Chapter 1: The Break-Up

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Thought it would be fun to jump back into the good old days of Chuck the asset, and Sarah the handler. Beefcake and Lethal Weapon were two intriguing was tough to watch with the Sarah/Cole bit, but had some pretty good stuff to offer. So, I decided to take those two episodes...and turn things upside down.

Instead of Cole Barker, we're dealing with Colette Barker, an attractive lady MI6 agent in a deviated A/U setting from canon. Wonder how Sarah is going to respond to that? Hmm. Obviously, this will change the storyline quite a bit...with a few surprises along the way. I modeled Colette's character after British actress Sophia Myles, if you're wanting a mental visual. She played in the British spy series Spooks, or MI5, as Beth Bailey.

Came up with this idea a really long time ago, and decided to clean the cobwebs off, polish it up, and give it a whirl. It's going to be a tad different this go around, with a bit more intrigue, a small dose of angst, but the end will justify the means. I try to keep things interesting...I'll leave it at that.

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Castle: Sarah's Private Bathroom

Sarah Walker, CIA super-spy assassin…was bawling. Crying uncontrollably. Not in pain, not from torture…but because Ellie and Devon were trying to convince Chuck to break up with her.

Sarah bit her lip while sitting in Castle, observing the exchange from a surveillance monitor…then stood up, and walked swiftly to the restroom. Upon entry, the dam burst.

Covering her mouth, Sarah ran into the stall, slammed the door, and sat on the toilet lid…heaving from sobs.

She had gone too far this time, and she knew it. All Chuck wanted to do was spend one more night in their…fake suburban home. Chuck didn't realize the entire cul de sac was on lock-down, and there were enough CIA and NSA agents picking through the entire neighborhood with a fine-tooth-comb, she couldn't spend one more glorious night living HER dream of being a normal girl, MARRIED to Chuck Bartowski.

Did he not get the hint when she cooked him breakfast? Did he not see this is what SHE really wanted? That…kissing him good-bye as he left for work was her everyday DREAM? ARGH!

She even wore that pink satin and lace gown for his eyes only. The way he looked away when she caught him appraising her from behind, was typical Chuck. Ever the gentleman…but she didn't mind him staring. In fact…she wanted him to stare.

Sarah gulped audibly at the thought of Chuck taking her from behind, right there in the kitchen. Sarah licked her lips, and moaned softly, feeling her arousal growing. She got control of herself, and sighed heavily…her tears now falling again.

Things were beyond complicated. She now hated that word.

The CIA even returned the damn dog to the pound. How cruel was that? The sweet, lovable Labrador would probably be put-down in a few weeks, unless he got adopted.

Wait…did she just call a dog 'lovable?' Her last memory of a dog was that demonic hound trying to tear her throat out on a one mission some time before arriving in Burbank.

"We'll see about that." Sarah mused, already plotting a side mission to rescue the innocent, sweet dog.

Sarah smiled. "I really have changed…he changed me…" Sarah started crying again. "Oh, Chuck...I'm so sorry I had to do that…I wanted to go back…just the two of us…I wanted it so bad…"

Sarah heard Casey's steps, and she frantically wiped her face, controlling her breathing. She was still in the restroom…her only solitude in Castle.

Casey walked by, and Sarah removed her 'fart machine' Chuck purchased as a gag on one of their cover dates…pushing the button.


Casey half-grunted, half-choked, whispering to himself. "God…damn. Sounds like a rough one. Hang in there, Walker."

"Uh…be right out, Casey!" Sarah said in a tone, a little more higher pitched than she had wanted.

Casey froze dead in his tracks. "Uh…sorry Walker…take your time." Casey scurried away, now embarrassed.

Sarah eyed the gag gift in awe, tears trickling down her cheeks. "Can't believe this thing actually works."

Sarah stared ahead, her mouth quivering. "Okay…I can do this. I convince him…we don't feel the need to label our relationship…oh Chuck please don't break up with me again…come on, Sarah…get control…but…we enjoy each other's company." Sarah smiled. "That could work…"

Sarah got up, flushing the toilet for good effect…even though she had been sitting in the stall, on the seat. She turned on the water, quickly washing the tears and sadness from her flush face. She took powerful breaths, to allow the color to return to her face, then put a few drops in her eyes to make the redness go away.

Sarah closed her eyes, and counted backwards from 10. She opened them, her spy mask now firmly in place. The thought of Chuck entering her mind caused her to close her eyes, but she quickly got control.

"This is getting harder…and harder by the day." Sarah said softly. "I love him…and I don't know what to do about it…"

But today, Sarah had a job to do. Protect Chuck Bartowski…the man she loved. She may not know what to do about it…but she knew she couldn't let him break up with her…again.

Sarah exited the restroom, and noticed Casey wouldn't make eye contact. He simply gave a toast with his coffee mug, and returned to his report. "Walker."

"Casey." Sarah said, her tone flat.

Beckman appeared on screen. "Good morning. We have a new mission. Collect the asset, and we'll re-convene in 30 minutes."

"Yes, General." Casey said, then the screen went blank.

Sarah turned, holding up a hand. "I'll get him, Casey."

Casey grunted. "Thanks. Ur…sorry about…"

Sarah waved a hand as she walked up the stairs. "Don't mention it."

Casey grunted, shaking his head as Sarah left. "I won't. That stuff I ate last night did the same thing to me. Damn take-out."

Buy More

Chuck strolled into the Buy More with slumped shoulders and a heavy heart. Over breakfast, Ellie and Awesome confided in Chuck, if his relationship wasn't going anywhere with Sarah, he should break up with her.

Ellie and Awesome had a point. Maybe Chuck's shattered heart could use a break, and it wasn't fair. The problem is, it hadn't been fair from the beginning. To…be this close to the woman he loved, yet couldn't have.

The emotional rollercoaster with Sarah was wearing Chuck down. She could be warm and affectionate one minute, cold and distant the next.

Chuck's phone rang. It was Sarah, the object of Chuck's turmoil. Chuck stared at Sarah's picture on his phone and sighed.

"Screening my calls?" Sarah asked as she materialized from one of the aisles.

Chuck nearly jumped out of his skin. How the frack does she do that? "AH! Uh…no…yes…I've been meaning to talk to you…just…wanted to wait until the right time."

Sarah let Chuck off the hook. "Come on. I'll fix you a banana split, and we'll talk."

Sarah took Chuck by the arm, and led him to the Orange Orange in order to prepare a banana split. Breathe, Sarah. You can do this.

Sarah began chopping a banana while Chuck stared on in awe. The way Sarah expertly handled the knife was a little intimidating.

Sarah turned, the knife firmly in her hands. "Now…what did you want to talk about?"

Chuck grinned, still intimidated by the knife-wielding assassin. "You first."

"I have a feeling mine is spy related, and yours is not." Sarah said, glancing away to hide her sadness.

Chuck stared at his feet, then broke the silence. "Sarah, I…"

Sarah turned suddenly. "You wanna break up again." It was a statement, not a question.

Chuck narrowed his eyes questioningly.

Sarah turned her attention back to her task. "I…may have picked up some Ellie and Awesome chatter around the breakfast table this morning."

Chuck nodded in understanding, muttering. "Right. Spy."

Sarah took a moment to study Chuck. He looked worn and conflicted. The last thing she wanted to happen in this moment was another break-up. It was the closest thing to being "real" Sarah could have with Chuck.

Sarah wasn't about to let herself be reassigned. Sarah decided she would do whatever it took to stay with him, even if she had to push him away to give the appearance she was "handling her asset."

Chuck took a deep breath, then looked Sarah in the eyes. "Sarah, it's not you, it's me."

Casey appeared at the freezer entrance to Castle. "Uh, oh. Bad move, Bartowski. Never give the 'it's not you, it's me' cop-out to a trained assassin with a knife."

Sarah turned her attention back to the banana split, and bit her lip to keep from laughing. Chuck crossed his arms and huffed in frustration, turning away. Sarah glanced in Chuck's direction and sensed a hint of anger in Chuck's posture.

Chuck shot his eyes to Casey and spoke with a hint of sarcasm. "Thanks for the advice Casey."

Casey grunted in amusement. "We have a mission. Briefing in 10 minutes." With that, Casey turned and left.

Chuck muttered under his breath. "Of course we have a new mission. That's all I do. Mission, mission, mission. I feel like an indentured servant...but even they got a contract."

Sarah cringed. Tread carefully. Okay, change of plans. Keep things simple.

Sarah laid the knife down to make herself appear less intimidating.

Sarah softened her posture and voice. "Chuck, you can tell Ellie and Awesome although we enjoy each other's company, we don't feel the need to define our relationship at the moment." Which isn't a complete stretch from the truth.

Chuck's tone was soft, yet firm. "It still wouldn't be real."

But it WOULD BE. Why can't you SEE THAT!? "Chuck, I'm sorry if things are difficult for you right now, but we have to maintain our cover."

Sarah noticed the sadness that appeared on Chuck's face. "I'd rather be friends. We don't have to pretend to be friends."

Sarah knew she couldn't go further because of the surveillance. She decided she would let Chuck cool down and talk to him later. "So, you wanna break up again?"

Chuck didn't hesitate. "Yes, I do."

Sarah turned away to compose herself. "Okay." DAMMIT! Okay, regroup…this isn't over yet.

Silence passed between the two. Chuck closed his eyes, and got up to head into Castle. He paused behind Sarah.

"I'm sorry, Sarah. The last thing I want to do is…be a jerk about this."

Sarah schooled her expression, and turned. "Chuck, is this all that's bothering you? You know you can talk to me about anything." Something seems off this time. It's like he's…

Chuck nodded. "No offense, but I don't think even you can help me right now."

Chuck lowered his head, and walked into Castle. Sarah stopped herself from trying to keep Chuck from leaving, then paused for a moment to gather her composure. Sarah realized she needed to act fast, or Chuck was on the verge of a total collapse. He's shutting down…he's shutting me out…Oh, God…

Minutes later, the team was assembled around the Castle conference table when Beckman appeared.

"Good morning team. Last night, we received intel that a possible enemy agent is looking to sell a data drive to Fulcrum. The data drive was recovered from the body of Brad White, one of the Fulcrum agents who participated in the Meadowbranch Intersect prototype testing. The data drive was inside a belt buckle, and was removed from White's body at a CIA dump site by Colette Barker. We're not sure who Barker works for, so she could be an enemy agent."

Pictures of White, the belt buckle, and Barker appeared on the screen. Sarah eyed Chuck in amusement when he commented on White's body.

"That's just nasty."

Sarah was the first to speak. "General, do we know what was on the data drive?"

Beckman looked concerned. "No, but it is imperative we recover that drive. Fulcrum chatter has been high on this one. Barker will be meeting with a Fulcrum agent tonight at the Westin Hotel bar to sell the data drive. Mr. Bartowski, we have reason to believe Barker is an electronics expert. That's where you come in. I know you have only done this type of mission once, but we want you to meet Barker, and recover the data drive."

Chuck had a questioning look on his face. "How exactly do you want me to recover the data drive, General?"

Casey grunted amused. Sarah shot him a look.

Beckman spoke curtly. "By any means necessary."

Chuck shot from his seat, and waved his hands erratically. "No, no, no, General, I'm not cut out for that type of mission."

Casey grunted. "I agree, General. Blondes aren't his type."

Sarah shot Casey daggers at the comment. Chuck ignored the jab.

"General, I almost got Sarah and Casey killed during the Banecheck mission…"

Beckman cut Chuck to the quick. "The mission was still a success…barely. Agent Walker will coach you through it. Agent Casey will be at the hotel bar providing backup."

Chuck wasn't having it. "General, I can't do this!"

Beckman didn't budge. "Mr. Bartowski, you are going to follow through with the plans for this mission, and I mean, by any means necessary! The decision is final!" Beckman disconnected.

Chuck put his hands on his hips and turned. "Great. Now I'm reduced to a damn gigolo!"

Sarah and Casey both gasped at Chuck's choice of words. He wasn't in the habit of using profanity.

Casey grunted. "Man up, Bartowski."

Chuck put his hands on his hips and muttered. "Screw you, Casey."

This is getting fun. The kid's growing a pair. Casey injected levity in his tone. "Look on the bright side. You might get laid."

Chuck shook his head in frustration, plopping in a nearby chair. Sarah bore daggers at Casey, and intervened.

"Guys, let's focus on the mission, alright? Chuck, you're going to be fine."

"Easy for you to say. You're trained for this sort of thing, I'm not. I'm not the kind of guy who hits on some random stranger."

Sarah approached Chuck cautiously, wanting desperately to embrace him, but knew better. "Look, I understand this type of mission is uncomfortable for you. But, it is important for you to remain calm, okay? I'll talk you through this."

Chuck shook his head incredulously. "How? Sarah, she'll see right through me! I mean…I hate lying to people for starters…but do you honestly think she'll believe I'm this…successful guy with a lot to offer?"

"He has a point." Casey jested.

Sarah shrugged. "Okay, then be yourself."

Chuck stared at Sarah incredulously. "What happened to Roan Montgomery's three-pronged attack? You know, lubricate her with alcohol, be aggressive, and if that doesn't work, act like a sanctimonious jackass?"

Sarah leaned on the table, and crossed her arms. "Beckman said Barker is an electronics expert. You can use that as your angle. Start off with a common interest, then let the conversation flow from there. Just be the nice guy that you are."

Chuck shook his head dejectedly. "Yeah, like that works. I'm not exactly charming."

Sarah stared in Chuck's eyes. "Yeah…you are" Sarah glanced away to get control of herself before proceeding. She had to be careful what she said under the watchful eye of surveillance. She needed to appear as though she was boosting the 'asset's' confidence, instead of spilling her soul. "Chuck, not all women are attracted to overly-aggressive, arrogant men. A lot of women appreciate a man being a gentleman." I certainly do.

Chuck rolled his eyes, using his hands to illustrate his point. "Come on, Sarah. Barker is a spy. If the roles were reversed, and she happened to be a guy, you would be the one having to do this. Can you honestly tell me that the 'hi, I'm a nice person' approach would work?"

Sarah froze. Checkmate. She knew Chuck was absolutely right. Had the mark been male, she would have had to seduce the mark into submission.

Chuck got up to leave. "I rest my case."

Chuck stopped at the base of the stairs, seeing Sarah's head slump. Chuck misconstrued her lowered head as his fault, rather than Sarah fighting a raging battle with her inner turmoil. "Sarah, I'm sorry. That was uncalled for."

Chuck turned to face Sarah. Sarah raised her now schooled face. "Here's my problem. I'm not a spy, and I don't want to screw this up. If I go in there, that's what will happen. Second, I'm not sure how much more of this I can take. I mean, I can't have a real relationship with anyone, I have had to lie to my friends, and family for almost two years now, and I recently had to degrade my best friend for the sake of the mission. Now, I have to walk into a bar, and hit on some random stranger while you sit back and watch…" Chuck trailed as he realized his slip.

Chuck's words crumbled Sarah's mask. All she could grind out, while fighting the urge to burst into tears, was, "Chuck…"

Chuck held up his hands. "Just for the record, if it were me having to sit back and watch you go through with this…it would hurt. The CIA, NSA, or whoever should come up with a better plan then demeaning their agents by forcing them to seduce some bad guy. Or girl, in this case." Chuck said the last part with a confused look.

Chuck turned and left Castle. Sarah sat for several moments composing herself. FUCK! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! I cannot BELIEVE this is happening!

Casey rounded the corner, and motioned for Sarah to follow him. The pair left Castle, and stood at the back of the Orange Orange.

Casey was the first to speak. "What's going on with the moron, Walker?"

Sarah deflected. "He seems…frustrated. We have asked him to do a lot lately that goes against his principles."

Casey nodded. "I think it's more than that. I thought it was that crap with his old honey Jill that has had his panties in a bunch. I'm curious if it's more to do with you."

"What do you mean?" Sarah asked, folding her arms, her headache brewing from the mention of Jill.

"Let's cut the crap. You're compromised. I know it, and you know it. Here's the immediate problem. You're laying the dog and pony show on a little too thick. You may have Beckman fooled, but you don't have me fooled." The intensity in Casey's eyes gave Sarah a moment of pause.

Sarah deflected, fearful of where this was heading. "Casey, I'm effective as Chuck's handler. What exactly are you implying?"

Casey softened his stance. "Never thought I would say this…but maybe you should throw protocol out the window, and drop the act."

Sarah grinned slightly from Casey's well-calculated words. Clever. "Casey, if this is some trick to get me to admit I'm compromised, it won't work."

Casey grunted in understanding. "I would be skeptical too. Here's the facts as I see it. This team is running at its best when the two of you aren't at each other's throats. Maybe you need to stop lying to yourself, and everyone else that you two have more than just a professional relationship. Now, before you go accusing me of baiting you, maybe I am. But, it's not for the reasons you think. If Beckman slaps you with a 49B, that's worse case scenario for this team. Bartowski won't last 5 minutes with a new handler. He'd be a dead man walking. You're the only one he trusts, and that trust is the reason he still has a pulse. Your role here is more important than mine, but I'll be watching your six…your blind spot." Casey paused. "This team is a disaster if you two aren't dipping your chocolate in each other's peanut butter."

Sarah pondered Casey's words. She decided to gamble.

"Alright, Casey. I'll bite. Let's say, hypothetically, that I am attached to the asset. Will that change anything? No. Chuck is still my asset, and I have to follow protocol. Otherwise, we both know what will happen. So we understand each other, I will NOT let Chuck end up in a bunker, or dead!" Sarah stood defiant. "I won't be reassigned either."

Casey didn't blink. "Then we need to figure something out, and fast. In case you haven't noticed…the kid's at the breaking point. Dig your head out of your ass. After the last mission…he didn't cry that night. He was quiet. Stone cold. I'll be glad to show you the surveillance. You know what that means? He's disengaging. He's stopped playing by the rules. Dumping you this morning was just the beginning."

Sarah blinked once, trying not to break down in front of Casey. She channeled her heartbreak into anger. Something she had mastered to a fine art by now. "Fine, smartass, what are we going to do?" Sarah put her hands on her hips, and dug her nails into her skin to control the raging inferno of emotions boiling to the surface.

Casey grunted solemnly. "You know as well as I do, our bosses often suffer from a decision-making disorder. We have to prove he's more valuable than what they think. All they see is a skinny ass loser who happens to host our secrets, and not his true worth. You know he's capable of more, and I know it. Instead of treating him like a damn agent, we need to find a way to…teach him. Mold him into what he needs to be. I hate to say it…but maybe he needs to become a spy."

Sarah stared Casey in the eyes. Turning Chuck into a spy was a hot-button. "Chuck is too good for that to happen. You know he will never hurt anyone. What about an analyst? That's basically what he's doing anyway, he's just not getting paid for it. We're treating an innocent American citizen who is actually cooperating, and desperately trying to do his part, like shit. It's wrong, Casey. Even you can admit that."

Casey nodded. "I concur. The kid's sharp. As a razor. More than most agents or analysts I've worked with. We just have to figure out how to get Beckman to see things our way, without either of us getting reassigned for giving a damn. The last thing we need to do here, is give Beckman the impression we give a damn. We have to appear detached, Walker."

Sarah huffed in frustration. "Alright. Since we're laying all cards on the table…no, Casey. I'm not compromised by definition. But…I do care about Chuck, and I will NOT see him harmed. I am attached. He is more to me than just a cover, but I can still do my job. He doesn't understand the government doesn't give a damn about his life. I…we have to protect him from himself. From…taking that one risk to help us…that could be his last. You know he would die for either of us, just to keep us safe. I won't see him dead." Sarah paused, as her voice started cracking. "Now, what happens next?"

Casey crossed his arms. "That's up to you."

Sarah narrowed her eyes. "How is that up to me?"

"If you want me to draw you a picture, forget it. If Bartowski is who you want, I won't be the one to turn you in. What I want, is for this little dick-dance you keep putting on to stop. Bartowski's not an idiot. Sending him mixed signals is only making matters worse, and he's shutting down. His confidence is in the toilet because every girl he gets close to betrayed him, and he now has a college degree he can't use. All I ask is a head's up so I can turn a blind eye if you decide on any…conjugal visits. I'm sure Bartowski has already figured out a way around the surveillance. The kid's sharp." Casey said firmly.

Casey paused before continuing. "Fact is, the kid is about to completely disengage. The signs are there. He wants the pain to stop. He's about to crack wide open, Walker."

Sarah nodded. "Casey…once I do this…the game changes."

Casey grunted lowly. "I know. There's something else you need to know. Ellie wasn't the only one who convinced Bartowski to break up with you."

Sarah shot her eyes to Casey. "Who?"

Casey grunted in disgust. "Larkin. On his last visit, he convinced the idiot your feelings for one another would get you killed."

Sarah's jaws dropped. "That's why Chuck broke up with me? Because of Bryce?"

Casey shook his head. "I'm shocked you didn't figure it out. Think about it. Larkin was going on and on lecturing you on your feelings, and then the moron pulled that stunt? You should have smacked some sense into Bartowski for being a naïve idiot, and I ought to smack some sense into you for not realizing Larkin was nixing the competition so he could get in your pants. Jesus, Walker. Wake up."

Sarah paced back and forth in thought. "That…sonofabitch! I'm going to kill Bryce the next time I see him!"

Casey grunted amused. "I think you should kill Bartowski for being a moron."

Sarah paused. "I can't fault him…well, not entirely. He will do anything to keep either of us safe, Casey. You know that."

Casey glanced away. "Look, Walker. The kid trusts you. When the two of you are on the same page, you can better control him."

Sarah crossed her arms. "Casey, this isn't about controlling him. This is about keeping him safe. This is also personal. He…gets me. He knows what I am, and he hasn't run away screaming. He cares, and I care about him."

Casey grinned. "I know. And…here's another piece of advice, since we're having our Kodak moment. You need to be more in-tune with Bartowski when Larkin is around. The guy ruined him. Larkin will always be a thorn in Bartowski's ass. You need to nip that in the bud."

Casey grunted in disgust. "For the life of me…what the hell did you see in that guy?"

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Convenience."

"Give me a break…they make toys to scratch that itch. The end result is the same. I bet Larkin needed a microscope to find his man meat." Casey snarled.

Sarah glanced away, ignoring the implications of Casey's assessment. "Never said all my decisions were perfect. And…the missions with Bryce didn't help Chuck. I know that…but what was I supposed to do? Bryce couldn't know how I felt about Chuck. He would have seen me as a liability on Chuck's safety."

Casey shrugged. "Bartowski is no saint. The name Jill ring a bell?"

Sarah's eyes turned primal. "That's different. She used him…seduced him…and almost captured him!" Sarah paused, her mouth turning to a small smile. "He saved my life…when she tried to shoot me. He even apologized for what happened…I didn't even do that after Bryce left."

Sarah made eye contact, her tone almost childish. "Casey, the guy thought I would never speak to him again…he's so sweet." Sarah turned primal, her tone ice cold. "She fucked Chuck again…in both senses of the word. That traitorous whore. I should have cut her throat, and let her bleed out in the damn Nerd Herder...but I couldn't do that. For Chuck's sake."

Sarah put her eyes back on Casey. "Casey…you're right. Thank you."

Casey nodded. "You can thank me by getting Bartowski back to his annoying self. For the record…I'm rootin' for you both. But…let's keep that little tidbit to ourselves." Casey grinned sadistically.

Sarah's mood turned forlorn. "Now I just have to figure out how to deal with tonight. Casey, Chuck told me he didn't want to do this mission with me having to watch."

Casey crossed his arms and nodded. "The kid's not wired like us. If it were you having to do this mission, you know what it would do. He's growing up. That's apparent. But…I think that wouldn't be good for his morale."

Sarah sighed. "I know. He doesn't understand we are trained for this. I hate those types of assignments. He doesn't understand that seduction doesn't mean sex. He's seen too many damn movies where James Bond sleeps with every skank he comes across. That's not how we do things in the real world."

"Then make him understand. If you talk to him, it might help."

Sarah thought for a moment and frowned. "He told me he didn't want to do this mission with me having to watch, and it would hurt him if it were me having to do this."

Sarah huffed. "This is frustrating. I…I don't even know how to be in a meaningful relationship. To…be the kind of girl he needs. Casey…any girl in her right mind would be lucky to have him…I…don't know how to be that girl...but I will. Some how...I'm going to learn how."

Sarah paused. "You're right. I'm done hurting him. I wasn't sure how much more of this I could take." Sarah glanced away, still unsure of herself.

Casey snorted. "In that case, find a nice quiet spot, and ride that kid like a bull. Soon. Get rid of the sexual tension, and you can figure the rest out as you go. You know how…chatty Bartowski can be. I'm sure he can help you sort out the...feeling stuff. I was beginning to think I needed to lock you both in a room."

Sarah rolled her eyes. Casey turned serious.

"Just tell me one thing. Bartowski…how serious is it?"

Sarah looked down, took a breath, and then locked eyes with Casey.

"As much as it is hard for me to admit this…Casey…this isn't some fling. Chuck…is my guy."

Casey grunted lowly. "Then he's in good hands."

Sarah smiled sadistically at the comment. Casey knew her all too well. Sarah would maul anyone who tried to harm Chuck.

Casey stared Sarah in the eyes. "Jesus, Walker. You're fucking intense about that kid."

Sarah replied in an icy tone. "He's my Chuck. If anyone, and I mean anyone tries to hurt him, or take him away from me…they better bring plenty of body bags."

A/N: I fully recognize the dialogue between Sarah and Casey is blunt, in your face, direct, and pretty dark. They're spies, after all. Life and death decisions are constant in their line of work, so I can imagine their one-on-one interactions are pretty raw. I'm basing this interaction on how servicemen talk to one another. Thought I would throw that out there if anyone was shocked by it. Don't be. They see the ugliness in the word, so their attitude and language will be raw.

If Chuck had aired on Showtime, you can bet your left shoe the language and adult themes would have been very unfiltered.