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"Act normal."

A few different pairs of eyes looked at him as he expected and each co-worker probably had their own questions in mind due to the extra harsh tone.

"Huh?" Koyanagi furrowed her brows as she glared at Kabakura, "What exactly are you implying?" She asked, tapping her heel while her obvious irritation showed on her face.

"Is something going on?" Momose asked curiously, interrupting before Koyanagi grew angrier with the statement, "Are we not working hard enough?" Her head slumped a little as she sighed.

Nifuji simply leaned his head against his propped arm, not looking too concerned as he lazily stared at Kabakura for whatever explanation he was about to give.

"It's just for today," Kabakura ran a hand through his hair in a stressed manner, "Apparently, the CEO of this company is coming in today," He stated, causing all of his co-workers to sit up straight, including Nifuji, "And from what I hear, he isn't exactly known for his kindness."

Momose gasped and began to shake, "D-does this mean we can get fired?! Right on the spot?!" She let out a noise of terror, "If I do, then I won't have money to buy any more BL manga!" She covered her mouth in horror.

Koyanagi glanced at Momose with sympathy and patted her shoulder before turning back to Kabakura, "Why is the CEO visiting now? I don't think he has ever made an appearance at this company since I started working here."

"I've only heard rumours, but I think the CEO is giving a job to someone who is very personally close to him," Kabakura shrugged, "A high-ranking job. It might not sound fair, but that's the luck of the draw. Just keep your head down, do your work, and you'll be fine."

"I just hope this person isn't a jerkass," Momose mumbled, sighing again, "But if they're close to the CEO–"

"That's him!"

The four quickly turned when the workspace started to buzz and excited whispers and low chatter could be heard among their co-workers. They could not help but to stare, though the anticipation was far more clear on Momose and Koyanagi's faces than Nifuji and Kabakura's.

The CEO was a quite impressive tall male with short black hair, golden-like eyes, a cold expression, and a suit that probably cost more than their yearly salary.

"Wow," Momose covered her cheeks with her hands, feeling how warm they were, "He's... he's, gorgeous!"

"You said it," Koyanagi murmured in agreement right beside her, "Those eyes..."

Kabakura rolled his eyes, something else catching his attention while Momose and Koyanagi oogled the CEO, "I wonder if... she's the person?" He asked in slight confusion, eyeing the small female following after the CEO, taking in her clothes with a bit of surprise.


"What?" Kabakura jumped, hearing Nifuji say the word firmly, "Did you just say...?" He asked as the man in glasses simply nodded.

"That woman–" Nifuji gestured towards her, or more specifically, the sophisticated suit she was wearing, "–is wearing that exact same suit Saber wore in Fate/Zero." He stated as Kabakura blinked, glancing back to confirm what Nifuji was saying.

Was it possible, actually possible – that their possible superior was one of them?

An otaku?!