Jumping Chapter 1

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Harm stared out his office window. The bullpen was an extremely busy place especially at this time in the afternoon. Harriet was sitting at her computer, furiously typing away. Harm smiled as he looked down at her stomach, she was about three months along and starting to show. He knew that Bud was in court with Manetti. He began to look around for Mac. Lately she seemed to be all he thought about.

He found her coming out of the breakroom, along with Sturgis. They were joking around from the looks of it. Harm smiled at seeing his Marine happy. He caught a bit of their conversation as they walked past his office.

"So I'll see you tonight right? McMurphy's?" Mac asked.

"Yep, 1835 right?" Sturgis said, turning off in the direction of his office. Mac nodded.

'1835? What in the world are Sturgis and Mac doing getting together at 1835, at McMurphy's? That's usually when all the cute little couples get together to play pool.' Harm thought. 'You don't think. . . Of course not Rabb! Sturgis has Bobbi and Mac has. . .' He was tempted to put 'me' into that thought, but he didn't. 'And Mac's happy!'

"COMMANDER!" Mac practically shouted, while Harm was contemplating what he had just overheard. "Are you still among the living?" She teased, a smile on her face.

"No Colonel, I'm a zombie, can't you see?" He replied sarcastically. Mac just rolled her eyes, and slipped inside Harm's office. She turned around and closed the door. When Harm looked at her questioningly, she put her finger to her lips and whispered conspiratorially. "Don't want a certain blonde Lt. hearing us and raising suspicions."

Just for fun, Harm decided to tease her a little more. "You mean Harriet?"

"Very funny Flyboy." She said as she playfully whacked his arm. He smiled as he rubbed his arm.

"That hurt Mac." He said, putting on what he hoped was a 'I'm helpless' look.

It must have not worked, because Mac just rolled her eyes, and said, "Yeah right Commander. Hey, anyway, I was wondering if you'd like to come over to my place this Friday night. You know, we could see a movie, talk, you know, just have fun." Mac said, looking at him hopefully. Harm knew that he couldn't turn her down with that cute look on her face. 'Did I just call a Lt. Colonel in the Marine Corps cute?' Harm wondered.

"Sure Mac, I'd love to." He smiled at her, and Mac suddenly felt the urge to sit down. That damn Flyboy smile could always get to her. That paired with dress whites and gold wings. . . the combination was lethal, she was convinced. "Do I need to bring anything?" He asked.

"Maybe some Beltway Burgers. . ." She hinted. Harm made a face. "What? Harm, they really are good! You should try one!"

"Put that crap in my body, I don't think so Mac." Mac playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

"Fine then Commander, eat your wilted rabbit food, see if I care when you turn green!" Mac said. Harm just laughed at her. "No Harm, you don't need to bring anything but yourself." She smiled tenderly at him. "But some Beltway burgers wouldn't be bad!" She said teasingly. Harm rolled his eyes.

"Alright Colonel, I can take a hint. Friday night, a Beltway Burger for you, and a salad for me. Did I forget anything?" He asked. Mac shook her head simply, and smiled.

"Nope, got it all right! Oh and come over around. . . 1800." Mac said. She flashed him one more smile, and went to go open the door.

Later That Night. . .

Mac walked into the bar, and her eyes searched for Sturgis. They had been getting together every now and then every since she had blurted out her secret to him. She quickly spotted him, in a booth next to the window, near the corner.

"Hey Sturgis." She said, as she approached the table. He looked up from his beer.

"Hey Mac." Mac took off her coat, and threw her purse in the corner of the booth. She slid in on the side opposite of Sturgis. "So, why did you want to meet tonight?"

Mac looked down at her hands, fiddling with her Marine ring. "I've been thinking about telling him. That I. . .well you know. . ." Her voice dropped to a low whisper. "That I love him."

Just at that moment, Harm walked onto the bar. Every time that he went anywhere anymore, he seemed to immediately scan the room for Mac. To his surprise he actually found her. But then on closer inspection, he saw that she was with another man, and that they were leaning across the booth, looking rather intimate. That man he realized, was Sturgis.

Mac felt his presence in the bar. She could always tell when he was near, even when he didn't make a sound. She suddenly looked up from her conversation with Sturgis. He looked at her curiously, and followed her line of sight. She practically jumped out of the booth, to go over to him.

He saw her get up, and start walking over to him. He took one more look at the booth that she and Sturgis were sitting at, and walked out of the bar.

Mac's heart broke as the tall commander walked out of the bar. She tried to fight off the tears as she walked back to the booth. Sturgis looked up at her questioningly. "He saw me Sturgis, he saw me and, and he just walked out." She said with tears running down her face.

"How do you know that he saw you Mac? Maybe he just decided that he didn't want a drink." Sturgis tried to convince her that Harm had not just walked out of the bar because of her. She shook her head.

"No Sturgis, no, he saw me. And then he just walked out." She sniffled and looked at him with teary eyes. Replaying the last few minutes in her head, she tried to find what would have made him just walk out of there like that. "Oh no." She said.

"What Mac, what is it?" Sturgis asked.

"Do you think that he saw us, and assumed. . .that he assumed we were. . . a couple?" Mac asked, the suggestion suddenly becoming clearer and clearer. "Oh no!" She moaned, sliding down in her seat. "He walked in just as you were leaning in. He must have thought that we were a couple, and. . ." With that she gathered up her things, and stood up determinedly.

"Mac where are you going?" Sturgis asked.

"I'm going to talk to him, I've got to sort this thing out." She said, already half way out the door.

At Harm's Apartment. . .

Mac stood outside of Harm's apartment. She got up her courage, and knocked.

Inside Harm was sitting on the couch, cradling a beer. He heard her knock, but didn't want to talk to her. He was too depressed about finding his two best friends at a bar, together. No matter how much he wanted to interrogate her on what the hell she was doing, he wouldn't answer the door.

Mac was frantically searching through her purse for the extra key that Harm had given her a few years ago. She decided that if he wouldn't let her in, she'd let herself in. While still looking for the key she started shouting to her stubborn Sailor. "Harmon Rabb Jr.! Don't be such a baby, I know that you're in there. I need to explain what you saw. Harm come on, let me in!" She finally held the key up triumphantly.

Harm heard the key enter the lock, and groaned. He buried his head in a pillow, hoping that if he didn't move, she wouldn't notice him and go away.

"Harm, I know you're here! For one, I saw your car, and I can see the lump on the couch that looks suspiciously like a Naval Commander I know." She turned on the lights, and yanked the pillow off his face. "Harm, I need to explain." She said, looking down on him.

"Mac, I saw you at McMurphy's with Sturgis, I don't think that you need to say anything." He said spitefully, his head stuck in the stubborn cloud he had made for himself. "And honestly, I don't have anything to say to you. You're personal life is your business Mac." Harm looked away, so that he wouldn't have to see the pain in her eyes.

Mac bit her lip, trying not to cry. "Fine Harm. But before you hate me for the rest of your life, I just want you to know that I love you. And nothing was going on between me and Sturgis." Mac turned away, and quickly went and opened his apartment door. "Goodbye Harmon." She said as she turned off the lights and slammed the door.

Harm sat there in the darkness of the apartment, absorbing the information that he had just learned. "You've really screwed up this time Rabb." He said aloud to the loneliness of the darkened apartment.

Mac sat alone in her car, outside of he building. Tears were rapidly streaming down her cheeks. "You've really screwed up this time Mackenzie." She sobbed. "You've really screwed up."

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