Do not read this story from the first chapter through to the last!

Start on chapter one and read until you must make a choice. Turn to the chapter indicated by your choice to see what happens. Depending on your choices you may experience different things in LazyTown.

If you want the complete CYOLA Playground Path in one easy to navigate document, a PDF file is available on google drive. Send me a message and I will provide you the link.

Let's get moving!

It is the end of a long train ride. The land passing on either side of your car is flat and empty prairie, the mountains far off on the horizon and never growing closer. It is hard to believe that anyone lives out here, never mind an entire town. It is supposed to be a peaceful place, the perfect destination to take a break from the responsibilities back home. The town is a blurry hump in the distance that grows moderately larger as you pull into the station.

You step off the train and are greeted by a sign: Welcome to LazyTown. The air is warm and carries the fragrance of flowers and apples. Brightly colored houses lean and loom invitingly over their yards, casting shadows across the street from the strong morning sun. A combination of shouting and laughter rumbles not too far away.

To stay and explore the town, go to chapter 2.

To get back on the train, go to chapter 48.