Jack smiled as he jumped up onto his bed, the small circle of assorted plushies surrounding him jumping up with the bed's movement, cheery smiles stitched on their faces. They clearly missed him too. With a content sigh, Jack pulled his favorite close- a giant Sam eye that had been sent to him by a fan. It was soft, big and perfect for cuddling. He cradled Sam under one arm and zipped his onesie the rest of the way up with the other. The onesie was almost as soft as Sam... and warm. Really warm. It made him feel safe and comfy, especially with the surrounded support of his tiny army of stuffies.

He hadn't been tiny in weeks. Jack had been running ragged traveling and preparing for conventions. He'd spent multiple days just sitting stiff in airplane seats and trying to convince himself in-flight peanuts were enough to satisfy his neglected tummy. He'd forgotten to bring any food on the flight for himself... Again. He'd made that mistake on his first flight out to a con and sworn he'd never forget to bring snacks again. Of course, he'd left his snack bag by the front door on his way out. Go figure.

Jack pulled Sam against his cheek and buried his face in the soft green plush. He sighed contently and spoke with a small voice, "It's gonna be okay, Sam." then smiled at the stuffed toy.

See, Jack was one of the growing number of adults who called themselves "littles". He enjoyed being cute and feeling like a small child without any responsibilities. It was one of the best ways he knew to relax after a stressful day. Or number of days in this case. It was hard to stay away from and honestly, sometimes it just slipped into his everyday life.

While Jack had been in LA he'd wandered through a target with a couple of the guys after a con with the purpose of getting slushies and hotdogs. On their journey Jack ended up making a pit stop through the kids isle. He never really went shopping for little things and maybe this was a long shot with a few of the guys right there... but it would be easy to pass off some purchased oddity as a present for his nephew if they asked. He glanced over clothes and only paused briefly in the toy section, but when he reached the realm of sippy cups and pacifiers he stopped.

Jack left the store with a Cars sippy cup and a 6-12 month pacifier. (The largest they had)

He reached for them now, the sippy cup filled to the brim with water and the pacifier clipped to the collar of his pjs. He felt good. He felt tiny. Jack felt safe and without worry.

The loud thunk of a closing front door pulled Jack out of his peace. "Jack!" Mark called happily, "I'm back a little earlier than I thought, but I found beer batter ice cream and I have to try this with you!"

Shit! Mark was back early. On a last minute decision at the con, Mark had joined him on the trip home for an improvised vacation. His first time visiting Ireland in fact. Since they'd both had an extra week available after the con it seemed to make sense. Besides, it was the perfect opportunity for some in-person collab videos. The fans would go crazy for that.

Mark had decided to go out on the town, saying he expected to be out past dinner. There was a little brewpub they'd passed on the way that he really wanted to try. Jack stayed behind feigning sick. He wanted time to be little and it seemed like a good opportunity. But now... now Jack was greatly regretting that decision. Mark was wandering down the hallway towards him and Jack was in a full 'little' get up.

"Have you tried it before?" Mark called, sounding like he was no longer by the kitchen, but moving towards the bedroom.

He panicked.

First thought was to hide the sippy cup in his hand. "Uh! No I haven't!" He shouted, quickly shoving the cup under his pillow and in a panicked haze trying to kick some of the stuffed animals off the bed, hoping to hide them too.

The door creaked open and Mark entered, a carton of ice cream in one hand and two spoons in the other. "Is it racist if I make a joke about beer flavored-"

Jack stood with his arms behind his back in a full onesie, staring awkwardly at Mark.

Mark stared back.

Jack said nothing.

Mark's eyes traced him up and down.

Jack wanted to hide.

"Well." Mark finally said, an awkward lopsided grin on his face, "That looks cute."

It was probably the fact that Jack was still feeling kind of little- or maybe because he'd had always thought Mark was his dream Daddy anyway, but Jack blushed. Being called cute was one of the things that drew Jack down into little space more often than not. Certain phrases or words could do that sometimes, make him feel a little more comfortable in his tinier manner. Especially from Mark. A big, strong guy with great hair and a dazzling smile who liked to take care of people. A++ Daddy material right there ladies and gentlemen.

"You're blushing." Mark pointed out, not-so-helpfully, "That's fucking adorable."

Stop him before you get tiny in front of him and fuck this up.

"It's for a video-" he hastily started, no idea where he planned to go with that, but looking for any reasonable excuse at this point. For Gods sake, how do you explain something like this to someone so very clearly vanilla?

Mark coughed once into his fist before gesturing to Jack's collar, "And the uh... the pacifier?"

Jack peeked down at his onesie, the small pacifier still clipped to the brim and the chewable plastic wet from when he'd plopped it into his mouth. That might be harder to explain away...

Mark's brow tilted as he gave it another look, "Isn't that the one you bought for you nephew?" he questioned, "Like... last year?"

Well shit.