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"Please, may the students Lie Ren, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long and Nora Valkyrie from Team RBLN and the students Weiss Schnee, Pyrrha Nikos and Ruby Rose from Team JSPR report to the Headmaster's office immediately? Thank you".

The seven mentioned students had already reached the Headmaster's door, wondering why they had just been called. They were also wondering who had actually called them, since the voice hadn't been Ms Goodwitch's nor Professor Ozpin's. It had been a deep male voice, but they quickly chalked it off as another mysterious teacher. They still hadn't seen anything of Professor Peach, and she was supposed to be a teacher there at Beacon too. But, hey, who were they to argue if a teacher did not want to teach? More free time for them.

Their ride up the elevator was a silent one -or as silent as it could be with Nora-, since they knew that starting a conversation now would just lead to them having to stop said conversation in a minute or so. Anyway, Ruby appeared quite concerned about the call. Inwardly, she was worried they had done something wrong again. While Ozpin had let them off lightly, they had started and fought a food war in the cafeteria, ruining lots of good food and damaging the structure. The battle, though, had also told Goodwitch that Beacon needed to change their cooks. If students could use the food as weapons, something was definitely wrong.

However, as soon as they stepped into the Headmaster's office, they noticed they weren't in the Headmaster's office.

The room they were in was an apparently limitless room -actually, it just had black walls, ceiling and floor that blend together- with quite a few couches and a very large TV screen. Yang and Nora immediately shot off to check the TV, noticing it wasn't just the latest model, it was better than the latest model.

"Hey, Ice Queen, check this out: not even you have this baby!", teased the blonde brawler, getting a growl out of the heiress. "And any of you have any idea of why Ozpin's office is now black with a TV?".

"I believe we will discover why, eventually", said Ozpin's voice from behind them, and when they turned, the elevator's door was gone, replaced by the Headmaster and Professor Goodwitch, who was basically the Headmistress herself: since Ozpin was always busy with the Council and everything, many thought that Goodwitch was the actual Headmistress, but Ozpin had repeatedly assured the students that he was the official Headmaster. "This is the condition I found my office when I returned after a quick bathroom break, and Glynda was apparently convoked here to speak with me... I guess you went through the same, am I right?".

"Yep", nodded Ruby. "But where are we?".

"It definitely isn't my office any more, and even if you can't see them there are walls. This room was about sixteen feet per sixteen feet in size when Glynda and I were here, but it seems much larger now. Maybe thirty feet per thirty feet, if I had to guess", explained the man. "However, the why are we here is still unknown to me. In all my years of life, never I experienced such a thing. So I suggest you to be prepared for anything".

"Well, as long as we have our weapons, we're fine", cockily stated Yang, readying Ember Celica in extended mode. All the other students prepared their weapons, too, when finally Pyrrha noticed something off.

"Wait... Why wasn't Jaune called as well?", she asked the others, and their lowered their weapons in puzzlement. "I mean, here we are, but why whoever called us didn't call him?".

"This is a good question indeed, Ms Nikos", agreed Goodwitch.

"Please, call me Pyrrha", replied the redhead. "I don't think we're in the school any more, and `Ms Nikos` reminds me too much of my sponsors and all that stuff".

Goodwitch cringed at calling her student by first name, but Ozpin nodded, surprising everyone. "Then I guess you can call us by first name, too, since here we're not your professors, but just acquaintances".

There was an awkward silence after that.

"Ehm... Professor Ozpin?", called out Ruby, feeling more and more embarrassed by the second. "You know that we... don't know your first name, right?".

"Right", he nodded with a little smirk. "It's Medeis. In one of the dead languages, it means Magic. Quite fitting for the Headmaster of a school that trains supernatural warriors, don't you think?".

"Eh eh", nervously laughed Yang. "Sure... fitting... Medeis Ozpin".

The man chuckled. "I understand it must be quite a shock to call someone by first name when you've known me all your life just as Professor Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon Academy". His chuckling stopped and he returned serious. "However, we still don't know why are we here, where is here, and who or what brought us here".

"Same question here", called out a voice they all knew. Sun Wukong and Neptune Vasilias, two of the members of Team SSSN, were walking towards them together with another boy, one they had just recently stopped disliking too much: Cardin Winchester.

"And may I know why we're all in a dark room without any means to escape and no one has told us what to do?", added the former bully, who had played many escape games before and could frankly tell they were trapped. Trapped with comfortable couches and a TV, but trapped nonetheless. The best prison is the one you don't want to get out of. Cardin Winchester had made an 180 in terms of racisms after the accident with the Ursa Major. Apparently, his little sister had been caught in the crossfire of a White Fang attack and had permanently lost her sight, causing the whole family to hate the Faunus, but after Jaune had begun to talk it out with him, the bully had managed to calm down his hatred enough to apologize to the Faunus he had harassed. After all, many bullies are just poor people who have no one to lean on, and take it out on the weaker ones.

It also helped that Jaune had begun improving and fighting Cardin on an even ground.

"This is just getting stranger and stranger", mumbled Weiss, shooting a glare around. "Where did you come out of? Another door we haven't seen?".

"Actually, we were called to the Headmaster's office", admitted Neptune before flashing her a charming smile. "Anyway, the black background only brings out more your ethereal beauty, Snow Angel".

The line could've been effecting, hadn't Cardin and Sun been fake gagging behind Neptune, that caused Ruby and Nora to giggle and then burst into full-blown laughters as Cardin played dead and Sun pretended to be checking his pulse before making a sad face and shaking his head.

"That was such an obvious flirt I could swear I saw the hearts in the air for a second", said another male voice that made Ruby, Blake, Sun, Glynda and Medeis turn lighting-fast and glare at the newcomer. Roman Torchwick just smirked back. "Anyway, what are you doing in my warehouse, and where did my warehouse end up?".

In reply, Ruby raised Crescent Rose and fired a shot, but the bullet simply disappeared in mid-air, causing everyone to stare. Even Roman, who had raised his cane to parry the shot, was surprised.

"What the hell?", he asked, a little freaked out. He had seen Cinder block the shots with her hand, but not even she could simply make them disappear in mid-flight. "What kind of bullet was that?".

"A .50 calibre Fire Dust bullet with stabilizers", replied Ruby frowning as she fired another bullet, and frowning even more when that disappeared too. "That's a thing. But what does it mean?".

"It means I'm too old for this shit", lamented a voice that the little reaper knew far too well, and she immediately flew and attached herself to the owner of the voice's arm. Qrow Branwen huffed and smiled as he ruffled her hair, a gentle glint in his eyes despite his gruff appearance. Beside him, Winter Schnee made a personal note to try and take advantage of that weakness. Knowing that the old drunkard had a heart under all that alcohol could come in handy one day. James Ironwood just sighed, revolver in hand, as he observed the scene.

"Ehm... I feel kinda outnumbered here", nervously commented Roman. "Can't I have someone on my side here too?".

"I'm not on your side", came a reply from behind him, and when they turned they could see a tall bull Faunus dressed in black with red rims. A black scabbard with a black hilt hung by his side, and he wore a white Grimm mask to cover his eyes. On the top of his forehead sat two black horns, their bases lost in the mess of red hair. He smiled unpleasantly at Blake. "Blake, my love. Finally we meet again. I think we will have to catch up a little, won't we?".

Blake shivered, and took a step back.

"No, you won't. I brought you all here for a reason that wasn't mindless bloody revenge or anything. Actually, if you don't put your weapons away this instant, I will be forced to take action", said a voice from nowhere and everywhere at once. It was the same voice that had called RBLN and SPR at the Headmaster's office, and judging from their faces, the other three students as well. "As for me, I'm just checking if everything's ready. I'll be right with you in a few moments".

Of course, that only made everyone grip their weapons harder. A heavy sigh was heard before all their weapons glowed purple for a second, and then their own bodies glowed of the same light. Then everything subsided and the seventeen people found themselves completely unchanged. Grinning, Adam Taurus charged and slashed down on Ruby, too fast for her to block, but the blade simply stopped just short of touching her skin. He gritted his teeth and tried to force it further, but then the sword flew out of his hands and began hitting him with the flat side, causing him to raise his hands over his head to protect himself, shouting for it to stop. With a disembodied chuckle, the sword clattered to the ground, not before having given him another `playful` hit.

"Perfect. You should all be here. Now! Presentations", said the voice, this time coming from the middle of the room. A flash of purple light later, a young man was standing there. A very strange young man. He had wild brown hair that touched his shoulders and a cured patch of beard under his chin. His built was extremely lean, almost feminine in the way his chest and hips were slightly wider than his waist, but that was just because he was very slim. Instead of normal clothes, he wore a purple armour that seemed to be made out of amethysts. The armour was skin-tight and seemed extremely light, since it moved and deformed with the body, following the lines and curves of his body perfectly. It covered everything but his neck and head, that lacked a helm. His bracers and gauntlets were fused into armguards that looked hard and slender at the same time, and the same was for boots and greaves. Another strange fact was that the armour also consisted in a knee-long plate skirt that ended with what looked like little spikes. The man had large purple wings whose membranes were of the purest silver, and had two amethyst horns on his head. As they looked, his eyes changed colour from amethyst to silver, fading from one to the other, before turning back to purple. And continued. "Hi to everyone".

"Ehm...", stammered Ozpin, glancing around. Adam hadn't even picked up his sword, too busy studying what was potentially a new breed of Faunus. "Who are you?".

"Oh, where are my manners!", exclaimed the boy, slapping his forehead with a gloved hand. "I have quite a few names. My full draconic name is Khor Evik Vlakhavlakh" (AN: pronounced Kor Evis Vlakavlak) "My human name is Nakhov Wildeye. But my mother called me David. I'd really appreciate if you could just call me Khor or Khor Evik".

There was a beat of silence. Then...

"Actually, I meant what are you, not your name", clarified the Headmaster, and the boy seemed crestfallen.

"Oh. Sure. Well... there is no better way to say it. I'm what you would call a god, even if up here we prefer to call ourselves Writers of Worlds, or something like that", he explained lightly, as if he wasn't utterly upsetting everything they had believed in all along. "I am sixteen. We call ourselves Writers, but ours is actually a job. We are tasked to find and document new universe. For each dimension, there are infinite universes. This dimension has simply been dubbed RWBY because many writers have taken a liking to you four", he said, pointing to the four girls of what in the canon universe was `Team RWBY`. "The first world of a new dimension is dubbed `canon`, and every other world is considered derived from that one, even if they actually were all born at the same time... For each dimension, there are infinite universes. All dimensions, that are infinite, of course, are enclosed in the Multiverse. Is this clear?".

They shook their heads.

"Good. I've been tasked to monitor a few worlds, even if I'm a bit slacking off recently because I have a life outside my duties as Writer of Worlds, so I can't keep up with everything. Even this world is one I'm monitoring, but I decided, for once, to change things and intervene. To be precise, by showing you some other worlds I'm interested in documenting", said the strange boy, Khor. "I normally intervene in `my` worlds only as a young Huntsman or Huntsman in training whose Semblance is Khorevik Jo'akh-Kha'zerak Control. I know how to fight with my weapons, but sometimes I feel I'm doing too much of the things others should be doing, and I leave. Also, this body isn't really mine. I copied it from the owner of the name, from another world I'm monitoring. It's cool and he's very similar to me in behaviour, so I stole his looks to hide my true identity. So, any questions before we start?".

"Ehm... what's korevis joak kazeras?", asked Blake, raising a hand like a dutiful student.

"It's an alloy of silver and amethyst. Its name literally means Amethyst-Silver, Khor-Evik, Gem-Metal, Jo'akh-Kha'zerak. And before you ask, yes it's possible", he chuckled. "This very armour is made of Khorevik".

"So... you can move it around?", asked Pyrrha, careful not to let the notion of her Semblance slip by keeping the question vague. Roman still glanced at her.

"Not just that. I can create it, move it around and destroy it", he replied, and he got stares from all the students. "What? Glynda's Semblance is telekinesis on whatever she wants, Pyrrha's Semblance can move around all metals and mess with magnetic waves, Medeis's Semblance can stop time for a short while, and I could go on for quite a while. I can just move and create this material, and it even fades away after a while, so I can't even sell it for money!".

The stares immediately went to Ozpin, who shrugged helplessly. "A very short while", he specified, but the damage was done. Now not even Adam wanted to fight him, and that was saying everything.

"Now, can I introduce the others?", asked Khor, and again he didn't wait for an answer. "So we don't have to waste time with oaths of revenge or oaths of `I will stop you`. For a god, it can be quite annoying. So... let's starts". (AN: until I say so, all the talk is Khor's)

"Medeis Ozpin, Headmaster of Beacon, has a strong passion for coffee and, unsurprisingly, often cries when watching an emotion-filled movie".

"Glynda Goodwitch, Help Headmistress of Beacon, very stern while secretly enjoying cuddling with plushies and things like plushies".

"Ruby Rose, student of Beacon, a very cute girl who will probably end up eating too many cookies and having to go to the hospital. Seriously, for your health, slow down".

"Weiss Schnee, student of Beacon, heiress of a company that is frowned upon even by the Writers of Worlds, but who has proved herself at least able to listen to a Professor when lectured".

"Blake Belladonna, student of Beacon, the secret Faunus whose bow is terrible at hiding her cat ears. Also, you should watch out because Ruby is scratching your ears when you sleep".

"Yang Xiao Long, student of Beacon, not exactly someone who likes the law given how she trashed a pub out of irritation, but loyal to her friends and also a strong fighter, even if predictable and sloppy".

"Nora Valkyrie, student of Beacon. We have quite a few bets running about you and Ren, between us Writers of Worlds. In a few worlds, it's already happened. Stop lying to yourself and just do it, and win me a few euros... even if you don't know what those are".

"Pyrrha Nikos, student of Beacon, named Goddess of Victory... yeah, a pyrrhic one. Sorry if there's nothing exactly interesting about her, but all her fighting has made her not a really interesting person. I'm joking, she's not too bad".

"Lie Ren, student of Beacon, resident ninja of Team RBLN. He would've gone insane long ago without Jaune Arc, the only other male among JSPR and RBLN. He is very quiet but very wise. Kinda reminds me of Ozpin, sometimes".

"Cardin Winchester, student of Beacon, former bully. Also, someone who really had no self-preservation, since he bullied a second-year. Anyway, he's changed, and has discovered his kinder inner self".

"Sun Wukong, student from Haven, likes bananas... and he's not awful with parkour. He has a huge crush on Blake. You could say it has been love at first sight. Anyway, he's a good guy after you pierce the carefree and frankly a bit dumb exterior".

"Neptune Vasilias, student from Haven, ladies man like no other. No surprise Weiss broke up with you soon after you two reconciled during the dance. I get you like girls, but get a hold and stop being so idiotic. Anyway, let's move on".

"Qrow Branwen, Hunstman, has a crush on Winter and tries to prove himself worth of her heart. He even only meets her when he can stand and fight, avoiding to make a fool out of himself while utterly drunk. Also, he drinks far too much to hide the pain of his past, but that's a story for another time".

"Winter Schnee, Huntress and Atlas Specialist, has a crush on Qrow as well. It's like Nora and Ren, but those two fight instead of denying. She greatly admires his closeness to his nieces, a closeness she wishes she could achieve with her sister Weiss".

"James Ironwood, Huntsman and Atlas General, has a slight crush on Glynda, but knows when to push that aside. He's a good guy inside, but a bit too stubborn. Also, he thinks he can solve everything with the good old-fashioned way: a big, big army and a gun himself".

"Roman Torchwick, Huntsman and criminal mastermind, loves his daughter Neo with all his heart. He's forced to work with someone because she would die otherwise. He's not a bad person, but he has a poor past and he hates the ones that made his life miserable and killed his wife".

"Adam Taurus, Huntsman and chieftain of the White Fang in Vale, is a paedophile given his relationship with Blake. He's sworn revenge blah blah blah, and he really likes salads and other green vegetables".

He looked around and smiled. "And I guess that's all. Are you all okay?", he asked, seeing that some of them were quite shocked and angry. Adam's sword had begun hitting him again since he had tried attacking Khor, while Ruby and Yang were looking away from their uncle who had been surprised by a sudden kiss from Winter and had decided to simply damn all and reply in kind. Some others were frowning. (AN: okay, Khor's little speech has ended).

"Kinda", replied Yang, careful to avoid looking at her uncle.

"I have just one question. What's a pyrrhic victory?", asked Pyrrha, curious.

"Well, in the `canon` universe, you die because you're, pardon my bluntness, stupid enough to try to fight someone who killed Ozpin. You kiss Jaune, send him away and so condemn him to a life of self-loathing, and then try to fight her. You get knocked around like a ragdoll, get an arrow through your chest and get incinerated by her. Ruby arrives to help you just in time to see you die, and unlocks a special powers she has that I won't reveal. So, in the end, her attack was stopped, but the losses were so much it was considered a tactical defeat". Khor smiled apolotegically. "That's what a pyrrhic victory is. A victory that is a tactical defeat. The Writers thought so little of your actions they coined a new word, derived from your name".

"Oh", was all she had to say. She couldn't even feel insulted. Said like that, it really sounded like a very stupid thing to do. But her cheeks gained a tint of pink when she thought she had kissed Jaune.

"So she's dead in this `canon` universe?!", exclaimed Nora, tears in her eyes.

"There are infinite universes of Remnant. In many, she's dead. In many, you're dead. In many, Ruby's dead. In many, Adam's a girl. In many, you are all on the same side, and Ozpin's evil. In many... you get the idea", explained Khor, shrugging. "Anyway, are you ready for what's to come?".

"And... what's to come?", asked Ren, speaking for the first time since all that madness started.

"Well, you will be wondering why there is a TV and couches. Sit down and enjoy the show. I will show you some alternative realities on this screen. You will see many changed versions of your friend, or for you guys your enemy, or for you guys just a student of Beacon, Jaune Arc. That's why he isn't here", chuckled Khor, and then laughed at their dumbfounded expressions. "Yes, I really like his resolve to become a Huntsman, so I wanted to show you a bit of different Jaunes. Also, in the middle of all those dimensions, there will be the past of your Jaune, meaning the past of the Jaune in this dimension, and maybe the possible future. Haven't decided yet".

He looked around with sparkling eyes. "Ready?".

Medeis, in Latin, means magic.

Fun fact: from my computer, if I type `magic` in Google Translator, the Latin translation is `magicae` or `medeis`, but if I type `medeis` in Google Translator (Latin - English), the translation will be `MAGIC`, all caps! That's strange.

Also, yes, even if I do like Pyrrha as a character, she did something utterly stupid when she went up the tower.

Bye, fellow Writers of Worlds.

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