Papa Jojo

A collaborative work by: Aloe Vera and Kurnaull_7


[Townsville skyline; nighttime]


Narrator: The City of Townsville...a quiet, peaceful place to live, where its inhabitants can
get a good night's rest after a long and stressful day. Why, even Townville's most notorious
criminals are allowed at least a few hours of sleep, to rest their weary minds from scheming
and plotting. But, what's this? [A shadowy figure can be seen creeping up to the volcano, upon
which sits Mojo Jojo's observatory lair. The figure places a small object on the doorstep,
rings the doorbell and quickly makes their escape.] It appears someone has decided to rouse
Townsville's resident simian genius from his slumber. Mojo's not going to be too happy about


A shrill ringing echoed through the dark observatory and a light flicked on. The bedroom door
opened and a sleepy, unhappy Mojo walked out in his striped PJs and nightcap, grumbling and
cursing under his breath. He stalked to the door, tore it open, and scowled into the cool night

"Grrr...Who is ringing my doorbell and waking me up from my sleep? I need my sleep! If I do not
get my sleep, I get cranky, and when I get cranky, I destroy things!! Now, who is waking me up
in the middle of the night?!" he bellowed, glancing left and right for the perpetrator. Seeing
nothing, he turned to go back to bed when a soft cooing sound directed his attention downward,
to a small bundle of cloth on his doorstep. But, wait, this wasn't any ordinary bundle of
cloth. It was moving! Mojo watched it cautiously as though it might attack him at any moment.
The bundle moved again and a fold of cloth slipped away to infant. But this wasn't
just any baby, it was a baby monkey, or rather, a chimpanzee.

Mojo's eyes narrowed to dangerous slits as he glanced around again. Seeing no-one yet again, he
gave up his search and glared at the child disdainfully. He turned around and slammed the door
shut, muttering to himself, "What do they think this is? A daycare? Hmph..accursed single
parents and their bratty children.." He stopped in his tracks when he heard a soft sniffling
followed by a high-pitched wail. He quickly covered his ears to try and block out the shrill

"Aaargh!! I'll never get to sleep if that blasted thing doesn't stop screaming!!" he shouted

Mojo turned around, stormed back to the front door and ripped it open, shouting, "BE QUIET!!!"
The baby stopped her crying and looked up at Mojo, cooing happily. "That's better." he grumbled
and closed the door again. But he barely got 2 ft when the wailing resumed, louder than ever.

"Aaargh!!" he screamed and tore the door open, shouting into the night, "STOP YOUR ACCURSED
CRYING!!!" The baby stopped and stared up at him, cooing softly.

"Shut-up, Mojo! People are trying to sleep!" shouted someone from the apartment building
across from Townsville Central Park, where Mojo's volcano-top observatory was located. Mojo
glared at the agitated citizen and glanced back at the infant. "Fine! If it will keep you
quiet, you may come inside. But, ONLY for TONIGHT!! After that, it's off to the Townsville
Orphanage." With that, he picked up the baby and, holding her under his arm like a
football, carried her off to his bedroom.

He slammed his bedroom door behind him and held the baby up at arm's-length, staring at her
disdainfully. He pulled open his sock drawer and placed her inside, scowling. He walked back
to his bed, flicked off the light and settled in for a good, long rest.