Here we are again dear readers! It's now time to see just what sort of 'endgame' Ankylo has in store for Ichy and Teryx with his last puzzle, the question is do they have enough strength to go on to the end? Read on and find out!

One important thing you should all know; this story is a sequel to 'The Brilliant Ankylo' and 'Return of the Brilliant Ankylo.' Both ideas for those stories were supplied from one of my readers 'brave kid' so all thanks go to him for making THIS story possible as he supplied the pervious ideas.

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"I got it!" Ichy said happily looking up from his work. "Teryx I got it!" Frowning at the lack of a reply Ichy looked up and saw that Teryx had dozed off on a nearby bench while he had been working. Sighing to himself Ichy walked up to his sleeping friend and gently shook her awake. "Hey Teryx…wake up."

"Ohhh…" Teryx yawned as she reluctantly woke up from her slumber. "Sorry…I dozed off…I'm exhausted. What time is it?"

"Its 3:00am," Ichy said sitting down next to her. "And I solved Ankylo's puzzle. He did an interesting number on this one. You have to take the first two letters of each word on this card…and THAT spells out the real message."

"So, what does it say?"

"It says 'Your fellow Dinosaucers are ready to take the polar bear plunge, are you?' Which means, if you use your head, that Allo and the others are at Boulder Reservoir."

"Because of the Annual Polar Bear Plunge the humans started four years ago to kick off the New Year, Sara told me all about it."

"That's right," Ichy said in confirmation. "Hundreds of human's dive into the Boulder Reservoir during New Year's Day, because it's so cold it's called the Polar Bear Plunge. Now come on," he said patting her shoulder before getting up. "We've got to get going its about six and a half miles from here and that'll take us at least two hours on foot."

"Damm that Ankylo with his no ships or flying rules!" Teryx groaned as she got to her feet and started following Ichy wearily off towards Boulder Reservoir.


"THIS ADVENTURE GAME IS STARTING TO GET ON MY NERVES!" Genghis Rex roared angrily causing the sleeping Quackpot to awaken with an alarmed squawk.

"Here we go again," Princess Dei sighed to herself at her brother's antics. "We don't do something that gets things done quick and he throws a pyrotechnical tantrum!"

"I have been up almost ALL night with no sleep!" Rex snapped to his sister. "I've been getting constant promises of the destruction of the Dinosaucers, yet your 'genius' boyfriend here," he sneered at Ankylo. "Does nothing but TOY with them! I want the Dinosaucers DESRTROYED!"

"Genghis Rex," Ankylo said calmly his voice hardening like steel as he continued to speak. "Will you please…BE QUIET!"

There was such restrained fury in Ankylo's words, that the Tyranno Leader suddenly found himself falling silent at the violence directed at him.

"Thank you," Ankylo said going on like nothing had happened. "As I told you at the start of this evening, I wanted our enemies to sweat out their last few hours before meeting their end. I have done that by making Ichy and Teryx run around town all night with VERY little time to rest and sleep. Because of this they are nearly exhausted, that means they will be making MISTAKES to my last few challenges. From here on out the challenges will now be VERY real and VERY deadly to them!"

"What have you got in mind?" Quackpot asked curiously. He was in awe that Ankylo had actually managed to SILENCE Genghis Rex with just a few hard yet calm words.

For the answer Ankylo pressed a button on the console built into his desk top, immediately his instruments lit up in a series of lights, buzzes and clicks with a hum of powerup. "Something which you are ALL going to love!" Ankylo said with evil relish flexing his hands over his console like he was ready to play the piano. "It begins the MOMENT our friends arrive at Boulder Reservoir!"


"5:01 am," Teryx yawned glancing at her watch as she and Ichy arrived at the shores of the Boulder Reservoir. "Only 59 Minutes till dawn…"

"It looks like we've been expected," Ichy said indicating a large motor boat sitting next to a pier all roped up ready to be used. "None of the humans around here would have a motor boat out on the Reservoir so early in the morning."

The two Dinosaucers cautiously walked up to the motor boat weary of any traps that might be laid for them, but thankfully found nothing. Getting into the boat they found another Teaser Card sitting in the centre of the stirring wheel.

'Here is your Polar Bear Plunge, your fellow Dinosaucers are on the other side of the Reservoir. As it's too far to walk AROUND the shore you can go across via motor boat. Good luck!'

"This is sounds too good to be true," Teryx said after reading the card. "There's got to more to this than meets the eye."

"There is," Ichy said grimly getting out his pen and started scribbling furiously on the other side of the card. "Remember Ankylo's little word games hidden within these Teaser Cards?"

"You mean there's ANOTHER message hidden in there?"

"Exactly," Ichy said finishing his work. "THIS is what it really says."

'Beware of water mines Dinosaucers. Good luck!'

"Oh…you've GOT to be kidding me!" Teryx said in disbelief.

"Nope," Ichy said untying the boat from the pier and starting the engine. "I'm afraid not."


"Ah ha!" Ankylo smiled as he watched Ichy start the motor boat on the monitor. "He's no fool that Ichy, even when so tired and exhausted. Despite the fact there are water mines in the Reservoir he and Teryx are desperate enough to try crossing in the boat at the risk of their lives!"

"You're going to see some REAL fun now dear brother," Dei said happily to Rex as Ankylo had his hand poised over a row of switches on his desk console. "The mines planted in the Reservoir are controlled from Ankylo's desk, when a light comes on above one of his switches it means they are in in rage of a mine."

"Oh, I see," Quackpot said in understanding. "When the boat gets into range of any of those mines Ankylo releases it where it explodes when it hits the surface."

"Correct!" Ankylo nodded in confirmation.

"Well," Rex said thoughtfully as he watched the monitor with renewed interest. "Perhaps this WILL be a fun as you suggest."

"Indeed," Ankylo said as a few indicators started to light up on his console causing him to flick the first couple of switches. "Let the fun begin!"


"Teryx," Ichy cried over the roar of the boat's engine. "Hold on tight this is going to be a REAL bumpy ride!"

"No kidding!" Teryx yelled back. As she spoke a water mine bobbed up in the water in front of them. "Look out!"

"I see it!" Ichy said turning the wheel sharply to the right. His action caused the whole motor boat to veer out of the mines way just seconds before it exploded in a huge spout of water. Almost immediately another water mine bobbed up in the water causing Ichy to swerve the boat to the left before it exploded again like the last one.

"You were right when you said Ankylo wasn't kidding around with this!" Teryx said holding on for dear life. Ichy said nothing as he was too busy concentrating on steering the boat to avoid yet ANOTHER water mine from blowing them up. The nightmare ride continued for the next forty-five minutes but what felt like an eternity for Ichy and Teryx. The two Dinosaucers held on for grim life as each time Ichy swerved the boat to avoid a water mine before it exploded, ANOTHER would surface almost at once causing Ichy to swerve away again.

"I can't take much more of this Ichy!" Teryx yelled as another water mine exploded narrowly missing them.

"Relax!" Ichy said avoiding yet another water mine. "We're almost at the shore! Just a few more minutes!"


"Aww…they're going to make it to the shore!" Quackpot groaned in disappointment at the scene on the monitor

"Yes, but it doesn't matter," Ankylo smiled as he released the last few of his water mines. "With 14 minutes to dawn they'll be too exhausted to save their fellow Dinosaucers and themselves. Their FINAL end is assured, just you all watch!"


"We've made it at last!" Teryx sighed with great relief as Ichy brought the boat to a stop on the far shore of the Reservoir. "Thank Reptilon for that its over…"

"Not quite," Ichy said getting out of the boat. "There's only fourteen minutes to dawn and we STILL haven't found Allo or the others. But if I know Ankylo they're not far away for us to find, he won't pass up the chance to finish us ALL off."

'Indeed, I won't!' Ankylo's voice suddenly boomed out of nowhere.

"Where's that coming from?" Teryx said looking around in alarm.

'Right here above you.'

Looking up Ichy and Teryx saw Ankylo's drone hovering above them with a camera lens and a loudspeaker built into it.

"I take it you and your fellow Tyrannos have been watching this little game of yours with great amusement," Ichy said dryly.

'Oh absolutely. But now we've come to the LAST part of this game! Soon you'll be receiving the coup de grace!'

"What's that?" Teryx asked in puzzlement.

"Its French," Ichy explained to her. "It means 'finishing stroke.'"

'Indeed, it is,' Ankylo said in confirmation. 'So, if the two of you would just follow this drone it will lead you to your fellow Dinosaucers.'

Cautiously Ichy and Teryx followed the drone as it flew off towards the Boulder Reservoir Park.

"Why would Akylo have our friends here in the Reservoir Park?" Teryx whispered quietly to Ichy as they walked.

"You can bet it's NOT to use the equipment for regular park visitors," Ichy whispered back grimly.

They followed the drone into the park and as they walked the sun slowly started to rise as the evening finally ended. In the light of the dawn Ichy and Teryx were confronted by an amazing site, the area in front of them was covered by a giant chess board!

"A chess board," Ichy said shaking his head. "A game within a game huh Ankylo?"

'Very good Ichy,' Ankylo replied in cheerful confirmation. 'You guessed right. But a chess board needs pieces now doesn't it? So, let's get them out here.'

As Ankylo spoke several of the squares on the chess board opened up and then several giant black and white chess pieces rose up on hydraulic lifts. Tied up and gagged to each of the chess pieces were Allo and all the other missing Dinosaucers!

'Here are your fellow Dinosaucers as I promised you for the end of this game,' Ankylo announced grandly.

"But thanks to your little game which had us running around all night, WITHOUT help or our ships to get around town," Ichy pointed out. "We're too tired to help our friends ALL at, once aren't we?"

'Amazing deduction Ichy!' Ankylo laughed. 'You're supposed to say 'elementary' though. You didn't even congratulate me on my coup de theatre in this entire game!'

"More French?" Teryx asked wearily.

"Yeah, it means 'unexpected turn of events,' Ichy translated for her.

'Correct! And here is the very last turn for you.'

As Ankylo spoke both Ichy and Teryx started to become aware of several sprinkler heads that had emerged on and around the chess board. As the sprinklers activated the Dinosaucers became aware of powerful fumes filling the air.

"What's that smell?" Teryx asked as she sniffed the air.

"Oh no," Ichy said in sudden realisation. "That's…"

'Gasoline Ichy,' Ankylo said in confirmation of his fears. 'The sprinkler systems that ordinarily water the grass in this park is soaking the chess board with gasoline! When I ignite it, it'll make the most spectacular funeral pyre you ever saw! Ha! Ha! Ha!'

"Get ready to get down low," Ichy hissed to Teryx as he saw a small flare pistol emerge from the bottom of the drone.

'Don't even THINK of running to save your friends Ichy,' Ankylo said mockingly obviously savouring the moment. 'The fumes in the air will ignite first when I fire my flare pistol. Even if you DID run you will have two or three minutes before you're overcome by smoke inhalation or start burning to death! Ah well…to quote William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet 'Adieu, Adieu…parting is such sweet sorrow.''

In the instant between Ankylo's shot with his drone's flare pistol and the moment the entire chest board burst into flames, Ichy and Teryx both dived to the ground where a precious air pocket spared them a smoky death.

"Come in Lava Dome! Come in Lava Dome!" Ichy said quickly into his radio. "The game is over!" he coughed. "Repeat the game is over! We're all at the Boulder Reservoir Park! Get over here fast…or we're dead!"

"We have to DO something Ichy," Teryx spluttered as the smoke and fire around them got worse. "Or we'll all be…roasted alive!"

"I'm…working on it…" Ichy said frantically adjusting his radio. "If…I can…find the right frequency...I can…trigger the hydraulic lifts…so our friends will…be safe!"

As Ichy worked, the fire and smoke got hotter and thicker causing the air to become exhausted.

"We're all…going…to burn to…death!" Teryx screamed in terror.

"Not…QUITE!" Ichy cried in triumph as the sound of the hydraulic lifts started up again.

"You…did it!" Teryx exclaimed in delight as the giant chess pieces that had the rest of the Dinosaucers tied to them started to sink back down into their squares away from the smoke and flames.

"Not…quite…" Ichy gasped grabbing Teryx's arm. "We…have to…get down…the nearest…shaft…or we're done…for!"

With one last burst adrenaline both Ichy and Teryx grabbed each other's arm, took a flying leap towards one of the open squares and together they plunged down the shaft before they passed out from exhaustion.


After what felt like an eternity Ichy slowly opened his eyes to find himself in the Lava Dome on a bunk in the Medical Bay. He had an oxygen mask on his face and on another bunk next to him was Teryx also with an oxygen mask on her face. Surrounding them both was all their fellow Dinosaucers and the Secret Scouts.

"Well that Oxygen sure brought him around Uncle Allo," Bonehead said cheerfully as he removed the oxygen mask from Ichy's face.

"My…radio call…got through," Ichy said in weak relief. "Thank…Reptilon for that."

"Yeah," Ryan smiled. "Ankylo DID say his game ended at dawn so calling us for help was no longer against the rules."

"We raced to your location as fast as we could," Sara went on. "We managed to put out the fire before the wind could spread around the park and alert the authorities."

"How's Teryx?" Ichy asked indicating his unconscious friend.

"She'll be fine," Paul reassured him. "She got a touch of smoke inhalation and some mild burns but that's it."

"It could have been a heck of a lot worse for all of us," Allo spoke up. "If you haven't managed to move us all out of the way on the chess board when Ankylo started his fire."

"I figured that if Ankylo could change the rules to his game," Ichy smiled. "I might as well do the same thing."

"But won't Ankylo be angry and annoyed he didn't beat you?" David asked worriedly.

"I know Genghis Rex will be REAL furious," Allo chuckled. "That was the NEAREST thing to a victory he's had."

"I feel that Ankylo will consider this a TEMPORILY defeat," Ichy told his friends. "But there will be other times."


In his Tar Pits laboratory/quarters Ankylo sat alone quietly watching and listening in on what was being said on his monitor. When he had originally kidnapped the Dinosaucers he had Captain Sabretooth and his Pirates place a few small cameras and microphones around the Lava Dome, so he could spy on them more effectively than before.

After the Secret Scouts had gone to the rescue of Ichy, Teryx and the rest of the Dinosaucers once they'd been saved, Genghis Rex had flown into a furious rage and stormed off to get some sleep. Quackpot and Dei had also left, but not before Dei reassured Ankyo that her brother would get over all this and they could start again. Left alone Ankylo had witnessed the entire conversation between the Dinosacuers and their friends. When he heard Ichy's last remark he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yes…Ichy there will indeed BE other times," he mused quietly to himself as he poured himself a cup of tea and sipped it. "Perhaps even tomorrow."


And THAT dear friends is the END of Ankylo's Adventure Game! I hope you've all enjoyed this and the two previous stories that came before it. Thanks again go to 'brave kid' for his help as he supplied the ideas for the last two stories, and helped make THIS one possible he's quite an idea's person. Anyway, with the conclusion of this story I'm going to try one LAST story called "Ankylo's Dinosaucer Dupery", I hope you all read and review it like this one! See you…real soon!