.

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