She was clean.

The hot spring was warm, relaxing, and very private. A bit too private. In that she was the only one in it. It was bad enough that she had to pre-wash herself, but now Izuku was taking forever. Steam wafted up into the air, barely obscuring the rocks and plants that decorated the area, her horizon was a set of bamboo walls that drew her eyes upwards to stars above.

Either she didn't pay attention when she normally looked up at the night sky, or there were more stars out tonight. There was a lot less boyfriend tonight. What was taking him so long? She was a lot more dirty than he was. Well maybe. He probably had cuter grease stains though. Especially when he took off his goggles and he had a bit of dirt that failed to hide his freckles.

She drummed her fingers along the flat rock she had been sitting on, and looked back at the boys entrance to their hot spring. As to why a mixed bath had separate washrooms was beyond her, she was a gadget maker not a hot spring maker. She wanted Izuku to wash her. It felt good, and let her be lazy. Plus her boobs were always so clean afterwards.

Sinking down so that her mouth touched the water she blew bubbles, glaring at fake lily pad that doubled as a drink holder. She should get Izuku drunk. The idea of her getting drunk and losing control of her body wasn't too appealing. Besides, she was weird enough. Izuku on the other hand needed to loosen up.

Her pink hair floated along the surface of the water. This was tortue. Right now she was something that she hated being. Bored. Worse was that she was bored and horny. She liked being horny. It was fun to seduce Izuku like that. But this was just horrible.

The curtain to the boys washing area still hadn't opened. He was still in there. Chances are he was fretting over something that wasn't relevant to them being naked and having sex in the hot springs. She'd fix this. Izuku was easy, she just needed to kick his butt sometimes.

Steam followed her as she marched towards the curtains, already missing the warmth of the hotsprings. But it'll be better once she was back in there touching Izuku. And Izuku touching her! He had good touches! Wonderful touches. It was just the best.

"Mei!" Izuku screeched, a towel wrapped around his waist as she he stopped mid stride, hands in his muttering position. "What are you doing here-"

"Getting you," She grabbed his wrist, and tossed his towel to the side. He was always cute when he was blushing. But his shyness was really annoying. This wasn't his first time seeing her naked, it wasn't even their first time having sex! But he was just so shy and awkward! She brought his hand up to her breast. "I got bored waiting."

"I'm sorry?" He squeaked.

"Don't be sorry." She pulled him close, feeling all of his muscles. And his hard dick! It was like his muscles but better! A tender kiss and a few well placed touches and rubs were enough to get Izuku excited. She twitched when he squeezed her with his large calloused hands, electricity sparked along her every limb like hot water rushing through frozen pipes. "Just pick me up and have sex with me."

He didn't hesitate, dropping his hands to cup her ass as he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck, kissing along his collar bone. She was the marionettist of his body, every action caused a subtle reaction from him. A twitch here, a moan there, a tensing there.

This was all to get him going. For him to break out of that shy awkward shell he was in whenever she wanted to do something naughty. It got easier the more she did it.

He took a few steps, then stopped. "Wait,"

She pulled back, glaring at him.

"I don't want to slip, it's kind of wet."

With a huff she got down. He had at point. Even if it wasn't a sexy point. Getting hurt would probably turn him off. Especially if she got hurt. "Fine," She grabbed his hand once again, entwining their fingers, calluses met calluses and the numerous scars along their hands created a mosaic of their work and love.

Each one was a mark that connected them to one of their babies and to each other, perfectly woven and inseparable. Just like their lives and their future.

"Then come on and let's get into the water."

She brought him to the shallows. Dropping lower and lower with each step until her body was submerged while laying down. Izuku stood, looming over her like a sexy tower of muscle his penis sticking out from him was just how she liked it. Large, and hard for her.

"Don't be so nervous Izuku," She reached up just enough to wrap her arms around his neck and pulled him down onto his knees, one of which was between her legs. His arms slammed into the water on either side of her splashing the water. The stars and freckles seemed to bleed into one beautiful mask for him.

"I'm not nervous," His voice was like the rumbling of the earth, shaking her to her very core and stoke the fires that were ready to billow out of her. Magical, that was how he made her feel. Like everything in life was some new and exciting discovery, just waiting for them to make it. "I was just amazed by how beautiful you are."

As long as she had him, then there was nothing they couldn't accomplish. Well except normal stuff. "I love you."

He kissed her, one hand grabbing onto her back, fingers on her spine like he was wiring a machine, turning her on, and on, and on, and on again. All cylinders were firing now. It didn't take much to get her going, a few kisses, a couple of touches, and just the promises of what was to come. With Izuku at the helm of her desires she'd always feel something exciting.

"Your boobs are so big," He muttered, grabbing onto one of her breasts kneading it and rubbing her nipple. "But your waist is so small."

She moaned trying to hold onto some semblance of control. Sex was great, better than food and chocolate. Why didn't Izuku have more hands. And fingers? And just more of Izuku. Yep, she was ready. "Izuku," she pulled him closer to her, keeping his face a breath away from hers. "I want you inside me."

"But the internet said we should use waterproof lube for-"

"Already taken care of," She kissed him, it was the best way to make him stop talking and start acting. It probably shortened out his brain or something. Same for her. Most of the time. "All we need to think about right now is each other and making sure we both feel good. So please."

"Fuck me crazy."

He eased into her, making the water ripple at his every movement. She felt every inch of him delving deeper inside of her, until he stopped halfway to her limit. A quick shift, and he was touching everywhere, grinding against her sensitive areas. Then he thrust in. All the way in.

She slipped falling into the water as she screamed his name. In a heartbeat she scrambled up, finding his face and kissing at random. "Keep going, keep going," She wrapped her arms around him, holding on tight and forcing him to support her weight. He should be used to that by now anyways.

"I love you," He muttered kissing, all while keeping up his assault on her low half. There was no resistance, he could pillage and take whatever he wanted from her. And she wanted to give him everything.

She pressed her swollen chest against his in a desperate attempt to touch him more. Every nerve was demanding more of that delicious Izuku energy. More, she needed more. She found his mouth and began to kiss him anew with a raw primal hunger. Her hands roamed over his strong muscular arms in new sensations before they snaked their way around to his broad flat back. "More, Izuku more."

His hips bucked with the same eager passion he had for all things, frantically pounding at her to deliver her to the pleasure that was so close. She wrapped her legs around him, feeling him, experiencing him.

The water sloshed around them, creating waves, and lapping up into the splashing them with heat and steam.

Izuku stood, taking her out of the water and sending a shock of cold around her. He kissed her again and again, standing as he bounced her up and down with those powerful muscles of his. He grunted, hard into her mouth.

He was close. But she was closer. A glorious finish was coming.

"Izuku," She pulled away from just a moment, looking over the area as her mind slowly pieced together what she wanted. More sex, that was obvious. But what kind of, oh, there was a rock. "Rock, sit."

He groaned, shuffling over towards the rock, the movements of his hips stopped allowing her to bask for a moment with him all the way inside of her. It probably didn't help that she kept kissing his neck and touching all of his muscles, but she didn't want to stop.

The rock was warm, but still cool to the touch. It made her gasp. And gave her a better idea. "No, you sit, I'll ride."

Izuku planted himself on to the rock, and she found her feet in the water. "You're so beautiful Mei,"

"And you're a stud muffin," she purred, placing a hand on his shoulder, using him as leverage to angle herself down onto him. His dick twitched inside of her pulsating and sending her nerves into a frenzy.

Izuku did not idle, his hands strummed every cord along her back to create a symphony of pleasure for her. The softness of his lips found her breast as he began to lick and suck them greedily, he always did like her breasts the most. Just like she loved his muscles. A good trade.

With her arms around his neck and their movements causing her to drive her off every single deep end Mei began to moan, loudly, before as it slowly built up and up into a scream of ecstasy. She could feel it building and then it happened. Her first orgasm of the night felt absolutely wonderful.

"Mei," his voice was a rugged whisper that melted her down into a version of pure lust and sexual frustration. One wasn't enough. She needed more. Much more. "I'm getting close, we aren't-"

"Don't worry about it." She continued to grind and hump him. She found his hands, entwining their fingers. Round two was close. "It's safe, it's safe, it's safe." She repeated. The not sex crazed her had made sure that they wouldn't have to worry about anything.

His whole body began to tense like a wave was spreading through his body all the way to his penis, and into her. "Mei!"

"Izuku!" She kissed him as he came inside of her, the sensation bringing her to a finish.

All the lust in her body left her and she fell into the hotspring with a splash. Everything tingled and she was completely drained. Sh really needed to get it into Izuku's head that the best way to make her go to bed was sex. "That was great. I love you."

"I know," He slid into the water, pulling her in close. One had finding her breast. Okay, so maybe round two later. "I love you too Mei."


Okay, so the hot spring was a success. And Mei had made some kind of waterproof lube that double as a spermicide without telling him. That didn't really matter, but they should probably sell that patent to someone else for public image stuff.

And he really shouldn't be thinking about that right now.

Izuku crossed his legs, staring at the futon him and Mei were going to be sharing tonight, wearing nothing but a bathrobe, that was probably going to be forcibly removed from his body with in the next five minutes. Which meant he had about that much time to figure out how to propose to Mei.

Sure she was going to say yes, and he had her father's approval, and his mom already called her daughter. But it wasn't officially official yet. Was it too much to do it tonight? It just kind of felt cheesy to have a lot of sex and then ask her. But as far as romantics were concerned Mei would probably be okay with it.

But it had to be special right?

"Hey Izuku?"

Boobs. Mei was wearing her grey bathrobe in the sexiest way possible, showing off the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra by leaving a trail of bare skin from her cleavage all the way to her navel. He could almost see her nipples. Her pink hair was flat from the steam, falling to her shoulders in a luscious wave.

"What's this?"

Then he saw what she was holding. A small black box. The ring box. The one that had the wedding ring in it. Why'd he bring it? Oh right. Romantic setting. Worse was that it was open and she was looking at the ring. But no smile was on her face. Was it not enough? Was it to much? He should have gotten the bigger diamond!

"Mei! That's nothing! I swear! It wasn't! I mean!" He flailed his arms trying to find some kind of defense. Oh, what was the point? "It's a proposal ring."

"Oh, like a wedding ring?" She asked looking at him, scratching her head just enough to cause her breast to slip from the slightest bit.

"Umm yea," he flinched closing his eyes. Why was he flinching? This was Mei! The girl that already had their whole life planned out way one or another. He shouldn't be flinching!

"Oh, okay." Mei took the ring out of the box and tossed it behind her and slipped on the ring, before falling down onto him. "Now, round two?"

"Wait!" His penis did not wait. "Did you just agree to marry me?"

"No," He was confused. "I did that after you became my boyfriend and we went to see your mom. Remember? Why'd you wait so long to give me a ring? Do I need to get you one? Do you want a ring?"

A laugh escaped him and he pulled Mei into a hug, his arms wrapping around her narrow waist. He felt like an idiot for worrying. Mei didn't know what the word romantic met! "Despite how weird you are I love you."

"That's good, but I'm still horny."

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