???: These are the dark times. In equestria. Murders and Crimes commited. Innoncent ones mostly were put on trial. This is a time...to fight back...to have the light for happiness!

6 May, 4:30pm

Ponville District Court

Courtroom No 2

Gallery*Rubble Rubble Rubble*

(Gavel Bang)

Pinkie Pie: I thank you phoenix feenie my boy. You proved me innoncent! I knew it! I believe in you and you prove me correct! YOU ARE THE BEST ATTORNEY EVER!

Phoneix Wright: Ahehehe! Thanks for the compliment!

Trixie: Arrggghhh! I lose to Mr. WRONG again! What is with you? Why can't I wi-

(Gavel Bang3)

Judge: Order! Order! I said order! That's enough! I see no reason to prolong this trial. The prosecution has failed to prove the defandant's guilt. And with Mr Wright's evidence and real culprult's confession. I will now render my verdict. This court,finds the defandant, Pinkie Pie on the Assault Charge of Mrs Cake...



Judge: And with that the Court is Adjourned!

(Gavel Bang)

6 May,4:36pm

Ponyville District Court

Defendant Lobby

Pinkie Pie: Feenie my boy! I love you to death! I wanna squeeze you till you-

Phoenix Wright: Agh! Need Air...

Mane 6 and Spike: Pinkie! Stop! Let him breathe!

Pinkie Pie: Ahehehe...sorry feenie...

Rainbow Dash: You were so cool as usual! Those objections...it send down a chill down my spines...

Starlight Glimmer: I see why you were called best defense attorney. You blown even ME in there.

Applejack: Yeah...says the one who enslave an entire village and nearly destroyed the entire world and forgiven by us who did'nt even punish you!

Starlight Glimmer: Would you drop it alreadly!

Fluttershy: Um...i just wanna say. Thank you for saving pinkie pie.

Twilight Sparkle: Really Really! We wanna prove how grateful we are.

Spike: This evening we are having a gala party planned in canterlot! Wanna come?

Phoenix Wright: Sure. Let's celebrate your innoncence!

???: HO HO HO! May i join your little merry band?

Phoenix Wright: You-Your Honor...

Judge: What's wrong? You don't mind do you Mr


Phoenix Wright: N-Not at all your honor.

(And so its time for me to my first party they call galas here. According to my research...they are partys and they dress up in gowns and costumes. I am intrgue so i decided to go to rarity's first to have my own.)

Before we continue...Let's See the Court Record.(Age won't matter)


Attorney's Badge

This is my equestria attorney badge. Nobody or in this case no pony will believe me to be an attorney without one. But looks stupid to be honest.

Phoneix's Costume

My Costume for the Gala. Colours Red as a phoenix.

Ticket to the Gala

A Ticket to prove i am invited to the Gala. The Gala's Royalty will only permit entry with this. It is scheduled to start at 6pm sharp.

Schedule for the Gala

6pm to 6:30pm Opening Ceremony

6:30pm to 9:30pm Dance/Party

9:30pm to 10pm Special Event(Princess Luna)

10pm to 11pm Buffet/Lucky Draw/ Final Show

11pm Gala Ends


Phoenix Wright(Male)

I am an attorney at the Wright Anything Agency. But now i am defending pony cilents. Seems akward but i feel happy about you at the same time.


The Judge. Your honor we call him in courts. He is a kind old man and easily swayed. But he always comes out with the right verdict.

Twilight Sparkle(Female)

My Personal Assistant in Equestria. She is a good assistant but sometimes too chat and being quite a nerd. She is the Element of Magic.

Starlight Glimmer(Female)

Twilight's Student in Friendship. From the stories i heard she was a villain before but she change for the better. Her Element Unknown.


A Farmer in Sweet Apple Acres. She is a kind,wild and competitive especially with rainbow dash but she will be honest when she need to be. Her Element is Honesty.


A Kind but shy of a character. She is easily scared but she'll pull through for her friends if she need to be. Plus she loves animals. Her Element is Kindness.

Pinkie Pie(Female)

A kind of a cheerful mare and very talkative. She may be annoying but she knows how to make others smile. She is great to hang out with at partys. She is the Element of Laughter.

Rainbow Dash(Female)

One Highly Ego but loyal friend. A lot of people may feel that she rubs them the wrong way with her ego. But she'll never leave her friends hanging. She is the Element of Loyalty.


A Fashionta with her own carasoul boutique. She made ponies lots of costumes and some time Generous to give them for free. She is the Element of Generosity.

6 May, 5:03pm

Carasoul Boutique

Rarity: There we go! It looks Fablulous on you!

Phoenix Wright: Wow! I am handsome for once.

Thank you Rarity.

Rarity: Your Welcome Darling! Your next your honor.

Judge: Of course Miss Rarity. By the way, you look smashing!

Phoenix Wright: Thank you your Honor.(Oh my goodness! Is this really me? Not be made fun at for once! It's to good to be true!

*Knock Knock*

Rarity: Phoneix Wright! Be a dear and answer the Door for me darling! I am busy here.

Phoenix Wright: Of course Rarity. Right Away.

???: Here is one of the phoenix wright's choices in the whole story. Whatever he chose will determime the outcome. You can speak your opinion if he made the right choice. For this Major decision he can either

A) Open the Door.

B) Peek through the Door Hole.

C) Open then Shut the door.

D) Let the Door Continue Ringing.

He Chose C.

Phoenix Wright: I won't fall for this trick again. Somebody is gonna bonk me over the head.

He opened then Close the door!

???: Oww! What in the hay Mr Wright?!

Phoenix Wright open the Door and saw Twilight. Pretty Angry too.

Twilight Sparkle: What in the BUCKING HAY PHOENIX?! Why did you bump my face with the door! I came to pick you up for the gala!

Phoenix Wright: I thought somebody was gonna bonk me over the head. It happen like this last time... I'm so sorry!

Twilight Sparkle:...

Phoenix Wright: Please forgive me your hindness.

Twilight Sparkle:...Heh! You are lucky i am a nice princess and pretty forgiving. I will forgive you since you are genuine sorry but please next time check the Door hole! They are there for a reason!

Phoenix Wright: Hmm? But why are there these prints on the door. It's black in colour now.

Twilight Sparkle: Huh...you're right. I wonder...

Door prints added to the court record.

Then rarity came out and...

Rarity: There we go Mr wright we'll ready to go! Huh?? My door! Who in the hay did this?! Mr wright, do you know anything about this!

Phoenix Wright: Uh...I...I


???: Um...m-mind if i interupt?

Phoenix Wright: I don't know?

Rarity: Are you sure??

???: Um...Guys!

Phoenix wright: Y-Yes i am sure!

Rarity: How sure are you??!!


All three: Warrrggghhh!

Twilight: What the??

Rarity: Y-You?

Phoenix Wright: Girls? Who is this mint coloured pony?

???: I would have introuduce myself if you have listened! Sheesh!

Phoenix Wright: S-So what's your name?

???: Here goes. I am Lyra Heartstrings! Nice to meet you and i have dream of meeting a human. Oh my gosh! You're Handsome!

Lyra Heartstrings Added to Profiles.

Phoenix Wright: O-oh. Hi. Wait...I remember you...oh so YOUR THAT LYRA!

Lyra Heartstrings: Wait do i know you?

Twilight Sparkle: Hmmm...Interesting.(She's acting weird!)

Rarity:Psst!(Twilight. Something's off about Lyra. Don't you think?)

Phoenix Wright: Um..don't you remember me?

Lyra Heartstrings?: Um...yes!

Twilight Sparkle: Lyra what day is today and who is your BFF?

Lyra Heartstrings?: Oh its simple! 6 May and my B.F.F is Bo Bo.

Twilight Sparkle: Record this as a statement.

Phoenix Wright: Ok? If you say so...

Lyra Heartstrings statement added to the court record.


3 Locks and Chains appeared!

Phoenix Wright: Wha-What?!

Twilight Sparkle: By your reaction, i say my suspicions are correct. This so called 'Lyra' is hiding something. And look below.

Lyra Heartstrings? *Lock*

What you saw?

Interest in Phoenix.

Day and Friends

Twilight Sparkle: These are the points of conversations to choose what to talk about. Occasionally you can see these in the points of conversations.

*Lock* Final Confrontation

Psyche Locks!

! Important point. Needs to present evidence.

Conversations that make the one lose control. There's where the therapy session comes in.

() Perceive.

Need a combined evidence.

Black Ultimate Life or Death Confrontation.

Before i explain to you these symbols in detail see this.

These are your credibility the only thing that keeps you going. These will be used in Most conversations that have locks,therapy and confrontations. Once all your strikes are gone it's know as SG. Story over understand? Also these are used by the judges of the court to.

Phoenix Wright: Y-yes. I guess.

Twilight: First if you see no symbols on the conversation points you can talk freely but those symbols could appear at the begining or ending of conversation. It could also pop out of no where. It may also change to. Meaning doing one thing might not be enough to unlock it!

*Lock* This is a lock conversation point for witnesses. Before you can access this point you have to clear everything with your conversationer. This is where you present evidence to all the Lies he or she might spout. Your credibility will be at play here. Every time you present correctly one of the white locks will break, the more locks the more harder the confrontation will be.

This is where red psyche locks appear. These are the easiest to break than the lock point's psyche locks. As usual present evidence to reaveal their lies. These locks must be broken to continue the conversation.

! This will appear usually around investigators or somebody relating to the story. If you have evidence present it to them. What's the difference these people doesn't want to hide they just want evidence to reassure them to talk.

If you see this symbol. You are in big trouble. You need to start a therapy session to keep the person's emotions in check. He or she will ramble in statements and widget will update data and have the emotional symbols/ Images at the ready. You need to see a unexpected emotion at the same time if the conversations go south you need to find the statement that is the cause of the outburst then choose the cause of it. Sometimes you are required to present evidence. These are shorter confrontations but If you get anything wrong you may lose more credibility than usual.

() Perceive. This one you need a certain someone. But i have heard if their object reacts meaning they are nervous. They might do odd things like biting their nails, their hands shiver etc. It may be a very short task but it is difficult to find what's odd in their behaviour.

You need to combine evidence together to make one complete evidence. Profiles may also be combined. Present it to advance the conversation.

This is a rare symbol. You will go through a big confrontation. This is where your choices matter. This happens when you see someone with evil intentions. You must present the correct evidence and choose the correct options. If you make even one mistake you can be severely penalized or worse case all your credibility may be taken all in one shot.

That's all there is. You got all that?

Phoenix Wright: I think so.

Twilight Sparkle: Good. Let's go!

???: And so phoenix wright's story has begun and there is someone blocking their way before the gala. Will phoneix triumph pass this day? Stay tuned!

Episode 2

The School Friendship Time!

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