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Warning: This story contains Trauma, PTSD, Mobbing and Drama. If you want a happy story search elsewhere please!

Chapter 1 - A second to late

She noticed her mistake just a second too late.

Scorpius and Hermione appeared just where they had left earlier, next to the Great Lake. Scorpius looked around and sighed in relief, happy to see that everything was back to normal and that Albus was right there, sitting on the grass next to a confused Hermione.

"You are back" Scorpius yelled and fell into his mates arms. Maybe it was effeminate but he didn't care, he had his best friend back and he was still alive.

"Of course I'm back. But what is Aunt Hermione doing here? Didn't it work out?" Albus muttered as he looked around unhappily. Everything was just as it had been before. He had hoped for more.

"Albus Potter! You can consider yourself more than lucky that we were able to abort your foolish, childish, reckless rescue mission. Do you even know what you brought about? One doesn't play with time turners. Every small change of the past can have a devastating effect on your whole life. You not only killed your father but made us loose the whole war!" Hermione's voice was piercing and cold as she shouted at the boy. In her rant, she didn't notice at first that Professor McGonagall running towards them, followed closely by Draco, Ron, Harry and Ginny.

"Mrs. Granger!" The Headmistress called distressed. "Please compose yourself. What happened here?"

Confused, the addressed turned around and looked at the newcomers. She hadn't seen most of them in years. Her eyes rested on Draco and tears started to run on her cheeks, moistening her face.

"You are alive" She whispered, astonished. "This must be a dream."

Overflowing with gratitude, she looked at Scorpius for whom it finally sunk in, what had happened. Just like himself had replaced the Scorpius in the changed timeline, the Hermione he time travelled with had replaced the local Hermione. In their attempt to right everything as quick as possible, they had overlooked that detail. He wasn't able to voice his conclusion though, as Hermione was already running towards his father, enfolding him in her arms.

"Granger?" Draco looked down on the bushy haired woman huggin him, before he looked at Ron, smirking with an arched eyebrow. "Weasley why the hell is your crying broad in my arms ?"

Hermione flinched, as if hit, and even more tears spilled down her face. She looked at one man and then the other, her gaze conflicted and confused. Ron seized her arm and dragged her away from her husband, who apparently wasn't her husband.

She dislodged his hand from herself and took a step back from all of them. Seeking help she turned to Harry who looked just as confused as her. Her heart hurt just looking at him, while somewhere in her head a voice whispered she was only dreaming this all up.

"Hermione?" Harry asked calmly. "What exactly happened?"

He kept his gaze on her, hoping for an explanation. Nobody had ever seen her this distraught without something having gone really wrong. Her hair was wild and the clothes she wore were old and looked like they had been washed and patched-up by magic one too many times. She looked older and woren out, quiet different for the Hermione he had seen just days ago at the Platform 9 3/4.

Scorpius rose from his position next to Albus and stood next to Hermione patting her back awkwardly. "I fear that story is a long one."

"What did you do this time Scorpius?" His father's ice cold voice asked, but Professor McGonagall stepped in just then.

"The best would be, that we all head back up to my office. And for Miss Granger to have a tea to calm down." She offered and ushered them all back to Hogwarts. If anyone noticed she called Hermione by her maide name, no one commented and Hermione was glad she had not been called Mrs. Weasley. That would have been to much for her at the same time. She couldn't even believe they all were still alive.

"As for you two." The Headmistress looked at the two boys who had the insight to look sheepish. "I hope very much the two of you have a good explanation to make us all worry. Move along now."

Hermione tried to understand the situation through what she knew from Scorpius while they walked towards the office. When they entered, she noticed that it still looked like she remembered it from many years ago. "So Granger, what's all this about, pray tell?"

"Shut up, Draco!" She snarled at him and met his disbelieving gaze.

His eyebrow rose and he tilted his head. "Draco? I can't remember being on first-name basis with you, Granger."

Ron leaped to his feet and glared at him. "Don't talk to my wife like that, ferret." He snapped but Hermione ignored him.

"Interesting." Her gaze lingered sole on Draco "Emotional you are still seventeen."

"Is this your way to tell me that you think me to be childish? Wasn't it you who pounced on me like a madwoman?"

Hermione sighed and looked past Draco towards his son. "I should have pondered on the situation a bit longer and leave it to Severus to fix it and this whole dilemma wouldn't be since he's dead, isn't he?"

Scorpius forlornly looked at Hermione and shrugged. He was hopelessly overwhelmed by the situation. Albus nudging him all the way up to the office and trying to find out what had happened didn't help at all.

"Severus?" Professor McGonagall asked, attracting Hermione's attention. "What is going on Hermione?"