Chapter 1

Is Magic Real

Winning the Lottery is wonderful, all the things I can do now. Paying the Bills on time, and lots of Shopping.

...after buying expensive necklaces and designer dresses, I was going to buy...


Ahhh, Nooo it can't be time to get up. Pulling the quilt around me I turned over and closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. After a few minutes I gave up. No use I'm awake now. I want my dream back. Why does the alarm go off so early in the morning. Wish it was the weekend. Sometimes I wish I did't have go to work.

In the bathroom I looked in the mirror, aah my face. Seeing my flaws. I should lose a few pounds. Can't stay away from chocolate ice cream, it keeps calling my name.

Going into the kitchen to make coffee, trying to start my day. Two or three cups might be ok. I should maybe think about the project for today. I may not be the top person but I need to be there.


After eating I put the dishes in the sink.


What is that noise? It sounded like it came from the window. Walking over to look out I saw a ...Owl. In the daylight. I stared at it, and it stared back and fluttered its wings. There was something tied to its leg, looks like a letter. What is going on? It's clear that this was not going to be a normal morning. I was afraid, I Backed up and bumped the table and the pan fell on the floor. The owl did not fly away, but was looking at me as if smileing. Steping closer I touched the window it bobbed its head. Must be a tame bird, but why a letter. I opened the window just a little, not enough to be pecked by the owl. Took the envelope, it was addressed to me in the kitchen. Looking up I saw that the owl was gone. There was a green seal on the back, who uses sealing wax anymore. The paper looks old, like perchment. It was addressed to me, Sophie Lewis the kitchen.

I still had some time, I sat down and started to read. I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Educatee. There was a list of things I would need to buy.

Cauldron, Wand, Wizards are real what kind of joke is this. Just then the doorbell rang. Its probably my nosey neighbor from down the hall. Just like her to do something like this. I took a parking space she wanted last week. I opened the door, it wasn't her.

***A/N At some point in this story I'm putting in an unnecessary flash back, just for fun : )