TMNT: Mutant World: Chapter 1

Leonardo sliced his Katana through the air in an endless swirl of circles and arcs that blinded the eyes if you watched for too long.

"Man, Leo, do you always have to be practicing? Don't you know all that stuff already?" Raphael asked from the doorway to the turtle's practice and exercise room.

"I'm doing this to keep in top form, and so I can be sure I don't forget any of this," Leo said without losing his concentration on the Katana. Raph sighed. "You know Raph, you should be doing this too."

"Yeah, whatever."

Raph left the room and went out to the living room of their lair. Michelangelo was watching some cartoon on TV. Raphael wasn't interested in it, but he sat down next to his brother anyway. There was nothing else better to do; New York City didn't seem to need saving at all today. Suddenly, his turtle com began beeping at him.

"Oh man!" Mikey exclaimed, turning from the TV to look at Raph.

"Hey, what's up April?" Raph asked when her picture appeared on the com's screen.

"You guys had better get down here right away! Bebop and Rocksteady just carried off Irma and Vernon!"

"We'll be right there!"

Leonardo and Donatello had already entered the room and had heard what their friend had said.

"Come on! Let's go!"

Together, they raced out to the turtle van, started it up and sped towards Channel six news headquarters. When they got there, they found a huge hole in the side of the tall building and a very quickly disappearing vehicle of some kind. It was too far away for them to give chase. April met them at the door.

"What happened?" Leonardo asked her.

"I'm not sure. One moment everything was just fine, and the next, there was this huge hole in the wall and I saw Bebop and Rocksteady taking Vernon and Irma away! And then you showed up."

"Hmmmmm……" Donatello rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I wonder what Shredder wanted with the two of them?"