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Sisters of Creek: Chapter 1

"Please fasten your seatbelts. Now landing in London, England. American Airlines hoped you enjoyed your flight." The flight attendants somewhat monotonous voice rambled.

"Well guys, this is it! We are going to Hogwarts!" Mandi said

"I know isn't it amazing?" Kelli replied.

"And we all get to stay together. That's what matters" Vicki said.

The 3 girls exchanged looks. They were all each other had left. They were triplets and were very close. Their father had never been around and he had eventually left when they were 11. Their mother had been killed only 2 months before when Voldemort went on one of his world rampages. He had killed 37 people at the U.S. chapter of the Ministry of Magic. There were far fewer magic people in the United States and there was only one Wizarding School. So after their mother had died, they had been sent to live in London. Their mother's best friend had agreed to take them in but since it was already so late in the year, they were only going to be there for a day before it was time for school.

The 3 sisters arrived at the airport and collected their bags. They waited for a while because their flight had gotten in earlier than expected and they weren't supposed to be picked up until 2 PM. And then they finally saw her. Fay Granger. They had seen pictures of her and had met her a couple of times. They knew she had a daughter at Hogwarts too, but she wasn't with her right now. Mandi, Kelli, and Vicki Rochinlee were going to be in their 6th year. So was Hermione Granger.

"Hello girls. It is so good to have you." Fay Granger said warmly. She reached down and gave all of them a hug.

"We really appreciate this Mrs. Granger. It means a lot to us." Kelli said.

"Don't even worry about it. This will be good for all of us" Mrs. Granger replied.

"Where is Hermione?" Mandi asked.

"She is at her friends house for the summer but you will get to see her when you go to get on the train."

There was an awkward silence

"So. when's dinner?" Vicki asked. Everyone laughed and they began to walk away.


After the long awaited dinner was over, the girls got settled into their room. They were offered separate rooms, but they generally didn't like to be separated unless it was necessary. There was a double bed, a pull out, and a couch in the room where they stayed. Mrs. Granger had excellent decorating taste. The room was painted a light shade of yellow with blue accents. It looked beautiful. The girls chose where they would sleep, Mandi called the bed the second they entered the room, and Vicki and Kelli settled onto the pull out and couch. They changed into their pajamas and were settling down to go to sleep when Mandi broke the silence.

"I'm scared."

"About what?" Vicki asked.

"What happens if he comes to Hogwarts. what if he comes to get us."

"Who?" Kelli asked. Then it dawned on her. Voldemort. Mandi had always been the one to be down about everything. She seriously believed that Voldemort had been after her and her sisters and not her mother. Which was completely absurd, he had attacked the Ministry of Magic, not their house.

"Don't worry about it girl, we will be fine. I hear this Dumbledore guy is pretty cool. Plus, guess what, the famous Harry Potter goes there! We are totally safe." Vicki said.

Vicki was definitely the comic relief of the three, she was very outgoing and not really afraid of much. Kelli was the logical one, who always made the good grades but was a little shy. She could have easily been confused with Hermione except for their appearance.

"I know how we can all feel better, Truth or Dare Mandi." Kelli grinned.

"Dare!" Mandi replied.

"I have a good one. Tomorrow, we will pick a guy. You have to go straight up to him and give him a big kiss!" Vicki said.

"Awww crap. Fine I'll do it, but please, pick someone who's not a toad!" Mandi said.

"You got it." Kelli and Vicki said.

"Ok now its my turn you hags!" Mandi said jokingly. "Kelli, truth or dare?"

"Lets make it fair and say dare."

"OK. I've got it. You have to go up and talk to the great Harry Potter tomorrow!" Mandi said.

"No. I cant, I would choke. please don't make me!" Kelli plead.

"Too late, you got yourself into it, now you will have to get yourself out!" Vicki said.

The girls got lost in a fit of giggles.

"We haven't laughed like that in a while. It feels good." Mandi said.

"Yea it does." Vicki said. She gave her sisters a little hug.

"Hey wait, we never dared Vicki!" Kelli said. "So what will it be?"

"Dare all the way! Do you even have to ask?"

"OK you have to go up to some guy tomorrow that we pick out and not say a word. At all. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. You remain silent." Kelli said.

"Man that's a good one!" Mandi said.

"Oh great. This is going to suck. How can I not talk? I just have to stand there? I will look like a total idiot!" Vicki said.

"O well" Mandi said and she gave her a wink. "I think it is bed time. Night guys. Luv ya"

"Luv ya too" Both sisters replied. They all slipped into a very deep sleep.
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