001. Finger



"—the cause of which cannot be seen—"

Wally's hands clench shakily around the edge of the dinner table, pulling at Iris's tablecloth.

His naked hips cock forward, without rhythm or reason, as the teenager hangs his head down and pants out the words, reciting the quantitative rules from his scientific theory book.

Nothing like a little motivation to get his partner to concentrate.

Barry vibrates slowly, his hand pressing against Wally's muscular, pale buttocks.

"—as long as one looks, AAH—" Wally cries out loudly when Barry's forefinger thrusts harshly against the sensitive, little gland inside him, squeezing his eyes shut, "—onlyatthelimit—"

"Tell me when you want your limit reached, Wally," Barry whispers, leaning into his ear and nipping it.

He doesnt mean to sound like some dirtyoldman, but the mental image of how red and thick Wally's cock must have gotten, dangling heavily between his thighs, waters the inside of Barry's mouth.

They'll be consistent in the end, measured, used.



Young Justice isn't mine. AND SO BEGINS ANOTHER 100 DAYS! This time, instead of femslash, we are doing '''''''problematic''''''' stuff (using that term very loosely because literally everything ever created is problematic in some way - and that's the point!) because fandom is for not taking anything super seriously and for fun generally and I do what I want. Barrywally was my very first fic to go up on AO3 so I figured hey why not make this the first fic for the 100 Days challenge! This is just something I made up for the hell of it so STRAP ON UR DILDOS CAUSE WE ARE GOING ON AN WILDASS RIDE. Or you know we could forget the dildos and all be chill. Being chill is something fandom needs to relearn. ENOUGH OF MY NONSENSE. Comments/thoughts appreciated if any Barrywally fans out there enjoy!