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The early morning sun was attempting to break through the window, signalling the start of a new day. The day after the night before. He woke suddenly, sitting up covered in a cold sweat. It had been a dream. It was just a bad dream. It had to be…

He stood, somewhat shakily, and opened the curtains. He'd dreamt it. He'd dreamt it all. Looking over at the bed next to him, where the occupant was sleeping soundly, with no obvious cause for concern. The patient had remained stable overnight, which was a blessing.

She was fine. As fine as she could be given the circumstances. Her newborn baby settled over at Ashfordly, and her husband comfortable on Milner. All was well.

He stood over her, watching her intently, trying to satisfy himself that there was nothing to worry about. He hadn't noticed Sister Brigid coming in, as she had been at regular intervals during the night, checking on her, and reporting back to Matron.

"Are you ok Doctor? You look like you've seen a ghost." The young doctor nodded, thinking back to the dream he just had.

"Just a bad dream Sister. It was just a bad dream. I'll be fine, thank you." The Sister nodded, and looked at him, with a 'tell me more' look.

"What was it about Doctor?" The young doctor turned to face her, taking a deep breath.

"I dreamt I lost her, she was on her own, and there was nothing anyone could do." His voice was breaking, redirecting his focus. It all sounded so silly now.

"You've kept her alive Doctor, and stayed with her. We've all had thoughts like that, things like that are sent to try us. You haven't lost her." The young doctor smiled, and nodded in agreement. If anyone could offer words of reassurance it was Sister.

"Thank you Sister."

They both looked at their patient, who, despite the commotion and the light which was now pouring in through the curtains, was still sleeping soundly.

He picked up a tissue that was on the bedside table, and wiped the sweat off his brow, trying to look composed and ready for the day. Sister was right, it was down to him that she was still alive.

As time passed he began to feel better about things. His patient had shown signs of improvement, her baby was doing well and her husband was due to come to visit later in the day. Things were looking much more positive.

He hadn't had much time to dwell on things. Not with emergencies, surgeries and theatre time with Mr Rose. Just another normal day.

She'd slept for most of the day. Peaceful, completely oblivious to anything that was happening on the ward around her. Visiting time had proved rather popular today, with most of the patients receiving visitors. Yet she hadn't had any.

He wondered what would happen when she finally woke. Who would be there? Who would talk to her? What would happen next? So many questions, with so few answers. One could only hope. One could only ponder. It was only a matter of time now.

Nearly a whole day had passed. He'd spent every spare minute watching her. He'd begun to drift off again, when he heard a familiar voice. One he'd not heard in a while.

"Jill? Jill?" The voice softened, and footsteps came closer. This woke the sleeping young doctor, who smiled when he realised who was standing opposite him.

"Gordon… she'll be so pleased to see you." He filled Gordon in on the day's events, as this was the first time he'd seen her since being admitted. He knew very little, and had so many questions. They talked, hoping his voice would stir Jill, who was still sleeping….