Yeah ok, so I lied. Three months isn't really soon. But this chapter is considerably longer, and be warned, mild racism ahead. I've been excruciatingly busy starting a new job and everything, so I hope it pays off. Enjoy.

"So, you know tomorrow is the first day of School right? You know what that means"

Laura tried to pretend that she wasn't paying attention. She stabbed at her spaghetti and meatballs with her fork, not even looking at Daniel.

"It means you go to bed early tonight, got to be up and ready tomorrow. Best to get your stuff together, like your pencils and your notebook, you hear?"

Laura did, but she didn't say anything. She hated it when people told her what to do. Daniel munched on his food as he observed the little brunette do the same, but averting all eye contact. He blinked once, and swallowed his food.

"You forget how to speak all of a sudden, kid?"

Laura looked up from her food in what was probably the first time in minutes. She had her usual 'back off' glare on, but Daniel wasn't deterred. "Something you wanna' talk about?" He asked.

Laura frowned even further, but conceded "School...tomorrow" Daniel got the message loud and clear.

"You're afraid it'll go badly?" He asked her. Laura only closed her eyes and nodded in response. Daniel smiled slightly at her.

"Listen, don't worry. You know the rules right? So long as you stick to em' there won't be any problems" he sounded so sure of himself.

"And what if I'm not the one causing the problems?"

"Well then, you take it on the chin. They can't do anything to you that's worse than what you can do to them, and for that you need to keep your mood in check. Can't go dicing up kids just because they look at you funny."

Laura couldn't help but giggle. He was right, she was always the most dangerous person in the room. She never really understood why she was so nervous when it came to starting a new school. Three, in the past year.

"How're your meatballs?"

"Fine, thank you"

Daniel didn't say anything for another few minutes. He didn't want to make her feel like he was pressuring her to talk. "Hey uh, that kid today. What exactly happened, I never asked" Laura glanced up and shook her head gently "idiot wasn't watching where he was going. Walked right into me" she had disdain in her voice and Daniel noticed it.

"So wait, he walked into you, and you didn't cut him up like Japanese Sushi?"

"I'm not going to 'cut someone up' just because they walk into me"

Daniel rolled his eyes "I was joking kid"


He couldn't help but chuckle at the innocence and naivety that she displayed, typical of any child her age. He watched as she continued to slurp up her spaghetti, loudly as well. The things she did would often make him laugh. "Maybe he'll be in your class, you could try making some new friends here"

"There isn't much point if we won't be here long, you know we'll be moving again soon" her tone began to become more irritated.

"Right, and who's fault was it that we've had to move this many times in the first place?"

"Well who's fault is it that we're stuck together? We both know that you don't enjoy doing this shit, but you volunteered for it"

Daniel didn't like the tone that she was currently using

"Hey, I'm not the one with blades in my knuckles and a temper problem. Maybe if you were normal, I wouldn't have had to volunteer in the first place. God knows I only did it for Erik's sake!"

And that did it

"Normal?! You mean if I were one of you pieces of shit who judge us because we are different?"

"Listen kid, cut this attitude right now"

"No! Fuck you! You have no idea what it is like to be treated like a freak!"

"Who the hell do you think you're talking to all of a sudden?"

"Why should it matter? You're not my father! You're just another soldier following his orders!" Laura slammed her palm on the table.

Daniel put his fork down and pinched the bridge of his nose, sitting back in his seat.

"You're right, I'm not your father. Your father's dead, but I don't need to remind you of that do I? Because you buried him. And if we're not more careful, that's exactly what's gonna happen to me"

Daniel thought he was actually getting somewhere for a moment, as she seemed to realise the errors of her ways. But Daniel had always been terrible at reading this girl's facial expressions, so what she said next caught him completely off guard.

"Maybe I want that to happen, then I can do as I please without you around to stop me."

Daniel didn't say anything for about ten seconds. He couldn't find the words, instead all he could do was stare at the venomous little brat in front of him. Then he pointed to the other side of the room.

"Get the fuck upstairs to your room and go to bed. Right Goddamn now."

Daniel expected at least a small amount of protest from her, but instead all he was treated to was her face falling into despair, as she seemed to realise the severity of what she had just said. "I ain't gonna' tell you two times." Laura looked down slightly at her food, before calmly placing her fork onto her plate and getting up and walking to the staircase.

Daniel closed his eyes, and placed his face in his palms as he leant his elbows onto the table. Living with this girl was Hell, there was no doubt about that.

But this was his mission now and it needed to be fulfilled.

Laura was upstairs in her freshly furnished bedroom. She lay on her bed and stared at the ceiling, along with her unicorn under her arm. She was mulling over the conversation she had with Daniel half an hour ago, and how she had basically insulted him by stating how she wished that he was dead. She didn't know where it had come from or what had possessed her to say it, only that it had been in the heat of the moment.

Her bedroom wasn't fully furnished yet, they still had to add a few things to the room, but now she was certain that Daniel hated her with all of his heart. She glanced at the side of her bed, onto the bedside cabinet where her light shone brightly, and the small story book underneath it, 'The Pet Goat.' It was one of her favourites. Despite Daniel telling her it was for a slightly younger audience, she loved it nonetheless, having been robbed of a childhood by the bastards at Alkali-Transigen. She never even knew her birth mother. And now, she wanted to catch up on everything that she had missed growing up, by basically being a child.

Daniel would never read that book to her now. She began to feel sad, which was a rare thing for her. She never allowed her sensitive side to show through unless certain occasions arose. She masked it all with the fiery temper that she possessed.

She held her Unicorn close, squeezing it tight to her chest. She felt tears well up in her eyes as she rolled onto her side in her blue pyjamas, trying to suppress them by closing her eyelids. It didn't work.

'Why did I have to be such a bitch?' She wondered to herself. She knew everything that Daniel had done in the past that had seemed unfair, he did it for her benefit. He cared about her, and she had been nothing but ungrateful to him. And now she feared that he hated her.

Laura didn't hear his boots coming up the stairs, she was too busy drowning in her own thoughts. It wasn't until he had pushed her door open and allowed the light to stream in that she knew he was there. And even then, she didn't turn to look at him. She didn't want to see the disdain in his eyes. She heard him move closer and closer to the bed, before surprisingly, she felt him sit down on the bed behind her. Then she finally turned to look at him, and she didn't see disdain in his eyes as she had feared she would see.

Instead, his eyes were calm and understanding. There was no hatred to be seen on his face, only that of concern "You alright?"

Laura didn't say anything at first, she merely had a worried look on her face. She turned back over to face away from him before she spoke.

"Do you hate me?"

Daniel frowned, and then he sighed "no kid, I don't hate you. But I'd appreciate it if you didn't say shit like that in future ok?"

Laura nodded gently from where she was lay on her side.

"Remember when we talked about how there's certain things you can't say to people as that may hurt their feelings? Well, what you said kinda' hurt I must admit."

"I'm sorry" she said.

"Look me in the eyes so I know you ain't lying"

Laura slowly turned onto her back and propped herself up on her elbows, her steely frown piercing into Daniel's own.

"I'm sorry" she repeated.

Daniel smiled. "Good. Maybe we can start fresh then" Laura nodded, but was suddenly distracted by the man's finger as he took it and pointed it at her chest.

"What's that right there?"

Laura naïvely looked down at the spot on her pyjamas that he was pointing at. When she had her entire head tilted down to look, he suddenly shot his finger up and flicked her nose. In her shock and surprise, Laura lifted her head back so hard it hit the headboard.

"Oh damn, are you alright?" She nodded as she held the back of her head with one hand, scowling at the man and the smug look on his face.

"Gotcha' again" he laughed.

Laura only felt a brief pang of anger at Daniel and his shit eating grin. It was her own fault, she fell for the same stupid trick every time and he got so many laughs out of it. She knew it was all in good fun, but it still pissed her off a little bit. Someday, she would get him back.

"I'm counting the days 'til you don't end up falling for that trick little missy"

"I looked on purpose" she said, attempting to bullshit.

"Yeah, yeah of course you did. Now come on, sleep time. You still need to be punished, so it's bed time earlier than early tonight. Come on now."

Laura groaned and rolled her eyes at this, but maybe she could make it work. She pointed to her book on the bedside table. "Read me a story?" She asked with the most innocent of faces.

"Sorry kid, but that's a no. You're 'gonna learn, and if you behave on your first day tomorrow, I'll read to you tomorrow night, alright?"

Laura huffed, but ultimately gave in and nodded her head.

"Alright, now get under the covers."

Laura pulled up her sheets and slithered underneath them. She pulled her cuddly toy close. "Now you get some sleep, if you need anything in the night, you know where I am."

She nodded once more and lay her head on the pillow. Daniel stepped away from the bed and turned off the lamp as he went, before heading over to the bedroom door. "Sweet dreams kid" he whispered before leaving the room and shutting the door behind him.

Laura looked down at his eyes, the rage seething inside of her. She felt the cold metal of her Adamantium claws protruding from her knuckles, as she pressed her fist against his chest. His face was a contorted mixture of pain and sorrow, as she forced the blades deeper into his chest cavity. Her anger was red hot and burning like a coal fire, and finally she removed the blades, which were now coated in thick, red blood. Her teeth were grit as she stared into the eyes of the man she had just murdered, the blood spewing from his mouth and the two wounds on his chest.

Tears streaked down his cheeks, as Laura took a deep breath and shrieked into his face. Tears equally built up inside of her own eyes, as she retracted her blades, watching as the life faded from Daniel's face. He fell limp, and without any further heart beat, his corpse fell and collapsed into a heap. Laura shrieked again.

When she jumped awake, the room was incredibly dark. She noticed that she was inches away from falling off the bed, her stuffed toy already having fallen. Noticing how much sweat she was covered in, she threw off the sheet and reached for her Unicorn. Clutching it tight, she stood up from her bed and made her way over to the window. The room was quite warm to her now, and so she unlocked the window and opened it up, allowing the cold night air to seep it's way inside.

Laura hated her nightmares, most often they involved murdering someone that she held dear. Usually, it was somebody who she knew to be already dead, such as Charles or her father. But tonight was a rare one.

She knew that the nightmare of her brutally stabbing Daniel to death was most likely brought on by their falling out earlier that evening, with her subconscious venting her frustrations by showing her what it thought she wanted to do.

Clearly that part of her mind didn't compute with the rest of her brain. Laura felt anger toward him, but it didn't last long. And she certainly didn't feel like murdering the closest thing she had to a family now.

Returning to her bed, Laura climbed onto the mattress and read her little clock, showing her that it was currently 2:33 AM. Still feeling warm, she left the sheet off and lay back down, resting her head upon the pillow. In a few hours, she'd be getting up for her first day of school in this new town. She only hoped that she could control her anger, and more to point, contain it so as to avoid exposing herself.

Laura closed her eyes again and tried to go to sleep, listening to the sounds of the night air and the occasional car passing by outside. She prayed that the nightmares didn't come once more.

The pedals of the bike squeaked as Jason and his friend Alex, on his own bike, made their way to school the very next morning. There weren't many people up and on the road at this time of the day, so they had free reign over the roads.

"Shame you didn't come last night man, there was this one scene, this girl gets stabbed like seventeen times, blood everywhere" Alex called to him.

"You forgot to say spoiler alert"

"Shit, Sorry. But really, was a shame. You'd have loved it, David started crying at one part, he was so scared"

Jason still held resentment for being unable to go see the film the night before, but he'd see it sooner or later. He could just illegally stream it online when someone put a decent copy up there. "Hey did you hear about William Burke?" Alex asked his friend.

"No, what about him?"

"He's coming back in today, his suspension is up" Jason didn't like the sound of that. William Burke was and a total prick. He bullied the weaker kids at school to no end, and he didn't discriminate. Girls got it just as bad as the boys. "Are you serious? It's been two weeks already?" Burke had been suspended after breaking a kids teeth in chemistry class after he called him a fatass, which in fairness he was, but he was also strong, going to the local gym every week. He had absolutely no problem in shattering Reggie Wilson's incisors.

"I'm afraid so man. Probably best you take lunch by the bleachers today, you know how he is."

Jason had no argument with that, he'd had his fair share of run-ins with the brute of a 13 year old. Eventually, Hillridge Middle School came into view at the next turning. It was a large two story red brick building positioned on the south west side of town, just up the street from the High School his older sister attended. "Race you to the rack?" Jason asked his friend.

"Loser surrenders their desert at lunch" he replied.

Jason didn't wait, he began pedalling as fast as he could down the road. "Hey asshole, where was the countdown?!"

He paid no heed to his friend as he left him in the dust, he only focused on getting there first. He saw the groups of kids making their way into the school, and at the edge of the parking lot, he saw the bike rack. He was gonna win, and Alex would be forced to sacrifice whatever treats he had in his lunch box. He gunned it as fast as he could for the last stretch through the lot, dodging kids and weaving around cars as their drivers angrily honked their horns at the boy. He imagined his face right now, burning red as he pushed his leg muscles, but filled with glee as he raced toward the rack.

He decided to venture a brief look back at his friend, glancing over his shoulder. He saw Alex, way behind him and evidently about to lose the race. He grinned at his friend's frustration, and then turned back to look where he was going.

His body then collided with something hard, and his bike was sent crashing to the ground with him still on it. It was only after he had hit the ground and gathered his thoughts that he realised that he hadn't hit anything, but an asshole had ran over and pushed him. "Woah, hey there dipshit, should've been watching where you were going." Jason squinted as he looked up into the sunlight, and William Burke stood there blocking the light. "The hell was that for?"

"You're running your bitch trails all over the place, was just worried you might hurt someone. Better you than someone else get your ass trashed." The older boy replied in mock concern.

"Like you care about anyone else" muttered Jason.

"What was that fuck face? Didn't hear you." William cupped his hand to his ear, and Jason knew better than to take it further. Instead of argue and likely get his ass kicked before first period, he simply held up his thumb as he lay his head back down on the concrete sidewalk.

"I said thanks for the concern." William must've been satisfied with the answer, because he didn't do anything else before he turned and walked away. It was then that Alex finally caught up to his friend, which was funny, because it let Jason know just how far ahead he was in their race.

"Shit dude, you alright?" Jason wasn't alright, his body hurt like hell, but he didn't want to bother his pal all that much. "I'm fine, thanks. Just a little bruised."

"We should tell a teacher" suggested Alex.

"And say what? William Burke pushed me off my bike again? Not like it's gonna change anything. Besides, he'll know who snitched on him, and I've already avoided one beating today." Alex nodded and held out a hand to help dust him off. "Yeah, I guess you're right. You win anyway, you get my yoghurt this afternoon" Jason was grateful that his friend still considered this his loss, but he declined.

"You keep it, somehow I'm not in a competitive mood anymore." He patted Alex on the back "come on, let's get inside. It's English first period."

Jason picked up his bike and joined Alex in stashing it in the bike rack, before turning to head inside. Suddenly, he felt a hand tapping him on the shoulder. "Hey, who's that?" Jason turned and looked in the direction indicated. An old Jeep was pulling up outside the school, one that he'd never seen before. "I dunno, new kid maybe?"

"Think Burke will try it anything with them?" Alex already knew the answer. Burke always targeted new kids for the sole reason of sizing them up. It was how he determined which would be easy, and who would be a problem. "Possibly...come on, let's go, I don't wanna be late"

Meanwhile, as Jason and Alex made their way inside the building, Daniel was going over some last minute rules with Laura before he let her leave their old Wrangler. "Now remember kid, no outbursts, no fighting and try to make some friends ok? And don't worry if you feel they don't like you. If you've done nothin' but try and be friendly, then they're the assholes." Laura smiled and nodded.

"Now, you got your stuff? Got your lunch?" Laura patted her backpack, and a solid thumping came from within, indicating the box was inside.


"Good girl, now I'll be back to pick you up about three fifteen, okay?" Laura turned and began to open the car door, but Daniel suddenly grabbed her wrist "Hey, and remember, what's the golden rule?"

"No claws?"

"That's it, no claws. Remember, we're trying to be normal here. Now get going, I'll see you later" and with a playful fist bump, she opened the door and jumped out, slamming it shut behind her. Daniel was relieved that she didn't shatter the window with her strength. He watched as she walked up the stone steps and into the building, along with dozens of other kids. Daniel sighed and put the car in gear, and he prayed internally that everything went well today.

Everyone settled down in first period English as the bell rang out, signalling that school was now officially in session. Jason and Alex had seats firmly positioned at the front of the class, while Burke sat in the seat behind them to the right side of the room. He didn't say anything as he tapped on his phone. Jason waited for the teacher, Miss Carswell, to address the class for morning registration. He felt a nudge on his left elbow. "Hey man, back there, it's the new kid" he whispered. Jason turned his head and sure enough, there she was, a girl neither of them had seen before.

Except that wasn't entirely true, as he soon realised. "Hey that's the girl I bumped into at the store yesterday. She's Mexican or something, spoke a load of shit in Spanish."

Alex looked on in interest at the new girl, who sat with her arms crossed and her gaze directed out of the window. She chewed on the string of her Hoodie absentmindedly. "What did you guys talk about?"

Jason remembered the previous day when he had collided with her. "Nothing really, she got angry with me because I caused her to break her eggs, and then she ranted on at me in Spanish. I don't even know if she speaks English."

"Well if she wants to learn it, I guess she's in the right place." Both boys chuckled, but quickly looked away to face the front when she suddenly turned her head to catch them staring at her. She'd obviously felt eyes on her. Jason and Alex felt the intensity of the daggers she was currently directing at the back of their heads.

"Okay class, good morning. I trust you all had a pleasant weekend, William it's good to have you back. I hope your time off helped you learn your lesson"

"Unlikely" came a voice from the back of the room, which caused laughs all around. Burke whipped his head around looking for whoever said it, but was forced to give up when the teacher restored order.

"Enough of that class. Remember, be respectful to your fellow students. Now, as I understand..." she picked up a piece of paper off of her desk, scanning it carefully "...we have a new student joining us today as well, a miss Laura Beckett." Laura had gotten used to hearing fake surnames, she had used so many in the past year. She saw a few faces glance around the room, before they all realised where she was sitting. Now every pair of eyes in the room were looking at her. "Well would you like to come up to the front and introduce yourself sweetie?"

Laura hesitated for a moment, she hated people staring at her. It made her feel like a freak. And now everyone was staring at her. She felt the anxiety rising within her. "It's ok to be nervous, but it always makes it easier to let it out. Come on up to the front and tell us a small bit about yourself." Miss Carswell's tone was soft and reassuring, but she still felt the pressure being mounted on her. Eventually she relented and stood up from her seat, moving past all other students seated in front of her. She made her way past Jason and the boy watched with sympathy at her situation.

She went and stood next to the teacher, who was only around two feet taller than her. "So, tell the class a bit about yourself Laura."

Laura looked at the class with a slightly terrified look. The whole thing would be amusing to her if it wasn't so frightening, a girl who could rip everyone in the room to pieces was afraid of standing in front of them all. She glanced at the faces at the front, one whom she recognised as the boy she saw the day before, but she didn't pay much attention to him.

She released a slow and shaky breath, then closed her eyes and clenched her fists. Opening her eyes again, she observed the class, all of their blank, uninterested faces staring at her. And then she spoke.

"M-my name is Laura, and I just moved here with my father" her accent made it impossible to disguise the fact that she wasn't an American. "That's very nice sweetheart. Where are you from originally if you don't mind me asking?" The teacher asked her.

"Mexico City."

"Ah, so did you emigrate recently?"

Laura quickly took a glance about the room. "No, we came from Arizona, my father is adoptive." She tried her best to explain it.

Miss Carswell smiled at the child "Well, I'm sure you and your father will be really happy here, thank you for sharing." Laura nodded and then made for her seat, happy that she was now able to sit back down again. At least that part of her day was now over.

However, when she sat back down, she overheard some students whispering behind her.

"You ever seen a Mexican this far north?"

"My Dad said they were supposed to do something about immigration here years ago"

"How long do you think she'll be here for?"

Laura's anxiety quickly turned to anger, an anger she felt bubble in her gut and spark like a primed explosive. But she clenched her fists once more and breathed, trying her hardest to not let it get to her. She knew they simply didn't understand much about how the world works.

So she relaxed, and let them whisper away about her. No point in getting angry over a bunch of stupid kids.

Jason peered over his shoulder at the new girl, Laura, and noticed that once again, she was staring out of the window.

The next few hours seemed to drag by ever so slowly. Laura had Mathematics next, something she utterly sucked at, but she was thankful that none of the other teachers had decided to call her up to the front. Soon enough, lunch came around, but Laura didn't quite wish to take it in the cafeteria that day.

Instead, she went outside and found a very nice tree over by the running track. It was a very nice spot, it wasn't too out of the way, but it would prevent her from being noticed by anyone who wasn't searching for her. She munched on her sandwich, chicken with mayonnaise. She had taken her cap from out of her bag and placed it on her head, sat with her back to the solid bark of the tree trunk. The sun was out and shining today, which really enforced the idea that it was the beginning of Spring. She looked out past the track at the back of the school building, which seemed quite far away. She liked the isolation, even though Daniel had told her to try and make friends, today she'd decided she was going to be alone, just to settle in.

Meanwhile, not far away, Jason, Alex and their friend David were currently sat near the bleachers, consuming their own lunch. "Little bird told me that you cried during the movie last night David" said Jason. David's eyes went wide and then he punched Alex on the shoulder, who could only laugh. "You son of a bitch, you said you wouldn't tell anyone!" David would be lying if he said he didn't feel a bit betrayed, and also once again quite sad.

"Hey, if it's any consolation, I was more concerned about spoilers" Jason said to try and break the tension

"It was a pretty scary moment, everyone in the theatre jumped, a few others screamed like little girls" Alex was trying to cheer his friend up, but David was still in a huff. "So guys, what do you think of the new girl? Seems sort of quiet" Alex and David exchanged looks, funny interested looks, before they both looked over at Jason, who hadn't even noticed. He was still munching away on his sandwich, not a care in the world, so much so that he didn't even notice until they said anything.

"I don't know, I wasn't really looking" said Alex. Jason finally noticed that they were both staring at him with big, toothy grins. He swallowed his sandwich. "The hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Seriously? I saw you looking over your shoulder at her for half of first period." Jason was beginning to see what they were thinking "Oh okay, I see how it is. Am I not allowed to check out the new kid?" He asked in defence.

"Seems to me that's exactly what you were doing" laughed Alex. Jason began to feel the embarrassment seep onto his face. "Shut up!"

"Aaaw, Jason and Laura sitting in a tree, K-I-S..ow!"

He was stopped by Jason thumping him hard on his arm.

"That's twice I've been punched in five minutes by you two bastards!"

"Maybe you should stop trying to cause a problem then!"

"So I'm not allowed to tell the truth? Admit it, you like her"

Jason was definitely not about to admit it, but he didn't really deny it either. "You want a black eye to go with that bruise on your arm?" It wasn't a legitimate threat, judging from the tone of voice Alex heard.

It was a few minutes before anyone spoke again.

"So, do either of you guys wanna come round to my house later, play with the drone again?"

"Nah, I promised my Dad I'd help with fixing the sink" said David.

"Jason, what about you?"

"I dunno man, I...Hey ain't that Burke?"

Jason directed the attention of the other boys toward the east side of the running track. He was heading past the bleachers with three of his friends.

"Where do you think they're going?" Alex asked.

"I don't know, and to be honest, I don't really want to know"

"What if he's after the new kid?" David suddenly suggested. "Then I hope she has money to get rid of him." Alex said. Jason didn't say anything, he just sighed and stood up.

"Wait, Jason, you're seriously not going over there are you? You've already had one close call with that asshole today!"

Jason just turned and smirked "If it is about the new kid, I just want to take a look, see what happens."

Meanwhile, from her spot beneath the tree, Laura suddenly heard a loud, angry voice.

"Hey Spic!"

She had heard that word directed at her before, she knew it was something not very nice. She looked over to the person who was yelling at her, and saw a large chubby boy with rather beefy arms heading in her direction. He had black hair and narrowed eyes, and a red face that didn't look friendly. He had three other boys at his back.

She looked back down at the Orange she was peeling (with her fingers) in her lap, ignoring the large boy.

"Hey, Spic! I'm talking to you! You're the new kid, right?"

Laura sighed and looked up from her orange. "sí, eso es me." She said, trying to get him to go away.

"I bet she doesn't even speak English" one of the other boys said. "Course she does you idiot, I heard her this morning. You know it's very rude to bullshit people you just met, little girl"

"es también grosero a llamar gente nombres"

"I said speak English, Spic!"

Laura glared venomously at the fat boy. "I'm busy right now, what do you want?" He grinned in a cruel manner, satisfied that he had gotten what he wanted. "Just wanted to know what you're doing all the way back here. Chuck says he saw you come this way, figured we'd see what you were up to."

"I'm eating my lunch" she stated matter of factly "do you need something or are you always this rude to new children?"

"I need your attitude to improve, stop giving me sass or else"

"Will here runs this school, you understand? You want to show him some respect?"

"I won't hesitate to kick your teeth, I don't care if you're a girl."

She felt it again, that fiery temper. This arrogant bastard was making it flare up. "If you aren't going to leave or at least be polite, then I'm going somewhere else." Laura packed her half peeled orange into her lunch box and shoved it back inside her back pack. She stood up to walk away, but she fell to the floor as a hard force pushed her over. If she had been expecting it, she wouldn't have budged. But this time, she wasn't expecting it, and so she hit the ground in pain.

"Don't try to walk away when I'm taking to you!"

Laura felt that fire within her building, as he emotions threatened to overwhelm her. She struggled to control them. "That wasn't a very nice thing to do, now let me leave or.."

"Or what you little loser? You're gonna cry?"

"Leave her alone Will" Laura heard a different voice, slightly further away. All faces turned toward it. "Ferguson, I thought I let you off easy today. Why don't you get lost."

"Can't you just let the new girl have a nice first day? Why do you have to be such a prick to everyone new who rolls through here?"

"I was just making sure she knows who's in charge around here, make sure were cool" Laura had at this point stood up and put on her back pack. "Look I'm sure she gets it now, so just leave her alone"

"Aw, you sticking up for your girlfriend, is that it?" One of Will's friends said. Laura started to make her way past the four boys, when one of them grabbed her arm. "Where do you think you're going? We ain't done talking yet! And you Ferguson, I'll get to you in a minute!" the large ape had grabbed her by the wrist. She felt the anger bubble to the surface, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't suppress it any further. And so she exploded like she was afraid she would, since she had had it with this dumb ape.

She didn't pop her claws, but she just couldn't ignore the anger inside of her any further. Instead, she punched him hard, in the stomach. She wouldn't be surprised if the metal in her knuckles had caused permanent damage. He released her hand and fell to the floor clutching his stomach, while his friends looked on in shock. "Oh shit!"

Jason could've sworn his jaw dropped. He just saw the new girl drop the school bully and a boy twice her size. He was rolling around on the floor now in agony. "Get the little Bitch!" He heard Chuck yell.

Laura steadied herself and removed her backpack, tossing it away. She noticed a boy on her left run at her with a huge, clenched fist. She expertly countered it and socked him square in the jaw. She felt his jawbone crack. She quickly turned her head to see another boy attempting to square off with her. She patiently waited.

Just as she expected, he took a swing at her with a left hook. Just as quick as the previous, boy she dodged to her right out of the way, and kicked him in the back of the leg. He fell down on one knee, and she hit him hard across the left side of his face. He fell down, apparently unconscious.

The last boy was trying to size her up, maybe look for an opening. He put his fists up in a boxing stance. Laura removed her hat and wiped her brow, always glaring at him. Then, she threw the hat straight at him, throwing off his guard. The cap fell to the floor, and when he finally got his bearings back, all he saw heading toward him was her fist. Then he saw nothing at all as he crashed to the floor backwards.

Laura now stood among the bodies of four large boys, two of which were unconscious. She felt her anger begin to dissipate, satisfied that she had taught them a lesson. Steadying her heartbeat, she reached down and picked up her cap. Dusting it off, she placed it back on her head. It was only then that she noticed that Jason was still stood there, watching her.

The boy didn't know what to say, or do. He had just watched a twelve year old girl kick the shit out of the school bully and his friends. He simply stood there, with his tongue locked up in awe, in a sort of trance. He did however notice that she was now walking toward her with murder in her eyes. Jason finally snapped out of it "No wait, please! I ain't with them, please!" He held his hands up in self defence, begging to be spared a serious beating.

Instead of the fist he was expecting, she stopped about two feet in front of him and bent over, picking up her backpack. Lifting it up, she swung it over her back and hung the strap over one shoulder. "Relajarse maniquí, I'm done here" she looked back at the bodies on the floor, then back at Jason "but thank you for trying to help, but I don't need it" She patted his shoulder as she walked past him and away from the tree.

Jason watched her leave, and then also looked back at the four meatheads now lay on the ground. Terry, the boy she had hit across the nose and decked, was regaining consciousness and had begun nursing his broken and bleeding nose. Chuck was still unconscious, the left side of his head bruised badly near the eye. He still hadn't regained consciousness.

Bobby was lay on the ground by the tree, holding his busted jaw in one hand. And William?

William was still where he was two minutes earlier, lay on the ground clutching his stomach. He tried vomiting, but nothing happened. He was obviously feeling the pain of such a powerful blow radiating throughout his body, she had truly winded him.

Jason felt a huge grin form on his face, and then he turned around and ran away with a jump in his step. He couldn't wait to tell his friends about this.