Papa Jojo

by: Aloe Vera


Mojo Jojo laughed and snickered more than ever. He stared down at Blossom and Buttercup. "Yes!
Finally! After years of torment, years of failure, years of jail, years of pain, I have finally
beaten the Powerpuff Girls! They are no more! I shall rule and no one can do a thing about it!"
he continued to cheer triumphantly.

When he'd grown bored of it. He proceeded to Phase 2. He jumped from the observatory and
landed on Blossom and Buttercup and began storming towards City Hall, where he could do the
most damage. When he finally arrived, Mojo commanded Robo to rip off the ceiling. It did so.
The ceiling concealing the Mayor's office was no more. Tossing it aside, he reached in and
picked up the mayor. "If you don't mind.... I"LL BE TAKING OVER!" Robo lifted the mayor and
slammed him on the ground.


Bubbles arrived at Mojo Jojo's lair, only to see Blossom and Buttercup unconscious inside two
giant footprints. "Girls!", she shrieked again, racing over to them. "Wake up, wake up!
Something's wrong! Come on, why won't you--" Bubbles was cut off by a sudden explosion. She
turned around. "Mojo Jojo!" she cried and zoomed off towards City Hall.

When she'd arrived, Mojo Jojo was just about to crush the Mayor under a giant steel foot.
"Mayor!" Bubbles flew under and retrieved the Mayor seconds before Mojo's Robo foot landed.
Mojo laughed, not realizing he'd been saved yet. But when he saw Bubbles holding the Mayor it
came to him. "Don't you things ever give up!? How did you escape my perfect plan!" Bubbles set
the Mayor down and was just about to attack him when Mojo clapped two steel hands around
her. She screamed and fell to the ground.


Mojo Jojo stared at her, stepped on her a few times then completed his business with City Hall.
He stole papers and deeds to numorous places. Then, later on, he started pasting his picture
all over town, pleased. He was finished when he came upon Moko and the Professor. He grinned
devilishly. Mojo reached down and ripped off the roof of the car, climbed out of his Robo Jojo,
and went to fetch Moko Jojo.

When he picked her up, she was in the same state as everyone else. He anticipated this. Pulling
out another pair on earmuffs, he placed them on her head turned them on. Her eyes opened and
she yawned, hugging him. He smiled for a moment then returned to his Robo Jojo, setting her in
a passenger seat he rarely, no, never, used. Mojo reached down and picked up the Professor by
the scuff of his lab coat. "How nice of you to join us.... PROFESSOR!" Mojo's voice suddenly
grew nasty. What better way to lure Bubbles than with the Professor. He'd have to devise a plan
to use on Bubbles.
(A/N: Sorry this chapter's so short. The next one will be longer, I promise.)