Class 1h of U.A. wasn't like the other classes where being able to fight was a prerequisite, rather instead the class was designed for students that had useful quirks that weren't exactly combat related, a few examples being herself with her Zoom quirk that lets her see really far away, a boring quirk that would be of little to no use in being a hero, not that she wanted to be on the front lines. Her goal was purer than that. Make lots of babies, sell them to lots of people and make lots of money!

Another example was that chatty girl next to her, Sakura Shuzenji, the granddaughter of recovery girl had a quirk that Mei would have loved to have herself. Tireless, simply put her fellow pink haired girl just didn't need to rest. Something the girl was planning to use as a doctor. Which was boring, if Mei had that quirk she'd be able to spend an extra eight hours inventing! There were other quirks but that one was the only one Mei actually remembered because it was a lot more useful than anything else in the room, well almost.

Still, the lack of cool quirks made the people in the room kind of unimpressive, even if you did have to receive a recommendation to enter the class; she got hers by winning a contest and making high-density adjustable weights.

"So is it true that you got a recommendation from All Might?" Sakura slammed her hands on to the desk of the green haired boy that sat one seat forward and to the right of her.

He was a plain looking boy with a lot of freckles, and messy green hair. He also appeared to be completely amazed by everything. "Oh! I um, yes that's umm right, he did. Err I did, what I mean to say is that All Might gave me my recommendation. I look forward to learning with you!"

"Oh hey! You're that one boy I saw on T.V. the news a while ago, you took on that slime villain all on your own. And you didn't even in use your quirk!" Sato, Shun, Saitama, something that started with S, she didn't remember, but his quirk was kind of useful. He was a wifi hotspot a good one too. He had on square glasses and looked like a textbook example of the cool nerd that was starting to show up. "I saw it on youtube. How did you know that the Fire extinguisher would do that? I'm Sano by the way."

Sano, huh? She would totally not remember that.

"Oh! I'm Izuku Midoriya, it's a pleasure to meet you." Izuku gave a deep bow despite sitting down so that his face nearly touched his desk. "And Umm, I just used what was around me, I noticed his body shrank when it came in contact with the smoke, so I figured it must require oxygen. I just got lucky."

"You went in there based on just a hunch?" A cold voice came from behind them, Yu Yakama, a tall long haired man that always looked bored. She knew his name because she also really like his quirk, and the fact that they went to the same middle school might have helped. Time Dilation. It sounded a lot cooler than it was, while the official description was that he slowed down all time, only his mind and eyes were unaffected. Basically, he could read and think super face until he got a headache and a nosebleed. "You must have had a lot of faith in your quirk to back you up."

"Ohh, umm well the thing is." Poor kid, wasn't the same age as her? And taller? Was blushing up a storm, every word came out like he was inventing a new form of music called stutter-step.

Sakura slammed her hands onto Izuku's desk bouncing up with the motion. "Oh come on Yu, he's in 1-h. if he had an awesome quirk for fighting he'd be in the hero classes, not the support classes. Come on Izuku, what's your quirk? Oh, I bet it's the understanding of chemicals or something like that?"

Izuku stopped his flinching and became still, his eyes glazed over as he stared forward. "Actually, on paper, they say that my quirk is Quirk Analyses, but in reality," his voice was dry and barren. "I don't actually have a quirk."

"Then you're either an idiot or brave," Yu said in his usual mature for his age voice that she had been listening to since middle school. "You went into a deadly situation based off of a hunch."

"I know," Izuku stressed, his hands balled into fists under his desk. "But I couldn't just stand by and let him hurt people My body just kind of moved on its own.."

"Hey, it's alright," Shoto, no Soma… Sonar? Said with giving Izuku a peace sign. "We get it, All of us are here because we want to help people but can't."

The door opened and the pro hero Power Loader clanged in his face mostly obscured by his helmet. "Alright new students, welcome to the support class, please sit down so that we can get to work. I will be your homeroom teacher Higari Maijima."

"Excuse me Sensei?" Mei raised her hand she had had enough, it had been a whole hour since she had last tinkered with something and her notebook was practically overflowing with ideas by this point. She was almost starting to care about the conversations going on around her. And that was scary.

"Yes, Ms. uhh," Higari snapped one of his gloved fingers and pointed towards her. "What's your name?"

"Mei, Mei Hatsume!" Soon nobody would be asking for her name as it would be known by all the heroes! "When will we be able to enter the workshop?"

"Ahh, I welcome your enthusiasm, but we will not be opening the workshop until tomorrow and access will be limited to those that pass the safety test tomorrow." Higari gave her a small nod and resumed writing on the board, despite his giant metal claws that served as his hands were surprisingly adept at writing on the board. "Now then, normally I would be using powerpoint, but for today we will be."

Mei, turned him out, focusing instead on her notebook, she had so many ideas and she had to wait until tomorrow to even step foot inside the workshop! How was she going to live? It was on her collapse into the darkest despair she could imagine that Mei happened to glance once more at Izuku, his bag bursting with notebooks even as he scribbled like a madman into a fresh one.

Quirkless huh?


One of the worst kept secrets about A.U. was their lunches. Or at least that's what Mei thought, given how the moment she walked into the room she was reminded that she was human and did, in fact, need to eat, something that she apparently hadn't done today It smelled fantastic, and fortunately she had two hands which meant she could eat and work on one of her babies.

"How can you eat this stuff?" Sakura sat down across from her tray barren save for a salad, her quirk also made her super efficient with her metabolism. Or something. Mei's own tray was half overflowing with just about everything they would give her. "It's so unhealthy and I'm fairly certain most of it was frozen this morning."

"It's her only meal for the day," Yu sat next to her like they were best friends or something. Wait were they? Well, at any rate, they were both 1-H students now. "Anything she doesn't use goes directly to her boobs or into her fat head."

Mei looked down at her chest than at the mountain of food she had acquired. "Sure, let's go with that."

Sakura sighed, turning to glare at Yu with her green eyes and threatened both of them with the lettuce that hung off her fork. "That's not how any of that works."

"How what works?" Sakamoto asked sitting next to them. Wait, that was too many syllables, wasn't it? She needed a nickname or something for him. Uhh, Wifi, cause his quirk was the only thing she remembered. It wasn't her fault he was completely unrememberable. "And I heard something about boobs?"

Mei shrugged and turned back to her most recent project, a wrist-mounted grappling hook. It worked and had a lift of two hundred pounds combined with a fifty foot reach the device was a success if it wasn't for the fact that it tended to dislocate the arm of whoever it was attached to. Speed setting must be off. Or perhaps it would be best as a belt? Much harder to dislocate center mass.

"Should you really be using a screwdriver as a fork?"

"Just be glad she's not using her hands."

A tray fell to the ground with a clang and the once buzzing room fell silent. Except for one violent looking young man. "Damn, Deku! What the hell are you even doing here you quirkless loser? Didn't I tell you not to come here, you weakling!"

"Kaa-chan! I-" Izuku (Hey she remembered his name!) tried to back away but was easily overpowered by the larger boy, being lifted by his shirt collar so that his feet were dangling in the air. "I'm in the support class Kaa-chan, we shouldn't be fighting I!"

"Can it, you dweeb! Damn, Deku!" Kaa-chan shouted one hand balled into a fist that was crackling with small explosions.

It was none of her business really, sure Izuku was in her class, and she remembered his name, but that was as far as their relationship went. Classmates. And yet Mei found her body moving on its own. She slapped the wrist-mounted grappling hook onto Kaa-chan, the snap on design was designed to be easily attached when needed.

"What the hell you crazy bitch! This isn't any of your damn business!" he yelled. Apparently, she didn't like to be called a bitch, as her hand slipped and activated the grappling hook. In a moment it was attached to the roof. And Kaa-chan was sent flying into the air.

By some miracle, Kana-chan's grip on Izuku slipped and her classmate only fell a foot. Landing on his ass with an undignified thud. While the cafeteria had a violent new chandelier.

"Are you okay Izuku?" She knelt down to offer him a hand up, smiling at the way he looked at her blushing. "We're in the same class, I'm Mei."

"I Gah! Gi-girl, I. Me Izuku!" He shook his head back and forth like a puppy with a chew toy, with a breath he calmed down. "Thank you, I'm Izuku but,"

"Katsuki Bakugo!" One of the Teachers shouted, or a really old student, his eyes were red and unblinking. "Izuku Midoriya, Mei Hatsune! Come with me."

Crap! Her first day and she was already in trouble! Stupid stupid stupid!


Stupid stupid stupid!

Even after they had explained themselves to the principal, both of them were given detention, for the entire week! That meant no workshop hours. And it meant being bored! She was not good at being bored! It was stressful watching those hours tick by just doing absolutely nothing thinking about all the things she could be doing.

Why was she even being punished for doing something heroic? Why was Izuku here as the victim? At Least Kaa-chan had been sent to a different room and was threatened with a suspension. But really, she was so bored. She rested her head on her arms taking up as much of the desk as she could, the pro hero Eraserhead (the one that had got them in trouble) sat at a desk reading a book.

"Umm, Mei?" Izuku half whispered her direction.

She looked at him and he jumped slightly, so she made a noise that was as happy as she could muster at that moment. Which was more or less a grunt. She hated being bored so much!

"I umm, just wanted to thank you for helping me, out." Izuku kept looking at her then looking away from her. "And to apologize for Kaa-chan, he's just kind of angry. At well everything. We used to be friends and I kind of just wanted to say hi."

"It's alright Izuku," she sat straight in her seat and let out a sigh that turned into a smile. "Still I got some good information on my baby."

"Your Baby? Oh, you mean that wrist-mounted grappling hook? That thing was really impressive!"

"Thanks, hey you want to see my blueprints?" By luck or grace, they had both been allowed to their bags with them. And if their warden hadn't said anything about them talking so far then it was probably okay to do something. Maybe. Still more trouble beat more boredom! She pulled out a stack of her notebooks and quickly found the page where her Wire-Arrow was located. "See, that was just the prototype, most of the time it dislocates the person's arm."

She scooted the desk closer and looked towards Eraserhead who was still buried in his book.

"Woah, that's really impressive, you built it yourself?" She was starting to like this boy. He pointed at the next page. "And this? Have you made this?"

"Oh, my Hover Soles? Sadly I haven't had the resources to make those just yet, but I was planning on making them as soon as I got the designed approved in the workshop." Right after a lot of other projects. "You have good taste Izuku! I have a feeling that they're going to be one of my best items!"

"Well, it's not just that," Izuku pulled out one of his own notebooks titled hero analysis for the future no. 14 and through the pages. "I just thought that those boots would be very effective for Hanta Sero, he's in hero class 1A, his quirk allows him to shoot sticky tape out of his elbows, with these boots his mobility would increase dramatically allowing him to even scale buildings. The only downside to his quirk is that it makes his skin dry out so if we develop a system to increase counteract that."

"We?" Mei asked blinking at the notes and her blueprints. The gears in her head already turning. She had just thought about making generally useful tools at first, but making gear specifically for a hero.

"Oh Umm Sorry. I didn't mean to-"

"No! That's brilliant!" She scrambled to another page. "What about this? Do you know of any quirk that would benefit from this?"

"Oh! I think there's a student that could use that Ahh! Here we are!"

This was a wonderful use of her time and the start of a beautiful partnership with Izuku.

AN: Hey look. I'm doing BNHA again! I had an idea for a quirkless support Deku that used his quirk no how to advise others. I also wanted to ship him with Mei. And BAM! here we go!