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Chapter 2

- o – o – o – o – o

It was extremely disconcerting when Sebas suddenly cut off the connection like that. Especially after dropping the such a revelation to him. Fortunately, being an Undead had given him the perk of controlling his emotion. Otherwise, he would have looked so dumbfounded in front of his adoring Guardians, who have just proclaimed their unwavering loyalty to him.

Surely, it was most fortunate that a skeleton couldn't show any emotion. That would have broke his Ruler image pretty quickly.

Momonga and Master Gap was somewhat close, in his opinion. Among the 42 guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown, Master Gap was one of the only four female members of the Guild. It spoke volume of their Guild's female members when almost all of them had picked the most grotesque looking out of all the races there was.

Out of the members, only Master Gap had chosen to stay with him till the end. Even when Herohero left, in their ever so brief last gathering, she had stayed with him till the very end. Although she hadn't spoken much, choosing to just let him rant about the state of the now lonely Guild, he was grateful for her present. Of the rare moment that he did converse with her—at least seriously, when she wasn't just fooling around—he had a feeling he was speaking to an elder, with the way her words often carried unspoken wisdom. Still, objectively, he saw her more of a close friend who had helped him manage the Guild dynamics back when the Guild was in its Glory Days. Without her guidance, he was sure the Guild would have long fallen; despite what his other friend had said about this managing capability.

One thing he loved the best about her was that she was not quick to judge. So when he changed Albedo's setting to "She's in love with Momonga" the female member didn't even bat an eye lashes at his moment of weakness. Although, he had slightly expected her to scold him. By not scolding him, now he felt even worse for changing his friend's legacy. Still, the end was fast approaching so he wouldn't have the time to change back anyway. Rather, along with his friends, the both of them settled to just gaze at the quiet throne room as the clock slowly ticked away.

"Ah… it's ending." He had brooded as the seconds quickly approached midnight. "I'll really miss this..." He couldn't help but sigh. "Thanks for staying with me."

She had merely chuckled and said not to mention it. He had shut his eyes then, as if to burn the image into his mind. He was not expecting to be greeted by sentience NPCs! He was even more frantic when he realized his friend was no longer with him!

He hadn't understood exactly what had happened, but one thing was clear, he was truly alone.

It had taken him a moment to gather his wit and assigned role accordingly to everyone. Now, here he stood, waiting for his guardian to finish swearing their loyalty to him as he waited for Sebas arrival. But something just didn't seem right. The butler had been gone for a while now and it was quiet sometime ago that he ordered him to return. Worried, he had decided to [Message] the butler to check up on him. Imagine his surprise when the butler had replied.

[My apology, Momonga-sama, but I think I may have found Master Gap-sama. Under circumstances, we may incurred her wrath.]


And that was the end of the communication. Really, they couldn't really fault him for reacting this way. Just when he thought his last remaining friend was gone, the butler had given him hope. Although that last bit of his report was concerning. What did he mean when he said he had incurred her wrath!? Of all the time they had known each other, Master Gap had rarely been angered before. In fact, he could safely said that he hadn't seen her angry even once! To claim that Sebas and his aide had angered her, Momonga dreaded what would happen to the poor butler. He needed to act quick!

"Momonga-sama?" Albedo asked from her kneeling position when her lord looked to be absentminded.

Snapping out of his stupor, he said, carefully controlling his tone and pronunciation to give an impression of a composed ruler. "Sebas seemed to have encountered a slight complication." Even so, a bit of the graveness seeped through his tone.

The way he worded his phrasing implied something worrisome to the guardians. As one of the strongest fighter in the whole tomb, for Sebas Tian to have encountered some complication was worrying, indeed. Still, they had high hope that he would be dealt the with complication accordingly.

- o – o – o – o – o -

Meanwhile, while Momonga was deciding what his next course of action would be, Sebas Tian and Narberal were both in boiling water—at least from their points of view.

Minutes by the minutes, the oppressive silent seemed to stress on. The feeling was nothing like Sebas's own [Intimidation] skill. In fact it was many time more dangerous than that. Instinctively, both of them fell to their knees in a submissive manner.

Heads bowed low, avoiding the commanding gazes that bore down from above.

"Thousands apology for raising arms against one of the Supreme Being of Nazarick, Master Gap-sama. Please punish us as you see fit." Carefully, Sebas said, loud enough for the floating woman to hear. It didn't take a genius to hear the slight awed, regret and fear in his voice.

Earlier, Yukari had only wanted to tease these two just a bit, she wasn't expecting things to become like this. Now that the Spell Card Rule was not in effect, it had been somewhat harder to suppress her natural Aura of an Elder Youkai. In her moment of playfulness, some of it had leaked into the surrounding when she had used her skills. The two reactions, however, completely blew her away. Now she felt bad for bullying the children—to her, all of Nazarick's denizens were like children, who were just born recently.

Dismissing the [Eyes of Change] with barely a thought, she gently floated downward until her feet touched softly against the grass.

"Raise your heads, children." She said softly but commanding, trying to sound as serene and calm as possible. "It was just a friendly spar after all." She attempted to brush off the impromptu fight.

"No, Master Gap-sama. For even daring to strike you, we deserve nothing less but death." Sebas vehemently denied, not looking up from his position.

"Nonsense, I was merely testing you to make sure Nazarick's defense was at its finest. After all, being the 'Guardian' of the tenth floor, you hadn't gotten much chance to exercise your skills right? It would be no good if you were to become rusty, right?" Yukari drawled.

With her wordings and logic, she was surprisingly persuasive. Not only did she alleviate Sebas's action—which could be view as traitorous by attacking her—she also made it sounded like it was for his own good that he attacked her. Truly, this was a Mastermind at work.

Under such logic, Sebas and Narberal were quickly swept by Yukari's words.

"N-no, Master Gap-sama. It would be most shameful should we become rusty due to inactivity. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to stay in shape for the sake of defending Nazarick." Sebas said and together with Narberal, they both bowed low.

"Good. Now then, I didn't hurt you too hard, right, Narberal-chan?" One moment Yukari was serious and calm, the next moment she was seen hugging Narberal in an endearing manner.

"N-No, Master Gap-sama." Although Master Gap was not her creator, Narberal could not believe that she was being held by one of the Supreme Being. It was almost too much for her as she basked in bliss under Mater Gap's embrace.

"Now that I think about it, why are both of you out here anyway?"

Receiving a short summary of Momonga's order from Sebas, Yukari nodded in understanding as she immediately saw what Momonga tried to do. It was always a good idea to gather information as soon as possible in an unknown world and that idea also applied to her. Even though she bought them here, she also knew almost next to nothing about this world.

Originally, aside from helping Momonga, she also had a side objective of scouting out a better place for Gensokyo. With the way technology had been progressing in the other world, sooner or later, the maintenance cost of the barrier would become too great for her and the Hakurei Miko to maintain. It would be akin to forcefully creating a brand new dimension and not just a pocket dimension from the human world. Since with technology, more and more human will began to reject the idea of Youkai and the supernatural, making it that much more to maintain the sub-dimension barrier.

Before that happened, she would need to find a more suitable place. If this place proved useful, she would propose the relocation in their next meeting at Gensokyo. After all, having the addition of Nazarick, this world was already experiencing a new change of chaos. Having another group of eccentric individuals from Gensokyo won't help much.

When it boiled down to it, Gensokyo was always her priority. It may be selfish of her to say this, but helping Momonga was just an excuse—well, somewhat. As a Mastermind, she was always aiming for the better of Gensokyo. Although this plan of her won't bare fruit yet. For now, she would just be content with looking after Nazarick like she would to Gensokyo. Considered this her trial run, if you will.

Back to the matter at hand, it sounded like Momonga was expecting them and she had unknowingly hindered them. They would need to wrap things up pretty quickly now. Sudden remembered an even more pressing matter at hand, she frowned.

Since she was the one that blurred the boundary between Reality and Virtual Reality, she knew that the rule of the game still applied to the structure. With her current self in her original body, she no longer had the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown, signifying her a member of the Guild and thus friendly to the tomb. If she was to enter as she would, it would no doubt showed her as an enemy and that would have been counter productive. It was part of the reason why she gap-ed directly in front of the entrance instead of the tomb interior in the first place. Her brief fight with the servants had derailed her somewhat.

But no matter, the boundary of Friend and Enemy was a simple matter to fix, especially to an inanimate object like the Tomb of Nazarick and herself. Right after she did that, Sebas and Narberal could feel something changed.

While before, they would always be on guard around her, even though it had been confirmed that she was Master Gap. Now, that on-edge feeling was gone, only to be replaced by the feeling of safe and contentment. Nazarick as a whole has accepted her as non-hostile.

"Oh right, you said Momonga was expecting you on the 6th level right? We shouldn't let him wait, then." Yukari said and before either of the servants could respond, a gap split open beneath their feet and they were flying through darkness.

The next thing they knew, they found themselves in the presence of the rest of the Guardians. In front of them, the Guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown stood in his glory.



A series of confused remarks broke out between the Guardians while Momonga was once again dumbfounded by the turn of event.

"How did you get here?" Shalltear asked. Last she checked, neither Sebas and Narberal had the skill [Gate]. Therefore, teleporting directly into the Tomb was out of question.

Still disoriented from the events, neither of them were able to provide an answer. Fortunately, their questions were answered when the space next to Momonga split opened and out came a blonde woman.

"Wow, what an exciting gathering you have here, Momonga." Words left her mouth like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"That voice, Master Gap!?" Even with the Undead's racial trait, Momonga couldn't help but let some of the incredulous seeped through.

"Eh!?" The rest of the Guardian, Mare and Aura in particular, were much more vocal. Some of the more mature guardians widened their eyes. Even so, they couldn't help but dropped their jaw. No doubt, they were thinking how could such a human looking woman could be the gelatinous blob of a thousand eyes Monster.

"That's me, the one and only." She winked and the Arena was oddly silent as the inhabitants tried to process what she said.

Breaking the silent, Yukari merely chuckled and twirled her trusty parasol and said, "Missed me?"

And that was when all hell broke lose…

- o – o – o – o – o -

To Be Continued…