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The Torren Region Champion

Chapter 1: The past, the present and the Invitation

In a region that has a town called Deyraan Town which is snowing, it snows every day in Deyraan town and the time is roughly 9:00pm.

A man who is 25 years old who has a blue and black coat on with grey jeans on with black shoes and wearing a black cape with white lighting on it and his hair is raven black, messy and spikey.

He is standing outside his house, which is a log cabin and looking at the league which was a pyramid like structures on top of a mountain. On his right was a Charizard that is was pitch black, with purple eyes and a purple flame on his tail and his body appeared to be made from bones and the skin on his wings are gone.

On his left was a Lucario who had dark grey skin with a white cloth on the back of his head and the top part of his legs that lead down to his knees and with an Egyptian belt around his hips and gold rings on his wrist, top part of his shoulders and his ankles.

Behind him was a Greninja who was the same Greninja that travelled with his during his Kalos trip.

The three of them were staring into the distance, "Master are you thinking about that day again?" The Lucario asked.

"Lucario don't call me 'master' I really don't like it. To answer your question; yes I was. I still can't believe what happened that day." The man said.

"Don't worry Ash we'll get them back for what they did to you." The Black Charizard replied.

"Thanks Charizard, I'm glad to know that I have you guys on my side." Ash said warmly.

"Don't forget about that those two kids." Greninja said.

"I could never forget about them, they were there for me." Ash said back to Greninja, as he closed his eyes and recounted what happened seven years ago.

(Flashback 7 years ago)

Ash was on his way home after he had come second in the Kalos League due to his Greninja failed to defeat Alan and his Mega-Charizard X, but he did save the Kalos region from a mad-man called Lysandre who was the leader of Team Flare with the help of Zygarde.

When he left on the plane he noticed that Pikachu isn't talking that much to him, "Pikachu, I'm sorry that we lost the Kalos League but we did save the region from Team Flare and we'll win next time." Ash said trying to reassure Pikachu while closing his eyes preparing to go to sleep. Pikachu also closed his eyes annoyed but soon fell asleep as well.

It was morning when they got off the plane at Viridian City they made their way to Pallet Town and went to Ash's house. "MOM I'm home!" Ash shouted, but got no reply.

Ash and Pikachu looked around the house and went to the kitchen and saw a note on the table;

Dear Ash

I'm at Professor Oak's lab and I invited all of your friends, we are waiting for you there.

Love Mom

After Ash read the note he wondered something, "Why is everyone at Professor Oak's lab, probably to congratulate me." He thought to himself.

Ash and Pikachu ran up to the Professor's lab and went inside saw his mom, Professor Oak, Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max, Drew, Dawn, Paul, Iris, Trip, Cilan, Clemont, Bonnie and Serena sitting at a table.

Ash was happy to see all of his friends again, but noticed most of them are glaring at him, "Hey guys, what going on?" Ash asked.

"Honey you should hear everyone out." Delia said in a relax tone.

"Ok, so what's up?" Ash asked again.

"The thing that's up is that you're a worthless trainer!" Misty spat at Ash.

"WHAT!?" Ash yelled.

"She's right Ash; you lost 6 leagues ever since you began your journey you suck as a trainer!" May yelled which surprised Max.

"When we we're travelling with you, you held all of us back, we would of achieve our goals and dreams by now if we didn't travel with you." Brock said.

"Yeah what he said Ash and we nearly died when we battled Lysandre!" Clemont continued, which surprised Bonnie.

"I would have been a top Coordinator by now if it weren't for you." Dawn said.

"I still can't understand how you defeated me in the Sinnoh league; you are nothing but a weak trainer." Paul told Ash.

"It was only dumb luck that you beat the Orange Islands, the Battle Frontiers, me, and Paul." Trip added on.

"You are the littlest kid in history Ash and I would have been a Dragon Master already if I never met you." Iris said.

"Your battling styles leave a poor taste in my mouth. I wonder why I even bothered to travel with you." Cilan said.

"If May didn't travel with you she would be the best Coordinator in the world by now." Drew added to the insults.

"I wish I never kissed you when I was leaving. After what they said I realised that you are a failure and you'll always be a failure." Serena said.

"Ash you should give up being a trainer as stay home where you belong." His mom said.

That's when Ash lost it, "I'VE HEARD ENOUGH!" Ash yelled at the top of his voice, which everyone gave a shock and scared look.

"Whoever that still believes in me come over here." Ash said.

After a few seconds Max and Bonnie made their way to Ash which surprised May and Clemont.

"Max/Bonnie what are you doing?!" May and Clemont yelled at their siblings.

"I believe in Ash he is an amazing trainer and he is still my role model still I would never betray him, NEVER!" Max yelled with tears coming out of his eyes.

"What he said, Ash is the closest thing I have to a brother! I can't believe any of you would betray him especially you Clemont and Serena!" Bonnie screamed, while in tears as well.

"DEDDEN NEN!" Dedenne yelled as well.

This made Ash have a small smile on his face but instantly vanished when he saw Pikachu walking towards the group of traditors. Bonnie, Max and Dedenne were shock out of their mind when they saw Ash's best friend leaving him.

"Even your best friend and the majority of your Pokemon think you are a pathetic trainer." Trip rubs in with a smirk.

Ash's hair was now shadowing his eyes, "So this is it. After everything we've been through this is how it ends." Ash said darkly not looking up.

Bonnie and Max looked worryingly at each other then back at Ash, "Bonnie, Max let's go." Ash said, turning around to walk away.

"We're right behind you." Max and Bonnie said together.

"You're not going anywhere mister!" May shouted.

"Bonnie you are not going anywhere either!" Clemont shouted as well.

"Oh yeah, Dedenne use Thunder shock!" Bonnie yelled as the small mouse Pokemon jump and gave everyone a shock which knocked them all out but not Pikachu.

Pikachu looked at Ash, Bonnie and Max leaving the lab and tried to wake everyone up.

Ash, Max and Bonnie went to the Coral, only to find not even half of Ash's Pokemon looking at him with sorrow in their eyes which consisted of Bulbasaur, Charizard (a normal version), Snorlax, Bayleef, Quilava, Totodile, Donphan, Sceptile, Torterra, Infernape, Snivy, Oshawott, Scraggy, and Krookodile. They handed Ash their Poke balls, as he returned them expect Charizard.

He threw out three poke balls that contained; Talonflame, Hawluca and Noivern. He told them what happened they were angry knowing that they knew Serena and Clemont and they wanted to stay with Ash.

This made Ash happy knowing that his recently caught teammates will stand with him unlike that Yellow rat. He returned them expect Noivern and grabbed Pikachu's poke ball dropped it on the ground and stood his foot on it smashing it to pieces.

Ash told Max and Bonnie to climb on Noivern so they did, as Ash climb on Charizard and about to fly away, "ASH KETCHUM!"

Ash, Max, Bonnie, Charizard and Noivern turned around to see the traditors, "Ashton Ketchum you are staying right here do you understand me young man!" Delia snapped.

"No I'm leaving. Have a nice life, Charizard and Noivern go." Ash said.

The two flying types took off leaving the traditors on the ground and were about to go after them when Oak said, "Let them go, there's nowhere they can hide." Everyone reluctantly put they poke balls away and walked back inside.

"Ash, where are we going?" Bonnie asked.

"To Kalos so we can find a friend." Ash said.

Bonnie smiled knowing what Ash is talking about but Max has no idea what Ash is talking about. Ash and Bonnie explained why they are going there and Max was amazed knowing that Ash has such a strong Pokemon.

Once they arrived in Kalos they looked everywhere for Greninja but eventually they found him and Squishy (Zygarde), when they told them what happened to say they were angry was the understatement of the century they immediately wanted to re-join them. They told Z2 what was going on and he understood and allowed Greninja to be returned to Ash and Squishy would join Bonnie. They also went to get Goodra who agreed to go with him after he was told what happened.

After they got Greninja, Goodra and Squishy they travelled the Torren Region, while they travelled the Torren Region the three of them were caught in a war with the Abyssal Cult, Cult of Darkrai, Infernal Cult, Perfection, and they Sky Cult. They wanted to take over the world with the help of Legendary Pokemon. After a long battle between them they defeated the cults across the Torren Region. The last leader that was defeated was from the Perfection Cult who was the champion of the region until Ash defeated him and became the champion himself.

Max and Bonnie are now dating. During their journey Ash, Max and Bonnie discovered the Delta Species, some of Ash's Pokemon wanted to leave the past behind them so they are now Delta Pokemon the same with Max's Pokemon the three of them caught a few Delta Pokemon as well. Ash also mastered Aura and taught it the Max, and Bonnie.

(Flashback Over)

Ash opened his eyes and saw a Dragonite flying towards him, his three Pokemon charged an attack in case it was here to attack. The Dragonite ignored the threats and continued his flight towards Ash once it landed, it handed Ash and letter in an envelope.

Ash's Pokemon calmed down and dissolved they attack. Ash opened the envelope and read the letter to himself.

Dear the Torren Champion

The Pokemon Master Tournament will be held in the Torren region. With you and your Elite Four's help we can make this the ultimate tournament in history, since the Torren region will be holding the event for the first time.

Sincerely Charles Goodshow

P.S. God damn it Ash you are one hard man to find. Anyway I'm glad you are still alive. Congratulations on becoming the Torren Champion Ash.

From Scott

Ash smiled and told his three Pokemon what the letter said, "Well, we have work to do then let's gather the Elite four." Ash said in an excited tone.

The three Pokemon nodded in agreement as the three walked away, went inside the house as they did the Dragonite flew off into the distance.

Elsewhere. . .

A boy wearing a green coat, brown tracksuits, he wears black, framed half-moon glasses; he has short, black hair, wearing a pair of green slippers on his feet.

He is holding a girl in his arms with blonde hair that goes down to her waist; she is wearing a pink night gown, and a pair of pink slippers.

The two were sitting on a couch while watching one of their favourite movies, 'Jumanji into the Jungle.' They were enjoying the movie laughing when the characters are looking at their strengths and weaknesses.

"It's really funny on how Mouse Finbarr's weakness is Cake." Max said.

"Yeah it is. It's even funnier what happens when he eats it." Bonnie said with a small laugh.

Before Max can answer there was a knock on their door. Max pause the movie as he and Bonnie went to the door and opened it revealing Ash.

"ASH!" Both of them shouted and hugged their friend which he returned the hugs with Smiles that can warm the darkest of days.

"It's great seeing you again." Bonnie said happily.

"It's great seeing you as well. We need to talk about something important." Ash said in a bit serious tone.

The two teens looked slightly concerned when Ash said that, "Ok Ash. What do we need to talk about?" Max asked.

Ash told Bonnie and Max about the Master tournament and showed them the letter he got earlier. They were overfilled with joy knowing that they were hosting the most important tournament in trainer history.

"Alright we have a lot of work to do, let's contact Damian and Nora and get this show under way!" Ash yelled with an enthusiastic voice, with Max agreeing to that.

They were about to run out the door when, "Guys shouldn't we wait until morning, it's already 10 o'clock and they would be asleep by now." Bonnie said.

"Oh yeah you have a good point Bonnie. In that case we'll get ready tomorrow." Ash said.

With that Ash and said his goodbyes to Max and Bonnie and left to go back to their house.

Once they left Max and Bonnie were happy as, Max picked up Bonnie and spun her around happily, "We are actually hosting the Master tournament, this is gonna be awesome Bonnie!" Max said excitedly.

"Yeah it is, let's get some sleep so we can get ready earlier." Bonnie said.

"Good idea, let's go to bed then." Max said as he turned off the lights and Bonnie turned off the TV and made their way to their room, changed into their pyjamas and got into their bed and fell asleep.

(Next Moring)

There was a boy about the same age as Ash he has white hair with a green coat, with a red scarf around his neck, wearing brown jeans and black shoes. He is seating on a chair next to a hospital bed who a women with white hair who was laying on it asleep. She is attached to a breathing machine and devices that are measuring her heart rate.

"Please wake up." He said in a concern tone as he took her left hand into his own. Soon a knock came on the door and opened revealing his friends, "Ash, Max and Bonnie it's good to see you again." The boy said happily.

"It's good to see you as well Damien. We need to talk." Ash said.

After the talk Damien was happy with what's going down, "Alright let's get Nora." Ash said with Max and Bonnie agreeing to that and the three of them left the room.

Damien looked back at the women, "I'll make you proud mom." Damien said as he gave his mum a kiss on her forehead and left as well.

In a library was a girl she has green hair that runs down to her waist, she is wearing a green shirt, with a blue skirt, she is also wearing white knee socks and she has green and white shoes on.

She was reading a book about the Sinnoh legendries and mythical Pokemon, which she was interrupted when she heard a young girl's voice, "Hey Nora!"

She turned around and saw her best friends and smiled and ran towards Bonnie and hugged her which she returned the hug, "Hi Bonnie, how's my BFF doing?" Nora asked.

"Good, Ash needs to talk to you." Bonnie said.

After telling her what is gonna happen she was happy and quickly put all the books away, "Alright then let's go!" Nora said loudly and happily.

"SSSHHHHH." The other people in the library ordered.

"Sorry." Nora said quietly.

The five of them made their way out of the library, took the Pika Taxi they didn't have to pay because they have the V.I.P passes and headed for the pyramid like structure.

Once the five of them arrived they went inside and went to a room where a circle table with all chairs taken.

"Alright now that we're here let the meeting begin." Ash said as the meeting begins.

After 1 and a half hours of talking about the tournament, "Ok now that we know what we have to do be better get started because we only have 3 months to get ready. So let's get started." Ash said, with them nodding in agreement as four of them left leaving Ash to think, "This is going to be interesting." He thought to himself as he left as well.

Author's Notes

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