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Full Summary: "Our purpose is one of infinite, some call us executioners some call us peacekeepers, some call us assassins, some call us heroes, and some call us villains. However, those are all meaningless titles given to us. We only have one true title, and that is Inquisitor."

Completely AU, Single Pairing, Somewhat OOC

"Flashbacks" - Thinking

"Flashbacks" - Talking

[Flashbacks] - Letters or Reports.

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Main Writer: Revan the Edgelord

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Tatsumi had an expressionless look on his face as he, and his two Inquisitors rode into the burning town. He had been accustomed to destroying villages/towns that supported the Revolutionary Army in the past, but even then he and his men had never shown this much cruelty to the settlers.

While they may sometimes torture a handful of the traitors for important information, they'd never do the things he was seeing right now. He and the Inquisitors would never flay children around the ages of five to seven, nor would they rape the settlement's women, or even ransack their homes.

However, Esdeath and her army were different from them, and made it clear as day that there was no limit to cruelty. It didn't matter if you were a child, an old man, a crippled, or even an animal, Esdeath and her men would play with you until their heart's content.

It sickened him really, and seeing some of her men rape the women made him want to get involved and ask them what the hell they're doing, but in the end, he'd just cause himself more problems, for the infamous Ice Queen would just simply see it as him challenging her way of doing things, which would then lead to a confrontation between the two of them.

He didn't need that in his life, at least at the moment, so for now, he wasn't going to say anything about this, but one of these days he will. It might not be today or tomorrow, but he will eventually confront her on this.

After a while, the Grand Inquisitor and Inquisitors Ulf and Wulf arrived at the town center where General Esdeath and several of her soldiers were. Esdeath was currently sitting in a throne made up of ice, and was observing one of her men fight with a young male that looked around the age of sixteen.

Upon Tatsumi dismounting from his horse, Esdeath's gaze shifted, and she was no longer interested in the fight.

Tatsumi didn't meet her gaze, and at first watched the two fighters with a little bit of interest. The teenager's form was surprisingly good, but because he lacked experience, Esdeath's soldier was in control of the duel.

"Tatsumi, my dear," Esdeath called out, a little annoyed that he wasn't looking at her. "is there something you need?"

"No, not really." He answered as his eyes shifted from the two combatants who didn't stop their fight to Esdeath. "I'm only here to let you know that me and my Inquisitors are going to be heading out now to begin our mission."

"Oh?" Esdeath said in response with a tinge of interest in her voice. "Is that so?"

"Yes." Tatsumi replied not really understanding or seeing why she was acting like this was some new, and humungous news.

"So you came for a farewell kiss, yes?" Esdeath asked as a smirk appeared on he face.

Green energy crackled in Tatsumi's hand that had the mark for a second there in response to this, which was enough to make Esdeath laugh. Not only that, the power that had slipped out of Tatsumi was enough to stop the two warriors from fighting as well. In short, practically everyone's eyes that were within the vicinity were now on the two supposed lovers.

"No, I had only came to let you know what was going on, so you won't do anything irrational or erratic." Tatsumi stated in a slightly vexed tone that made Esdeath's smile get a little bit bigger.

"I see, but what makes you think I'd do one of those things my dear Tatsumi?" Esdeath questioned with a bit of curiosity in her voice, not even bothered that he let out a bit of his power. She had been informed about Tatsumi's true objective before departing to the Northern Provinces, and had understood that eventually Tatsumi and his Inquisitors would have to break off from the army in order to search the areas the army wouldn't be passing through, but what she didn't understand is why did he think she'd do one of these things he assumed she might do.

"No reason." Tatsumi replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

Esdeath smirk had lessened at this, and escaping her lips was a small sigh. Sometimes she really disliked his personality, and this was one of those times. "Well," She started as she got out of her icy throne and made her way towards him. "since you're going to be gone, for who knows how long, I might as well do this."

"Do what?" The Grand Inquisitor questioned as his guard increased. He didn't believe they had anything more to talk, but he also couldn't stop himself from being a little curious as to what she meant by this.

She didn't even try to answer his question, and simply attempted to do what she had in mind. Unfortunately, Tatsumi stopped her by grabbing ahold of her wrist right before she placed her hand on his cheek.

"What are you doing?" He questioned in a grave tone that would have most definitely shaken anyone else to their core.

Getting a little more tired of his attitude towards her, Esdeath said, "Can you just stop questioning me for ten seconds, Tatsumi? It's starting to get a little annoying."

"Can you just tell me wha-" His voice was abruptly silenced by Esdeath's lips. He had not expected her to do something like this, so she had managed to catch him off guard completely.

Letting go of her wrist, Tatsumi reeled back in surprise. He had seen in multiple books that women secretly loved getting these kinds of kisses, but not once had it ever crossed his mind that a woman would do this to him. It just wasn't something he considered a possibility.

Seeing him in this state brought Esdeath satisfaction. While she did secretly wish that she had kissed him longer, Esdeath was nonetheless content with their first kiss.

Eventually, Tatsumi was able to gather some of his bearings and said to her with traces of him still being taken back by the whole ordeal. "You kissed me.."

"Yes," She affirmed with a smirk before heading back to her icy throne. "Enjoy the hunt, and come back soon, my dear."

Tatsumi had a lot of things to say, but instead of voicing them, he turned around and got on his horse and rode out of the town with the twins right behind him.

"I need to figure out how to deal with Esdeath, and fast." He thought to himself with a stern expression. "If I don't then I'm just going to get strung along by her, and played with, so I need to figure this out as soon as possible."

Ieyasu had to hold back his sigh of boredom as he, and his fellow Inquisitors, watched the small council's meeting.

He had been assigned temporary leader of the Inquisitors until the Grand Inquisitor returned from the North and had thought that he and his brothers in arms would track down this believed to be dead colonel, but that wasn't the case at all.

No, instead of doing productive things, he and the rest of the Inquisitors have become the Emperor's temporary bodyguards. As for the reason why it was because the Prime Minister had told the emperor that Night-Raid has gotten a lot more bolder as of lately, and that he should have some Imperial Arms users to protect him in case Night-Raid does try assaulting the palace.

Of course, the real reason why the Prime Minister suggested this was so that he would get the protection from the Inquisitors since he was practically always with the Empero and to prevent them from doing anything he didn't like, for when they weren't doing anything they were usually investigating corrupt officials and handling them as they see fit.

"If I had known that this is what we would be doing, then I would have volunteered myself to go North with you." Ieyasu said to himself as he listened to the emperor's advisors suggestions. "It would have been a lot more fun to hunt down a lost Imperial Arm than to listen to these old men tell the emperor what he should do on taxation."

The person he was referring to was none other than the Grand Inquisitor, who was the only person he considered to be his family. Why he was the only one he considered to be his family is because the two of them grew up together as orphans alongside another who had already left this world. They had gone through practically everything together, and while Tatsumi may sometimes be a little cold and demanding with him, he still considered him to be his older brother.

As he continued to think about the possibility of delving into a long forgotten tomb a little bit of drool fell out of his mouth. He was a fan for exploration, and the thought of exploring a long forgotten crypt excited him.

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to dwell on these thoughts for long, for he had noticed his emperor and his advisor get out of their chairs. The meeting had come to an end.

Wiping the small amount of drool beneath his lip, Ieyasu approached the young ruler, and saw that he had a bother expression written on his face.

"Is something wrong, My Emperor?" Ieyasu questioned, there were traces of concern could be heard in his voice.

"Huh? Oh, nothing's the matter Inquisitor Ieyasu." Came the emperor's response in a tone that was majorly lacking conviction. Ieyasu gave the ruler a doubtful look, but he said anything, his emperor spoke again. "Can you escort me to my room? I wish to retire for the day."

"Of course, My Emperor." Ieyasu affirmed before exiting the room behind the emperor's advisors who wasted no time in leaving with the three other Inquisitors forming a small formation around the young ruler.

It was a little strange that Prime Minister Honest didn't stop and see what's wrong with the emperor, but Ieyasu had saw out of the corner of his left eye that he was having what looked like an important conversation with one of the advisors that stayed behind. Nonetheless, the Inquisitors escorted their ruler to his room with no problems whatsoever.

Once they had done this, the Inquisitors were told by the emperor that they could spend the remainder of the day off and with their loved ones for they had apparently been doing a wonderful job protecting him, and he felt like they had earned it.

At first, they were a little hesitant, but after remembering that the most elite members of the Imperial Guard protect their emperor's chambers they went on their way, and while Theo did suggest that they hang out, Ieyasu chose to go to the graveyard and pay his respects to a certain someone, for it had been far too long since he had done that.

Who was this person he planned on visiting? Well, it was none other than a girl named Sayo, who was supposed to be Tatsumi's fiancée, but was met with an untimely death before that could happen.

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