So, I saw this challenge on one of the Facebook fanfiction groups, and couldn't resist! This is going to be a sad one so tissues at the ready! This has been so hard to write! Tell me if you'd like more!

"Time of death 4:19am. Thank you all." The team paused for a second, before preparing the now deceased patient for the relatives so they could say their goodbyes. They had done everything they possibly could, even when they knew their attempts would be in vain.

They thought there was a small chance they were winning, but, as time went on and the condition of their patient deteriorated, they refused to give up.

The room was in a state of organised chaos. Staff everywhere, green sheets covered in blood, instruments back in the metal tray and the heart monitor, now silent.

There really was no more they could do now.

Their patient was gone. There was no way back. No hope of survival.

They'd tried so hard, for so long. They'd tried everything they could possibly think of. Yet their attempts were in vain. Reluctantly they'd had to admit defeat.

So, with the clean up underway and their patient at peace, and made presentable for relations to say their final goodbyes, their work, for now was done. There was very little anyone could do, or say, to make anything better.

It was over. All over.

So. What now?

Inform the relatives, the people that had waited outside for news, completely oblivious of the sad outcome. The hardest part.

They'd decided who would break the news. They'd rehearsed it in their heads, trying to prepare themselves.

Walking into the reception area, where the small group sat, huddled together. They hadn't noticed the 2 medics approaching them, nor had they realised the passing of time.

The consultant cleared his throat, prompting 2 members of the group to look up, the others following shortly after.

"Thank you all for waiting, however I'm afraid it's not good news. We did everything possible…." The doctor paused, feeling he didn't need to say anymore. All members of the waiting group worked at The Royal. They knew what was coming.

She was dead. That was it.

The doctors began answering questions. Some were in complete disbelief, unable to take in what had just happened. This isn't happening. This isn't real. They were her friends, colleagues. Her family lived elsewhere.

"Does he know? Her husband?"

The consultant shook his head. The answer was no. Her husband, newly widowed, had no idea. He'd be told in due course, as soon as he was awake.

Who would tell him? It was the older man, the one that had known them the longest, that offered to break the news when the time came.

It won't cushion the blow, nor will it make her come back, but he would be a comforting familiar face, if nothing else.

The room fell silent as the news sunk in

Then the crying started, gradually getting louder, others in disbelief.

The other man, who had forged a great friendship with the Ormerods, had one question. He knew the answer was probably no, but, it was worth a try. He looked at the nurse, who had stayed, took a deep breath before speaking.

"Can I see her? Please?" The nurse nodded, and explained that only he could go, before taking him through to casualty. The doors were shut, the curtains drawn. He'd been in this situation before, yet this time was different. So much so.

"You can go in. I'll let you have some time alone." The young doctor nodded, and hesitantly opened the door, where he paused, letting the door swing shut. He stood for several seconds, before making his way towards her…