This story is spoken by the seven dragon tribes alikeā€¦

Once there was a RainWing IceWing hybrid. She was named Frostbow. She was said to have lived in the IceWing kingdom. One day she had flown far from the kingdom taking it upon herself to travel several days and nights. During one of these flights. She flew past a lone scavenger waving its talonless paws in the air. She stopped for a moment seeing that its tiny head was looking at her. Frostbow stopped midair at this as the scavenger now pointed to the right of Frostbow. As she looked in the direction that the scavenger had pointed she saw that it was a large cave.

Caves and tunnels were not unusual in Pyrrhia. However, a scavenger directly looking at her and pointing at Frostbow was. Normally she would have assumed that this small male creature would have run from her into the cave. Probably lead some other scavengers to attack her out of fear or protecting their stolen treasure. Perhaps it was simply being a nascence by playing a game with her. No matter it was getting late and she needed somewhere to stay for the night. So, she headed into the cave. It was smaller then it looked only barely room for one dragon. Just enough though that she was protected from the weather for the night.

The scavenger interestingly enough came in a joined Frostbow. Not the least bit terrified of her as he laid right down next to her. It was indeed odd for her but then again, he wasn't trying to kill her. So, with a smile on her lips she let him be as she drifted off to sleep. The next morning, she bid her goodbye to the scavenger and flew off. Several days went by and Frostbow came a crossed the exact same spot. Seeing the creature again doing the same thing as before. This time, however, the waving was in a more frantic motion. It once again also pointed to the same cave looking at her while doing so just as before.

As the three moons were beginning to make there rise into the sky. Frostbow entered the small cave. As the scavenger entered it was much more a sluggish pace then it had walked before. Before she and the scavenger drifted off to sleep. Frostbow noticed one thing before the darkness claimed her. The being's face was sadder than the previous encounter. Again, when the sun arose the next morning. She bid her goodbye's and flew off.

Once again Frostbow returned after several days. This time when she spotted the scavenger he was sitting on the ground. Looking up at her with the saddest eyes she had ever seen in a creature of his species. For a third time, Frostbow landed upon the scavenger pointing to the cave. When she got closer to the cave. She saw it was much bigger then it was the last two times she had encountered it. When Frostbow approached for a closer look. She noticed that the small cave area that was barely big enough for one dragon was now a large tunnel. That was big enough for many dragons to have accompanied her. The only living being to do so, however, was the scavenger.

This time the sad creature walked even slower than the last time. His head was droopy and not watching where he walked. This caused him to stumble forward and almost fall. That is had he of not caught himself beforehand. Frostbow gently picked him up in her talons and to her relief. He didn't yelp or try to run. She was able to gently place him on her shoulder and with that, they continued moving down the dark pathway. They came closer and closer to the sound of pounding water. It continued to get louder and louder with each step they took.

The two entered a part of the cave that had four tunnels from which they could enter. Frostbow closed her eyes and laid down for some time. Keeping herself focused on witch tunnel had the loudest crashing sound from the waterfall at its source. She then bolted upright heading through the closest entrance to the left. Then as she came to the waterfall itself impressed by its massive size. This area was also big enough for her to stretch her wings. Bolting into the sky she now saw her scavenger ally was yelping and point to both sides of the waterfall.

Frostbow saw him point to his mouth. Then at both sides of the crashing waterfall. There was some good news at least he was more energetic now. Why all of the energy though? Was he thirsty? She saw him repeat this same action over again. She stopped and flew in place to study the waterfall in front of her and the one behind her. Even glancing at the pathway below her but she still wasn't sure what he meant. She flew onward with the sound of his yelping in her ear. Barely being able to hear it over the roar of the waterfall. They came to a land on a platform at the end of the pathway about a minute later. Thanks to once again the scavenger pointing to it.

He leaped off of her shoulder and ran towards what looked like sticks in the distance. Upon closer inspection, however, they were cages made out of wood with several scavengers trapped inside. There he went again looking at her jumping up and down with that odd yelping sound their kind often made. She looked back at the waterfall then at the terrified scavengers in their cages. Now she had an idea of what she was supposed to do. Taking to the air Frostbow blew her frost breath all along the first waterfall. All to the point of touching the edges of the wall. She did the same with the second on the other side.

When Frostbow had finished she saw a glow of light out of the corner of her eye. With closer observation, she saw that all of the scavengers were now bathed in a white glow. As the five scavengers in cages including the one that had accompanied her. Began to transform into seven dragons each from a different tribe. They thanked her and praised her in return for there rescue. Explaining that this had all been set up by the MudWing's evil stepsister who was an animus. The MudWing in this group was the one that had been transformed into scavenger. That same scavenger that had journeyed with her today. He later asked for Frostbow's talon in marriage on the same day and such the wedding was solemnized. It was said that all mentioned in this story lived in peace and joy after that.