RECAP OF END OF PART III - Sunday October 27th 1985- Doc Brown briefly returns in his Time Train with Clara and their two sons Jules and Verne. Doc tells Marty and Jennifer, 'Their future is whatever they make it, so make it a good one, both of you.' Before Doc and his family head off into the space time continuum, Marty asks Doc if he's going back to the future? He replies 'Nope, already been there. Marty and Jennifer bid farewell, as Doc and his family head off in time.

Monday October 28th 1985 - A Libyan Terrorist Cell are holding Los Angeles at Ransom and threat, that if they do not release the two suspects arrested at Lone Pine Mall, Hill Valley, they will detonate a nuclear bomb. Doc Brown then appears on the scene and in exchange for the safety of the future, he offers $5 million after he ripped off Plutonium from the Libyans and the fake bomb he built out of pinball machine parts. They give Doc the detonator and before Doc heads off in time, he asks the leader of the group, who built them the new bomb? The leader refuses to co-operate. Little do the Libyans realize the money is counterfeit when arrested, the FBI suspect the terrorists were bluffing about the bomb. The Libyans accuse Doc Brown of duping them again.

Wednesday October 21st 2015 - The future is nothing like depicted in part II. No flying cars, no hoverboards, self lacing shoes etc- just like a modern day 2015. Marty is a widower after Jennifer died in the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York and they have a daughter, who he barely sees and is Lorraine's legal Guardian. Marty receives a letter from the past from Doc, who informs Marty that the future they arrived in originally, will not exist, as Doc changed the past. The chain of events that created the advanced future in Part II, was down to Doc's association with the Libyans. After Doc was shot in 1985, and between Marty's trip to and back from 1955, the Libyans crashed into a Foto Booth, which led to Doc and Marty to flee the scene and the terrorists arrest. Meanwhile, the terrorist cell, discovered two of their men had been encarcerated and were approached by an unknown source, who offered to build them a bomb. They threatened that if the two Libyans weren't released from custody, they would detonate the bomb. The government failed to negotiate and the bomb was let off, leading to catastrophic events. Doc continues to explain, that he felt really guilty for what happened, leading to the event and went back to 1985 to prevent the disaster. Originally the disaster, led to Goldie Wilson II, a government scientist, to create artificial technology that would prevent any terrorist attack on America and their allies. This then inspired Goldie Wilson III, to create the Luxury Future, the one Doc, Marty and Jennifer originally arrived in. Now, Doc has altered events, it did have occurr to Goldie Wilson I son to advance his science to protect against terrorism and for his son to be inpsired by his fathers greatness to create a super future. But that's not the only event that's changed in the future, Doc provides Marty, with information, that leaves him broken. Due to Marty's time travelling over the weekend in 1985, he was diagnozed withn Parkinsons and in the original advanced future, they had enough scientific technology to just about find a cure. But, Doc was then distracted by the events of 1985, that he forgot how stem cell research reached a positive conclusion, after he altered events. Doc states he went further into the future to see if he could find a cure, but to no aveil and admits he cannot bare to look Marty in the eye, as he had to put the lives of millions before his friends welfare. He tells Marty he loves him like a son and then gets the potential paradox topic. Doc insists that no matter what, Biff must steal the time machine in 2015 to give himself the book in 1955, where events eventually leads their younger counterparts to travel back to 1955, where eventually Doc ends up in 1885, meets Clara and has his sons. It's compulsary for these events to occur or the Univere will be at an end. Doc tells Marty, that he wrote a letter to his counterpart in 1985 prior to his future visit, to bring Marty and Jennifers younger selves to 2015 no matter what, stating that his future was in trouble, but the Almanac scenario, will be down to Old Biff possibly remembering what had happened in 1955 and noticing how much he replicates, the Biff that gave him the book. Doc wishes Marty good luck.

Marty feels reluctant to do this favour, but feels it's only to protect the space time continuum. And when Marty attempts to coax Biff to steal the time machine and give then almanac, Doc's hunch was right. Biff realizes that it was his future self that gave him the Almanac and discovers the reason why Marty was so interested in getting Lorraine and George together. It soon dawns on Biff that the idenity of Calvin Klein, is Marty Mcfly. Biff is so shocked he has a heart attack and dies. Marty is now at his wits end, but then it dawns on him, that he has one last chance.

Monday October 26th 2015 - the early hours of Monday morning, sees 65 year old Doc Brown arrive from October 26th 1985. Marty explains the situation and shows Doc the letter, which explains his future selfs actions. Marty suggest they go back to 1905 to stop Doc going to the future, but 1985 Doc, thinks that would be totally distastrous and selfish. But they could go back to 1985, to encourage Goldie Wilson II to create the techology that eventually led up to the advanced future originally. It's a long shot, but worth a try. Doc and Marty return to 1985 in a Plutonium powered Delorean, not before Marty's daughter Linda, named after Marty's late sister, sees them and are forced to take her with them. Doc warns to Marty and Linda to stay with the time machine, while he meets with the mayors son. Doc refuels the Plutonium chamber, before he disguises himself and proceed with the mission and leaves Marty and Linda with the Delorean in an alley. While Doc tries to infiltrate Wilsons quarters, Marty carelessly lets himself be seen in daylight-by Lorraine Mcfly, who mistakes him for Calvin Klein. She sneaks into the passenger seat and shocks him by her presence, as she is in conversation with Marty's daughter. Lorraine is infatuated with the Delorean and asks for a spin. She notices how unwell Marty looks and he makes out he's a chronic alcoholic. Suddenly, the mission goes sour and Doc is arrested for involving himself with the Libyans. Authorities then locate the Delorean. Marty, Linda and Lorraine escape in the Delorean with Lorraine at the wheel and the police give chase. Gun fire and richochets seemingly scramble the time circuits and Marty, Linda and Lorraine are hauled back to the Prohibition Era, 1925!

Marty, Linda and Lorraine get involved with Alcohol gangsters, Tannens and the Mafia, while trying to find a way back to the future. Lorraine and Linda meet their ancesters, as does Marty, who is re-introduced to Seamous, William and an old vengeful Buford Tannen. Plus, Marty meets five year old Emmett, Doc Brown as a young boy.

Lorraine and Marty are kidnapped by the Tannens, who are in dispute with the local mafia and Doc's sons Jules and Verne. Following a successful rescue by Linda and the Brown sons, the Mcfly's return to the future. Doc is rescued from custody, but the future of 2015, still remains to be seen. And does Lorraine finally discover the truth about Marty aka Calvin Klein? And who, was behind the bomb being made for the Libyans, that threatened L.A?