The car door slammed shut. The new DC lent over and picked up their blazer and put it on. He walked towards the main reception and stopped to look up at the sign.

"This is it, Collins" the sparky new Cumbrian DC said. Matthew Collins aged 25. New kid on the block. Fully Fledged. Detective Constable. First posting at Sun Hill Police Station.

"I'd finally like to welcome Matthew Collins our new DC. Sun Hill is first posting so make sure you look after him properly." DI Neil Manson said to his relief of CID officers.

"Matt for short." Matt said with his strong accent.

"Leave why can kid it's all a catch." Fellow DC Mickey Webb shouted to Matthew.

"For that Mickey you can show him the ropes around here. Matthew, Mickey is one of our resident detectives. Good copper and all round nice guy you can learn a lot from him. As for everyone else same as yesterday. Well come on the streets of London won't police themselves." Neil said gesturing everyone back to work.

Matt went a set up his desk. He was sat opposite DC Jacob Banks. Former teacher turned police officer.

"Come on then Matt tell us about yourself." Mickey said whilst Matt was setting up his desk.

"Grew up in Bowness-on-Windermere in the Lake District for 3 years. Moved to London because mum's family are down here and they needed her. Spent the last 22 years of my life down here. Finished school, went to uni and studied law where I met my girlfriend, Shannon. Realised that I wanted to catch criminals not be stuck in a court. Joined the Met, as well as managing police life, I have an adopted 5-year-old named Millie."

"That's fantastic that you adopt. I don't know many people that do it at such a young age whilst still trying to manage career." DC Grace Dasari joined in the conversation as she looked up from her computer.

"Mickey. Matthew. Can you come here I've got something for you two to get your teeth into," Neil called across the CID office "Assault. PCs Valentine and Gayle will fill you in on the details."

Ben and Roger introduced themselves to Matt. Then filled them in the arrest of the teenager, Bradley Goodman. Mickey and Matt went down to the custody suite to get Bradley for an interview.

Bradley was taken into the interview. Mickey began the tap.

"This is an interview with Bradley Goodman by DC's Mickey Webb and Matthew Collins. Also present are is the suspects responsible adult and social worker, Heather Scott. As well as this duty solicitor John Bailey is also present. The date is 1st September 2010 and the time is 9:51am. At the conclusion of the interview, I will give you a form which will explain the procedure for dealing with this recording and how you can have access to it," Mickey began. "Bradley, you've been arrested on suspicious of assult I'm going to caution you now. You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something, which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence."

"Why did you do it Bradley?" Matt asked.

"No comment."

"Did someone get you to do this for them?"

"No comment."

"Did you know the person you assaulted?"

"No comment."

"Bradley. You're only going to make this worse for yourself if you don't cooperate with this us."

Bradley sighed. "Fine. Yes, I knew them. No, I wasn't made to do this I did it myself. I did it because…I did it because he was bullying my sister.

"I don't think we need anything else at this moment in time. Has anyone got anything else to add? Fantastic. That concludes this interview. Interview terminated at 09:54am." Mickey said as he leaned back and turned off them tape.

Mickey and Matt left the room as Bradley was taken back to his cell.

"We can let uniform finish up with that. Send him on his way with a caution. Come on lets go to the canteen.

Mickey and Matt went and sat in the canteen with fellow PCs Ben Gayle, Mel Ryder and Kirsty Knight.

"Come on then you just started telling me about Millie when we got interrupted.

"Whose Millie then Matthew. Girlfriend? Fiancé? Wife? Ben asked.

"Nowhere near. Millie is my adopted 5-year-old daughter" Matthew corrected.

"Adopted daughter now that is a surprise" Ben almost said in shock.

Matthew went into his wallet and pulled out a picture of Millie. Millie had long blonde hair with crystal blue eyes.

"Oh Matt, she is beautiful" Mel said

"She is beautiful" Ben said but he was not referring to Millie instead he was talking about Shannon. Matthews girlfriend. Shannon had long brown hair with matching brown eyes.

"Yeah and she's mine." Matt said.

"Why adoption Matthew?" Kirsty asked.

"Shannon has endometriosis. Which means that the lining of her womb is found outside of the womb. This decreases her chances of having children. So, saves us the pain of going through treatment after treatment, we decided to adopt make our lives better as well as someone else's. Applied last January, six months later we were approved basically meaning that we are allowed to adopt. It took us four months to be matched with Millie. Millie was then gradually introduced to me and Shannon for about 3 months and then moved in full time and ten weeks later we applied for an adoption order, so since May this year she has been our fully adopted child." Matthew finished his story with everyone's full attention.

Smithy walked into the canteen and walked over to the table. "Come on everyone refs finished five minutes ago." Everyone got up from the table that they were sat around.

Matt was sat at his desk tiding up his desk when Neil came in.

"Mickey, Matt. I've just heard for Smithy a missing girl. Mel and Leon have gone around as first responders. I want you to go around and assist. The address is 28 Asquith Road. Informant was a Claire Phillip's. Mickey look after him."

Matt took a deep breath. Had only been a parent for 4 months but he couldn't imagine his life without Millie. This was going to be tough, but he was ready for it. His first big case as a detective. He and Mickey made their way out into the yard and drove out.