Being inspired by Western comics, it makes a lot of sense to cross My Hero Academia with anything related to DC and Marvel. There are a lot of Spider-Man crossovers in this site, but being a fan of DC, it saddens me to see there aren't more crossovers with that franchise... There are a few, but I didn't enjoy them, and they're not the kind of crossovers I was hoping to see.

There was supposed to be a good one, a Young Justice crossover. It had a great premise and the makings of a great, traditional crossover, but alas, that story hasn't been updated for months, and the author doesn't respond to messages sent to him... It's safe to say that story is abandoned.

This has been in my head since as early as January, so I'm excited that get this story out at long last!

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Chapter 1
Assignment Gone Wrong

U.A. High School...

The number one school for in-training in Japan...

Why on earth is there the need for a school for heroes? Is it a place where one trains to become policemen, firefighters, soldiers, and the such?

You see, several years ago, a baby in China was born with a body that glowed with bright golden light, and since that day, there has been several reports of people being born with powers. Scientists were baffled at this sudden phenomenon, and nobody could explain why this was happening.

More and more people were born with powers, and it became clear that these powered people were going to become the future of the world.

Officially dubbed Quirk, the government has decided to make use of people with these special abilities by letting them become costumed superheroes, something originally believed to only be possible in medias.

People with Quirks are trained to use their powers correctly in special academies, and if they passed, they were awarded with licenses that allowed them to fight crime for living, to provide for themselves and the benefit of the public.

Because one could easily become famous by becoming heroes, a large amount of enthusiastic people pour into academies all the time to become heroes. Some truly believed that they should use their powers for good and fight for world peace, but some are simply into it for fame and a quick cash grab. But as long as they're doing good, it's not all bad, right?

With the emergence of Quirks, it seems that the world has shown everyone everything it has to offer. Little do they know, the world was going to throw at them something even more unimaginable... soon...

Midnight 12 o'clock...

Good boys and girls should be in bed at a time like this, especially when they have school the next day.

This wasn't the case for Class 1A at the moment, however. The homeroom teacher, Shouta Aizawa, also known as Eraser Head, had brought his students to a shopping district that had closed down for the night. Other than the aforementioned class, the place was empty. If it weren't for the streetlights brightening the place, it could've been passed off as a ghost town.

Aizawa, with his ever so tired-looking and depressed face, looked at his students, all twenty of them, prepare themselves for the assignment he was about to give them for the night. After seeing that they were ready to start, he cleared his throat before saying to them, "As I said yesterday, this assignment will be a special one, something the school has never done before, but the principle has given a go ahead for this. After all, heroes have to be ready for any task, so it makes sense for you to do night patrol."

"Night patrol... Villains are usually most active during the night, when everyone is asleep!" Izuku mentally told himself. "Therefore, there needs to be heroes who specialize in carrying out duties in the middle of the night and keep everyone's sleep safe."

"We have obtained permission from the officials of this area to allow us to use a training ground," Aizawa told everyone. "You lot will be divided into groups of two and sent to patrol the place, looking for mock villains. Staff members of our school have agreed to help with this assignment by pretending to be villains. They will be wandering around this district, pretending to break into stores to rob things. Your assignment is to look for them and capture them. They will also be grading you, and you will be graded on how good you are at not letting them know your presence and how well you battle them."

"Indeed, stealth is important," thought Izuku. "Villains that come out at night do not want people to know about their presences, so they try to be as sneaky as possible. In order to successfully catch them, heroes have to be sneaky as well. A heroes goal is to capture villains, so letting them escape shouldn't be allowed."

"I'll be assigning you into groups of four, and then four groups will move out at a time," continued Aizawa.

Tenya Iida immediately shot his arm into the air for permission to ask a question, and when told to do so, he asked, "There are twenty of us, so that makes a total of ten groups. In that case, shouldn't you send out five groups at a time in order for it to be equal? If you send out four at a time, there will only be two groups left, so..."

"Just do as I say, okay...?" interrupted Aizawa, sounding a bit annoyed.

"If that is how you want, then I will respect you, teacher!" said Tenya loudly as he always did, but in a way that showed respect.

The teacher came up with four groups of two in no time. Izuku and Tenya were in one group, Katsuki Bakugou and Shouto Todoroki together, Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui in one group, and Momo Yaoyorozu and Eijiro Kirishima in one. Aizawa sent the four of them out into the shopping district to began their assignment, and immediately after giving out that command, he tucked himself away into a sleeping back and turned his back towards his students. "Let me know when something is up. I'll be lying down while you're at it," he said drowsily.

"Not fair... He gets to sleep while we tire ourselves out there..." grumbled Minoru Mineta.

Izuku yawned as he walked down the light sidewalk, with Tenya leading the way. As much as he was enthusiastic about performing this assignment, he had to admit that he was feeling rather sleepy having to do it in the middle of the night. He thought he should've taken a nap during the daytime so that he could build up energy for this.

"C'mon, Midoriya! You can't be feeling tired now!" Tenya told him. "We heroes have to be filled with energy at all times so that we can fight crime! There are villains out here currently waiting to rob from stores, so we must find them before they get their hands on the goods and escape!"

"Good ol' Iida, enthusiastic as always..." Izuku told himself with a smile. "He's right. I should be more energetic in this assignment. If I look too tired, I won't be able to fight villains. Villains who strike at night are surely to be energetic, so heroes must have good stamina and be wide awake in order to face them during this time of day!"

"Be on your guard any time and keep your ears wide open, Midoriya," Tenya told him without turning around. "I have a feeling that a villain will show up close by! I know this because I know there is a bank located around here, and villains always aim for banks to steal money. We may be facing a mock villain, but we must still face him with the mindset that he is a real one! The bank is up ahead if I remember correctly, so let's go there fast!"

The two in-training heroes ran up ahead and turned around the corner. As soon as they did so, they saw someone standing in front of a building that was surely the bank Tenya spoke of earlier. The person standing in front of said building wore a black leather jacket and a pair of white trousers, but the most striking thing about him was that his head was a literal skull burning with purple fire.

"Who... Who is that...?!" asked Izuku in surprise, obviously shocked by that person's appearance. Tenya placed his hand over his mouth and told him not to speak too loudly in fear of grabbing that person's attention.

The skull-headed person said something in English while shaking his head and turning to leave. The two students were surprised to hear him speak in a foreign language. "Did he just speak English?" said Izuku quietly, but loud enough for Tenya to hear.

"Yes, he did... I didn't know there are English-speaking staff members at our school..." said Tenya.

"Do you know English?" Izuku asked him. "My knowledge of it is rather limited... Only know some basic words..."

"I've taken English cram school before, so I can indeed speak English, just enough to communicate with foreigners," replied Tenya. "I think he said just now that there's no point in stealing Japanese money..."

"No point in stealing Japanese money? What does he mean?" wondered Izuku.

"Let's not worry about that. We have found a mock villain, so it's our assignment to arrest him!" said Tenya. "It's for the sake of our academic score!" He approached the skull-headed man from behind and called out to him. "Hey you, villain!" He was able to grab his attention. "We got you now, villain! I don't know why you didn't rob the bank, but since you are a villain, we cannot let you go regardless! We're heroes here to stop you!"

"He's really taking this seriously, isn't he...?" Izuku said to himself when he saw Tenya behaving as if he was being a pro hero talking to an actual villain.

Turning to Tenya completely, the skull-headed person said curiously, "What are two kids doing out here in the middle of the night?"

Momo and Eijiro had came across a mock villain, and it was a staff member of the school they knew, Ryo Inui, better known by his superhero alias Hound Dog. He was pretending to rob a souvenir shop when the two students found him. After being found by them, he played his role as a mock villain by escaping, so the two gave chase in an attempt to capture him.

Probably being due to being a mutant-type, Hound Dog was able to easily run at a pace faster than them. Seeing that they wouldn't be able to catch up with him simply by running like this, Momo tapped into her Quirk by reaching her hand into the center of her chest and pulling out a skateboard. Placing it onto the pavement, she hopped onto it and sped ahead of Eijiro. "No fair! You should make me one too!" the red-headed boy shouted at her.

"I got you!" Momo shouted at Hound Dog as she produced a staff from her body. When close to the dog-like hero, she swung her staff at him, aiming to hit him in the legs and trip him. Hound Dog, however, jumped up at the fast moment, and Momo went ahead of him as a result. She did a small u-turn before coming to a stop and getting into a fighting stance with the staff held tightly in her hand.

Hound Dog stopped running and looked at her for a few seconds before turning around to see Eijiro catching up. "Looks like you got me, heroes!" said Hound Dog, sounding as if he was an actual villain. "But don't think I'll be surrendering just like this! I'm not going down without a fight!"

"That's the way I like it!" said Eijiro as he held up his fists, getting into a fighting stance. "Now be a man and take on me!"

The two students got ready to face the pro hero when they all heard the sound of window being broken, and it came from nearby. "What was that?" asked Momo.

Sniffing the air, Hound Dog smelled the presence of another person nearby, so he rushed over to where the sound and scent came from to see what was going on, and the two students followed him. They ran around the corner of a building to find a blue wormhole in the middle of the air just in front of the window of a gold store shattered into pieces. While the sight of the wormhole was strange, they decided to look into the broken window first, and they found a woman inside.

The woman appeared to be a mutant-type, as evident of her skin looking like a cheetah's, meaning she had fur that covered her entire body and spots like the aforementioned big cat. She had red, long, wavy hair and wore a dark blue tank top accompanied by a pair of matching color hot pants.

The never-seen-before cheetah woman was busy smashing the glass counter with her bare hands and shoving the gold jewelries inside into a bag she brought along and didn't seem to be aware that she was being watched. Whoever she was, it was clear to Hound Dog that she was not a staff member of U.A. nor was she hired to be a mock villain, so the only answer was that she was an actual villain.

"Hey you! Who do you think you are, breaking in here when there's a pro hero around here?!" Hound Dog angrily said to her as he entered the store.

The cheetah woman turned around and glared at her with her cat-like eyes and a grumpy face. "Who are you supposed to be?" she said as she observed him from head to toe. "More like... what are you supposed to be? Some kind of mutt?" The fact that she spoke English came as a surprise to them.

"She's not part of our assignment, is she...?" asked Eijiro in confusion.

"Isn't that obvious...?" said Momo.

"You're putting those back right now and coming quietly with me!" Hound Dog said to her.

Because he was speaking Japanese, the woman shrugged in response. "Sorry, I don't speak your language, so I don't know what you just told me."

"Where'd she come from? She speaks English... Gotta get Present Mic to interrogate her later," thought Hound Dog. As he approached the cheetah woman, the latter got into a defensive stance. "All right, put back the golds you stole, or else you're going to get it!" he said to her in an intimidating tone.

"I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that you want me to put what I stole back to where they belong," said the woman with an evil smile. "If that's the case, I'll have to decline listening to you!"

Katsuki and Shouto walked through the dark street that was lit up by streetlights, being on the lookout for mock villains. "Come out already!" Katsuki shouted out in impatience. "If you call yourself a villain, then come out and face us like a man!"

"Thieves aren't going to let themselves be known, which is the purpose of this exercise, you know," Shouto reminded him. "We are supposed to be searching for them."

"Yeah, yeah, I know, but you do know I have my way of doing things to, right?" Katsuki said to him. "I want my foes to know about me and be scared of me, so I want their attention in order to let them know that their maker is going to come and kick their a**es soon!"

"With you shouting like that, chances are likely they won't come out," Shouto told him. "In scenarios like this, it's important to be quiet and sneaky. Being too noisy..."

"You shut the hell up! You're annoying me, you know that?!" Katsuki said to him in him frustration. "Don't act so high and think you're my boss just because your dad is one of the top heroes!"

"The way I act has nothing to do with my father," Shouto told him, and he sounded offended.

Suddenly, they notice a bright flash coming from around the corner of a building. Curious, they rushed over to see what it was. Katsuki was going to run around the corner, but Shouto grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back, forcing him to stay hidden. They carefully peaked out of the corner to see what happened.

There in the middle of the street stood two people. One was dressed wearing a blue fur coat with a parka and a pair of shades, and he was holding a high-tech gun in his hand. The other person wore a white skintight suit and a pair of goggles, and he was wielding an orange gun.

What was most notable, however, was a swirling, blue wormhole behind them. The way they were standing in front of it implied that they came out of it. "What the...?" said Katsuki in confusion when he saw that wormhole.

"They must've came out from that wormhole..." said Shouto. "Must be the work of a wormhole-making Quirk..."

The two people who appeared looked around the place, and then the man with goggles noticed that the building next to them had a large window that showcased a large amount of jewelries behind it. "Ha! Jackpot!" he said in delight in English. The two boys were surprised to hear him speaking in a foreign language.

"Well, what are waiting for?" said the man in the parka. "Let's collect our prize and then get out of here! Wouldn't want to be stuck in this world, do you?" He then pointed his gun at the door to the jewelry store. The gun fired a blue beam, and what it did to the door surprised the two boys, especially Shouto. The door froze!

The man then kicked the frozen door to shatter it into pieces, and then they both headed inside. "Cool! I'll be fighting an evil version of you!" Katsuki said to Shouto with an "evil" smile.

While Shouto knew there would be someone else out there with an ice Quirk, he was still surprised to come across one. What intrigued him, however, was the fact that this man fired an ice beam out of a gun rather than firing from, like, his hands. It was as if that person didn't actually have a Quirk but instead used technology to perform that feat.

Whatever the case was, the two boys knew that it was time to began their assignment. Stepping inside, they saw the two people robbing the goods inside. Shouto decided to ambush them by quietly by freezing the floor in their general direction so that they would become immobilized, but Katsuki ruined the plan by shouting at them. "Hey you! You think you can get away with robbing this place while we're here?"

The two people turned around in surprise to see the two teens. Katsuki looked eager to start a fight with them, while Shouto was glaring at him with a frustrated look, as he ruined the perfect opportunity to ambush those two. "Who are you brats?" the man with goggles asked them in English.

"Speak Japanese, will ya?!" Katsuki asked in anger. "I don't understand a single thing you're saying!"

The two robbers took some steps forward while readying their guns, and the two students also readied to take on them. "Sorry, we have no idea what you're saying either," the Eskimo said to them. He then motioned for them to leave. "You should leave while you can. We adults have business to take care of here. We're not a fan of hurting children, so don't force us."

"Are you the mock villains that we have to take down as part of our assignment?" Shouto asked them in English, which surprised Katsuki.

"What?! You know English?!" he asked fire and ice-powered boy in surprise.

"I had lessons in it," replied Shouto.

"Well, that makes things convenient," said the Eskimo after realizing Shouto could speak the same language as him. "As for your question, I have no idea what you're talking about, but we are villains. As you can see, we are robbing this place. After we're done looting this place, we're in a hurry to return to our own place in fear of getting stranded here, and that's the last thing we want."

Shouto narrowed his eyes upon hearing this, and frost began coming out from his hand. "If you're an actual villain, then we have all the more reason to stop you."

Noticing his hand and knowing what it was about, the Eskimo smiled. "I see... I think I don't mind playing with you a bit!"

Ochako and Tsuyu were still looking for mock villains when they came around a corner and saw a surprising sight. The saw a pro hero and staff member of U.A., Thirteen, lying on the pavement with charred spots on his costume. It was evident that he was attacked and knocked out, and his attacker, or attackers, were still before him. It was a bald, elderly man with glasses dressed like a typical scientist, and accompanying him were two teenagers, one boy and one girl.

The boy had brown, neatly-trimmed hair and wore glasses. The girl had short, brown hair and also wore glasses. They both were dressed like scientists as well. Their facial appearances resembled the elderly scientist, so it was possible that they were a family or related by blood in some way. They were all standing in front of a wormhole.

"What... What happened...?" asked Ochako in a worried tone. "Did Mister Thirteen get defeated by those... villains?"

"I have a feeling that those people aren't the mock villains we're supposed to be looking for..." said Tsuyu, sounding equally worried. "And that wormhole behind them... Memories of the Villain Alliance are coming back to me..."

The bald scientist looked at the fallen Thirteen while adjusting his glasses. "Is this the best the heroes of this world has to offer?" he said to the pro hero. "Or were you simply a wannabe?"

"And what's with that costume?" asked the teenage boy. "Are you an astronaut who got lost on his way to your space shuttle? Haha!"

"I've seen heroes with more reasonable costumes than you!" said the teenage girl while kicking the seemingly unconscious Thirteen.

"All right, kids," the bald scientist said to the two teens. "Let's not bother him anymore, as fun as it is. It's not everyday that we to come to a different world, so let's make the most of our time here and see if there is anything worth taking back to our world before the wormhole disappears."

The boy turned to the side and saw a bookstore. "You know what they say about knowledge is power. New world means new info, so what better things to rob than books that will provide us with a wealth of info on this world?"

"Looks like I've taught you well!" the scientist said to him, sounding pleased. "You know what you have to do!"

The boy grinned as he took out a high-tech gun and fired a beam at the entrance of the bookstore, blowing the door to pieces. The three then stepped inside. Seeing this, Ochako and Tsuyu ran to Thirteen to see if he was all right. "Mister Thirteen! Are you all right?" Ochako asked him while shaking him. However, the pro hero only made weak groaning sounds.

"What do we do...?" asked Tsuyu.

Ochako stood up and looked into the bookstore with an angry expression. "We must stop those villains! I won't let them get away with hurting Mister Thirteen!"

"But they're real villains!" Tsuyu reminded her.

"It's not like we've never faced real villains before," Ochako told her. "This will be our chance to prove ourselves and put our training to use! I'm sure those three shouldn't be too hard to take care of."

"How do you know?" Tsuyu asked her.

Ochako scratched her head. "Um... One is an old guy, and the other two are teenagers probably the same age as us... Somehow, I just have the feeling this shouldn't be too tough to deal with..."

The two girls then entered the bookstore to see those villains putting away books into a large bag. "Hey you!" Ochako called out to them. "You're not stealing anything from here!"

The villains turned to them, and the scientist said, "What do we have here? Playmates for the two of you, it seems!"

"They're speaking English..." said Tsuyu. "That's English, right? Do you know English?"

Ochako sweated nervously and replied, "Um... I know a couple of simple terms, like hello, good-bye, and thank you..."

"You don't have to worry about language," the scientist said to them in Japanese all of a sudden. "I can understand your language very well and speak it!"

"Oh really? That makes things easier!" said Ochako, relieved that language wasn't going to be an issue, and then she put on an angry face again. "You villains! How dare you hurt one of our school staff members?! You won't get away with this!"

The scientist snickered and then said, "And what do you plan to do about this? Are you kids playing heroes?"

"We're training to be real heroes! However, we still have what it takes to stop you!" Ochako said to him with determination.

"Well, since you are so serious about this, I don't mind if my children play with you a bit!" said the scientist, and then he told the boy and the girl. "Kids, why don't you show them the way we do things?"

"Yes, dad!" the teenagers said as they smiled evilly while taking out high-tech guns to point at the two students.

Momo and Eijiro were shocked beyond words. While they weren't expecting the cheetah woman to go down so easily in a fight with Hound Dog, they were not expecting her to more or less completely overpower the pro hero at all. The woman displayed incredible speed and strength, which was how she was able to overpower the pro hero with ease.

Despite his efforts to fight back, Hound Dog was ultimately forced on his knees after being worn out by the wounds inflicted on him. The woman showed no signs of stopping, as she slammed her knee hard against her chin, knocking him back through the air. Immediately after he hit the pavement, the woman jumped onto his body and raised one hand into the air, ready to slam down her claws onto him for the finishing blow.

Not willing to let a staff member of their school die, Momo instinctively dashed at the cheetah woman while pulling a staff out of her body. She thrust it forward and managed to hit the woman, hitting her in the side and forcing her off Hound Dog. The woman landed on her feet just in front of the wormhole and glared at Momo, who ran towards her again to hit her a second time with her staff.

The woman caught the front end of the staff, much to the surprise of Momo, and then swung the girl into the wormhole behind herself. Eijiro was shocked to see this and called out his classmate's name. The woman turned to the wormhole and gave the red-haired student one last look before leaping through the wormhole herself.

Worried for Momo, Eijiro ran towards the wormhole with the intention of going through it. "Don't! You'll get yourself in danger...!" Hound Dog called out to him while trying to get up, but his injuries prevented him from doing so.

"But I can't leave Yaoyorozu in whatever place that wormhole leads to!" Eijiro said to him in panic.

"Wait for the pros to come first!" Hound Dog loudly said to him.

Eijiro, however, was too concerned about saving his classmate, so rather than listening to his superior, he jumped through the wormhole. When he emerged on the other side, he found himself in an alleyway. He looked around in confusion, and when he looked up, he saw sunlight pouring down onto him. "Daytime? But it was nighttime just now!" he thought in confusion. He looked up ahead and saw the cheetah woman turning around the corner, so he went after her, not noticing a machine resembling a projector on the ground.

Shortly after he left, the lights on the projector-like machine turned off, and the wormhole disappeared.

Eijiro emerged from the alleyway to find himself in a bustling city, with people and cars everywhere. He noticed that everyone had looks of horror in a certain direction, so he turned to see that they were looking at Momo fighting the cheetah woman. The latter easily overpowered her by slashing her staff into pieces, and then she slashed her across the face to knock her onto the pavement.

Momo got up and placed one hand on the slash marks on her face before looking in fear at the woman, who was smiling evilly. "Ready to die?" the evil woman asked the terrified student.

"Leave her alone!" Eijiro shouted as he ran at the cheetah woman and jumped at her while hardening his body, thus giving himself a rocky appearance. The woman spun around and, with a swing of her arm, smacked him into the wall of a building at the side. Due to his hardened body, he hit the wall with such a force that it got knocked down.

The woman turned back to Momo, who was shocked to see Eijiro getting knocked away so easily, and readied to finish her off. She raised her claws to ready to hit her, only for the arm to be caught by a lasso and therefore stopped. The woman glared in frustration to the side to see that she was stopped by a black-haired woman wearing a red and blue armor that covered only her body but left her arms and legs exposed.

"We are heroes who are here to stop you!" Tenya proclaimed to the skull-headed man while pointing at him. "You have nowhere to escape! In the name of justice, I will arrest you at once!"

The skull-headed man stared at him in silence for several seconds, and then he said, "You have a death wish or what?"

"Heroes are always willing to face death when fighting for world peace! I'm not afraid to die if means I can protect other people in the process!" Tenya fearlessly said to him. "Consider yourself unlucky to run into me, villain! I, Ingenium, will now strike you down!" Activating his Quirk, Tenya dashed at a high speed at the skull-headed man, who responded throwing a punch straight at him. Tenya, however, strafed to the side at a fast speed and then kicked him in the side of the body. To his surprise, the skull-heade man barely moved.

The skull-headed man grabbed his leg and then flung him back to where he came from. "What was that supposed to be? Don't make me laugh! I know kids who can hit harder than that!"

"Are you all right, Iida?" Izuku asked Tenya as the latter stood back up.

"I'm all right," replied the class president. "Looks like this person will be a tough one. I wonder where they got him to be a mock villain?"

Izuku looked at the skull-headed man and thought to himself, "The fact that he didn't flinch at all when Iida kicked him must mean he was great durability. But is that his Quirk? Or is it a side effect of his mutant appearance? That flaming skull head is because he's a mutant type, right? Or is that mask...?"

"Since I haven't found anything good to rob yet, I might as well play with you brats for a bit!" said the skull-headed man before pointing his hands at them and shot out purple energy blasts that resembled fireballs. Seeing this, the two students leaped out of the way, and the shots went on ahead and blow up the wall of a building.

The two students had looks of surprise on their faces when they saw what the shots did to the building. "What... What was that?!" Izuku said in his head with his mouth wide open. "That energy blast... Is that his Quirk?!"

Tenya turned to the skull-headed man and said, "Time out! This is supposed to an assignment! Isn't using something like that too much? You may end up killing us!"

"That's the point, isn't it?" said the skull-headed man.

Confusion started to come to Tenya. What he heard that man said seemed to imply that he wasn't a mock villain. Wanting to make sure, he asked him, "Are... Are you part of our night patrol assignment? You know, you play the role of a villain for us to fight and capture?"

"What are you talking about? I ain't playing children's game here!" the skull-headed man said to him. "However, since you want to play so much, I'll gladly play with you! Don't blame me if you die, however!"

That was all Tenya needed to hear to confirm his fear. "Midoriya..." he said to his classmate nervously. "I think we accidentally stumbled upon a real villain...!"

Izuku was shocked to hear this. He stared nervously at the skull-headed man and said, "Real... Real villain...?"

The skull-headed man raised his fists into the air and then slammed them back down onto the pavement, hitting it with such a force that not only the ground shook a bit, a purple shockwave was also created, heading in the direction of the two teens. They managed to avoid it by leaping over it, and when they landed, the man fired energy blasts at them, but they avoided them by rolling to the sides.

"We have to run and tell the pro heroes about this!" Tenya told Izuku. "We're not pro heroes yet, so we shouldn't be facing him now!"

Even though Izuku agreed with Tenya about what they should do now, he still felt conflicted. Part of him wanted to stay and face the villain. After all, he came to U.A. to train to become a hero. Even if he hadn't graduated yet, he still wanted to see what it was like facing against a real villain. It wasn't like he never faced an actual villain before. During his time at this school, there had been incidents where he and his class were forced to face actual villains, the most notable one being the Villain Alliance led by a man named Shiragaki.

Tenya turned to run, and then he turned to see if Izuku was following him, only to find him charging at the skull-headed villain with his Full Cowl activated. "Midoriya!"

Deciding that he wanted to fight the villain, Izuku leaped a great distance at a fast speed at the villain thanks to his Full Cowl. Pulling back his fist, Izuku delivered an enhanced punch at the skull-headed man, who responded with his own punch. Both fists came in contact with each other hard and came to a complete stop. It was as if two large and heavy objects had crashed into each other.

"He's... He's strong! He can withstand a punch from a Full Cowl!" Izuku thought in surprise. Landing from delivering a punch, Izuku moved at a fast speed around the villain, punching and kicking him with tremendous force all over the body. While the villain showed signs of receiving pain, he was able to, for the most part, retain his footing and not get sent flying.

"Enough!" the villain angrily shouted as he spread out his arms, causing a shockwave to spread out around him and sending Izuku flying away. The teen felt burning pain when he was hit by it, but was otherwise unharmed.

"What is this Quirk?!" Izuku thought. "It's like he has two! Super strength and releasing purple energy from his body! How is that possible?! Is he a Nomu? But I thought they aren't supposed to have any form of intelligence other than attacking nonstop and can't even talk!" He then thought he saw something at the side, so he turned his head to find a blue wormhole. "What the?! A portal?!"

"You're not too bad for a kid, but that's not good enough to take me down!" said the skull-headed man as he approached Izuku. He was suddenly tackled in the back hard by Tenya and almost fell forward. He angrily spun around to face the teen clad in armor, and Tenya dashed around to his back and tackled him again. "Gah! Why you?!" He fired a blast of energy at Tenya, who got out of the way and made his way to Izuku's side.

"Midoriya! We're supposed to be running away, not fight him!" the class president angrily lectured him.

"Sorry... It's just that... I feel like I'll never improve and become a real hero if I only just run, so I felt compelled to fight him..." Izuku told him.

"I understand you. Constantly running may not help you improve, but there are times when it is necessary so that we do not try our lives away!" Tenya told him.

"Also... That portal..." Izuku said as he pointed to the wormhole. "Can it be... the Villain Alliance again? They have a member who can create portals, right?"

Tenya looked at said wormhole and said, "You're right, but that guy's portal is black, and this one is blue..."

The skull-headed man ran and leaped at them with his hands held over his head. The two jumped out of the way to avoid getting hit by him, and he hit the pavement so hard that it cracked. The villain then covered himself in purple energy before running straight at the two students.

Rather than running, Izuku flicked his index finger against the air. Thanks to his Quirk, this resulted in a projectile made of air shot forward as fast as a bullet. He was hoping that this would stop the villain dead in his tracks, but he was wrong. Somehow, the villain was able to plow through the nearly invisible projectile like it wasn't there, much to Izuku's surprise.

Tenya got out of the way, but Izuku ended getting hit by the villain and knocked straight into the wormhole, a sight that shocked Tenya. "MIDORIYA!" The skull-headed villain followed him through the wormhole, and Tenya, worried for his classmate, followed him through the portal as well, even though he knew it was a reckless move.

When he emerged on the other side, he found himself inside a tight space that appeared to be a truck container. It was more evident when he noticed a pair of doors wide open up ahead, and when he stepped out, he not only saw the skull-headed villain staring at Izuku, who was sitting on the street, but also realizing the fact that he was a in bustling city with people all over the place, and the sun was shining down.

"What is this place...?" he wondered.

The villain shot a blast of energy at Izuku, who rolled out of the way and moved to a safe distance before standing up. Seeing this, Tenya rushed over to his side and got into a defensive stance as he faced the villain. The villain tried to shoot them again, but they dodged it, and the shot went ahead and blasted a hole in the building behind them. The destruction caused the people to scream in shock and run.

Not caring why it was daytime at the moment, Tenya looked at the shocked civilians and said to Izuku, "This is bad... Fighting here will result in civilians getting injured..."

"I know, but I don't think I know what to do in a situation like this..." admitted Izuku. "I don't think Mister Aizawa taught us how to deal with villains in the public yet..."

As both sides stared at each other, they were suddenly interrupted by the presence of a man dressed in blue and sporting a red cap floating in the air. "Atomic Skull!" he shouted, causing the villain to turn his attention to him. The two students also turned to the man and were both surprised and confused by his appearance.

"Who is that?" asked Tenya.

Pulling the trigger of his gun, the Eskimo shot a whitish-blue beam at the part of the floor in front of Shouto and Katsuki. He waved it left and right as he did so to gradually build an ice wall, and it happened at a fast speed as well. The two teens backed away in surprise as the Eskimo built a wall that almost reached the ceiling. "Let's see you try to break through that!" said the Eskimo after he was done.

"Looks like you've got a relative, and I'm not sure how I feel about having two of you in the same room..." Katsuki said to Shouto, sounding a bit annoyed.

"I doubt that person has a Quirk, considering that he fired from a gun rather than from his own body," Shouto told him.

"Whatever! These guys are going down!" said Katsuki before releasing an explosion from his hand at the ice wall, completely shattering it, much to the surprise of those two villains.

"What the heck?!" gasped the goggled man.

"Eat this, sucker!" shouted Katsuki as he released an explosion in the goggled man's direction. The villain rolled out of the way fast before pointing his gun at him and firing a stream of fire. Katsuki was able to get out of the way, and then he said, "Dang! It's like facing two different sides of you at once!" Suddenly, he was shot in the feet by a beam fired by the Eskimo and became frozen to the floor. "What the?!"

"Nice trick you've got there, kid! This isn't the first time we've faced off against young heroes, so we know how to deal with the likes of you!" the Eskimo said to him.

With a swing of his hand, Shouto released a large amount of cold air mixed with small ice shards at the Eskimo. The latter held his gun over himself for defense, and as frost was building up on him and slowly freezing him, the goggled man helped him by crossing the cold air with his flamethrower, and the heat generated also defrosted the Eskimo. "Thanks, Mic," the Eskimo said to his partner.

"I'm not one for puns, but I gotta say... It's time for you to warm up!" said the goggled man named Mic as he turned to Shouto and shot fire. Shouto responded by creating an ice wall, but the heat of the fire was so powerful that it instantly melted the whole thing and struck him. Shouto flew back with his body on fire, but he was able to get over this by generating a large amount of cold air from one side of his body to blow away the flames.

"Hey! I'm not done yet!" Katsuki angrily shouted. He freed himself from the floor by blowing up the ice encasing his feet, and in doing so launched himself into the air somewhat. While in the air, he pointed his hands at the two villains and fired a series of explosions at them. They both got out of the way and then rushed for the exit, not caring whether or not they had looted enough yet.

Turning to them, Katsuki shouted, "You're not getting away from me! Get back here!" And he gave chase. Shouto also followed him.

The two villains got out of the store and jumped through the wormhole, and the two students stopped in front of it and wondered if they should follow. "We don't know where that portal leads to, so I think we shouldn't follow them," suggested Shouto.

"Who cares? I'm not going to rest until I've blown them to smithereens!" said Katsuki angrily, and then without saying anything else, he rushed through the wormhole.

"No wait!" Shouto shouted at him while reaching out his hand, but his classmate was already gone. He growled in frustration at the recklessness of his classmate and wondered what he should do. Fearing that Katsuki would get himself into more trouble, Shouto ultimately decided to follow him, even if it seemed like a bad idea. Hoping that pro heroes would realize this and come to solve things soon, the teen rushed through the wormhole.

Upon appearing on the other side, Shouto found himself inside a relatively dark room with old pieces of furniture lying around the place. He looked around in confusion and failed to notice a projector-like machine that appeared to be responsible for the wormhole. He noticed the two villains from before standing at the end of the room, with Katsuki standing before them, looking as if he was ready to murder them.

"You've got nerves following us back here, kid!" the Eskimo said to Katsuki.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, and I don't care!" the angry teen said to him.

Shouto was going to approach him when suddenly he realized that the wormhole behind him disappeared. He was surprised at this, but then he turned his head to the front when he heard another explosion created by Katsuki. The villains got out of the way of the explosion, which blew up the wall behind them and revealing a hallway behind it.

"Hey! Respect other people's house, will ya?!" the goggled man angrily said to him before shooting from his flamethrower. Shouto and Katsuki got out of the way, and the goggled man angrily swung his flamethrower all over the room, setting the whole place on fire.

"Mic! Get a hold of yourself!" the Eskimo angrily shouted as his partner.

Shouto slammed one hand onto the floor and spread ice across it. As the ice headed in the two villains' direction, their feet became stuck to the floor. The goggled man growled in frustration as he used his flamethrower on the floor to free himself and his partner. The fire in the room became stronger, and it became clear that one should get out if he or she wanted to live.

"You just had to let your rage get the best of you, Mic!" the Eskimo angrily said before running out into the hall with his partner.

"You blame them!" the goggled man responded.

"Get back here!" Katsuki shouted as he gave chase. The Eskimo turned back to him and fired his freeze gun at the floor to build up an ice wall, only for Katsuki to instantly destroy it. The angry teen rushed in their direction and fired another explosion. The two villains had looks of shock on their faces as the explosion caught up with them and sent them propelling towards the window up front.

The explosion blew apart the window and the wall, and the two were sent flying outside while screaming. Fortunately for them, there was a truck carrying mattresses conveniently parked down there, and they landed onto it and were safe.

Katsuki and Shouto stood in front of the hole created on the wall and looked out at the street below, not to mention the people around the place. They were confused as to why it was currently daytime when it was previously nighttime. "What the hell is this place?!" asked Katsuki while looking in confusion. Shouto wanted to know the answer to that as well.

Standing up on the mattress, the goggled man shouted angrily at the two teens, "Now you've done it! I'm going to make sure that you get burned to crisp!"

"Probably won't taste very good if you burn things to crisp, you know," said a new voice. The two villains looked down the truck and, to their dismay, saw a man wearing a red bodysuit that had a cowl for his head standing down there with his arms crossed and a smile on his face.

"Oh great... This day can't get any worse..." grumbled the Eskimo.

The teenage boy and girl who were apparently children of the bald scientist fired laser beams from their guns at Ochako and Tsuyu. The two students got out of the way, and then Ochako placed her hand on a bookshelf she landed next to to make it float into the air, much to the surprise of the villains. Pointing her hand at the villains, she made the bookshelf flew at them.

The teenage boy desperately fired his ray gun at the bookshelf to blow it into pieces. He then pointed his gun at Ochako, only for it to be snatched away by Tsuyu using her tongue. "Dude?! Is she a frog or what?!" he asked in surprise.

Looking at the gun, Tsuyu asked, "You people don't have Quirks or what? Otherwise, I don't see the reason for you to be using guns. And this looks pretty high-tech, by the way."

"Take this!" the teenage girl angrily said as she fired from her gun at Tsuyu, but the latter jumped out of the way in time.

"Here! Take this!" Ochako shouted as she made another bookshelf fly at the villains, this time aiming to hit the girl, who countered by destroying it with her gun. Tsuyu immediately jumped at her after the bookshelf's destruction and slammed her feet against her face, knocking off her glasses and making her fly back.

"Hey! How dare you hurt my sister?!" the boy angrily said as he reached into his lab coat and took out a sphere. He threw it at the two girls, and because they didn't trust what that thing was, they got out of the way. It was the right choice, as the sphere exploded into a burst of energy that destroyed everything in its radius. Fortunately, the blast radius wasn't big.

Ochako tapped her hand against as many books as she could in a nearby bookshelf, and then with a swing of her arm, she sent them all flying at the boy. He desperately held his arms over himself for defense, but some of the thicker books managed to knock him out in the forehead.

"Thaddeus! Georgia!" the bald scientists gasped upon seeing that his children were knocked down, and then he glared at the two girls angrily. "Not bad, but you've angered me by hurting my children! You won't get away with this!"

"It's your loss, old man! How about you surrender at once!" Ochako said to him, sounding confident that they were winning.

The scientist grinned as he raised his arms into the air. "Well, looks like you're right. I am an old man without any superpowers, so this would appear to be my loss." When the two saw his hands, they noticed that he was wearing mechanical gloves on them, which made them skeptical.

"Careful... I think he's trying to trick us..." Tsuyu said to Ochako, who nodded in agreement.

The scientist slowly approached them as they got into defensive stances. There was no way they were going to fall for his act, especially when he had a grin on his face, a sure proof that he had something up his sleeves. Before they could do something, however, the scientist pointed his hands at them, and out of the gloves came electricity that not only zapped the two girls, but also froze them in place.

"What the?! Gyaaaa!" cried Ochako. The two girls struggled to move, but the electricity was somehow holding them in place and keeping them from lifting even a finger. Even more surprising, they were lifted into the air by the electricity when the scientist raised his hands.

"Heeheehee! You've made the mistake of underestimating an old man! I may not have powers, but I have enough experience facing people who consider themselves gods, so a bunch of kids like you with powers is nothing compared to what I've been up against!"

His two children approached him, and the boy said, "You got them, pops!"

"Way to go, dad! Teach them a lesson!" the girl said to them.

"How about we take them back to our lab and dissect them?" suggested the scientist. "Since this is a different world, I do wonder what the source of their powers are. I'm sure we can find out something useful that may help us win against Shazam!" His two children agreed, and he snickered as he walked out of the bookstore, still holding Ochako and Tsuyu in the air with his electricity.

The two girls struggled to move, but they could barely wiggle their fingers. The scientist was now in front of the wormhole, ready to go through it, when Tsuyu was able to get her mouth to open and spit out liquid that hit the scientist in the face. Due to his glasses, his eyes was protected from it, but the parts of his face that got hit felt itchy, thus causing him to cry in pain and put down his hands. As a result, Ochako and Tsuyu fell to the pavement and could move again.

Seeing this, his children immediately fired their guns at the two girls, who were unable to react in time. They were shot in the bodies and blown back through the portal. When they emerged on the other side, they found themselves inside a laboratory.

Their costumes were a bit charred by the shot, but other than that, they were fine. Tsuyu looked around and asked, "What is this place?"

The three villains stepped out of the portal shortly afterwards and laughed evilly at them. "You're in our domain now!" the scientist said to them. "Far from your home, and nobody will know you are here!"

"Our friends and teachers will come rescue us for sure!" Ochako angrily said to him as she stood back up.

"You seem to have no idea about your current situation, do you?" the scientist said to her. "Unless they go through that portal..." Before he could finish speaking, the wormhole disappeared, much to the surprise of everyone. "Well, there goes your ticket back home..."

"Oh, we'll get back home all right!" Ochako angrily said as she tapped her hand against a table containing various lab equipment next to herself, causing it to float into the air. Swinging down her hand, the table flew towards the villains, who weren't able to avoid it in time and were thus hit.

The two girls decided to get out of the lab first and find out where they were before deciding what to do next. They hurried for the nearest door and ran down the hallway out there. They noticed windows at the side, and when they looked out, they were surprised to see that they were inside a skyscraper, and it was daytime as well. "What... What is this place...?" asked Tsuyu in confusion. "And why is it daytime?"

The scientist and his children stepped out of the lab and glared at them angrily. "You're not getting out of here alive!" he angrily said to the two girls, who got into defensive stances.

Just then, they heard someone knocking on the window, and when they looked ouside, they were surprised to see a muscular man wearing a red suit imprinted with a lightning bolt and donning a white cape floating out there. The man smiled while waving his hand. "Hey there, Sivana! Mind if I come in?

With a yank of her lasso, Wonder Woman pulled Cheetah by the arm into the air and tossed her across the street, sending high into a building with a crash. The Amazon then turned to the surprised Momo and Eijiro, who was just recovering from getting knocked aside by the villain. "Are you all right?" she asked the two students, who were still at a loss of words at what was happening. Realizing that they were Japanese from their looks, the Amazon asked the same thing again, this time in Japanese.

The language change grabbed their attention, and Momo nervously said, "Thank... Thank you..."

Cheetah got back up after being slammed into the building, and people around her got out of the way in fear. Wonder Woman turned to the villain and said to the two students, "You stay here. I'll deal with her!" With that, she across the street toward Cheetah, who also ran at her to attack. Both the women let out war cries as they jumped at each other with their fists pulled back.

"Who... Who is that...?" asked Eijiro in confusion.

"I don't know... I've never seen a hero like her before..." replied Momo, still in awe about what happened.

Turning to the building behind himself, the Flash looked at the confused Katsuki and Shouto and asked them, "Were these two messing with you?"

"Dammit! Can't anyone here speak something I can understand?!" said Katsuki in frustration upon hearing English again.

"Oh, you speak Japanese?" asked the Flash, this time in said language. "Lucky for you, I had a quick lesson in it and can now speak properly! I think..."

"Are you a pro hero?" Shouto asked the speedster.

"A pro hero? Yeah, I do save people a lot, so you can say I'm a pro," said the Flash, sounding proud.

While the speedster was talking to the two students, Captain Cold, the Eskimo, and Heatwave, the goggled man, got down from the truck and tried to slip away, but when Katsuki shouted for them to stop, the Flash turned to face them and then ran in front of them to block their way forward. Waving his finger, he said to the two villains, "Uh uh! No need to be in a rush!"

"Out of the way, Flash!" said Captain Cold angrily while pointing his cold gun at him. "I'm in a bad mood because of what happened just now!"

From the building, the two students watched in confusion at the scene going on down below. "Who the hell is that? Some pro hero?" asked Katsuki, talking about the Flash.

"Never saw him before..." said Shouto.

The two girls stared in confusion at Shazam, the man floating in the air who appeared outside the window, while Dr. Sivana and his two children, Thaddeus and Georgia, looked at him in anger. Shazam looked around the window for a part where we could slide open, and when he found it, he did so in order to come inside. "Boy, it sure it hot out there!" he said, wiping his forehead. "Good thing you have air conditioning here!"

He then turned to the two girls, who were staring at him in confusion, and stretched out his hand. "Hi there! Name's Shazam! Was flying by when I saw Doc Sivana chasing you, so I decided to come over to see what's going on."

The two girls continued to stare with confused looks at him. They didn't have skills in English, so they didn't understand what he said and didn't know how to communicate with him as well. Ochako, not wanting to look rude, waved her hand and said hello to him in her native language.

"Is that Japanese you said just now?" Shazam asked her. "All right, let's me tap into the wisdom of Solomon so that I can understand what you're saying. Hold on a second..." He closed his eyes while placing two fingers against his forehead. He opened his eyes a few seconds later. "All right! I can speak Japanese now!"

"You can speak Japanese too?" asked Tsuyu.

"Using the wisdom of Solomon, I can learn anything without even trying! It's really useful!" Shazam told her with a smile.

"Wisdom of Solomon? Is that what your Quirk is called?" Ochako asked him curiously.

A question mark appeared over Shazan's head. "What my quirk is called? I didn't know they have different names for quirks..."

"Shazam! You've showed up at just the right time!" Dr. Sivana said to the man in red, causing the latter to turn to him. "I've got something here I want to try out on you!"

"Oh, let me see! I'm sure whatever it is, I can easily overcome it!" said Shazam with confidence.

While the hero was facing the villains, Tsuyu asked Ochako, "Have you seen this pro hero before? He's a pro hero, right?"

Ochako shook her head. "I don't think I know him..."

Izuku, Tenya, and the Atomic Skull watched as Superman landed from his flight, and people around the place were happy and cheering at the appearance of the Kryptonian. "What are you doing here? And were you going to attack those two children?" Superman asked the villain.

"Superman! Good timing! I'm in a bad mood, so I need to beat up someone to vent myself! You will do just fine!" the Atomic Skull said to him.

The two students looked at Superman in confusion but at the same time awe. Even though they didn't know who he was, the fact that his appearance brought excitement to the people, who were previously horrified at the villain before them, likely meant that this person who was a popular hero. However, neither of them knew who he was.

"He must be a pro hero. I just know it!" said Izuku, sounding excited.

"I don't know who he is, but I agree that he does have the feeling of a pro," said Tenya.

As Izuku watched Superman and the Atomic Skull staring down at each other, a feeling of excitement started boiling up in him. He didn't know who that hero was, so he was looking forward to see what Quirk he had. Said hero was previously hovering in the sky, so perhaps his Quirk involved flight, but Izuku thought things weren't that simple, and whatever it was, he knew he was going to enjoy what was to come.


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