He is sitting here in front of his computer looking through the Mail Order Cupid website on the search for a new wife. At age 33 and CEO of a successful family restaurant chain, this will be his forth.

First at age 26 there was Cashmere a 21 year old Russian goddess who left him quicker than you can say Прощай (goodbye) with his sous-chef Brutus.

Then at age 28 there was Glimmer a gorgeous 22 year old from Romania who cheated on him first with his brother Rye then leaving him for Marvel 'what kind of name is Marvel' came back after Marvel dumped her in order to leave him again for Enobaria. She tried coming back again but he finally had to put his foot down, and yes she really was that gorgeous.

He was done with blondes, so at age 30 his next wife was Clove at 23 years old from Ukraine. She wasn't a knock out but still pretty enough. She lasted the longest. She was the perfect wife until she wasn't. She was a decent cook; the house was always spotless, laundry was every Sunday, English classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But there was no passion just like everything else sex was on Mondays and Wednesdays and treated like a household chore. Whenever he tried to initiate sex on a day that wasn't Monday or Wednesday he'd get a complimentary blow job but no sex. He didn't understand it then she left him for her English teacher Cato.

One might wonder, how did it come to this? Long story short at age 24 and heading to a meeting to open up a restaurant in Los Angeles there was a five car accident and not only was he severely burned he also lost his leg, as well as his fiancé Delly.

Why not a sugar baby one might ask, been there done that in between the wives. There was Joanna but she was too happy with her life style to settle down. Then there was Annie who choose to marry her other sugar daddy Finnick. Right now there's Madge but she'll always call and cancel their dates at the last minute just like today, whenever Gale calls. He's her priority daddy.

He's searching the Brazilian catalog for another dark hair beauty. Some look pretty exotic but he's not looking for that. He's looking for someone pretty or maybe even plain. He wants more time with the next one and maybe if she's not drop dead gorgeous he might actually stand a chance.

Huh she might do. At five two she's not very big and going off her picture she not particularly pretty but she has striking grey/silver eyes that fascinate him. Ugh she just turned 18, no that's too young. So he keeps looking but then returning to her profile over and over. Those eyes just call to him. There's a sadness there that he can't seem to shake. So he keeps reading.

Brazilian father, American mother died in a car accident a year ago. Conditions to her purchase. She has a 14 year old sister that will be joining her. No touching the sister!

Conditions are rare but not unheard off. Glimmer required a $1000.00 month allowance and yes she was that gorgeous.

And the final kicker, she's a virgin. Oh god no. Why is he actually considering this? Because she'll have to stay with him at least till the sister turns 18. That's a good 4 years maybe another 4 for college for a total of 8 years. He's pathetic he knows but loneliness is a bitch and he's that rich.

He goes through the website setting up the meeting and hotel reservations, scheduling the flight for next week. He doesn't know why but he has a good feeling about this one. Katniss Everdeen, Peeta thinks it's a lovely name.