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It was a year since Providence appeared. The world was still recovering from the mass panic, the damage to the economy, the lost of ships and planes routes due to the giant Endbringer.

Over the year multiple attacks have been staged against the giant being. All of them has failed to even scratch Providence.

It seems like with every attack, we are simply reinforcing the absolute power of Providence. Absolutely powerful, unbeatable.

Then one day, the giant Endbringer ,which is constantly being watched, suddenly decided to make it's first movement in a whole year.

It opened it's eye, which is a completely black, void like color.

Within the cracks of the pyramid an immense light began to be emitted. Almost seemingly holy in a way.

This single action caused the people observing it to panic. Thinkers and Tinkers together immediately try their best to predict where it would attack, when it would attack.

However contrary to their worries, Providence didn't move. It just simply float there with it's void like eye opened.

The reason why we even know it is an eye instead of an eye socket is because it bulges like an eye.

Approximately after 10 hours of it's eye opening, Providence finally make it move.

Once again, it took us by surprise. However this time, it could be justified instead of blaming carelessness.

Usually when Hypnos, the only other Endbringer, attacks, it moves itself to the targeted city, stay there and lure everyone to sleep, then it leaves.

We were expecting Providence itself to do so, for it to atleast move from it's spot.

It was unexpected. It didn't move, It didn't teleport. All it did was doing an act that can be classified as self harm.

We were surprised when it spit it's eye ball out into low earth orbit.

At first people began freaking out, worried that the massive island sized eye ball would crash and flatten an unfortunate city.

But it didn't. Due to the massive height of Providence the eye ball simply entered orbit.

As it was spitted out it's void like colour also changed. From the absolute darkness of the sphere, white eye like pattern appeared and began to rapidly move.

We were confused. Why did Providence do this ? What was the purpose of the eye ? It left us in both a panicking and confused state.

People began to speculate, trying to see if the eye will drop, and if it drop where will it drop.

All we know is the fact that the eye radiated the same space bending nature of the two Endbringers Hypnos and Providence. But it was not on the same level as those two.

That and the fact that an Island sized object orbiting earth at such low height and moving at such a slow speed shouldn't be possible, but this was quickly extinguished, when you take into account that Endbringers are capable of things that no man would be able to replicate.

So one one hand, we have no idea whether it's an Endbringer or not. But on the other hand, it is capable of doing what most Endbringer can do.

It was later simply dubbed. "Mini-Endbringer". Due to not being on the same level as an Endbringer and at the same time coming from an Endbringer.

1 day later. We picked up sign of activity from the black sphere.

It began generating smaller spheres. Dropping them from orbit, most hit the oceans, some hit land.

The ones that hit the land didn't do much damage since their size was fairly insignificant ,standing at only the size of a small house.

10 Spheres of such size was dropped. Each landing a different location on Earth.

Just these small spheres though was enough to cause panic. It was extremely worrying when one of them nearly hit a city. People was sent to these crash site, but they didn't find anything so it was assumed that they simply got destroyed on impact.

However, when one looked closely at the crash sites and how they were positioned. They noticed a very worrying prospect.

When you connect the crash sites to each other, the lines all cross over the island of Kyushu, Japan.

When it was realized that the newly named "Eye Of Providence" could be falling toward Kyushu, it caused the Government of Japan to immediately try to evacuate the city.

But at last, it was too late. When the evacuation started was also when the Eye began falling toward the city at an alarming rate.

"I was there when the "Eye Of Providence" attacked. It was a horrific sight. But some messed up assholes out there could probably say that it was an amazing sight with how "beautiful" the Endbringer is.

But I'm getting side tracked. What important is the giant piece of shit that is the Eye Of Providence.

(Sigh) It was just a normal day of my life you know. I just got home from my work, was feeling pretty great since I just got my pay check. I was watching the TV when a notification overwrite the current show and told me how I have to evacuate from the city.

At first I was confused, but when the name Endbringer came up I was on my legs and packing my things. Literally lightning speed.

I only packed the important things, like money, personal items, stuffs like that. But even when I packed so quickly, I was very close to being just another victim for the Endbringer.

Looking back at it now, my heart still jumps everytime I see anything in the sky.

I don't know if it's true or not but from what I've heard multiple capes tried to stop the Endbringer before it reached the ground. Pretty sure all of them died. Not sure how they were killed but I've heard that they all got crushed by some sort of field.

From the ground on where I was driving my car away from the island, I can see the massive silhouette of the damn thing. And boy is it goddamn huge.

It looked like a giant sphere with massive white eye like pattern moving around it rapidly. Then it shed it's shell to reveal a rainbow-colored "eyeball" that eventually opens into an amoebic form. Concentric circles of rainbow color emanate from the central "eye" across the Endbringer's front surface. Spikes resembling traditional angels playing trumpets unfold from behind the rim of the central body, and along the "arms" a horde of vaguely humanoid "feathers" unfurl.

Atleast thats how I remembered it anyway. Some one out there can probably give a better picture of the thing than I do. But when you look at a simple picture you don't understand how absolutely gigantic the Endbringer or "Mini-Endbringer" or whatever you calls them these days.

It would be an "amazing" sight like the crazy idiots said if it wasnt for the fact that I, and many others, was rushing to get out of the island in time before that thing fall down.

Although I did managed to escape the island before it fall down on it since I live around the island's edge, I was still very close to the blast zone. Like it was a palm away from destroying my car's back. And that's when I know that no one else got a chance to survive since I live VERY close to the island edge and I only left the island in around 10 minutes.

When the Endbringer touched the ground, it caused a massive explosion, looking back in my car all I can see is a giant wall of white that is rapidly approaching me.

And you all know what happened ! The bastard turned Kyushu into an Hawaiian Islands 2.0 !

Leveled the whole island, turn it into a gaping whole on the surface of the earth !

No Shock Waves, just a deletion ! Ruined everything !

Like the giant Asshole that it is ! It was unharmed, giant sphere just fucking float back into space like nothing happened !

Usually you don't understand how other people feels when bad things happens to them. Sure Providence gave us hell of a scare when it erased Hawaii but most people doesn't really worry much since its not them. Well now when it happened to me, let me tells you something the hawaiian didn't managed to. ITS FUCKING HORRIBLE TO SEE YOUR HOME GET ERASED IN AN INSTANT !"

-Iwashiro Eiichiro, about his experience on the day that Eye Of Providence destroyed Kyushu,Japan.

After the attack the few that survived was the 4 member of the Protectorate. Hero, Legend, Eidolon and Alexandria.

They only survived thanks to Eidolon managed to pulls up a barrier right before the Endbringer detonate.

All the other Japanese heroes and parahumans that joined in on the fight perish.

In the end, the one that got hit the most was Japan. While the Protectorate did managed to send some heroes with the 4 surviving heroes, most of the Protectorate force didn't arrives in time.

In the end Japan was hit heavily, the Sentai Elite, Japanese foremost defend team, was completely wiped out, millions of people died, and at the end of it all, Japan was reduced to a third world country. Existing only because it is on the map.

All of this happened in just an instant.


Miles away from Marun, Iran's second largest oil field.

A Deep rumbling beneath the earth can be felt.

Get out of here Leviathan ! Providence is destroying Japan the way Anime intended !


But any way ! Heres the second chapter of Absolute Power ! As you can see, most of the pieces on the chess board just got wiped out ! The Sentai Elite ,all of them, died. Lung died. And alot of other people died !

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