17 years ago I was born to a whore in Tortuga. She had me in a pig sty and left me there with a note, after all she wrote that she had a night to finish. But, unlike most babies, I wasn't found by any old Pirate or another whore. I was found by the owner and barmaid of the fanciest bar on the island, the Sining Siren.

The Singing Siren was located on the far west of the island, and was exclusive to only Captains and first mates. It served the nicest rum and at least attempted to be clean. No whores or fights, just Captains stopping by for a drink. This bar was infamous for serving some of the most fearsome, well known Pirates of all time, and for the owner.

The owner and barmaid was an elderly women named Amara Green that had run the bar for 60 years. She was the one who found me that night, and decided it was time to raise an apprentice, and that she did.

For 14 years she raised me, she was the only mother I knew. She was strict yet gentle at the same time and always knew what to say to make everything feel better. She also was a great teacher. Ever since I could walk and talk she would bring me to the bar and teach me how to serve drinks to the visitors, even though I didn't do much serving for the first 10 years of my life.

Instead of serving I had a habit of taking to the visitors. I would talk to every Captain that walked through the doors. Scary and famous or jolly and new, I would talk to them all, and after several years I developed quite the reputation on the island. Apparently, all of the Pirates would talk about the little girl that could steal Blackbeard and Davy Jones' heart with her childish giggles and dancing. But I never cared what they said, even the most scariest Pirates had a story to tell and a past to recover from.

All of the men liked me for different reasons though. Apparently I reminded Blackbeard of his daughter he lost long ago, and he would always bring a token from his conquests, usually a coin or piece of cloth. Davy Jones, when he would visit, said I made him feel joy again and therefore would let me dangle from his tentacles. Barbossa would tell me about the different places he's been. But, out of all of the Pirates I ever met, Jack Sparrow was my favorite. He would bring me gifts like jewelry and clothes, then he would tell me the craziest stories. Stories that blew my mind as a young girl. I haven't seen him in 7 years though.

The last time I saw him was when I was 10 years old. Amara was sick and I didn't know what I was going to do or what was going to happen. He was the only one who could calm me down, and that he did. He pulled me aside and gave me this braided silver chain.

"This is for you." He whispered to me as tears streamed down my face. "I got this last time I was in Spain and thought of you." I remember smiling and clasping the necklace around my neck. "Everything is going to be fine." He whispered to me, and that was the last words he ever spoke to me before heading off.

Four and half years later the same illness killed her, leaving a poor 14 year old girl alone and with a bar to run, and that I did. I was no longer the wild little girl, but a sophisticated woman running a business. The island no longer talked about me as a that little girl, but as a mature women. I changed.

Even after running the bar alone for 3 years now, a part of me was still that little girl running in between the stools wondering when Jack Sparrow would visit again.