Chapter 19



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The dress was a snowy white silk that pooled on the floor. A soft cream ribbon accented her thin waist. The swoop neck dress was considerably different than anything Kel had ever worn. Lalasa laughed when Kel fidgeted and brought her out a thin silver chain. The pendant on the necklace rested just below the hollow of her throat and when Kel what it was it took all of her control to keep her Yamani mask in place. The Mindelan coat of arms was displayed with shining silver and a sword, symbolizing the Lady Knight, was pierced through it. Tobe, who had barely left her side since her return, hugged her tightly before vanishing out the door.

"There." Lalasa said putting the final pin in her hair to keep the long lace veil in place. "Now you're ready."

"Well I don't know if that's true, but at least thanks to you I look beautiful." Kel smiled nervously. She risked one more glance in the mirror before letting out a long breath and walking out the door.

The wedding was beautiful. Dom had looked enchanting in his cream and silk blue colors. And while Kel could tell it was still a bit of a struggle for him to stand through the whole ceremony he never once faltered.

"I never thought I'd live to see this day." Kel said quietly looking up at Dom as they walked quietly around the hall. People were talking and laughing, enjoying themselves in the long hours of the night.

Dom smiled and looked at her. "I knew you would, I was just hoping that I would be here to enjoy it as well."

He rarely ever talked about what had happened those few nights ago and Kel never asked what had happened outside of their little cell. Dom's body was still riddled with scars, but aside from those the new couple preferred to think of it as a distant nightmare.

"I love you Dom." Kel said swiftly turning to face him.

Dom chuckled "Thank the Gods. It would be a shame to find out otherwise after all these people already sat through the wedding."

"You know what I mean." Kel said blushing.

"Yes. I do." He said quietly bending down to kiss her softly. "Come on" he said with a twinkle, "lets go start our honeymoon. We don't have very long before Raoul will be yelling out new orders."

"Dom!" Kel laughed, "We can't leave! This is our wedding."

"Exactly. It's our wedding and we can leave whenever we see fit."

"Dom…" but another swift kiss silenced Kel. "Well I guess they're all big boys and girls. they can handle themselves."

The End


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