A/N: While waiting for the wonderful workers at the local computer shop to fix my laptop, I started writing this to keep from messing up my HP/Labyrinth crossover. I dropped if off my deck and destroyed my hard drive and they did such a wonderful job, accessing my files it and keeping my content intact so that I could have it downloaded into my new laptop. Thankfully this means I can go back to posting my other stories but I felt I needed to post this as well. It's an orphan as I won't be writing anything else regarding this show.

I began watching Timeless at its debut, fell in love with it and it's characters. Loved the character of Flynn, I have a thing for bad boys, heck, I cheered for Hans Gruber in Die Hard. Well mainly because I really, really disliked Bruce Willis who my husband was a huge fan of. Anyhow, as I was saying, I like the character of Flynn, the tortured bad guy who only wished to fix what he had lost.

I loved Lucy and was very sure that she would end up with Wyatt, another man who had lost his wife in agonizing circumstances. Didn't matter one way or the other to me personally, as I was too busy shipping Rufus and Jiya.(Nerd love always gets me.) Then the second season happened...

When they were in Darlington and Rufus kept pushing Wyatt about Lucy, I was thinking oh no don't go there, this fast. I used to be a soap opera fan and know the signs of doomed relationships, especially with a wife who died off-screen. Then came the Los Angeles episode where they slept together and I felt a sinking in my stomach as I knew, just KNEW that Jessica would be returning.

Sure enough, Jessica returned and then they had Wyatt go chasing after her without a word to Lucy and I grew a little cold at the pairing. Then he brought her to the bunker, which I sort of expected but was pissed about. The heart turned to ice during the scene with Rufus where he was joking around about the noises coming from Jessica and Wyatt's room.

I knew that she was only there as a cockblock, but the way it was written turned me off on the character of Wyatt, Wyatt not, Matt Lanter as he is an absolute doll to follow on twitter. THEN came Flynn. I had already noticed the chemistry between Abigail Spencer and Goran Visnjic but wasn't sure how they could pair them together.

But their scenes together this season fired my imagination up, in spite of my doubts... and I was torn but then I saw the deleted scene that was posted on May 29th with Flynn and Lucy after she slept in his room and the chemistry between them and the snark that is Flynn gave me an idea and I had to write it down so that I could go back to my regular ships...

Chapter One A Revealing Exchange

Agent Christopher stepped back as the thick metal door was unlocked and she was guided inside. Turning to the guard, she asked for a moment alone with the prisoner.

"Are you sure, I hear tell he is a real dangerous fellow. A little lady like yourself, well I can't guarantee your safety." The guard was saying as he looked at the older woman standing there.

"I will be fine." She announced and when the man gave her a look of doubt, she suggested that he go speak to the warden about it. When the guard had done so, she looked at the man wearing the orange jumper who had yet to even acknowledge her arrival, and said: "For what it is worth, I do apologize for your ending up in this cell."

"It is worth nothing." He coldly replied. "What do you want?"

"It's Lucy..." She saw his body tense up and his face turned up and she saw the heat in those very angry eyes and knew what she was about to tell him would only make things worse but she needed his help. "I read the diary, the one that started all of this. I know what you know."

Scoffing, he said, "What, you came to play on my emotions..."

"No, I came because Rittenhouse used Neville and took down Mason Industries and Lucy is missing." That got his attention as she knew it would. "We think that they have her."

"Of course they have her. You know that from the journal." He retorted, his tone kept even in spite of the clear evidence that he was upset, with his clenched fists. She knew that telling him this would not go over well, but it had been six weeks and they were running out of ideas.

"I didn't believe it was real and was under orders by my superiors to catch you." She replied then admitted, "It was a distraction as they used my being out of the loop to take all information from the files, then less than a few days later Mason Industries."

"What...what are you doing to retrieve Lucy?" He asked his eyes now on his clenched fist that were the only indication of how upset he was.

"I sent Wyatt and Rufus to 1918 in search of the mothership and Lucy but they are flying blind without her." She replied then looking at him admitted "I am concerned about what I read, about the soap opera antics that end up with Jessica Logan returning and what she does to the team. I need your help."

"Why should I help you?" He asked leaning back, well aware that Lucy would be fine physically and that emotionally he couldn't do anything for her until they helped him escape almost six weeks from then.

"To stop Lucy from sleeping with Wyatt, to keep Lucy from hurting so badly. You of all people..." Agent Christopher saw his eyes, the burning anger in them and added "I want to prevent this from dragging out any longer than need be. I saw what you were doing, following the path set out in the diary, following Lucy's directions, but I can't help feeling that the best way to end this, to put a stop to the deaths and destruction is to alter the path."

"I tried." He acidly pointed out. "Your team stopped me each time, which means that there is a good chance things have to play out like they do in the journal."

When the Homeland Security Agent moved to sit next to him on the bed, he looked at her as if to ask what the hell was she doing when she pressed a cell phone in his hands and then told him "For Lucy?"

"How is my escaping going to help Lucy?" He sneered.

"Get to the warehouse described in the book in three days, Flynn. Escape before the attempt on your life." She replied then went to the door to knock on it. Turning to face him, she saw his anger and told him the rest "Flynn, I have been in your shoes, torn between two worlds, two different lives, the difference is that you have the chance of fixing both of them. I know something that you don't, something that we recently figured out."

With that, she tossed him a file and told him to look at page five.

Flynn looked at her then at the file and read what was written. Confused, he looked at her. "What nonsense is this?"

"Connor Mason recently confessed to sending out the lifeboat on trial runs at the order of Rittenhouse, with people who were left in the past. He also admitted to knowing the dates of each event, and more importantly, he was aware that you were transported in the lifeboat back into your timeline while unconscious."

"I don't remember doing that." He suspiciously stated as he looked at her. "Why don't I remember it? Why doesn't she remember?"

"They messed with your timeline by removing you from one timeline and to a different one which Connor admits that it can cause a sort of time psychosis. When you were arrested, they ran tests on your blood and found a rather interesting drug in your blood which combined with the time trip into your own timelines...let's just say that those visions you have been having since then might be real. As for the rest, I am not sure, but this is Rittenhouse we are talking about."

"How do you know about that?" He asked tersely. "The visions, I mean."

"When you were in the infirmary they had a camera on you. The government that is. I think that this is why Rittenhouse brought Jessica back to life in the timeline, but instead of spying, she in her jealousy caused bigger problems. Quite frankly, I think that if we prevent her from kidnapping Jiya and killing Rufus, it will give us an advantage."

"I have to go." Denise Christopher looked at the man seated on the bed with his hands cuffed and told him "I will be waiting in the warehouse, either way."

"Bring Lucy if you get her back." He replied as he gave her his silent agreement to do as she asked. "And Agent Christopher..."

Looking at the man after she had knocked on the steel door, she saw his ghost of a smile and felt a bit better about what she was doing when he added "You might want to keep quiet about the fact that she is my wife, I don't think that this Lucy in this timeline would take it well."

With that comment, Agent Christopher exited the cell and fifteen minutes later was exiting the warden's office after telling him she would be back next week. "Flynn is refusing to tell me what I need."

"He is a stubborn one." The warden replied as he walked the agent out of his prison. "I do have to say, I know that he is an ex-government agent, but he has been very quiet for a prisoner, and even more so for one in solitary confinement."

Agent Christopher replied "I agree, which is why I have to visit him every week, he knows something that is very important to my job. Garcia Flynn tangled with terrorists and was once a hero, who cracked under the pressure and killed his family."

Driving away, Denise was thinking of her earlier argument with Wyatt and Rufus about her plans to get Garcia Flynn released into her custody to help them. They had been very much against it, but Rufus had softened his objections after a conversation with his girlfriend but he was clearly not on board and that was with them believing that it would be months away from having Flynn joining them not days.

Chapter Two: Hidden Pain

To Agent Christopher's relief, the team brought Lucy back with them from the past, the historian looking quite worse for the wear. "Good job, gentlemen. Lucy, good to have you back."

Jiya had hugged the thin woman who looked as if a strong wind could blow her over. Lucy was so thin that Agent Christopher was almost as concerned about her weight as she was about how pale and how dead her eyes were in spite of clearly feeling relief at finding all of them alive.

By the time they had finished debriefing, Mason was reading over the 1910 Manifesto written by Nicholas Keynes who Emma and Carol Preston had rescued, that they had found on the sleeper agent in the past. Jiya was gently guiding Lucy towards the room they were to be sharing and towards the shower that the other girl surely needed.

Agent Christopher was waiting for Lucy to exit the bathroom knowing from her journal that the younger woman had spent most of the shower crying tears of relief at her rescue and at having killed someone in the past.

Reaching out to hug her, she felt Lucy recoiling and told her "I know what you faced and I know the guilt you feel. I am here, just rely on me for now. I know that it isn't the same but we will fix this."

Lucy bravely attempted to put on a serene expression but Denise was having none of that. "Lucy, you are not alone, in spite of how you feel that way."

"I just need sleep." She replied and then showed the other woman the sleeping pill that she had been given by Wyatt when she had been bandaged up by him. "I will just get some sleep and be back to work tomorrow."

With a sigh, Agent Christopher let her lie to her, knowing that if things worked out as planned, they would soon have Flynn who according to Lucy's own words it would be the former terrorist who would eventually get through to her about things.

"I am heading home, but if you need me, for ANY reason, please, don't hesitate to call." With that, she headed out, grateful that at least Lucy would get some sleep if nothing else.

Too bad, she missed seeing Lucy toss away the small sleeping pill and head back towards the other end of the bunker that Jiya had shown to her. Once in the kitchen, she saw that they had tea and made herself a cup then wandered the bunker, as night time fell and the others began to head to bed.

Settling in front of the television, mindlessly watching some old movie with Montgomery Clift as a priest and let her tears silently fall as she relived over and over again not only the death of the young soldier but how close she had come to ending things with her mother and Emma.

Eventually falling asleep on the sofa, she never saw Jiya entering and then after debating waking her up, decided that it was best to cover her with a blanket and let her sleep where she was as she was sleeping fitfully and from the way she was muttering words, it was clearly about Garcia Flynn.

Lucy woke up the next morning to the sound of someone in the kitchen.

Wyatt who had been making coffee was embarrassed at the noise he was making having been told by Jiya to stay out of the kitchen until Lucy had woken up, had slipped in desperate for a cup of java. "Sorry, Lucy."

"It's fine." She replied while brushing her hair out of her face. "What time is it?"

"About seven thirty." He replied. "What time did you finally fall asleep?"

"Around three, I think." She replied while attempting to stretch her now aching muscles. "At least I was awake at two thirty when a new movie came on."

"Where are the others?" She asked.

"Connor is working on programming the lifeboat to accept the fourth seat that Rufus and Jiya installed in case we had to bring Jiya to get you back." He replied. "Now they just decided that it might be handy to have."

Wyatt was about to offer her some coffee when they heard the Claxton that meant that Rittenhouse had jumped into the past.

Lucy took a deep breath and was determined to get back to their routine, walked with Wyatt to the command center. Being told the date was September 1955 and Darlington North Carolina she blinked and admitted she had no idea why they would be there.

To her surprise, Wyatt asked Jiya to repeat the date and then asked Lucy "Would they care about a black man winning the NASCAR race at Darlington?"

"They might, but I don't recall hearing of such an event." She replied.

"That was because they claimed he cheated, they paid him the winnings but only if he agreed to sign a nondisclosure agreement. However, Wendell Scott would remain racing even if he never was allowed to win again." Wyatt explained.

Lucy had to argue with Denise so that she could travel with the team, as Denise Christopher was clearly worried about her, but she got her way and was soon seated in the lifeboat. She noticed that Wyatt's eyes were on her and felt uncomfortable at seeing that he was clearly feeling feelings that she wasn't ready to deal with just yet.

Lucy sat back, closed her eyes, her mind on how she had felt when she had thought she had lost Wyatt and Rufus and was wondering if maybe, just maybe this was why she felt so alone...

Soon back in the thick of things and believing that they had solved the mystery and that they were on the way of fixing things, that Rittenhouse was intending to kill Ryan Millerson a driver for some reason, they soon found out he was yet another sleeper agent.

Rufus meanwhile was trying to convince Wyatt to tell Lucy about what he was feeling for her and pointed out that they had gotten her back for a reason. "You have to take the chance, bro."

Ducking for cover from the bullets now flying their way as Emma and her co-conspirators were attempting to keep them from saving the real potential victims of the Rittenhouse plot. Wyatt ends up killing Ryan Millerson and they steal the bomb-laden car and Rufus defused it at the garage.

Soon returning to their timeline, Wyatt was watching as Lucy was talking to Denise and realized that Rufus was right, he had to tell Lucy how he felt about her next chance he got.

Connor was seated at the command center, his mind on the public appearance that he had given up that would cost him his company and felt sick to his stomach at what he was losing at that very minute.

As he sat there, he thought of how he had gotten involved with Rittenhouse and what he had given up in his mad dream to prove that time travel was real and he overheard what Lucy was saying about Nickolas Keynes and the sleeper agents and something tickled his memory, something that he was certain was the answer to the questions that were shouting at him in his brain.

Lucy and Jiya were talking quietly while Rufus and Wyatt were gushing over one another as they talked about being there for Wendall Scott's victory and having met the driver. The two women chuckled as they saw Rufus acting out what Wyatt had done while driving the car with the bomb in it. Lucy's eyes met Wyatt's and in spite of her off-kilter psyche and jumbled up emotions, felt a sense of being wanted for something other than her mind.

That night, Lucy fell asleep, her mind taking her to a place where she felt safe and loved, a place she had created in her own mind while hiding what she really felt from her mother during the past six weeks. When she woke, she felt better, if still a bit tired and couldn't help wondering if the reason she had slept so well were the emotions she had seen in Wyatt's eyes.

Jiya, however, was once again wondering about her dreams as Lucy was talking in her sleep, nonsense statements that made no sense, especially since she repeatedly mentioned the name, Garcia.

Agent Christopher entered the bunker the next evening and bluntly told the team that if things worked out the way she expected Garcia Flynn would be joining them that evening.

Ignoring the explosive reaction from Wyatt, she looked at the others who had resigned expressions on their faces and told them "Someone is attempting to kill him and he knows things that we don't. I know that you don't like this Wyatt but quite frankly you are not being given a choice."

"You do remember that he tried to kill all of us at one point or another?" Wyatt snarled. "We are doing just fine without him."

"No, we aren't," Jiya replied to the surprise of Lucy who looked at the young programmer. "All of you have been injured and Lucy was kidnapped. If Flynn being part of our group saves us from that happening again, I am all for it."

"Flynn is why we were injured." Rufus pointed out.

"Though, to be fair..." Lucy sighed and then told the others "Rittenhouse is desperate to get to Flynn, to kill him. I overheard my mother talking to Emma about how Flynn is a more serious threat to them than we are. They didn't talk about it in front of me, in spite of being very blunt about everything else, they kept the Flynn stuff away from me."

"Jiya, why are you so gung-ho on his being here?" Connor asked as he looked at the young girl "Have you seen something that we need to know about?

Quickly explaining to Lucy about Jiya's premonitions, they all turned to Jiya who only confessed to her premonition, and didn't mention Lucy's dreams, "I saw myself with Lucy, Flynn, and Rufus in New York City, from the clothes we were wearing it was about the turn of the century and he saves my life."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Rufus was asking his girlfriend. "You only said that you saw him working with us, not that he would be traveling in the lifeboat with us."

"I didn't want you to worry about me." She replied with a touch on his arm to comfort him. "I was fine, well other than my arm aching from where he yanked me back up from where I was falling off the platform we were on."

"We will be talking more about this later, but I have to go and retrieve him." Agent Christopher looked at Lucy who was barely on her feet and wincing at having to ask "I was hoping you would come with me."

"No, I will go," Wyatt demanded.

"No, you won't." Agent Christopher shut down his demand and with a withering look on her face told him "If you were to come he would think that this is some sort of trap and we need him. You have got to accept this, Wyatt."

The young soldier was clearly not happy at this order and was about to protest when Connor asked Agent Christopher if he could send Jiya along. "I need some parts for a device I need to create and as I can't leave..."

"Give her the list." She directed then after a moment's hesitation admitted: "I have to make a few other stops and we don't wish to draw attention to ourselves so let's be quick about this."