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Chapter 2

I opened the door just a little, to see some one dressed like it was the 12th century. Well, I thought its still a long time tell hollween. I'm glad I have that baseball bat behind the door. She looked to be in her 20's and asked if she could come in and talk to me. I did't know if I should let her in. She put her hand in her pocket as if she was geting a handkerchief. Suddenly I felt that I could trust her and invited her in.

She started talking about Hogwarts and how they have older students like me, who's magic came later. Some are in their 20's going thru their 70's. and there are 42 older students. The eighth floor is where their rooms are. And also has a Breakfast Bar, the dineing room is separat from the younger ones. And is next to the grate hall.

And explained that the Library was closed to the younger students after 7:00pm. So that the older ones could use it.

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There will be no Qiiditch Team for this house.