For Marichat May! I tried to make it as realistic as possible, so don't go whining that it's not sinful, I mean... come on.

I'll post something for Ladrien June somewhere this month!

She was panicking, for sure.

But what else was she supposed to do? This Akuma had been nothing but trouble, that was already hard enough, but when her healing Ladybugs flew across Paris to fix all the damage that had been done, and Chat Noir's limp form was still unmoving, she was worried. They were supposed to heal him, help him get up and forget anything had happened at all!

So, her freaked out mind came up with the crazy plan to carry him to her home and take care of him. Right now, he was on her chaise, still out cold, but breathing, thank goodness, and she was de-transformed, sitting next to him with a glass of water and some cookies for when he would wake up. Every few seconds she would brush away his hair and sigh, Tikki giving her encouraging pats on the shoulder. She was getting more anxious by the fact that his ring had started beeping and was now on the third dot.

"He'll wake up. He's tough."

"I know that, but it still sucks to see him like this. And what am I going to tell him? He probably doesn't remember me. When he wakes up he's probably going to think I'm some sick fangirl who dragged his unconscious body to my house to keep him chained up in my basement." She laughed bitterly.

Tikki giggled. "Oh, Marinette, you're always very good at assuming the worst. I'm sure he remembers you and will thank you for helping him. You can just say that Ladybug wanted him to be taken care of but had to leave because of her transformation. That sounds believable, right?"

"But my house is far from where the Akuma was. Why would I go all the way here? Oh well, I guess I should hope he doesn't think of that. I'm just glad he's mostly fine, even though I couldn't cure him. Why didn't my powers work on him anyway?" She turned her head to the Kwami with a sad expression.

She only shrugged with a grimace. "I'm sorry, but I really don't know. The only thing that I can think of is that it is summer."

"Summer?" She rose an eyebrow. "What does that have to do with anything? You're telling me now, after all this time, that my powers don't work in summer? Wouldn't winter be more logical?"

"I don't mean it like that, silly," she poked Marinette on her forehead, "I mean that because it's summer, you two aren't close to each other that often. Being near each other, even out of suit, keeps you both strong."

A few seconds passed before Marinette's eyes widened and she muffled a scream with her hand. Chat Noir stirred. She wanted him to wake up, but not because of her ruining his hearing.

"What?" Tikki asked nonchalantly.

"What!?" She whisper yelled. "You ask me what? You just told me that we're weaker because we're not near each other that often. You mean the summer holidays, don't you? Which means that I don't see him because I'm not at school anymore - OHMYGOSHHEGOESTOMYSCHOOL!" The words were out before she could stop them. She slapped a hand across her mouth and Tikki zipped away when Chat Noir blearily opened his eyes.


She removed her hand and took a few breaths. "H-hi." She waved.


"How are you feeling?"

"Better, I think." He sat up straight and eyed her, still a bit sleepy. "Did I fall asleep during our project?"

She squeaked before shaking her head rapidly. This wasn't happening. This could not be true.

The fact that he started about school with her indicated that he knew her from there. Plus, there was only one person who she had a school project with at the moment, which they would work on tomorrow…

He cocked his head to the side and dragged a hand down his face to wake himself. Only when he looked at the hand, did his eyes widen. "I-I mean, what happened? I can't remember coming here myself."

Taking steadying breaths, she tried to smother the feeling of her heartbeat pounding rapidly in her chest. "There was an Akuma attack. I- Ladybug brought you here when you wouldn't wake up. Here, I have water and cookies." When he was seated instead of lying down, she handed him the glass and a cookie. "I hope you like them, they were made this morning."

He took a bite and hummed happily. "Delicious. So, anyway, Ladybug brought me here?"

She nodded a bit too quick for it to be genuine, but she hoped he didn't notice. "Uh-huh. Her earrings were beeping, that means she was going to transform back, right? So, here you are. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not. Thank you for helping me. You've done already way too much." Another beep and Chat glanced at his ring with a startled expression. "Darn, I'm never going to make it home in time."

"Your ring… you're turning back, aren't you?"

He nodded. "And I'll never be in a safe spot, even when I leave now." He let out a defeated sigh, but then his eyes started to twinkle. "This is a bakery, right?"

"It is…"

"Can I take upon one more request, pretty please? If you don't mind, I'd like some Camembert, if you have it, that is." He puffed out his bottom lip and clasped his hands together. "I need it for energy so I can transform back. Then I'll be gone, I swear!"

"Camembert, huh?"

He held up placating hands. "I know, I know, it's very specific and gross, but that's sadly the way it is."

She chuckled behind her hand. "I'll see what I can do for you." She unfolded her legs from where she was seated and went through the hatch to the kitchen. Only when she knew he was out of hearing shot did she hyperventilate.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh-"

Tikki hovered into view and floated in front of her face. "Calm down, Marinette! It's okay."

"Oh my gosh."

"So Adrien is upstairs. He's not any different than he is as Chat Noir, now is he? It's okay to relax, it's just Chat Noir."

"Just Chat Noir." Her voice didn't indicate that she was listening at all.


"You knew all this time." The dreamy tone in her voice didn't falter.

"I did. I just didn't want to say anything before you were ready. I was trying to avoid this."

"You knew he was Adrien, knew I would respond like this and yet you still dropped that bomb oh-so casually."

She tilted her head from one side to the other as if considering the words. "I might have misread the situation."

She deadpanned. "Misread the situation, really?"

"I didn't mean to tell you yet."

"Well, you did!"

Tikki shushed her. "Don't be so loud. Back to the task at hand. He asked for Camembert, do you have that?"

The question finally got her out of her stupor and she slapped her cheeks to stay grounded. "Right, for his Kwami. Coming up." She checked the fridge, hoping there was some in there from last week's dinner, but there wasn't. She knew for sure though that her father had some left in the bakery fridge downstairs and was on her way. She returned a minute later with a wheel which, according to Tikki, was necessary with her partner's gluttonous Kwami.

She opened the hatch to her room, but it was slammed shut before she could even enter.

"Don't come in!" Came from upstairs. "I, uhm, de-transformed already. So I'm, you know, in civilian form and all."

"Oh," she responded, surprised that her voice remained calm and even. Adrien is in my room. Non-transformed Chat Noir, as Adrien, is in my room.

"But I want my cheese!" Came another voice that she didn't recognize. It was whiny and slightly high-pitched. Probably his Kwami.

"I know, Plagg, but this is a little more important than your obsession!"

"An appreciation you mean, thank you very much."

Plagg. She had to remember that. "I could slide it through the hatch. I promise I won't look! And you can call me when you're all, how do you say, charged up."

There was a short pause before a slitter of light came from above, tan fingers curled around the access to her room.

"… Okay."

She almost had to laugh at how ridiculous this all was. She handed him the wheel of Camembert and it closed again with a soft 'Thank you'.

"I hope this is enough," she spoke through the door, trying to keep up conversation. Now was not the time to freak out. And it was definitely not the time to think about the feeling of his fingers against hers when she gave him the cheese.

She heard a gurgling sound and moaning and she wasn't sure if she should ask if everything was okay or not. Tikki, who was resting on her shoulder, only shook her head fondly and explained it was her counterpart being his regular, dramatic self.

"Yeah, it's good, Thanks again." His voice was much softer and shyer like this, all the words coming out of his mouth screaming Adrien. How had she never heard it before? Perhaps it had to do with their suits and the magic surrounding them. She was wondering every day why no one had figured her out yet.

She wanted to say more to him, if only to release the tension building inside of her, but after a few silent minutes, a flash of green shone through the crack of her trapdoor and Chat Noir gave an affirmative knock. She opened it and he stood there, smiling brightly as if nothing had happened.

"Well, that sure was an adventure. Thank you for the help, good citizen, always good to know there are people looking out for the heroes as well." He winked and saluted, and it made her giggle. She wasn't sure if that was because he was just being absurd or if the act made her flustered.

"You're welcome," she answered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and pushing her toe in the flooring, "but you should thank Ladybug, she was the one that brought you here after all."

"Ah, but she didn't give me cookies and that… delicious Camembert." He shuddered at the end of his sentence and she couldn't help but laugh. The cheese was indeed not the most appetizing one, if only going by smell, and she could already imagine his jealousy when she would tell him she lucked out with a Kwami living on sweets.

When she would tell him? Was she already thinking of telling him? Was she sure?

"But alas, I need to leave before they miss me at my residence," he interrupted her thoughts with a smirk. "It was nice being here though. I am forever in your debt, Marinette was it?"

Pretending he didn't know her, the oldest trick in the book that she used herself as well. "Yeah, Marinette. Get home safe. You can go though the trapdoor above my bed."

He nodded and moved carefully, mindful of her pillows and bedding not getting soiled by his boots, even though they were probably fresh and clean after his transformation, but she appreciated the gesture. It was kind, thoughtful and very Chat Noir, yet Adrien too.

He was gone after another wave and wink. That was when she sagged to the floor in pile of red cheeks and pent up emotions. She groaned and let her head drop against her chaise.

"Oh, Marinette," Tikki sighed fondly.

The first school day after summer wasn't even finished, yet Hawk Moth thought it was a good idea to send Akumas in the still-too-hot weather to sit in a classroom, or to fight villains.

The school was evacuated, everyone was supposed to gather in front of the building as if it was a fire drill. Marinette spotted Adrien casually splitting himself from the group then heading inside the school again.

She had kept it inside of her for the rest of summer. It was a hard thing to do, especially during Akuma attacks when she saw him get hurt, but she couldn't get soft on him now. She knew he could handle it and that he was a good fighter. She also didn't want him to question her behavior.

The hardest thing though was not passing out when they went swimming with the whole class one day. He wasn't necessarily muscular, but she always wondered what went on behind the suit of her partner, and then she had the whole day to ogle at him, all the time in the world to stare at the results of months of leaping across rooftops…

Focus. There was an Akuma to catch.

She tried to sneak off, but was caught by Ms. Bustier who send her back to the group. She pouted and gazed at the sky, seeing Chat Noir fly in the air before calling on his Cataclysm.

What was he doing? It was too soon to use Cataclysm; he would de-transform and he was barely two minutes in battle!

His ring beeped and he glanced at it, frustration clear on his face. He seemed to have caught his mistake, but there was nothing he could do now. He had to get away from the Akuma and recharge.

She heard him growl, "Where are you, My Lady?" and she sighed. She tried to find and escape route, but everywhere she went, a teacher was there to drag her back to her place. And with Alya standing next to her, there wasn't anywhere she could go lest she be spotted again. She tapped her foot impatiently.

"What's wrong, girl? You seem tense," Alya asked, not releasing her gaze from her phone, recording everything that was happening not too far away.

"I need to pee," she lied quickly. "Like, really bad."

"Then tell a teacher, they'll understand."

She mentally slapped herself in the face. Of course, why didn't she think of that?

"Yeah, I think I will, thanks!"

She rushed towards the nearest teacher, squeezing her legs together for show and staring at them with a pleading look.

"All right, but be quick! We don't want anything happening to you, now do we?"

She ran through a few hallways for extra measure before leaning against a wall to catch her breath. She couldn't risk transforming right around the corner in case people were close and could see her.

Tikki emerged from her little handbag, game face ready. "Just say the magic w-"

She eeped and disappeared again. Marinette was about to ask what was the matter until she heard panting and footsteps coming her way. She turned and the first thing she saw was a mop of blond hair, non-transformed blond hair.

"Marinette?" He breathed, his back bent and hands on his knees. "What are you doing here? It's not safe!"

Her inner Ladybug that doesn't need protection frowned and she crossed her arms defiantly. "I could say the same about you."

He looked up and stared at her for a second, taken aback by her sudden response that wasn't filled with gibberish and half-spoken sentences. She realized her mistake and loosened her grip on her arms, fiddling with her sleeve.

"I-I mean, you should be with the others too. I don't want you to get hurt." It was odd pretending to be flustered around him. Don't get her wrong, she was still majorly crushing on him, probably even more after her revelation, but knowing that he was also her partner made her relax around him. She didn't have to be nervous around him, it only took her some time to come to terms with that.

He smiled that dashing smile of his and her reasoning almost flew straight out the door. "I don't want you to get hurt either. Let's get you back to safety first, I need to go do something quickly and then I'll be right with you."

She nodded. It was better to not stall him anymore, or herself. They had a job to do.

She rounded the corner but skidded to stop. Just one glance…

She peeked around the wall, seeing a black Kwami floating in the air, waiting impatiently. Adrien rummaged in his bag that was slung around his shoulder, then patted his pockets and the rest of his body as if he was searching for something.

"I don't have it," he whispered.

"What?" The Kwami, Plagg she remembered, asked.

"I don't have anything for you to eat, buddy, I forgot." He stomped his foot in frustration then turned and rested his head against the wall. "This is bad."

"I'd say. I remind you every second of the day to feed me, yet you still manage to forget."

"I've taught myself to turn it off," he mumbled.

Marinette knew that she shouldn't do this, but she had to. Adrien was out of food and she needed her partner. Plus, she kind of wanted to tell him someday anyway…

She was really glad that she decided after the day she brought Chat Noir to her house to bring Camembert with her everywhere she went, just in case.

She straightened her back, took a deep breath and stepped into view.

"Excuse me?"

She noticed a black blur slipping behind Adrien's back and she couldn't fight the smile off her lips.

"Marinette? What are you still doing here, I thought you went back?"

"I wanted to," she started, "but I thought I needed to something else first." She opened her bag and fished for what she was looking for, a wheel of Camembert coming out of it eventually and Adrien's eyes turned as big as dinner plates. "I think you need this." She placed it in his hand and closed it.

He could only stare at her, baffled, not sure what to say. She understood this was something to take in, but they didn't have time. "Stay safe, and do what you do best." Feeling brave, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek then walked off. She squealed when she entered the girl's bathroom. Some things never change.

"Marinette, the Akuma?" Tikki said with a smile, understanding what her Chosen was going through but also knowing they couldn't afford to lose any more time.

"Right, right." She jumped up and down a few times and slapped her cheeks, pumping herself. "I'm ready. Tikki, spots on!"