This is set after Daniel ascends and returns, and the Firefly crew is still in season one (duh, since it was canceled by the bloody idiots). Just a wild idea that came to me after too much caffeine. I do not own Firefly, for if I did it would still be on TV, and I do not own Stargate SG-1. Also, I pulled the year for Firefly out of a hat. I looked and looked for some kind of year referred to, but didn't find one. So Ta da!

The galaxy had heard of the myth of Star Haven. How the snake men had kidnapped their people and took them through the metal ring as slaves. Once there the Guardian freed them, and they grew into a great people.

            Leastwise Mal liked them well enough. Right now, gazing at the ugly metal ring that sprang out of the landscape, he was less concerned about myth and more about money.

            "Jayne, if I ever get any more ideas about smuggling pigs, shoot me in the head." Mal said, remembering the stench of the journey. "You bet Cap'n." Jayne said cheerfully. They were standing a little ways from Serenity, watching the happy farmer bustled his way towards them.

            "Captain Reynolds, they are just the prettiest pigs. Here is your pay and a little extra for getting them here earlylike." He beamed up at the two men, "hope to do more business with ya!" and trotted after his pigs.

            "No more pigs. "Mal said under his breath. He started to say something to Jayne when there was a loud noise. "What the gorrum was that?" Jayne asked. They both looked over to the metal ring. It shuddered, emitted a light, then what looked like a storm of water whooshed out, settling back, flat as a pond. Puzzled, the farmer came back to stand by them as four figures walked out onto the old ramp. Immediately the water disappeared, leaving the sky showing. The pedestal at the base gave a wheeze, and collapsed.

            "Carter!" the uniformed man in front said.

            "On it, Sir." A female figure trotted down ahead of the others, kneeling to check out the damage. All of the crew of the Serenity had come outside to watch the armed figures. Zoe had her weapon, and surreptitiously passed Jayne one as well.

            Jack, Teal'c and Daniel were aware of the people watching them, and Jack had noticed the little byplay with the weapons. "Daniel, do your thing." Jack gestured toward the waiting crowd.

            "Uh, yeah, umm. Greetings, we are explorers from Earth and we mean you no harm." Daniel said.

            "Good on you, I guess. A couple of us were born on earth too. What does that have to do with them weapons you're cradling like friends?" Mal said, eyebrows raised, but standing at full alert, rocking on the balls of his feet.

            "What the ? Carter, I thought this was supposed to be PX 3 something." Jack asked. Sam looked bewildered, "This isn't earth right?" she asked, a little desperately.

Jayne snorted, "This is Star Haven lady."

"OK, if you're from Earth, and we're from earth, what year is this?" Jack asked reasonably.

"It's the year of our Lord 2315."  Book said, stepping forward.

Sam dropped her face in her hands, "Oh God, not again." Teal'c tilted his head, "Indeed it is not the same Major Carter, we are now in the future." He said reasonably.

Jack took off his sunglasses, rubbed his eyes. "Let me get this straight, we went through our gate, wanting to go to a jungle like planet called P4 whatever, but the wormhole did a different dance and landed us in Kansas, complete with the smell of pigs? In the future?? Why does this not surprise me?" He asked resignedly.

"Sir, it's not my fault. I don't know what happened." Carter protested.

Mal relaxed a fraction, looked at Zoe. "Not Alliance?" he asked. She shook her head, "Nope." She answered, relaxing a fraction.

River, wearing one of her flowing dresses, came to stand by Mal. "Not in the right world. Different times and different places." She said, watching Jack closely through the hair in her eyes.

"Well, you're right about that Curly." Jack said with a sigh. She smiled, "Honor in people who kill is rare, travelers lost and found, one who died is home and the circle is complete." River turned and walked back to Serenity. Everyone watched her go, including Daniel, who was a little pale. Simon said, "Um, That was my sister River. Excuse me." He scrambled after her.

"Captain Malcolm Reynolds." Mal said holding out his hand to shake Jack's. He pointed to Zoe, "My second in command Zoe. Wash is my pilot, Jayne is my weapons officer, Simon is my Doc, Kaylee there," pointing to the slip of a girl with the overalls, "is my engineer, and Shepherd Book."

"Colonel Jack O'Neill, my second in command Major Samantha Carter, archeologist and linguist Daniel Jackson and Teal'c." Jack replied, shaking hands.

"You don't look like no Major I ever did see." Jayne said leering. Sam looked over at him coldly, "Touch me, in anyway, and I'll rip off your arms and feed them to you." She stated. Zoe laughed, "I like you Major Carter." And she instantly made a decision to trust this woman. " What do you need to help you get home again?" She asked.

"Sir?" Carter asked. Jack nodded, "Go ahead Carter, see if you can revive that piece of junk." Sam turned to Zoe, "Call me Sam. Can I borrow Kaylee, some tools and a cooler shirt?" Sam recognized a kindred spirit in Zoe, and as they walked off together, gathering Kaylee as they walked, they had already started comparing notes. Wash shook his head, "Never seen Zoe take to another person so quick." He said, glancing at Mal. "Me neither." Mal looked back at Jack, "So, Military?" he asked. Jack nodded, "You." Not a question, but recognizing another. "Yep." Mal said, then clapped him on the back, "Don't worry so. Kaylee can fix anything she puts a mind to. Lets get a drink in town; it's best to let women work without fretting 'em. You keep more body parts that way." Jack laughed, looking at Daniel. "You wanna go?"

"No, I 'm going to look around. Dig a little deeper." He looked thoughtfully at the ship, where River had disappeared. Jack and the others left, talking casually.

 River was humming, sitting on the catwalk, legs dangling over into the space of the hold. She saw the figure of Daniel Jackson come in. "He was here, then not. Sitting with others in the air but love pulled him back to the ground." Rivers smiled down as Daniel glanced up startled.

"How do you know that?" Daniel asked quietly. "I am crazy, but not stupid. I can see the love swirl around you all." she said, swinging your legs. Daniel climbed carefully up the metal stairs, to come and sit carefully beside River. "Why do you say you're crazy? You seem fine to me." Daniel said, looking around at his surroundings. "It just seems to me you have a different view of life." River paused, "A different view of life." She mused, humming a little. "You could be right. The force of my life is bouncing off of yours. You make a difference in the here and there, and back. My life has meaning here and now and back too." Daniel smiled at her. "I know that you will make a difference, and you shouldn't feel guilty for your life. It was not yours until now." Daniel stated, then he got up, brushed off his pants and walked back down to go talk to the local people and find out how the Stargate came to be on this planet.

"It's ok Simon, you can stop hiding in the shadows." River said. Simon came out, "How does he know so much River?" he asked quietly, his eyes on his precious sister.  River hummed, "He was above in the sky, but love brought him home. He is a wise one, once was lost and now he's found, and I was blind but now I see." River looked at her brother with tears in her eyes, "I'll never be free, but will go past. I couldn't have done that without you Simon." He came over and gave her a hug, "I know you'll get past." He whispered.

Jack, Mal, Wash, Jayne and Teal'c were at the local watering hole called the Haven of Pigs. Jayne had challenged Teal'c to arm wrestling, and they had a crowd of people cheering them on. Jack, Mal and Wash were talking quietly. Jack was moving his shot glass in circle, trying to decide if his stomach lining would survive.

"From what your Major Carter said, you've been through time before?" Mal asked curiously. Wash leaned back, "I thought that time travel was just myth and legend." he protested.

"Jack closed his eyes, "Geez, don't I wish. The last time we were sent back to correct something. Why we are here now is a mystery to me. I keep hoping that it's a mistake." He took another swallow of his drink, keeping the gasp for bursting out.  The door to the bar swung open and Daniel came in, smiled at the arm wrestling men, since it looked like Teal'c was going to win, and came over to sit by Jack.

"Good news or bad news." Daniel asked, pouring himself a drink from the bottle, slamming it back and turning purple before their interested gazes. He then wheezed and hacked, trying to get his breath back. "Aack. I've been poisoned." He gasped, wiping his streaming eyes. The other laughed. "It's ok Danny, I think my stomach lining disintegrated." Jack chuckled.

"So my good man," Mal said cheerfully, "What's the bad news?"

When Daniel had finally stopped sputtering, he said, "Sam said that she and Kaylee could maybe, a big maybe, fix the dial in device. But I think that there is a reason we were sent here. I figure we'll know it when it hits us in the face."

"Of course. Why would my life be easy?" Jack leaned forward and banged his head 3 times on the table. "Why* Why* Why*."

Now the women had bonded over men, battle, engineering and a cold drink. They had done all that they could for that day, and were now sitting in chairs enjoying the cooling air. From down the road came the drunken voices of men singing "When The Saints Go Marching In." Recognizing Wash's tenor, and Mal's bass, Zoe wasn't terribly concerned. Sam was fairly sure she could recognize the Colonel's voice singing too, but when they came into view there was nothing to do but laugh.

Mal and Jack and Jayne had their arms around each others shoulders, weaving drunkenly with Teal'c trying to keep them upright, and Daniel draped over his back in a fireman's carry. Setting down their drinks. The women hurried over to help the men.

"Teal'c, what happened?" Sam scolded as she reached the Colonel. Then Jack breathed on her, "Oh my stars, never mind. Let's pour you into bed Sir. Zoe, is there anywhere we can dump these guys to detox them?"

Zoe had her hands full with Wash trying to kiss her, "Follow me. " and the drunken parade followed Zoe and a staggering Wash into the ship.

It was morning and the hungover men were desperately cradling steaming cups of coffee, sitting around Serenity's kitchen table. Kaylee was talking cheerfully to Simon, banging pans around a little louder than necessary. Book was drinking his coffee, chatting with Teal'c about his home world. Sam and Zoe were quietly discussing that days project when River came in. Like a game of duck, duck, goose she walked around the table, touching Sam, then Teal'c on the head and saying, "Snake, snake."

Daniel jerked around to follow her with his eyes. "They had snakes, but snakes no more. One was evil and one was good. I've seen the snake swimming in the box." She went to sit down in a chair. "What box?" Sam asked quietly, alert. Daniel got up and knelt in front of River, causing Simon to straighten up against the counter, wondering what was going on.

"River, can you tell me who had the box with the swimming snake.?" Daniel asked, hoping against hope that he was wrong. River smiled sweetly, putting her hand on Daniel's cheek, "Going to save the 'verse. Must steal the snake before it destroys us all." Simon made to stop this when Daniel shook his head impatiently at him. "Did you hear the snake?" he asked. Her eyes went round, "Oh yes. It talked about ruling everyone and everything, swimming in circles, revenging on us all. I didn't tell the ones who had me for I thought maybe the snake would kill them all, and I would be free. But then I heard them say they would grow me up some and put it in me." She looked down. "I cried and told the snake to shut up but it laughed, then Simon came and rescued me."

Simon rested his hand on her shoulder. Daniel stood, "River, you are a star." He stroked her hair and smiled. Turning to Jack he said, "I know why we are here."

Jack frowned, "Please tell me I am wrong, because I understood her perfectly. She meant a goa'uld, didn't she?"

"I believe that you are correct O'Neill." Teal'c said seriously.

"Damnit, I hate when I am right." Jack complained.