Chapter 8

Meanwhile back at base, Hat Kid was sitting on top of a cliff overlooking at the open ocean. Ever since she looked out into the ocean, it always reminded her of Mafia Town and all of its greatness – minus the people of course, they're mean!

While gazing to the ocean she is also writing at her diary. It has been days since the last time she wrote, intervals getting longer and longer as time passes, probably because things are getting really mundane for her

This is what she wrote:

Met some cute girls, some young, some old, they all somehow managed to swim err I mean skate at the water. Makes me a little bit jealous of them

On the bright side the same girls volunteered to collect the Time Pieces in my behalf and treated me as if I'm one of them! Of all the planets I've been to this one seems to be the friendliest of all

As she wrote on her diary Hibiki went into Hat Kid, wearing her hat despite her head still bandaged

"Hello Hib!" Hat Kid greeted

"Hey kid, also please don't call me 'Hib'"

"Huh? Why is that?"

"You're giving me the impression that I'm contagious when in fact I'm not"

"Oh of course you're not contagious, you're cute! Unless you see cuteness as contagious"

Hibiki blushed "Yeah probably so, except people come to you rather than go away"

"I can relate to that"

"Besides, you managed to find my favorite place"

"Ehh? Is that so?"

"Of course, while we are on break my sisters and I will sometimes flock to this place and look over at the ocean"

"Oh that's cool! What do you feel when you look over at the ocean?"

"Well, I think of the exploits we had done alongside my sisters, as all of our work is done at the ocean if you're following"

"Of course I'm following"

"Hey what about you? Your eyes show that you're yearning for something"

"Well… It's a long story, are you willing to listen to it?"

"Sure thing! I came here to kill time anyway, it is a bit boring staying in the quarters doing nothing"

"Okay then, let's us begin with my recent place I've travelled to"


"Wow! You really had been to many places, but are still too young to undergo a task like this? I mean it really is an inhospitable world out there"

"I can live with that, and yes I'm young"

"What kind of parents you have and why they let you end up like this?!"

Hat Kid became silent

"Never mind about that question"

"Now that I had told my story, what's yours?"

"Hmm… Let me see, wait up for a bit, I wanted to recollect what has happened"

"Okay, I'll wait"

While Hat Kid waited for Hibiki's story she continued to write down in her diary:

You know what? I'm yearning for action since the time they rescued me, I would like to stay in the harbor but I'm slowly feeling useless, besides I would sometimes wonder if are even coming back from their sorties alive.

Hat Kid was still writing when Hibiki suddenly asked "Wait up! What's that?"

"What's what?" Hat Kid responded, slightly startled by her sudden voice

Hibiki pointed out into the ocean and Hat Kid looked in her direction she's pointing. It took a while for her, but she saw dots lining up in the horizon

Shortly after air raid sirens started to roar out in the distance.

"Nope this isn't good, Kid it's time to take cover now!" Hibiki suggested

"Huh why is that?"

"Our base is under attack! The Abyssals have found our base and will bombard it soon! This is a matter of life and-"

Hibiki didn't finish her sentence, as she heard a familiar sound - the sound of airplanes coming to their position and fast

"Kid, Hit the dirt NOW!" Hibiki Shouted as she took cover in a nearby boulder


She was silenced by a large explosion in the cliff caused by a bomb dropped from an Abyssal air unit. The explosion was so stong that the poor kid was knocked off the cliff and fell into the water below.

Hibiki however was lucky. She had managed to take cover in the boulder before the air unit dropped its payload, when she got out of the boulder she saw a large crater in the cliff and heard a shrill scream

"Help me!" Hat Kid cried

"Kid?! Where are you?" Hibiki responded

"I'm here in the water and I cant swim, help now!" Hat Kid responded, now struggling in the water

"Hang on kiddo! I'll find a way to-"

Hibiki could hear another Abyssal air unit coming in fast.

Hibiki disappeared as another explosion rang out in the cliffs, leaving behind the kid in the water, slowly drowning

"Hibiki! Help!" Hat Kid said, struggling in the water. Her heart then sank when she realized that she had disappeared

Well, this might be it! Goodbye cruel world! Hat Kid thought

But when she thought all hope was lost, she spotted Hibiki's hat drifting in the water, not far from where she is.

Her hat? what is it doing here? No! It can't be!

She struggled her way into her hat and picked it up, soaked from the water and slightly charred from the blast, but it can still be worn

Should I wear this? Wouldn't Hibiki mind?

In a span of a few seconds Hat Kid reflected on her new friend, she was shy, timid, but very friendly, at times she would think of home she would give her a piece of onigiri and a glass of kompot while at the same time assured her that her sisters and comrades will help her get home.

And now she has disappeared, either intentional or just to escaped from the explosion. Hat Kid hoped for the latter

Dead or not! I will fight these bastards! They first stole my Time Pieces, and now my dear friend! They will all pay!

Hat Kid took her top hat – which somehow managed to stay in her head during her fall – off her head and in its place wore Hibiki's hat, what happened next was extraordinary: She stopped struggling in the water and began to breathe normally again; her clothes immediately dried up and she begin to float to the point she was literally standing in the water; and Hat Kid noticed that there were tubes attached to her legs and a turret on her right shoulder. In her back she could feel warmth as her engine stated to purr

"Cool! I wonder what these tubes in my legs are for?"

And as if on cue torpedoes came out of the tubes and disappeared into the horizon, minutes later Hat Kid could see a column of water rising out from a distance.

"Hmm, what about these things in my shoulder?"

Hat Kid was immediately knocked back from the recoil as the tubes in her shoulder fired a shell into the ocean, seconds later another column of water could be seen from the distance.

"How do I-"

Then it hit her

"No way! could it be?"

She looked at herself at the reflection of the water, she saw herself standing on the water, guns and torpedo tubes armed and ready and a large engine at her back. After a few minutes she then figured it out

She is now a kanmusu, ready to defend (kebab)* the seas

From the distance the sirens that still blared are now accompanied with sounds of explosions, gunshots, and warplanes

They had rescued her, accepted her, and even risked their lives just to find a way to send her home

now she had the opportunity to return the favor to them

"I won't let them get this place! They had helped me a lot, now it's my turn to help them out" Hat Kid declared

Hat Kid then began to move into the battle raging in the harbor

"Down with the Abyssals!" Hat Kid cried

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