I was in med bay when the bag was brought in. Maybe everyone thought it better not to tell me who was inside. It was placed on the table. I looked over at Scotty who was pale and deeply saddened. There was a connection to this bag that I had a gut feeling I would unlike.

I felt sick as I reached to open the bag. I had been told the body had died by being exposed to radiation and seeing Scotty's reaction to whoever this was, I only had one hope to who it was not to be. As I slowly began to lift the corner and started to see who was inside my hoped died. I felt sicker and weak. I felt depression wash over me as I never felt that way before.

Inside the bag, the deaceased person was none other than James T. Kirk. The captain, had sacraficed himself to save the ship. It was so like Jim. Honest, Jim was who I was hoping it was not. But I think I knew it would be when Scotty was by myside without Jim.

Growing up I didn't make friends well, and my marriage to my ex wife was anything but a good one. On the ship I had people I liked and got a long with, and called them friends. But Jim, was the one who knew me best. He was the one who gave me the nick name of Bones, and very rarely called me anyting else. He was the closest one I had to family. He was my best friend, and now he was on my table, lifeless.

I admit there were times I was jealous of his new close friendship with Spock from time to time. But I knew I could always count on him. And if I ever needed a friend or visa versa we were there for each other. I believed that there was a bond between that no one could brake or get in between, not even Spock.

I, in a haze sat down on the verge of tears. When the thing beside me began to live. In that moment inspiration struck and I knew I had to find a way to get Jim back, to relive him. And after Khan was caught and the process was through and I had managed to bring Kirk back from the dead, I don't think I had ever felt such gratitude in seeing a heart beat again.

After Spock had his talk with Jim when Jim awoke, I waited for Spock to leave the room. I turned to Jim, and said that he needed to rest.

Jim gave a nod and smile. "Bones, thank you."

"For what?"

"I know that you helped save me too. I can always count on you to be there when I need you most. I also know, that things are not always easy dealing with me. But I couldn't imagine a better doctor on this ship than you. Nor a greater friend."

I nodded. "Thank you Jim. My respect and admireation is mutual towards you. Now rest, for before we both know it, you'll be a pain in the ass again."

We both chuckled a bit. It was good to have my best friend back.