005. Day



I feel it too.

Rey shoves the heel of her hand between the rows of her teeth, muffling out a groan.

She turns her head, avoiding Kylo Ren's intense stare.

From where she is, there's no overhead lighting. Everybody inside the regulation sleeping quarters are missing due to eating hours. She skips them for an opportunity of privacy.

There's slits of yellowed, bright sunlight hitting the tops of Kylo's naked, mole-dusted shoulders. He looks at her with a slow, purposeful and well-disguised fascination.

Rey's knees draw up towards her body, separating further open when Kylo's fingers flex.

He's inside her — she can feel it. Somehow.

What sounds like a squeaking, high-pitched noise escapes her, as Rey quivers all over, letting him to invade and overwhelm her senses, arching in.

Her own fingers, already in the confines of her custom-uniform pajamas, stroke faster to her clit.

Kylo seems like he's in deeper, burrowing out a place to stay, and Rey throws her head back, burning-hot from the sudden, throbbing orgasm.

As it abandons her, she's left gasping alone in darkness, cooling down and slickening her thighs.



Star Wars isn't mine. Oh boy lmao my first Reylo fic and it's a PWP hmmmmmm why not WHY NOT okay thanks for reading Day 5 of my 100 Days challenge and any thoughts/comments appreciated! Especially if you are a thirsty Reylo shipper! YALL KEEP DOING YOU -THUMBS UP-