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In the not so distant future, earth has become a safe haven for all alien races, who come from all reaches of the galaxy to live in peace. Ninety nine percent of the newcomers live in harmony, but the one percent who can't; there is space patrol delta. The new breed of police.

Outside a warehouse, an alien carrying a container is shot and knocks down a door. Three teenagers walk inside, looking for the alien. The tall one, Sky Tate, walks in further with his weapon drawn. Bridge Carson looks around for a few seconds, then says, "You can hide monster. Well actually you can't really hide." He takes off his glove and waves his hand, showing where the alien went. "Perp at 2 o' clock." he said. The girl standing behind him turns to her left. "That's 9 o' clock, Syd." he tells her.

"Got it." said Sydney Drew and grabs something off her belt.

"Fist of Iron." she yells and punches a stack of wooden crates. When the crates smashed together, it revealed the alien's hiding place. The alien jumped out and aimed at Sky. Thinking quickly, Sky moved his arm in a circle, creating a force field. The alien made contact with Sky's force field and was flung back onto the ground. Once back up, the alien aim its attack at the three teenagers to escape. Once it was cornered and aim its final attack, Sky uses his blaster to knock the alien off its feet for the last time.

Sky takes out a communication device. "Sky Tate reporting in. Mission complete. Please advise." he said into the device. The training session was over and a feline alien walks up to them. "Well done cadets. Your training has progresses nicely." she said, complementing them.

Bridge raises his hand. "Kat, uh…I mean ma'am…I mean Miss Manx. We're all wondering. We know that there are "A" Squad Power Rangers and we're "B" Squad cadets. Not that there's wrong with being a "B" Squad cadet, or a "C" squad, or a "D" squad." he said, babbling a bit. Kat looks at the teen, confused at what he was saying. "Let me translate. I speak fluent Bridge. He wants to know when we're getting those colorful designer suits." said Syd.

"Kat, I've told them that it's not about the suits or the weapons. It's about helping people and upholding the tradition of being a power ranger." he said confidently. Kat smiles, knowing how much Sky wanted to be like his dad. "That's up to commander Cruger, not me." she replied, deactivating the program. "Dismissed." she tells them. The three cadets saluted her and left the room. The alien stands behind Kat, looking as to attack her from behind when she turns around to change it back to its true form.

It revealed to be her lab assistant Boom, who is breathing heavily from the training. "Best cadets ever Kat." he said, still breathing heavily. She nodded and said, "Agreed. And you Boom, my eager assistant. Job well done." In the command center, cadets were everywhere, tracking something. A cadet walks to someone sitting in chair, facing the wall. "Commander Cruger, sir." said the cadet saluting him. "We have a problem in the…" The chair spins around to reveal an alien dog.

"Ninth Quadrant. I am aware. Merlanda has been destroyed. There's not a lot of time and much to be done. He is coming." he said to the cadet. In space, a ship of some sort is on a course for another planet. Down a long creepy hallway and in a room, an alien with red eyes turns his chair and says to himself, "Beware earth. Your end has begun." Back at the academy, Boom walks into the rec room with a broken arm. Syd looks at him in shock and asks, "Boom, did we do that?"

"Nah. you guys just dislocated my shoulder. I popped it back in and it's as good as gold. See?" he replies as he pops it back into its joint but he winces as he feels the pain. "Anyway this is Kat's new arm cast laser. Cool huh? Anyway, uh, I got to go. So bye." he said and starts losing balance of the tray in his hands. The tray spills onto Boom's shirt and as bridge tries to help him, the laser cast goes off. Sky walks into the rec room. "Boom. Clean up your mess." he orders the lab assistant.

"Yes sir." he said nervously. "Which mess?"

"Start with the last one you made. Then work backwards." said Sky.

"Yes sir." said Boom then walks away.

"Lighten up, Sky. Boom's a great guy. A little weird but a great guy." Syd said.

"Yea well someday our lives may depend on that great guy and then what?" he asked her, moving a chess piece across the board. "I know. I know." said Bridge, raising his hand. "Then our lives will depend on that great guy." Sky shakes his head a bit, scoffs and said, "Commander Cruger wants to see us. Now." In the command center, "A" squad is suited up and is addressed by Cruger. "Listen carefully "A" squad. Preparation is the key to any tactical defense. Report to delta air base for last minute simulation instruction. Earth depends on you. Dismissed." he says.

"A" squad points their weapons into the air and said, "Yes sir." They leave the command center with Cruger saying, "Good luck "A" squad."

"A" squad run pass Sky, Bridge and Syd when one of the members of "A" squad bumps into Bridge. He takes off a glove to read their auras when Sky said, "That is who I want to be. I'm going to be the next red ranger."

"Jeez, did you see the size of them?" said Syd. "Even the girls are massive." Bridge looks at Syd and Sky, debating on if he should say something about "A" squad. Then Syd asks, "What's wrong Bridge?" He looks down the hallway to where "A" squad was. "I don't know. Their energy…their colors…something's off." he tells them. They head into the command center and saluted to Commander Cruger. "Cadets, I trust you've enjoyed your training at the S.P.D Academy." said Cruger.

"Well, since you asked, the florescent lightening gives me a bit of a headache." said Syd.

Cruger growls at her. "Yes sir." she said before going any further. "And not that your training has ended or will it end while you're here, but as your commander, I must call upon "B" squad to step up and take on new responsibilities." said Cruger.

"Yes." whispered Bridge, then fist bumped with Syd. Out in the city, the trio were in the market. "I thought 'New responsibilities' meant kicking some intergalactic freakazoid butt. All the data device says is to bring in the parkington market thieves." complained Syd.

"That's code no doubt. What do you think it means?" said Bridge.

"Bring in the parkington market thieves." said Sky.

"You know what, Sky? You are good." he tells him when they hear a security guard shout out, "Stop thieves!" They see two teenagers and a preteen alien running towards them.

"Out of the way! We don't want to hurt you." said the African American teenager with the dreadlocks.

"Hurt us? That's a new one." said Sky. Syd holds up her badge and says to the security guard, "S.P.D., we'll take it from here."

"Thank you." said the security guard and started walking away.

"You may not be coming in peacefully, but you're coming in." said Sky. The alien preteen with the speckles on her face gave Sky a dark look before saying, "Says who? You? You're not my parents." Before long, the other teenager replicated herself and said, "What about me?" Syd turns around to see the double, then kicks it. "It's a hologram. It's not real." she says, then gets knocked down by the Hispanic teen. Realizing that it wasn't a hologram, she finally admits, "Ok, she's real." Both the alien preteen and the African American teenager patted her on the back and ran the other way.

The three of them came to a fork in the road and decided to split up. Syd went to follow the Hispanic teen while Sky and Bridge followed the other two. As Sky took on the older teen, Bridge took on the younger one and somehow had a striking resemblance to someone. "Look, I don't want to fight you. You look like a nice kid." said Bridge, trying not to provoke her. The girl scoffs and says, "Really? You couldn't catch me if I wanted you to." she then uses her genetic powers to whisk herself away in a cloud of white smoke. Bridge was confused at what she did until the preteen tapped him from behind. "You didn't see that coming mister cadet." she said then ran off to help one of her friends.

Just as she went to higher ground to help her big 'sister', Bridge was trying to figure out how someone like her had a genetic power. The other two battles were futile and the three cadet were defeated. The African American male then came out of the wall, unharmed from his battle with Sky and said to them, "I'm sorry that we can't stay to play but we've got to run." then the three of them took off. "That went well." said Bridge.

At the S.P.D Academy the three cadets were being reprimanded by Cruger. "You underestimated your opponent and were sadly defeated." he said to them.

"We are so not ready to be power rangers." said Syd.

"I'm ready." said Sky.

"Oh, so it must have been Syd and I who let those three get away." Bridge tells his fellow cadet.

"Listen to yourselves." said Cruger. "There is no team here. This is an issue that will have to overcome before you become a power ranger."

"Oh I get it. All we have to do is stop blaming, criticizing and judging each other?" said Syd.

"You forgot to mention failing to bring in suspects." Bridge chimed in.

"Right. Let's see…that puts us right on schedule to be rangers…never." Syd said, finishing her thought.

"You will meet those three again." said Cruger.

"Sir. The civilians. They were different. They have special abilities like we do. Plus the younger one had its spots on her face that reminded me of Kat." said Sky.

"Yes I know." he replied. "Cadet Tate, come with me." he motioned to Sky.

In an alley, the two teens were handing out things while the younger one was sitting on top of a beat up car, fixing one of her messenger bags. "Jack…" said the Hispanic teen. "We've been on the streets a long time together. I mean, you're my best friend and Brooke is like my little sister. You're like a brother to us both and brother, after doing five years of this, I say we change careers. I mean, I'm tired of playing Robin Hood." A homeless female alien approaches the small group, hoping to get something when Jack says, "Oh, uh, I'm sorry. We don't have anything else to give out. Maybe tomorrow." she turns away sadly but before walking away any further, he then tells her, "Wait, wait."

Jack takes off his jacket and wraps it around her to keep warm. When Jack turns to face the girls, Z folds her arms and Brooke follow suits. "What?" Jack asked the girls. "She need it. Maybe her husband did. Or her child."

"Right…so now what are we going to do? Playing Robin Hood is getting boring for someone my age." said Brooke, hoping down from the car.

"Okay, okay. You're right. We gotta do something else." said Jack.

"Ok." said the girls, seeing that it was finally time for a change. "But after we do one more job." he said, hoping that they would do this one last hoorah. "Seriously? Did what we just tell him go in one ear and out the other?" asked Brooke with irritation in her voice. "Jack, do you really think that some more food and some clothes are going to make a difference? If we're going to make a change, then we're going to have to be a part of something bigger." said Z.

Brooke nodded, wanting to be a part of something as well. "Yeah when you find something bigger, let me know." he tells them. Back at the academy, Cruger speaks to Sky out in the hallway. "Why red ranger, cadet?" asked the commander.

"Lots of reasons, sir. I'm top on "B" squad's in test scores, weaponry and in fighting. As you know sir, my father was the red ranger. Ever since I was a little kid, I've trained for the day, I'd become my dad. The next red ranger." he said.

"Your father was the best of rangers. If you're anything like him, we will all benefit by your service. Dismissed." said Cruger and Sky starts to walk away. "Cadet, if I was to appoint Syd as red ranger, would you follow her into battle?"

"Sir…she's a girl." scoffs Sky.

"Or Bridge?"

"I like Bridge, but in all honesty, sir, he's not a leader."

"I see. Thank you for your honesty, cadet. That will be all." said Cruger.

"Sir." said Sky and saluted.

In space, the ship finds a space web. "Anubis "Doggie" Cruger is still alive. The web is strong. I need a proton accelerator to move my ship through it." said the alien. He then turns to the robot. "I have a contact on earth who will get me one. My ship may not get through now, but a robot can. Get me what I ask and let no one stop you." he says to the robot.

"Yes master." the robot replies.

Z, Brooke and Jack were gathering clothes and storing them in the back of a truck that was parked behind a store. "I told you this would be a great score." said Jack, pushing one of the racks into the truck. Replications of Z were right behind him with the other racks of clothes.

"Good work Z." he says to each of them as they pass him by.

"I can't believe that I'm stuck on lookout duty…again. Why do I always get this job, Jack?" asked Brooke.

"Because we're older than you and you're the smallest..." he tells her, as the last Z brings in the last rack of clothes. "You know Z, if we put you and yourselves together, we could get an unlimited amount of clothes and food." Jack said but was interrupted by Z. Brooke ran ahead to the front of the truck. "This is the last job for me, my selves and the munchkin who were packing up and doing it alone. You got it?" said Z.

They heard a voice call out, "Help me!" Then a green looking alien runs up to them, holding something. "Take this! Don't let them have it! The future of the planet depends on it. Hide it!" he said and takes off. Kai, Z and Jack were confused by it. "What does he mean by 'hide it'?" Brooke asked Z and Jack as she reached for the box. Both Jack and Z laughed. "Why do the nuts of the world always find you?" asked Z. Then the three of them got into the truck. "Just lucky, I guess." he said.

In the command center, Sky was pacing while Bridge and Syd were playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. "Yes! 55 times in a row!" he says and Syd saw that she lost.

"Okay I'm officially bored to tears. We get called in to report in an hour ago-report to who?" Syd said angrily.

"Whom." Bridge said, correcting her grammar.

"Don't correct me again." snapped Syd. Bridge looked like he was put out and Syd regretted it immediately. "I'm sorry. I'm just a little tense watching walkathon boy wear a path in the floor." she said. Annoyed at this, Sky replied, "If you have a problem with it Sydney, make me."

"Okay. I maybe a girl and I may be cute, but no one…" said Syd, as she went for him, trying to stop him from pacing any further. At the same time, Cruger walks into the command center and sees this. "I trust that you are using this time to bond as a team." he said.

"Yes sir." they said, stopping whatever they were doing. "Good. Come this way." Cruger said to the cadets. They entered the lab of Kat Manx, who was still sitting at her computer, typing. "Without going into details, earth's ultimate survival, dictates that I elevate your team to active status. Any questions?" said Cruger. Bridge raised his hand. "Um…yeah. Just one. Did you say, 'Ultimate Survival', as in earth may be destroyed?" asked Bridge.

"I did." said Cruger.

"Cadets, you have spent the last two years in simulation training. But this time, the game is real." explained Kat. She motioned to Boom and he steps forward with a tray of black and white devices. "S.P.D Morphers." Kat continued. "They are, without a doubt your best friend. They are also judgement scanners. They will judge the guilt or innocence of those you take into custody. Boom…" He looks over to her with a confused look. "Guilty or innocent of eating the last slice of cake today." The morpher begins to read Boom as Kat further explains the judgement scanner. Then the morpher stops on the red x. "Guilty." said Kat and Boom's go wide in fear. "And it doesn't make mistakes."

"Okay, I'm guilty. But it was just a piece of cake!" Boom exclaims and that's when Kat presses a button on the morpher. In less than a minute, Boom was placed in what looked like a playing card. Kat walks over and picks up Boom. "This makes transportation of the detainee a nonissue." she said, shaking the card.

"You are now trained and equipped. You are now the new "B" squad power rangers. Congratulations." said Cruger. Happy as they were, the commander had more to tell them.

"Celebration can come later. I need your assistance on an urgent matter. Follow me."

The three cadets followed him and Kat put down the still contained Boom, vowing that he wouldn't eat chocolate cake again. The cadets had gotten into their vehicles, Cruger tells them the street thieves coordinates were programed in their vehicle's computer. Out on the street, Jack and Z were passing out items while Brooke was working on her homework. Jack had picked up what the alien had given them the night before. "This is the last of it. You can't eat it or wear it. It has no value." he said, chucking it into the trash can. Z shakes her head as Brooke looks up from her binder. "Now did you see how much those people appreciated what we gave them?" asked Jack.

"Yeah, it gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling that I hate so much and no I didn't change my mind about wanting to do something bigger." said Z. She motioned for Brooke to follow her.

Brooke closed her school notebook and hopped down from the back of the truck. Just as the three of them were about to walk away, a couple of SPD vehicles pulled up. Sky, Bridge and Syd walked up. "Nice to see you three again." said Sky.

"I told you we should have quit while we were ahead Jack." said Z.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of this and we'll be on our way." he tells her.

"Does this mean I get out of school tomorrow?" asked Brooke.

"No it doesn't. If this goes well, you'll be there before the first bell rings." replied Jack.

"The munchkin is still in school? Talk about a bad role model." said Syd. Brooke looked down at her school bag and notebook, then got angry. "Don't call me a munchkin! At least I have someone to look up to as a brother or sister. Let me guess, mom and dad spoiled you rotten?" Brooke shot back at her. Syd gave her a disgusted look. Jack runs up as Sky creates a force field, pushing him back. "Jack!" Z and Brooke cried out. They both looked at the cadets. "Guess what? You're not the only ones with tricks." said Sky.

"You don't have to be rude." said Kai.

"Jack, let's get out of here. Come on Brooke." said Z as she helped him up and grabbed her hand. "We can't do that. We need to finish this here and now or these clown will be bugging us forever." said Jack. The three cadets split up to catch the three thieves. Brooke ran as fast as she could, realizing that the three cadets were too much for her, Jack and Z. "This will not go well." said Brooke, looking at both Z and Jack. Before anything else a fight ensues.

Not taking part, Brooke went after Z and Bridge. "Listen, I think that we should go about this in the smoothest and most respectful way possible, each valuing each other's humanity and dignity. Or not." said Bridge. Brooke stood there, not knowing whether to run away and hide or give up and surrender. Then suddenly, Jack was near them.

"We're not doing as well as before bro. Any suggestions?" said Z.

"Run?" asked Jack.

"Running sounds good right about now." said Brooke.

Sky raised his scanner and said, "You three have been charged of stealing and distributing stolen goods."

"Can you prove it?" asked Jack. Bridge smiled, then said, "Actually yes we can."

"Well, at least this gets me out of my chemistry test tomorrow." said Brooke.

"I thought you liked that class." said Z.

"I did but not since the chemical fiasco." she replied.

"What chemical fiasco?" asked Bridge, curious to know what happened.

"You wouldn't like hearing that story." said a nervous Brooke.

"Any chance of going two out of three?" Z asked. When no one answers her question, she then says, "Didn't think so." Before long, the scanner confirmed them guilty. "Wait! What are you going to do with us?" Z asked, grabbing a hold of Brooke.

"We're going to blast you with antimatter fusion, which reduces you to about this big and this thin." Bridge answered, measuring the size of the containment card with his hands to them. "Instantaneously inserted into a containment card where you are shipped off for filling until your time is served." Sky and Syd gave him a look. "You just had to ask Z." Jack stated.

Brooke glared at him. "Dude, I swear that what we say sometimes goes in one ear and out the other." she said to him.

"You do the crime, you do the time." said Syd. "I always wanted to say that."

"Enough with the small talk." said Sky, as he held out his morpher again. Brooke was getting nervous when suddenly a blue headed robot appeared and landed in between the six people. The robot tossed up a sphere and more of its kind came out. "That's okay. A few extra friends won't bother us." said Sky as he, Bridge and Syd took fighting stances. Z and Jack looked down at Brooke with a questioning look on their face. "Don't look at me like that. I didn't build those things. You would have known first hand if I had built something like that. I don't even have the parts to build them. I'm smart but not that smart." said Brooke, placing her hands on her hips.

Jack then turned to face the three cadets. "Hate to break it to you but these aren't our friends." Jack replied. "So with our deepest apologies, we will take this opportunity to be on our way." He bowed to the cadets. "Let's go Z, Brooke." They then left, leaving the cadets surrounded by robots.