When Takao and Yukari met face to face again, for the first time in four years, it was once again at a garden, but this time in Shikoku. They arranged to meet on a Friday night. Takao arrived early, nervously awaiting her, bearing a gift of shoes he had made for her as well as a bouquet of roses. He was no longer in high school. He was on the verge of finishing his college, and he was soon to start working a city near where Yukari lived. He had always known one day he would find her, and that day had come. The night passed pleasantly enough, with the two of them talking quietly, and when it was time to go, Yukari extended a hand and they walked hand in hand toward her home. At length, they arrived outside of her apartment building, and Takao leaned in closer to her for a kiss. Yukari, seeing that, met him and their lips met for the first time, their arms wrapped around each other, and their bodies melted into one another.

"You can come inside if you'd like."

Takao, hearing those words, felt his heart beat pick up as his lips parted from Yukari's. It was their first kiss, a long and gentle kiss that had started out soft and tentative but deepened as they had put their arms around each other. By the time they were done, they were both out of breath.

They both knew what it would mean if he came in. It meant sex. the first stirring of excitement in his groin as he nodded, his mouth drying up. Yukari, sensing the bulge of his erection pushing against her body through his pants, gave a knowing smile.

Yukari opened the door and led him in by the hand. The lights were off and the room was dark. As soon as the door closed behind them, they were making out once again, but this time with more urgency. Takao pulled Yukari in closer and kissed her hungrily, enveloping her mouth with his own and pulling her hips toward him, letting her know how much he wanted her. This was the night they both had been thinking about for the last four years. As their tongues lapped over each others and squirmed in each other's mouths, they both groaned. Stumbling in the dark, Yukari pulled him toward her bedroom, and breaking off the kiss, hastily pulled off her jacket and lay on the bed, waiting for Takao. Takao, having taken off his jacket and shirt as well, gazed at his lover, who was still mostly fully clothed in a blouse and skirt. He had always liked Yukari's body, slender and graceful, and with breasts that nice and large - not enormous but large enough that he could be turned on thinking about them naked and how it would feel to suck and fuck those breasts. He found himself undressing her with his eyes, thinking about all the things he was about to do to her. As Yukari lay on the bed, Takao started with her feet. He loved the feel of her feet, the smoothness of her skin, the perfection of her bones, and he kissed her foot. Yukari moaned and stretched her foot out as he rubbed and kissed every inch of her left foot, the bottom and the top, taking care to slide his tongue slowly down the arch of each foot, and sucked on every one of her toes. He had spent so much time thinking about her feet after all, making shoes for her, and now he could worship those very same feet.

"You like feet, don't you?" she said.

"Only because it's your feet," Takao said. "I enjoy your feet very much, but I want to enjoy the rest of you too..."

He sucked on her right big toe again, lathering it with his mouth, and Yukari thought naughty thoughts to herself on how she would soon be sucking his dick the same way.

Takao licked and sucked on both feet, and when he was done, it was time to start making his way upward. Inch by inch, he moved with his tongue up her legs, from her calves to her knees to her thighs, lifting up her skirt as he moved upward, feeling her tremble under his touch with anticipation as he inched his way toward her center. As he caressed her inner thighs and kissed both of them, he moved his hands around to her ass and cupped her buttocks with them. She reached down to steady his head with her hands as it rested on her crotch. He encountered the smooth silkiness of her panties and savored the feel of her through her panties. He led with his tongue, probing her crotch through the thin fabric of her panties, tracing the outline of her vagina, feeling the ridges of her labia and moving his tongue up and down between the crevice of her vagina. His hands slipped through underneath her panties and he grasped her bare buttocks with them to steady himself as he licked and kissed her down there. He moved up and down and side to side, meeting the edges of her panties where he felt the stray strands of her moist pubic hair. As he worked her pussy through her panties, he could sense Yukari's growing excitement, hearing her moans pick up in intensity and feeling her body tensing under his touch, arching her back as she lifted herself to meet him, and tasting the growing wetness of her vagina through her thin panties.

"Takao, you're really making me want to have sex with you," she whispered, her voice thick with desire.

Yukari pulled her skirt up all the way and tugged down at the waistband of her panties. Takao slowly tugged it downward. Her panties were soaked all the way through at the crotch, and as he pulled it down, he noted the wet clumps of pubic hair being pulled downward as well. Takao savored Yukari's long smooth legs as he pulled her panties all the way down, stopping to kiss and suck her inner thighs. Returning to the object of his desire, Takao found himself face to face with her hot wet pussy, and he took a deep breath, inhaling her musky scent, running his finger along the streak of vaginal fluid seeping down her thigh from the center and tasting it, as if sampling a fine wine. Without further hesitation, he leaned forward and met her pussy with his eager mouth, kissing her vaginal lips with all the energy he could gather, the same way he had kissed her mouth earlier, causing her to gasp again in delight.

"Oh, Takao," she cried. "Oh that feels so good... right there... mmm! Oh! Ohhh!"

He thrust out his tongue into her nether regions and drove it in as far as he could, in and out of her pussy, probing for that tender nub of flesh he had long dreamt about pleasuring, and upon finding it, lavishing it with attention. He made endless circles around her clitoris and held himself steady against her snatch as she writhed in pleasure, twisting her hips in every direction and moaning for him not to stop. After a full ten minutes of eating her out, he finally paused and looked up at her, and their eyes met. It was time.

"I want you inside of me," Yukari said. "I want you to make love to me..."

He hastily undid his pants and pushed them off, feeling a slight jolt as his stiff erection got in the way of his underwear. Before long he was naked before her, and gazing down at his lover's half naked body. Her blouse was still on, and he reached down and undid the buttons one by one, from the bottom up, feeling his heart beat faster with each button coming off to reveal more of her ample chest. Once her blouse top was off, it was time to take off her bra, and she smiled as she reached behind to undo the clasp, then invited him with her eyes to take her bra off.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered as he peeled off her thin lacy bra, revealing her full heaving breasts and firm erect nipples. Her breasts were as silky and smooth as the rest of her, perfect mounds of matronly flesh, inviting him to reach down and touch them. She guided his hands to her breasts and closed her eyes as he caressed them, running them around in circles, pausing at the center to lightly squeeze her nipples. He leaned down to take a firm nipple in his mouth, sucking on it gently, then with more vigor. Yukari arched her back in turn, giving him as much access to her breasts as possible. With each suck he took more and more of her tit flesh in his mouth. He gasped in turn as he felt her hand reach down to take his dick in her grasp. She slid her hand up and down, exploring his shaft, pausing at the tip and rubbing his sensitive glans with her fingertips.

"You're so hard," she whispered. "You've got a nice long dick... I can't wait to feel it wrapped by my pussy..."

Their eyes met again. Slowly but surely, he positioned himself on top of her, his arms extending to either side of her chest as she guided his throbbing erect cock inside of her ready and waiting pussy.

"I love you," Takao whispered to her as he felt his dick start to touch the edge of her pussy lips.

"I love you too," Yukari said as she slid his dick all the way inside of her. They gasped together as his cock pushed past the resistance of her pussy lips and fully entered her vaginal canal. His naked hard cock was all the way inside of her, and he marveled at how hot and wet it felt. Her pussy was so wet that he slid inside all the way in an instant, and they both gasped in ecstasy. It was his first time having sex, after all. But he had been thinking about this moment for years, imagining her naked body as he had masturbated thinking about her and moaning her name with each ejaculation. The reality was so much better than what he had fantasized, and he closed his eyes and moved his hips back and forth. Yukari pulled his head down and kissed him again, giving him a deep French kiss and as much tongue as possible. His hands moved all over her body, sometimes reaching behind her back to pull her closer, sometimes reaching around behind her ass to meet his hips with a pelvic thrust, and sometimes grabbing and squeezing her heaving breasts.

"Oh!" Yukari moaned. It had been so long since she had had sex, she had forgotten how good it felt. Having sex with Takao after years apart, thinking about how he would feel with his cock buried inside of her, longing for him and wanting him all this time, made it even sweeter. With each thrust, their hips thrust against each other, desperately trying to get closer and drive his cock as deeply into her pussy as possible. She could feel the tip of his penis brushing against her cervix, and with the right angle and pressure, she could feel her clit being stimulated. Takao felt her squeezing her pussy walls on his cock and both of their moans ratcheted up in intensity. After they had been together long enough with him inside of her, exploring the delights of her pussy, it was time to climax together. He picked up the tempo gradually, thrusting in and out, pumping his dick as hard as possible, while she in turn matched each thrust with the pressure of her vagina clamping down on his cock. They lost track of how long they had been doing it. It was as if years of repressed sexual desire were melting away in that one moment. Takao felt the family tingling sensation in his penis as he moved in and out.

"Oh... Yukari... I can feel you squeezing me... feels so good..."

"Are you almost going to come?"

"I'm... going to come..." he moaned.

"Wait... I'm almost..." she gasped, and with one more thrust and squeeze of her vagina, she felt the orgasm hit her. "Oh! Takao! I'm coming! Uhh!"

Takao heard her coming and that was his signal for him to come. He could fuck her hard now without any holding back. He picked up the speed and energy of his thrusts, slamming his dick inside of her, rubbing his pelvis against hers, drawing moans and screams of delight from her, until he felt the cum making its way from his balls through the shaft of his dick, ready for an explosion, and with one more thrust, he pushed hard into her pussy and felt the waves of semen shooting out of his cock deep into her pussy against her womb.

"Yukari! I'm coming!" he cried as he exploded inside of her, waves of sexual pleasure washing over him as he kissed her once again, not letting up until the orgasm had finally subsided.

"Ah! Takao! Come inside of me! Fuck me harder!"

After the last spurts of semen had emptied out into her pussy, Takao pulled out, exhausted, and collapsed next to Yukari and they gazed into each other's eyes and kissed.

"That was my first time," he confessed.

"You did great," Yukari smiled. "That lasted almost half an hour. You didn't seem like a virgin at all."

"Probably all the practice," Takao said. "Thinking about you while jerking off."

"I used to do the same," Yukari said. "I touched myself all the time when we talked on the phone, thinking about all the things you were going to do to me..."

Yukari rolled on top of him and pinned him to the bed. "We don't have to do that anymore. Now we're together and we can have as much sex as we want. I just hope you're okay with me being an older woman."

"I think it's actually kind of hot."

"You're still nineteen," she said, reaching down to touch his penis under the covers. "I hope I can keep up with your sex drive. You must be so fucking horny..."

With that, Yukari moved down toward his groin and, pulling the covers off, exposed his naked dick. It was still soft, but starting to come to life again.

"See that? You're ready for another round. It's my turn now..."

Takao gasped as Yukari enveloped him with her mouth, taking his whole cock inside of her, applying hard suction and kissing the tip of his dick. She easily made him erect again and steadily pumped him with her mouth, up and down, feeling the trembling flesh under her tongue. She felt excited knowing she was making him feel as good as he had made her feel earlier.

"You've never had a blowjob have you?"

"No... feels so good..."

"I love making you feel good, Takao... I love the feel of your cock... It's making me so wet..."

Once she had gotten him rock hard in her mouth, she continued sucking him vigorously, until he was almost on the verge of an orgasm, but she abruptly stopped and got up. Shifting her hips a bit, she held his firm cock steady as she lowered herself down on him, once again enveloping his member with her hot pussy.

"Uh!" Yukari groaned as her pussy walls stretched around his cock. She moved her hips back and forth, closing her eyes as she felt the pressure from his cock inside of her. Takao moved up and down with his hips to meet each move, sometimes holding her hips with his hands, at other times reaching up to take hold of her heaving sweaty breasts, jiggling up and down with each move. He couldn't resist the urge to sit up and suck her nipples as she ground her pussy against his hips, and then looking up to meet her with a hungry kiss on the lips.

"Does this feel good?" Yukari asked as she rested her hands on his chest while riding him hard.

"Yes," Takao said. "I like the view too..."

"MMM!" Yukari moaned as she thrust hard with her hips. "I'm almost there... mmm... mmm... Uh! Uh! UHH!"

"I'm coming!" she gasped as she arched her back, jutting her breasts forward and throwing her head back toward the ceiling. She clamped down hard on Takao's dick as she came, and Takao felt the urge finally hitting him as well.

"Ah! I'm coming too!" he held her tight as he came hard, shooting his load directly up into her vagina.

After Takao had finished, he didn't pull out, but let his dick stay inside of Yukari's pussy. They held each other for a while and talked long into the night, before falling asleep from exhaustion.

Many things would change for them, but their passion for each other would never change.