The time has come dear readers to see just WHAT Anklo has in store for the Dinosaucers. Will Ichy, with his new intelligence, figure out WHAT his enemy is up to BEFORE it's too late for everyone? Read on and find out!

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Genghis Rex strode impatiently through the Tar-Pits II Base towards Ankylo's new quarters/laboratory. In the last five months his personal assistant had been as good as his word when he said he'd make improvement on all their equipment and weapons. But since then Ankylo didn't seem to be doing ANYTHING against the Dinosaucers except rearrange his quarters! Well the time had come to do something about this! Approaching his destination Rex found Quackpot apparently standing on guard outside the door.

"Is Ankylo in there?" he snapped angrily to the duck-billed Tyranno.

"Uh…y-yes your Scaliness," Quackpot stuttered nervously.

"Good! I want to talk to him right now!"

Obediently Quackpot opened the door allowing his leader to enter and followed him at a respectful distance. Once inside Rex saw that Ankylo's quarters had been done up like a Super Villain's base from one of the many Earth movies the other Tyrannos watched on TV from time to time. The walls were covered in pieces of fine art ranging from classical paintings of prehistoric animals along with marble and crystal sculptures of different forms of dinosaurs set around the room.

The adjacent room which led to Ankylo's laboratory was also done up in a similar style but with lab benches and complex computer consoles with other instruments lining the walls. At the far end of the room sitting at desk with a built-in computer console calmly sipping tea was Ankylo himself, sitting next to him was Rex's sister Princess Dei.

"Welcome dear brother," the Tyranno Princess said calmly as she poured herself some tea.

"Hey," Quackpot spoke up. "How can you, and Ankylo DRINK that tea stuff? I've seen Terrible Dactyl drink it too, after what he told me it's made of I wouldn't touch it let alone drink it."

"Well you've been misinformed about tea," Dei said as she sipped her cup. "It's quite good."

"Will you stop this nonsense!" Rex yelled angrily to Quackpot. "I didn't come here to discuss tea! I came to talk to you Ankylo!

"About what pray tell?" Ankylo asked as he added some sugar to his tea and stirred it.

"The Dinosaucers that's what! It's been five months since you promised me action against our enemies and I haven't seen a single thing done!"

"That's because I have been PLANNING things out Rex," Ankylo replied evenly. "But the problem with plans is that they only come a BIT at a time. It has taken me THIS long because I am dealing with Ichy as WELL as the Dinosaucers and remember I WANT a challenge to their destruction."

"Well I don't!" Rex grumbled. "I want our enemies destroyed NOW!

"You're so impatient Rex," Dei sighed. "If you let Ankylo finish he'll tell you his plan is finished and all ready to go."

"It is?" Rex said eagerly.

"Yes indeed," Ankylo smiled sipping his tea. "I've thought up a little…adventure game for our enemies…Ichy in particular, if he can't manage it then it's the end for ALL the Dinosaucers."

"What have you got in mind?" Quackpot asked eagerly intrigued at what Ankylo had up his sleeve.

"You and all our other fellow Tyrannos will find out very soon," Ankylo replied mysteriously. "Trust me."


In the Lava Dome, Teryx entered the main hanger to find Ichy hard at work making some last adjustments to his personal spacecraft.

"How goes the work genius?" Teryx asked playfully.

"Almost finished as you can see," Ichy replied with a smile as he stepped back from his work.

"Glad to hear it. After these last five months you could use a break from all that hard work."

Both Teryx and Ichy laughed at this little joke however as they did so, Ichy noticed that he could see his breath on the air.

"What is it?" Teryx asked as she noticed Ichy's sudden frown.

"This," Ichy replied indicating the breath on the air which was now coming from BOTH of them."

"What the heck?" Teryx said in puzzlement. She turned to a wall thermometer and to her surprise she saw that the temperature was 6 degrees Celsius and dropping rapidly.

"Uh-oh," Ichy said grimly. "Something or SOMEONE is tampering with the Lava-Dome heating controls…we'd better go tell Allo fast."

"Good idea," Teryx said heading for the exit with Ichy following her. But as the two Dinosaucers reached the door it suddenly slid shut, along with all the other doors sealing them in the hanger.

"Shit! We're sealed in!" Teryx cried in alarm.

"Allo can you read me?" Ichy said getting out his radio and speaking into it. "I'm sealed in the main hanger and the air temperature is dropping rapidly in here!" But the only answer to his call was a crackle of unfriendly static.

"My radio's being jammed!"

Teryx tried to use her own radio but the result was the same. "What'll we do?!" She asked Ichy frantically.

"We try and get the door open," Ichy said determinedly. "Before it gets so cold in here it'll put us to sleep…then FREEZE us to death."

Searching along the floor near the door, Ichy found the flush-fitting hatch he had been looking for. Opening the hatch, Ichy removed a metal pump-handle and slotted it into the mechanism behind the hatch. He began to pump with desperate haste. Beside him, Teryx fell back against the hanger wall and then slid down it to lie in a crumple heap on the floor as the temperature continued to drop. But Ichy hardly spared her a glance. All his attention, all his will, was centred now on the pump which, with every stroke, became more and more resistant due to his failing strength in the cold. But he had to build up enough hydraulic pressure for the door to open manually. If not, his life would end all dead and frozen on the floor. With a last conscious exertion of will, Ichy forced the pump through a few more strokes. The effort however destroyed him and Ichy fell forward to the floor unconscious.

Just then the main hanger door, which lead outside the Lava-Dome, sprang open to reveal Captain Sabretooth, Smilin Don and the rest of the Sabretooth Pirates.

"Looks like the plan went off without a hitch," Don said cheerfully to his Captain as they entered the hanger.

"They did indeed," Sabretooth said looking thoughtfully down at the unconscious bodies of Teryx and Ichy. "Now then," he went on. "You lot get into the Lava-Dome and set the temperature back to normal I have to contact Ankylo."

"Aye aye Captain," the Sabretooth's all said obediently moving off while their leader got out his radio.

"Captain Sabretooth to Tar-Pits, Sabretooth to Tar-Pits are you receiving me?"

'This is the Tar-Pits,' Ankylo's voice crackled from Sabretooth's radio. 'What's the report?'

"Your plan went off without a hitch," Sabretooth said happily. "Following your instructions, we jammed all the Dinosaucers communications, sealed all their base's entrances and then altered their temperature controls so they became unconscious."

'Excellent,' Ankylo said in satisfaction. 'Proceed with your orders Captain and then we can start the game at long last.'

"Right away," Sabretooth said signing off and putting his radio away.


Back in the Tar-Pits Genghis Rex and Quackpot had been listening to Ankylo talking to Sabretooth on the radio with mounting astonishment.

"Have you gone mad Ankylo?" Rex exclaimed. "You HAD the Dinosaucers at your mercy and you're going to TOY with them instead?"

"Yeah," Quackpot said in puzzlement. "Why not finish them off there and then?"

"Fellow Tyrannos," Ankylo said grandly. "We live in an age, more remarkable for the quantity of petty, viscous, and unimaginative violence, rather than for any quality in the simple art of a crime. What I have done is create, what I hope, is the ULTIMATE humiliation and destruction of the DInosaucers. They have all been overcome and their lives will NOW be in the hand of Ichy my rival, I'm SO looking forward to seeing how he goes."

"It will be brilliant Ankylo," Dei said coming to her love's support. "After all YOU thought this all up."

"It had BETTER work Ankylo," Rex said threateningly. "That's all I can say."

"It WILL Bossasaur," Ankylo said confidently. "We can watch the results from the Tar-Pits monitors, now then," he said grabbing the teapot. "Care for some tea?"


So that's the end to the first chapter of this story! The Dinosaucers have all been overcome by Ankylo's planning but Ichy has been SPARED so he can play some deadly game with him! Obviously, the prize will be the lives of his fellow Dinosaucers, but WHAT has Ankylo got planned? We'll find out next chapter in the meantime, feel free to read and review. See you soon!