003. Intelligence



Soubi feels more alive with pain — Ritsuka discovers this early on in their relationship.

He wants Ritsuka to hurt him.

Cigarette ash starts to fleck against Soubi's pectorals, brown and grey and a flaring-heat red. Ritsuka leans over him with a neutral expression, gazing down to his Fighter's pale and toned skin. His nostrils fill with the sharp, smoky-dark odor.

"I won't sleep until you do it…"

A loud, dismissive huff of a snort leaves Ritsuka.

"Trying to coerce me won't make what you want to happen happen any faster," he mutters, squeezing his fingers rigidly, tightly around Soubi's half-wilted cigarette. But then, Ritsuka gulps in a deep, steadying breath and presses the lit-end against Soubi's collarbone, only long enough for a faint, pinkened burn-mark to appear.

The look on Soubi's face is truly euphoric. His periwinkle-colored eyes lid and a soft, harsh moan escapes his lips when Ritsuka kisses them. All of him.

He can't ever hurt Soubi the way he wants.

They'll have to live with compromises instead.



Loveless isn't mine. It's been FOREVER since I've done anything for these two wwowowowow I have no idea if there's still any Loveless nostalgic fans out there, but maybe you'll see this! Glad you could read this and much thanks and any comments/thoughts as always are welcome! :)